35 “Won”PBB seats still have to step down meh..?

On May 3rd we wrote this article,”Exit sounds familiar” and exactly two weeks later this comes out again. Francis Siah repeatedly saying,’ “We will continue to pressure him to step down if he does not do so by Aug 13 ”

The question now according to a former editor is who has given him not only the GUTS but it does seem that some” higher authority” is giving the word Go” GREEN LIGHT”? It’s not very likely that he is just using Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS).Honestly if there are thousands and thousands of Sarawakians behind him I will stand down and not even thought otherwise. Surely,next he will deny all this and says he is doing it for Sarawak.

If Taib has led his party PBB to a disastrous outing and garnered just 15 out of 35 seats he will also make an EXIT. But this is out of the extraordinary and winning 35 seats is no mean feat. The Party Presidents of SUPP,PRS and SPDP did not even get a 100%?

Francis Oh Francis please look around and see who can boast that record as compared to Taib. 2 State elections (2006 and now 2011) he has led PBB to exemplanary results and you  are barking at PBB the party. They have enough leaders in PBB to oust Taib if he did not perform as a PRESIDENT of the party. Abdullah Badawi suffered the same fate and if UMNO has achieved 100% would Badawi be asks or pressured to abdicate?

We can go on and on but in the end you will be saying we are no better just ‘apple polishing” But this is a fact and you are running away and using other issues to attack Taib. He is no angel and we agree on that and so are many other leaders who came before him. Do we need to name them? There is no need and you are just blinded by your obsession of attacking Taib and whatever anyone says or threats or police action will not stop you.

When people attack STAR your political platform at one time you will obviously stand up and defend.Whats wrong with PBB members defending Taib? Anything wrong my friend Francis..?

This article clearly proves it:- MoCS leader: Cops no cause to arrest me

A further indicator of what we meant can be clearly seen with this article which we copied for your reference on this topic:-

Free Malaysia Today

KUCHING: Despite threats of arrests from the police, Movement for  Change, Sarawak (MoCS) will continue to do what it has pledged to do –  that of demanding Chief Minister Taib Mahmud to step down.

We will continue to demand Taib to step down,” said MoCS leader Francis Siah when contacted today.

Siah, who is presently in Sabah, said that the CID (Criminal  Investigation Department) officers had wanted to see him regarding his  statement asking Taib to step down.

“I will not see the CID officers without the presence of my lawyers,”  he said, adding that a police officer from Kuching had called him over  the statement.

“Now they (Barisan Nasional leaders) are using the police to harass me.

“But we are not afraid of the threats by the police, and we will  continue to do what we have pledged to do, that is asking Taib to step  down.

“We will continue to pressure him to step down if he does not do so by Aug 13,” he added.

Jelly fish Jabu

Replying to Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s condemnation of MoCS  recently, Siah said it was pointless trading barbs with Jabu, whom he  likened to a “jelly fish without back bone”.

“He is best known for saying or doing things against his own  conscience by taking all sorts of instructions from his boss,” he added.

In criticising MoCS, Jabu had said the movement was going against the wishes of the people in asking Taib to step down.

He said that Taib should not entertain MoCS’ call which was coming  from “the mouth of frustrated individuals advocating politics of  backwardness and hatred against the wish of the majority of  Sarawakians”.

Jabu suggested that MoCS should be changed to ‘Movement for change  for backwardness in Sarawak’ to better reflect their ignorance,  frustration and denial.

Another PBB leader, Abdul Aziz Adenan, who is also the PBB Youth  information chief, has described MoCS as a public threat because it  undermined the legitimate process of election by demanding Taib to step  down in three months.

Pointing out that no one has the right to make such a demand, Abdul  Aziz said that Taib and other BN leaders have been given fresh mandate  by the people to continue leading the state.

“By giving Taib an ultimatum to step down by Aug 13, MoCS is actually making a mockery of democracy in the state.

“MoCS has no right to ask the chief minister to vacate his post when the rakyat have decided otherwise.

“This shows that MoCS has no respect at all for the rule of law in  the country,” he said although admitting that as an NGO, MoCS has a  democratic right to express its opinion on any subject.

“But it should know that questioning the mandate of the rakyat is not a wise move,” Abdul Aziz said.

We say again “35 PBB seats returned Party President asks to leave..??”