N54 “Winner has not taken all the Spoils”

It seems that N54 Pelagus will remain in the news for sometime to come. A battle won today might not bring the victor much peace as long as the enemy thinks that the “war” is not over yet. The bad blood spilled between the Sngs and Masings has even spilled so far as words coming out from Masings camp as”very good reason to believe that money politics was involved there in the state election”.

The full article can be read below from an English Daily which we have extracted. The point when George Lagong who returned called was very simple,” I am a God fearing man and I am a Poor man eventhough they perceive George is very Rich and can afford to buy votes.As my name initials the acronym is simple either its  George Lagong as G.L. is “GOOD LUCK or GODS LOVE ”

PRS can file the petition and even if they force a by election they will not win the seat again. Its very simple and try they can. Its not even about CM Taib in this seat but the fight is very clear its between you know who.I dont need to spell it out,do I.?

George Lagong won against BN,PKR in a three cornered fight and he has proven to hold his own. He was defeated in the Ulu Rajang Parliamentary seat in 2008 where the “capsized boat carrying the ballot boxes” was headline news. The Petition made by PRS is again giving him the ‘publicity which he did not himself seek.

Sources told us that PRS was even asked to consider Larry Sng at the very last minute as this will be a BN sure seat.{BN independant candidate} However it was turned down eventhough “persuasive powers” were used and there was also a written agreement to the PM from PRS.

Could this Petition be used to ask George to join PRS..?

N54 Pelagus was a very hot issue before the elections and this petition will not stop the ‘fire” that is still burning between the parties concerned. PRS will do well not to publicly issue statements which might come back to haunt them especially ‘money politics” 

The extracted article below:-

SIBU: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has filed an election petition to nulify the result of the contest for the Pelagus seat in the April 16 state election.PRS Pelagus division chief Philimon Nuing accompanied by party Information chief Wilson Nyabong and lawyer Sim Hoi Chuan filed the petition at the Sibu High Court today.

According to Nyabong, who is the Pelagus seat director of operations, the party had “very good reason to believe that money politics was involved there in the state election”.

The petition was filed before senior assistant registrar Suhailla Selag.

In the election, PRS/BN candidate Stanley Nyitar @ Unja ak Malang was involved in a three-cornered fight with Edward Sumbang of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and George Lagong who stood as an independent.

George won the election with a 2,837-vote majority.

He garnered 5,740 votes against 2,903 obtained by Stanley and the 1,171 obtained by Edward.

The voter turnout was 9,986. This is the first petition filed after the election. – Bernama