DAP “Beli-beli Cerita hangat”…!!”

Yesterday a group of SPDP members sat down for lunch.It so happened that one DAP member fully attired showing his allegiance to the party stopped by at our table. Our members remark,”Dia memang berani”meaning he is not scared. Well,should he be scared as the country of Sarawak is free from violence and political crimes against party members is minimal.

Not unless there are aggravation and shouting matches from both sides to instigate a “fisty-cuffs” or openly insulting a party. Imagine a Liverpool fan been insulted by Manchester United fan surely tempers will be at boiling point and a fight will happen if “authorities” are not around.

Ok,lets not beat around the bush. I posted in my personal FB yesterday which can be seen clearly the person in question. Today i posted the “FOR MEMBERS ONLY”

Am justs wondering whether the Home Ministry authorities especially KSU are turning a BLIND EYE on this issue? I was at a Function lasts night “1 Care for 1 Malaysia” which was organised by PKR YB See and his division Stampin and i asked one lawyer from PKR who happened to posts his comments on my FB. I will put it up here fully.

Bro,”Is it correct to sell it in public? PKR don’t do that right, how come DAP is so open and they always are seen doing it in the public places especially in the “kopi-tiams” He said to me,”I wouldn’t be able to answer for them but for PKR we don’t do that.” Great…!

I did somemore investigative work as this involves political parties in general be it BN or Pakatan? There musts be law right i asked a senior BN member  ,” Bro justs need clarifications”DAP Rocket”Members only publication newsletter can openly sell in the streets?? Answer :-NOPE only 4 members

Even my new SPDP members were perplexed at how DAP can sell their publication like a street vendor without “licence” hmmm. But the publication clearly states for members only which I am sure i will get a mouthful plus a lot of S@#$ from DAP members in Sarawak..

I make my stand in this article as I am answerable to my new SPDP members and I would not like to lead them without being true to my political ideals and principles. There are laws in the country and KDN musts do something on this or it will be seen as bias when next time BN parties SUPP/PRS/PBB/SPDP or Pakatan in  PKR/PAS members all are seen shouting in one coffeshop like newspaper man”Beli-beli semua in $2.Cerita hangat! Beli…..etc etc

Walau eh…So this conversation satarted with me posting in my personal fb which i was trying to pass a message but the flak i got is within control but needs to be corrected somehow,

DAP its clear and its printed in your publications and some observers even said to me,’the people/public buy.But they musts show their membership cards first right. So you telling me the vendor knows they are DAP members in that coffeeshop..Please lah…I told them. Dont justs argue for the sake of arguing like in the courts.

Lets see what the Home Ministry say about this

Posted with picture in FB:-If BN sell no one buys but if DAP sells they can.People buy they want to read. So who says BN govt not Fair?

FB Correction B END. The mayans predicted 2012 as the end of B END.

FB BN loyalists buy Rocket cos wanna know what opposition say about BN. So when they did, that do not me an they supported DAP.

FB  U miss the point here.Members Only? On the street corners also can sell meh. Loyalists? IF SUPP or any BN party sells sure kena TIAW KAW KAW

FB hahaha. They BN buy newspapers mah. DAP can’t sell at shelves, that’s why have to be mobile

FB Audie, stop wasting time explaining to this ppl. They already forgot who they really are and sometimes they brain wash themselves to support what they believe is true

FB BN cannot sell newspapers? Then what do you call Eastern Times, Borneo Post, Star, NST, Utusan, etc? Independent newspapers?

FB Do you see openly BN man wearing party symbols selling newspapers when the newsprint is FOR MEMBERS ONLY. Talked to PKR members they also say they give it or sell it to members only at their functions.THIS IS IN PUBLIC DOMAIN bro.

Everyone breaks laws sometimes like going through the RED traffic lights,parking illegally and if lucky we all get away with it. The point of argument and common sense is that we musts also adhere to laws especially one which its own publication specifically says “members only“.

Is the HOME MINISTRY giving Permission to DAP”jual -jual”