DAP “Cutting SUPP’S Ribbons..!!”

How times have changed. The once powerful SUPP party has been cut down to size and now a new power has emerged. DAP who used to “slander and make fools of SUPP YBs”have taken over the roles of looking after the Chinese Interests in Sarawak.

SUPP to DAP is justs a party that is living on borrowed time and if this picture is a clear Perception that DAP is telling SUPP,” The tables have turned.” Eventhough its a opening/launching of a new advocate for YB Ting Tze fei (ADUN Meradong) the opportunity presents itself to make it a Picture Political statement to SUPP.

The Chinese newspapers wants to know what we do now and not SUPP. SUPP has merely got two(2)only Chinese YBs while we have 12. Thats a whole lot of difference.

But on the other side of the coin,”SUPP should be telling DAP-practise what you preach not only cutting RIBBONS too. ” Is this a deliberate act to tell the SUPP YBs? If you can, we can too but we are superior to you now. YOU ARE NOBODY NOW

SUPP should also be fighting their own publicity war which is UNFORTUNATELY is very lacking and moreover their constituencies are in fact in the urban constituencies where mosts people are computer and social media savvy.

SUPP will be anniliated if they continue to be ENGROSSED IN IN-FIGHTING instead of fighting the enemy outside which is DAP and PKR.

Component parties cybertroopers in PBB,PRS and SPDP and BN blogs can only assist so much but if their own machinery are not working overtime but still have the attitude that we will cross the bridge when the time comes ‘ EVEN GOD CANNOT HELP THE PARTY

SUPP, now DAP is laughing at you and they will continue to be the peoples choice unless you step up your game.