Exit..”Sounds Familiar..!!”

Exit…who is saying he is going so soon says Haji Daud YB for Tupong just before the elections and we in Sarawak still needs his wisdom. If anything Taib is irreplaceable and without doubt he has politics in his blood which many are finding it hard to inject it in. 

The calls for him to step down grows louder and with Francis Siah MOCS and cousin Salleh Jaffaruddin singing the same tune Taib needs to act accordingly. Some in UMNO hierarchy cannot wait to see the end of Taib Mahmud too. They are very much the hidden hands behind.

He knows what is coming even before it develops and the “bomoh” equation suddenly reappears. Conveniently,with a masterstroke and the perfection of the Art of Deception he will rewrite his own history.


Having done that he will go for the jugular. He will make sure the Chinese accept it, be part of it and if anything that has been suggested on a ‘merger’ of dayak based parties PRS/SPDP he might just think otherwise. Politics is about now and not how it will develop. THINK WAY AHEAD….

Who says the merger of SUPP/SPDP will not happen? 

James will not want it to happen between the PRS/SPDP as he is according to sources not even in the picture of the merged entity. Imagination is something which cannot be taught and Taib’s Godly senses has all the makings of what we as a nation is predestined to be in a hundred years from now

Who has thrown up all this merging entities and the question of an EXIT.? 

The calls by KJ,Gan and Chin of Taib being the man the chinese has shunned BN Sarawak has not caught on and the Youth wings of PBB has come to the rescue of their dear leader.(previous articles)

Taib will play the tune of Beethoven’s Fifth symphony soon and some trusted lieutenants of yesteryears will pay the price. What is the price will be anyones guess and it will be so nice that the person will not know what he has eaten. The after effects will leave a bitter taste and before he gulps the tea to detoxify the plan has already been executed. 

You will be looking at it and whether it will fall into place. Don’t hesitate as when the Execution plans are hatched there will not be an EXIT as the axe will have fallen.

The exit points are all but closed now and whoever is involved will have to bear the brunt of the sharpened part. Those who are to survive will need not to hide behind the cloak but need to exhaust all their resources to the finish to stay part and parcel of the game and not being thrown to the wolves.


Taib will ensure that the only one exiting will be the ones he reserve them for. Surely, he has hatched the plans way long before the State elections and he will seize the opportunity to bury his love hate relationship with some.

The political picture is murkier everyday and the EXIT door is all but closed for Taib.He knows his every move is being watched and he uses his hatchet boys to stay free and above all the moves by his enemies.

He will crush his enemies TOTALLY