SUPP “Dead Man Walking.!!”

SUPP has had too much infighting and also the bad blood spilled has not healed and the urban voters have not forgotten the episode. Its not only the Chinese voters but also the natives who sees that their representatives are given ‘raw deals” especially been so loyal to the party. From the boardrooms to the coffeshops mosts Sarawakians are already saying,”SUPP is living on borrowed time and it will not be long before it will be “wiped out”. Mosts of the leaders are seen to be like “Dead Man Walking” as the party itself is directionless with the veteran leaders still hanging on and clinging on to past glories etched in history.

The news media and the internet blogs have been harping on SUPP as “Times out” but still the leaders are so persistent that they are not willing to give in to new blood. They fear mosts that they will be shown the abyss and thats the main reason for not letting go. Crying for public sympathy as much as they want to but still the fact remains the party needs to be reshaped,renewed,renamed or even re-grouped with new alliances.

It will be very much like a Phoenix and its up to the leaders to rethink what they need to do or else SUPP will surely be shown the exit especially with the Parliamentary elections very soon.

Will they be enough time to rise from the ashes.?

The Prophets of Doom are already writing the script and the President of the party knows his time has indeed been “poisoned by too much infighting which was swept under the carpet.” It would have been better if they had it all out then rather than now as another component party PRS must thank their lucky stars for “fighting it out in the ring’

The toxins which has seaped into the blood of the party is beyond repair and only if the changes in  TOTALITY nothing will heal it. PRS without its bold leaders slugging it out openly and also using the ruthlessness way of “winner takes all” we would be saying PRS “dead man walking” instead of SUPP if the factions have not crossed swords. PRS chopped and reengineered from its bitter infighting to free itself to be a major component party today.

Today the instigators and detractors of the party are clearly identified and BN has really to thank the ‘people” who are so instumental in getting the mandate in the last State elections. SUPP’s urban losses are their own doing and nobody else and they have themselves to be blamed instead of still pinning the blame conveniently to one man “pek moh” or CM Taib Mahmud.

Of course everyone says he has overstayed and ruled for too long but have they forgotten what good he has done for Sarawak. audie61 had the pleasure to interview SAPP Information Chief Chong Pit Fah in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and he said,”Sarawakians should be proud to have a leader like Taib Mahmud as he has maintained Sarawaks ‘autonomy” { 1. The condition or quality of being autonomous; independence. 2. a. Self-government or the right of self …}

Whats wrong with him being sworned in at 10.30pm on the night of the election results as he being the BN Chairman Sarawak he has the legal right to be sworn in. Why the fuss.? Chong is a person known not to beat around the bush and he said ” That’s autonomy too.”

He also said that he knows Sarawak CM Taib as also very vocal especially when Sarawakians are pitted against each other in religious hatred or toying around with their sentiments. He ensures that religious freedom is maintained and Chong too was told of the speech which CM Taib delivered in the last BN convention in KL.

Dont just judge him for now but judge him for the whole duration and Chong does feel that Sarawakians have not been short changed by his thirty years of rule.

He will eventually go and when he does it will not be the same again for Sarawak.He does fear for Sarawak when the time comes for the change and many would be singing the same tune like what Sabahans are facing. The good old days will never come back again.

SUPP will need to address the leadership changes sooner rather than later as it is rotting from within very soon the outside will just cave in when he was asked on SUPP’s losses. I would say if the veterans still hogs the limelight the second echelon leaders will not be able push forward and make their stand. The party will be very like many other political parties before them which remains but not supported by members and the public and are termed…


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9 thoughts on “SUPP “Dead Man Walking.!!”

  1. Lucas lim says:

    Good article as usual. However not only SUPP and PRS should change
    their appoarch but BN. The risk of losing the next GE is great. Not only is a Sarawak affair but whole of Malaysia. If not careful the government of the day might be someone else soon.

  2. ONN says:

    Focus on youth development in Sarawak generate income or career pathways for them and I believe the youth should have the rights to excel even their academy background is not as good as what we expected from them. Create more creative lab such as animation, design, musical, theater and related to arts or entertainment. Im a Sarawakian consider as youth level coz of age and there isn’t much career nor opportunity
    back home so I decided to move to KL to get better pay and opportunity. Bak kat pepatah Melayu, JAUH PERJALANAN LUAS PEMANDANGAN.

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    It is time for PRS, SPDP, SUPP and the Persaka group in PBB to quit BN to form a coalition government with Pakatan Raktan. UMNO is plotting to infuse 80,000 hardcore members who are currently teachers into Sarawak. Over the years more than 30,000 UMNO members were already transfered into Sarawak under the guise of federal officers and Teachers.

  4. Badayuh Headmaster says:

    Breaking News ! 1Sarawak will be launched statewide on May 31 2011 by a group of concerned Sarawakians and NCR landowners to tackle Taib’s constant NCR land grabs.

  5. ONN says:

    Making Changes doesnt mean that we have to joint the opposition, the changes can be implemented in within the party itself, creating another coalition is not an option why should we fight for the sake of the party rather than for the rights of the people. Party or government is not an issue the issue is the people that administrate the party or the government. What ever it is normal human being always have weaknesses, when comes to power and money the negative reaction will be greed so what so special about Pakatan and PBB it is all govern by human so what’s the level of the risk? Same old stuff.


    • Lucas Lim says:

      Yes. Exactly like the case of Taiwan. The selogan that DAP used on 416. YES IS CHANGE & SWAP CORRUPTION were the same phrase the Ex President Chen party used to topple ruling party. Everyone should know he was sentenced to jail now for corruption.
      So I totally agreed what u said. Out the robbers incomes the thieves. Welldone.

  6. Lucas Lim says:

    BN need realignment so that it really reflect a multiracial & democratic coalition. Need to reduce corruption & focus on build a fairer governance system. Current world economy isn’t favor the ruling party and pressure the urban population to vote for opposition. In the coming GE13 we are going to see more BN seats lost to PR and I think BN will NOT sustain 2/3 majority. This is what the rakyat wants. Stronger opposition will be better for the nation. can anyone stop this TREND???

  7. Bei Soo Lang says:

    KUCHING: The “five rebels” in the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) have denied allegations that they are out to topple the party leadership.

    Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian said there was “no talk” of a challenge against party president William Mawan during a post-mortem meeting held by the “rebels”, who are better known as the “SPDP 5”.

    Nansian is among the “SPDP 5”. The others are assemblymen Sylvester Enteri (Marudi), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau) and Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading MP).

    Said Nansian, who is also a SPDP senior vice-president: “There was no such talk. We just asked what they (party leaders) were doing.

    “It has been six weeks since the state election and we have not had a post-mortem.”

    Nansian was commenting on reports in the local Chinese daily which quoted SPDP treasurer-general Tiong King Sing as saying that the five were out to sabotage Mawan’s presidency.

    Tiong told reporters here that the five were out to create discord within the party.

    Denying it, Nansian said: “Just let them say what they want to say.”

    It is common knowledge that Nansian and the other rebels are unhappy with Tiong’s influence over Mawan.

    It was reported that speculations are rife that the five were thinking of challenging Mawan in the next party election because they see Mawan as a weak leader who cannot make decisions without refering to Tiong, who is also Bintulu MP.

    It is also understood that Tiong is the principal funder of SPDP.

    It is also believed that Tiong backed Mawan’s decision to appoint his own man Nelson Balang Rining as party secretary-general despite a promise made to retain Enteri. This led to the crisis in January last year.

    The “SPDP 5”, together with three other supreme council members, staged a walkout during a meeting in protest against Mawan’s decision to replace Enteri.

    The five assemblymen subsequently stopped attending all party activities for the whole of 2010.

    SPDP post-mortem

    In a statement on Sunday following their meeting, the “SPDP 5” had expressed concern over Mawan’s “deafening silence” since the April 16 polls. They also wanted to know the party’s future plans.

    “Every party has discussed its performance in the April 16 election, its losses and victories and even its future direction, but not the SPDP.

    “We are very concerned with the deafening silence,” they said.

    SPDP is the only Barisan Nasional (BN) ally which has not held a post-mortem regarding its performance in the April polls.

    In the election, SPDP lost two of its strongholds. The biggest casualty was Mawan’s strongman, Peter Nyarok.

    Nyarok lost his Krian seat to PKR’s Ali Biju. The other SPDP seat was in Ba’Kelalan.

    Mawan’s handpicked Willie Liau lost to Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian.

    Ironically, SPDP’s three rebel state assemblymen, including Nansian, retained their seats with bigger margins against Mawan’s own waning popularity in his home constituency Pakan.

    Many have speculated that the emboldened five may also seek to reignite their bid to merge with Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

    At the height of the crisis with Mawan last year, the five had attempted to join PRS.

    But PRS president James Masing, fearing criticism, declined to take them in.

    In the recent election, however, it was learnt that the four assemblymen had received financial help from both PRS and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), further confirming long-held views that the five were PBB plants in SPDP.

    Meanwhile, Mawan yesterday announced that the party would conduct a post-mortem on its performance in the recent election after a supreme council meeting next month.

  8. Bei Soo Lang says:

    DAP is the only future of Sabah,
    DAP Sabah 2008 General Election Manifesto Based On 8 Core Issues That Sabahans Must Change To Transform Sabah From Being The Poorest And Least Developed State To The Richest And Most Developed State With Adequate Basic Electricity, Water And Security Protection For All

    I wish to announce the formation of the Sabah State General Election Committee headed by Sdr Dr Hiew Keng Chiu and also the outlines of the DAP Sabah 2008 General Election Manifesto based on 8 core issues. Sabah is the worst state to live in Malaysia because it is not just the least developed state but also the most inequitable with not only the poorest people in Malaysia but also with the richest police possessing unaccountable and extra-ordinary wealth of RM 27 million.

    Further it also highlights that Sabah is probably the most corrupt state apart from being the worst managed and worst state to live in Malaysia. Sabah has the second lowest water supply coverage, the highest population growth, the largest number of illegal immigrants (pendatang tanpa izin), the highest poverty incidence, the poorest electricity/energy efficiency and supply as well as the least developed state in Malaysia.

    Sabah has also the highest population growth rate in the country at 3.1% as compared to the national average of 2.3%. Its population jumped by 530,000 or more than 20% in the space of 5 years from 2.6 million in 2000 to 3.13 million in 2005. Former senator Dr Chong Eng Leong from the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), alleged that there are around 1.75 million foreigners in Sabah today, including those in possession of Project Mahathir’s ICs, as compared to 1.5 million genuine locals in Sabah At least 50,000 ICs have been issued to foreigners under the secret ‘Project Mahathir’.

    Sabah has the largest number of illegal immigrants and those with genuine ICs under “Project M” estimated at nearly 1 million. The extraordinary growth of the Sabah population can be shown that in 1960, the Kadazandusun population was 168,000 and equaled the number of other Bumiputeras. In 2000, while the Kadazandusun population increased to 560,000, the population of other Bumiputeras had grown to 1.1 million.

    Sabah has the worst incidence of poverty at 23% in 2004 as compared to Sarawak’s 7.5% and Kelantan’s 10.6%. The incidence of poverty in Peninsular Malaysia is 3.6% and for the entire country 5.7%. DAP does not understand how the Sabah Development Corridor(SDC) can reduce poverty or benefits ordinary Sabahans.

    For a 18-year SDC that is part of a federal government economic plan that covers the entire state is unusual and an indirect admission of the Sabah State government’s failure in economic management. During its implementation period, 900,000 new jobs are expected to be created with new investments of RM 105 billion, while Sabah’s GDP in the agriculture sector would increase four times to RM17 billion.

    What would happen if the investment target of RM 105 billion is not achieved when the Federal government has only allocated a miserly RM 5 billion? And are the 900,000 new jobs to be taken up not by local residents but by PTIs?

    For this reason DAP proposes a Sabah General Election Manifesto that would allow Sabahans the opportunity to make real changes that can transform Sabah from being the poorest and least developed state to the richest and most developed state with adequate basic electricity, water and security protection for all The 8 core issues are:-

    1. A Sabah State Assembly Select Committee headed by the Chief Minister to evaluate the progress of the 20-point Malaysian Agreement, which led to Sabah combining with Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya forming Malaysia on 16 September 1963, whether it has been fully complied and observed to respect the rights of Sabahans, especially freedom of religion where Christians can not use the word “Allah” and the Mazhu statue is barred from being built because it is against Islam, local sovereignty, rights of Sabahans and control of Sabah resources.

    2. To change and convert the revenue sharing agreement of Sabah’s natural resources from the present low 5% to Sabah with 95% to the Federal government to an equal 50-50 arrangement. Such increase in sharing of revenue is necessary due to the failure of the BN federal and state governments from reducing poverty and ensuring an equal share in Sabah economic benefits to all Sabahans.

    3. Establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the cause of the rise in PTIs in excess of the local population and check the uncontrolled inflow of illegal immigrants or PTIs with the express objective of punishing those who legalise their stays with PRs and citizenships as well as stopping the present issuance of IM13 and PR status to these PTIs;

    4. Combat escalating crime by doubling the number of police personnel in Sabah, with the increased police personnel tasked with patrolling the streets to protect public safety.

    5. Prevent land grabs by abolishing the amended Section 2 (e) of the Land Acquisition Ordinance which allows “land acquisition by private enterprise or otherwise howsoever” permitting abuses of powers against landowners as well as abolish the 7.5% Sabah oil palm duty on oil palm planters which does not bring them any benefits.

    6. Provide equal employment and contractual opportunities to Sabahans as many Federal projects are carried out by non-Sabahans, upgrading education facilities especially full electrification and internet access that is fully affordable, accessible and available.

    7. Fight corruption with the Sabah State Assembly appointing a Special Corruption Investigator to punish corrupt practices that has caused losses to Sabahans involving top BN leaders and also determine the losses from the RM 500 million Saham Amanah Sabah which has diminished to less than RM 100 million

    8. Save democracy by breaking up zero opposition in Sabah State Assembly. With no local government elections, there is no accountability and transparency and there is a need for checks and balance to deny BN its two thirds majority to prevent a one-party state.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The time has come for Sabahans to wake up by restoring democracy by voting in the DAP to provide a strong and effective opposition to fight for political equality, socio-economic justice and fight for a clean and good governance.

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