SPDP “SUPP”s losses lessons to be learnt..”

SUPP is now paying a very heavy price for not listening to its second echelon and grassroots. Was the BN coalition ready for this? Of course they were and judging from what CM Taib uttered before the elections he knew it all along that SUPP will suffer at this State elections 2011. He even said to his detractors “BN will still have 2/3rds and my gosh he was absolutely spot on. Opposition leader Anwar did utter before 308 and he was not far wrong. Leaders of this calibre are born to lead and read the ground factors and their movements and they tend to go through some rough times to succeed.

PM Najib belongs to the aristocracy of Malaysian politics and he will not know too much of what Taibs family went through in their early years. The Chinese in the urban areas took the trouble to see a change and voted out SUPP. Mosts of the SUPP leaders behind Taibs back blamed him for the parties downfall. Is Taib solely to be blamed? SPDP on the other hand cannot blamed Taib eventhough their margins of votes took a battering.

Taibs uncle Tun Abdul Rahman has paved the way for him long time ago. Tun was called the “Sang Kancil” amongst his melanau friends. Taibs family members were given the chance to be business entrepreneurs and they came good through tough times toiling to break even at the bests of times and at worst some of their family members struggled just to put food on the table.

Business as my better half puts it is not difficult but its the people who has the power and the richness which makes it difficult. There is nothing different fromn one business to another. Busines is about agreeing to put the disagreements to the back burner. SUPP leaders had all these while been given the authority to perservere in the business fields.

Many have made it but many too have forgotten where they came from. Their business have grown tremendously and built their own empires but they have grown too big to remember that some SUPP members are just beginning to earn their stripes in politics and in the business fields.

On the other hand PBB as a party has slowly caught up with their chinese friends in business and the difference with the party they know how to take care of their own political people and their constituencies. The grassroot Chinese SUPP members are disgruntled,unhappy that their oldish and veteran party faithful are still there. Yes,they are experience but only fools say they learn by experience and these young leaders in SUPP knows how to profit from others experience.

Taib has learnt from the ancient Chinese,”giving before you take” he gave leeway to the chinese but along the way he taught his generals well and they took advantage of the SUPPs follies and capitalise to their advantage. 35 seats is no mean feat my friends and to win this battle against mosts odds, Taib is very much a leader to be reckoned with. The people of Sarawak through PBB has given him a new solid mandate and the urban chinese knows that and they are teaching SUPP a very bitter and honest lesson.

George Chan and his team should just walk away and leave the party to reengineer by itself instead of staying on and waiting for the party to throw them out. They are enough calibre professionals and young political minds and willpower to take the party out of the abyss and chart the new direction of the party. The oldish leaders are already in their twilight years and what more can they do to bring back power to the party.

The younger set of leaders though weak will need to gather themselves into a unit to make them dependant on each other and they too in time will be a very powerful and solid unit to catapult the party back to where it belongs. If and only if the people still believes in their honesty of giving back to the people as a party it will survive.The remaining peoples representative will needs to show that they deserve their places and they need to look after the constituency interests instead of after personal gains,glory and wealth.

SPDP will be no different in the next couple of years if the younger set of leaders are not given the opportunity to excel and come good as politicians. The lesson of losing the 2 seats in Krian and Ba’kelalan must not be taken too lightly.

We were made to understand from our source that certain proposals were put forward to the President. He did not ignore it but failed to take charge and proclaimed that he is indeed the commander in chief and a leader for SPDP.

 They were suggestions to drop Peter Nyarok but he stood by his man which  is good and also to swap  for Telang Usan seat with PBB.Both these suggestions if it was carried out SPDP would not have losts any seat. Too right..!! One might say as there are other conspiracy theories emerging very soon. The candidates knows better and its bests for them to reveal it to the Supreme Council when they meet for a post mortem meeting.

SPDP needs to know that the party will need to chart its direction soonest and the coffers needs to be build solidly as an overdependance of funds from outside sources does more harm than good. There are even rumours that SPDP candidates having to seek assistance on the last lap and the assistance helped them to cross the finishing line. During elections there are many possibilities ,hearsays and rumours and SPDP has to thank their supporters that all efforts and contributions bore the necessary results.

SPDP needs very much to learn from SUPPs diminishing powers and not to be caught in this situation in the years to come. The lesson for SUPP will be very hard to swallow and making them relevant and great again will very much hinge on the political marriage of alliances. A new entity will bring a breadth of fresh air  but it needs to be nurtured to see of the challenges the opposition has to offer.

My emeritus professor reminds me all the time ,”Change is good but be careful what you asks for.!!” SPDP and SUPP are not too dissimilar as both are multi racial parties and the duck somehow has to be broken. Many have harped on the possibilty of a new entity being born out of losses which in a way is good and will benefit the whole political scenario for Sarawak. Its not a change but its a new political reengineering and its a bigger playing field.

Harsh lessons but even children also needs to go to pre-school. Politicians must know when their time is over and they need to pass the baton over. CM Taib is an exceptional leader with well over 30 years as the chief administrator and he drew his powers from learning from the bests by making use and capitalising on the whole ground zero peoples movements.

SPDP and SUPP needs to look at themselves closely.Don’t be too shy to learn SOMETHING VALUABLE from PBB.