There can only be one No.1 says a political observer. Is that what the SPDP Group of 5 are trying to push for their No.1? Someone musts have pushed the envelope further for their own personal gains. It seems the “HIDDEN HAND” is again involved to push the President of SPDP William Mawan to the edge of the corner the only one left.Hehas Wong Judat as State assemblyman with him only.

In  the last state elections Mawan losts his allies in the same group 2 YBs one Peter Nyarok Deputy President who losts to PKR candidate Ali Biju in Krian while SG Nelson Balan was not renominated to defend. An SPDP insider asks,” When is the next AGM? Are they going to move a vote of no confidence or have they checked up on the party’s amended constitution to move their plan forward? They have a right to sound it out but going public is like opening old wounds.

Anything and everything is possible in politics and the Separatists group should have used the avenue for them to speak and express in the Supreme Council instead of publicly washing dirty linen again. The Deputy Secretary General when contacted by phone this morning by audie61 have this to say,”let them reflect on their actions and we will deal it in the Supreme Council. Post- mortem for public consumption will depend very much on the election committee to reveal it. 

As for the silence of the President he said,”Is that so..Really /Benarkah..?” The President have attended/spoken at State official functions and as for party matters he will deal with it in his own time and he knows best when to do that.

The political observer added.”Mawan is very much his own man and he can be just like Louis XIV a man of very few words. Mawan with few words is showing his power and with his silence as with life,the less you say.the more profound and mysterious you appear.Thats why the group is saying,”The silence is deafening.”

Mawan would not want to be in a situation where he would be caught to have spoken something which might be detrimental to the party and be even termed,”foolish” by his own members.

Mawan has learnt through time and his strategists must have told him this,’Never start moving your lips or teeth before you subordinates do.The longer you keep quiet,they will move their lips and teeth.Exactly the point that the Separatists 5 moved first.They have shown their intentions and they want to take over at the earliest possible opportunity available. They are turning the pages and seekeing political manouverings to oust the President and questioning the Presidents SILENCE is just an excuse the kickstart needed.

Mawan also knows that there are times when it is unwise to be silent. He knows that the timing is absolutely crucial to put a stop to all the infighting and distrusts which appears to be penetrating into the party. There musts something BIGGER which Mawan is looking towards which only a select few are privelege to be associated with for now.

For now it seems Mawans silence is the norm and he will just blow you of the ground soon.