PKR Padungan”Where is Baru Bian and the Missing Ones..?”

15th September 2010 here we are at “Malam Padungan”organised by PKR cabang Kuching and the programme listed 13 main items. The crowd of 600 or more waited for the arrival of the “their Puteri Reformasi” YB Nurul Izzah Anwar MP of Pantai Valley. Also expected was the PKR Sarawak State Chairman Baru Bian as he was listed as No.5 on the programme. 

Where is Baru Bian many of the diners asks..? There were many familiar faces present but curious absentees were some of the PKR Sarawak Exco’s in Abang Zul,See Chee How,Baharuddin,Bawin,Ibi and the Wanita exco’s? Could we be missing some flavours? Nearly, a year has gone by on 16th October 2009 we wrote ,

PKR East Malaysia…In total Disarray.”

Nurul Izzah spoke with much venom and full of authority that PKR is a party for all Malaysians be it in Peninsular,Sabah and Sarawak and “We must present a United Front” and God willing we will be the government of the day and take over from BN. More will be published by the main stream media who were present  in full force.


Pakatan Sarawak leaders from SNAP were represented by the SG Stanley Jugol and there was also a Perak Adun Assemblyman Tai Sing Ng. Dominique Ng the Padungan ADUN made his intentions known to the Padungan faithful that he will be putting his name up to join in the race to be nominated to be a Vice President of Central PKR. He also said that PKR Kuching cabang will be nominating Tian Chua for the posts of Deputy President.

A loyalists to Adun Padungan said to audie61 “IT IS INDEED A BOLD MOVE by the YB.He is daring and of course he does have his faults but we must give him credit for being one of the fighters for the recognition of September 16th Malaysia Day ”



25 thoughts on “PKR Padungan”Where is Baru Bian and the Missing Ones..?”

  1. It is certainly surprising to see PKR Sarawak State Chairman Baru Bian missing on such an important occasion. The dinner is to celebrate the Malaysia Day and this is the 1st time it has been officially recognized by the government. For leaders not to be at such important function is not only not showing respect for Nurul Izzah Anwar who graced the occasion but also to the big day itself.

    The people are waiting to see if these leaders shall be at the Padang Merdeka to witness the raising of the Malaysian flag at 8:00am on Sept. 16. The opposition must be united 1st before they can even dream about throwing out the BN government.

  2. Absolutedly correct chris. It is strange to hear pKR talk about unity and throwing out the BN government etc etc when they in Sarawak are not even united . This has been going on for sometime my sources tell me. Wake up before you are all thrown out into the deep blue ocean.

  3. Breakthrough at Padungan for PKR but they might also lose it at the next elections.If there is not a united front forget it. Internal bickering and not joining forces within the same party will create worse case scenario. Look at BN parties. Is PBB,SPDP and SUPP united internally ?

  4. Baru i think have to be in KL for SABM function which will feature Penan Sape Musical.

    Unless Soo Lina is out, Ng Kim Ho will suffer. Do you know Soo Lina have been sacked by Malaysiakini as the Chief Citizen Journalist for Sarawak. She was paid around RM1,500 for 6 months for doing nothing and requested to return all equipments.

    • Dominic is only a bridge for this old lady (lina Soo) to cross PKR..She’s a silence killer.
      She cant do much without Dominic. so we are save & the obviously victim is Dom.

  5. I think PKR feels that there no need to see so many heads in one place afterall, unlike the ‘safety in numbers’ mentality of bee eng..

    the ones missing are probably somewhere in s’wak doing what they have to do and been doing….wake the rest of s’wak up to the tyranny in s’wak!

    time for change!

    Nurul Izzah, is definitely our future Prime Minister of Malaysia! She has my vote!

  6. The snub was a strong message to Dominique NG to be a team player and also to respect state leadership. It was very obvious that Dominique Ng’s hidden intention was to make known his intention during the function which he had organised without consulting party leaders, to defend the Padungan state seat and also to offer himself as a candidate for one of the vice president post in the party.

    Unfortunately Nurul was not aware of the real purpose and objective of this function and which I believe Baru Bian, as state leader, would have already clarified the matter to YB Nurul without washing linen in public.

    It is interesting to wait and see if Dominique Ng will be nominated by PKR to defend Padungan or swap with DAP with another seat.

    AS of now PKR Sarawak should be strong despite negative public perceptions. Hence the Mafia or Trojan horse still in PKR Sarawak will be dealt with eventually.

    PAS Sarawak has also recently removed some ineffective leaders and those who were likely to undermine the good working relationship of Pakatan Council.

  7. Dominique Ng will forever be remembered by the Chinese community for been the spoiler in the last election. He is not another a pain in the throat of PKR but also the DAP and Pakatan at large. NOt a political astute fella and can be easily bought over by BN or SUPP.

  8. If Dominique Ng is chosen to contest in Padungan the voters turnout might dropped to less than 60% with many abstaining from voting unless DAP put up an Independent candidate to save the day for Pakatan and for Sarawakians.

  9. Let us have patience to wait for the muddy water to get settled down and clearly see the bottom and the fishes….Baru has no problem with PKR also Nurul

    You know Ng’s indiscipline since a long time ago. In PR and especially PKR, you cannot work COW-BOY style and work thing out of party’s order

    This curry in the PR pot is nice and fragrant, do not spoil the curry but to make it more tasteful and useful

  10. D. Ng is already sasau. He’s thinking PKR is his. He’s best to live alone in the junglele. Trojan horse must be shot dead. That type of character going to be our leader. He thought only himself is the chief minister of S’wak. Talking cock.

    • Ya botol, it seems to us that even the suspended YB Voon from the DAP was keeping a 20 foot pole away from a character like Dominique. A man of no principle is not wanted by the voters certainly. He should know where he stands now since he is not wanted in Pakatan.

  11. A massive Tsunami is bound for Sarawak and Sabah within the next six months that will transform the political landscape and mindset of Malaysians that will raise our profile to that of a roaring tiger in Asia once again. It could not have been a better time to reaffirm that than on September 16 2010, the first ever Malaysia Day celebration in East Malaysia after 47 years.

    With polls looming, Pakatan launches Sabah arm
    By Debra Chong
    September 16, 2010

    Lim said Najib’s lamentations on the rise of extremism only showed him to be a weak leader. — file pic
    KOTA KINABALU, Sept 16 – The opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) launched its Sabah secretariat here last night to rally local support in a bid to oust the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) from Putrajaya.

    Blowing raspberries at the prime minister’s Malaysia Day message expressing “sadness” at the rise of extremism in a multicultural nation, DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang said it showed Datuk Seri Najib Razak to be a weak leader who lacked the support of his own Cabinet when it came to setting the nation-building policies necessary to move the country forward.

    “He said he is ‘saddened’ that despite living in an independent multi-cultural nation, there are still those who cannot tolerate, much less accept the benefits of a diverse society and reject the 1 Malaysia concept and policy propounded by him since becoming prime minister in April last year.

    “Najib’s job as prime minister is not just to express sadness at the rise of extremism but to provide leadership to stamp out racial bigotry and religious extremism especially when they come from Umno and allied or outsourced groups,” the veteran opposition leader pointed out.

    “In contrast, Pakatan Rakyat formed by PKR, PAS and DAP is offering a completely different formula of nation-building and governance based on ‘Unite and Rule’ — to unite the various races, religions, cultures and regions in the country as one national identity to fulfil Malaysia’s potential for greatness which we have lost along the way in the past five decades of Barisan Nasional stewardship,” Lim told a crowd of some 1,500 people at the launch on the eve of Malaysia Day, which celebrates the formation of the federation and made a national holiday for the first time.

    “This is the significance of the official launching of the Pakatan Rakyat Sabah secretariat tonight… to embrace and endorse the Pakatan Rakyat’s ‘Unite and Rule’ to govern and Sabah Malaysia in rejection of Umno/BN’s discredited formula of ‘Divide and Rule’ which ultimately benefitted only a handful from the various racial groups and their cronies” he added.

    The Ipoh-Timur MP warned that the nation’s oft-touted unity and progress was at risk under the BN leadership.

    Lim pointed out that extremist views have been loudest in the last 17 months since Najib became PM.

    “What compounded the problem was that the racial bigotry and religious extremism were all coming from one direction — Umno and its allied or outsourced groups, raising the fundamental question whether Najib has the political will and leadership to stand up and be counted to stamp out extremism coming from his own camps,” he said, in apparent reference to Perkasa, the truculent non-governmental organisation championing what it describes as Malay “special rights”.

    “Who, for instance, is the most prominent antagonist of Najib’s 1 Malaysia policy if not his Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin?” Lim asked.

    Lim said he had challenged the BN in Parliament to clarify Muhyiddin’s “Malay first and Malaysian second” stand and that the coalition’s ministers had kept mum.

    He, however, stressed that the PM’s policy had a noble aim — to build a country where the people identified themselves as Malaysian first and ethnicity took a back seat.

  12. YB Dominique Ng should openly apologise for being defiance against state leadership of his party and also to the Chinese community for sabotaging Opposition partner DAP in the last election if ever he wants to stay relevant and be renominated and elected in the coming state election. I like to think Dominique is smart enough to be humbled and extend an olive branch to DAP and his own state leader.

  13. My vote will go to a credible Independent candidate aligned to the DAP if I have to vote between Lily Yong of SUPP, Dominique NG of PKR and an Independent endorsed by the DAP. Public perceptions of both Lily Yong and Dominique Ng are very negative. I may be wrong but its a democratic world.

    I am all out for a two party system and will surely like Pakatan to be our government.

  14. Just to remind PKR Pusat n PKR S’wak. D. Ng isn’t a substance that PKR must invest becoz he’s detrimental to the struggle of PR as a whole. He’s a kurang asam guy or kurang ajar guy in the party. U expect that type of character will make a good leader? My foot. He’s just a thick skin guy. He’s duri dalam daging for the PR/PKR. He’s the man behind trying to sabotage the present leaders of PKR S’wak. Who doesn’t know. It’s just that most people couldn’t be bother of this only one useless nut who think he’s that great. God is always the greatest n the merciful. Not only God know ur bad intention but all the faithful PKR members do. God knows that this guy Ng will never hv his learning curve. He’ll never learn from his own mistakes n forever he’ll bemaking more mistakes.

    • D.Ng must be kurang ajar if talking to kurang ajar fellow. Only be kurang asam can handle this type of spesiss.
      In politic no one can be too good otherwise you’l snab by your own people.
      Especially in PKR with so many snakes around.

  15. Vote out BN corrupted goverment in Sarawak is a MUST if the people still want to see some hopes for a better tomorrow

    Forget about the Cina; you Dayak and natives must think 2 X, 3 X or 100 X. Go tell your elders and wake them up

    Most BN Sarawak leaders, MPs and YBs are corrupted in leadership, personality, minds and hearts, especially most of PBB dogs untouchable by MACC and yet saying we should appreciate their great works to bring development to Sarawak. XXXX him, Taib. He has many to answer to Allah the day he reports for judgement and punishment

  16. we cn comment what ever we wanted to say,its a democratic world,i guess so.
    Btwn Baru Bian & Dom. Ng there’s no such big problem as u ppl talking about. The very big problem here is,ppl surrounding BB who likes to incite him to hate Dom. Ng & othr leaders in PKR. As we knew BB is very ‘Baru’ (New) in PKR.
    Baha Moksen,Zulkifli Engkeh,see chee how & geng, they are trouble maker in PKR so without them the occasion still can be ran well,its doesn’t affected even to Nurul Izzah.
    The more BM & geng involve in Party the more information SB get frm this two Big Snakes.

  17. I read with amazements the many comments that criticize YB Dominique Ng of which none has been found to be objective but blind accusations out of jealousy and insanity.

    I also found out that those who attack YB Dominique Ng are none other than the hardcore elements within DAP and PKR who cant swallow the success story of a man burying in his work through hundreds of sleepless nights . Ordinary people with the right mind simply wont bark like a mad dog.

    And, after combing through all the allegations hurled at YB Dominique Ng, we can summarise it into three categories as follows:

    1. That YB Dominique’s personality is questionable and not fit to become a politician as evidenced in the role he plays during the 308 election. He could be easily bought by BN.
    2. That YB Dominique is a trouble-maker and lone ranger both in DAP and PKR and not respecful of leadership
    3. That YB Dominique would lose in the next electionn

    Well, the first 2 accusations are merely personal attack while the third one is an evil curse out of jealousy.

    We are here not so much to defend YB Dominique against all these crazy attacks for it would be a waste of time to teach the dogs how to talk and behave like human beings.

    But we just want these attackers to know some of these facts before barking:

    1. YB Dominique doesnt join politics only yesterday, he has a track record of 30 years during which he has countless of chances “to be bought” if he wishes to.
    2. The trouble maker is not YB Dominique but Baru Bian and his kaki tangan . During YB Dominique tenure as State Leader, he tried hard to unite all the warring factions into one and endeavour to become a State leader for all rather than just his kaki tangan. He didnt marginalize anyone or did nasty things to hijack KL leaders during their visit and neither did he boycott functions organized by competing teams

    3. YB Dominique won his padungan seat out of hard work and dedication not luck or blessing of DAP. HE’S SURE TO WIN PADUNGAN SEAT AGAIN.

  18. Why each time to blame Baru??.. Is dinner more important that Rakyats?.. someones just think that he have lot of free time to spent.. Attend dinner n huhuhaha.. Nonsense.. Those who’s asking, Why dont make him a call and asked where he is,what he’s doing, blablabla..All this while, is he just sit in his office n doing nothing??.. Why dont asked D ng to go to ulu2, rumah panjang, n fight for the NCR cases in court.. Baru is running here n there for those Kampung fellows NCR cases.. Dont just bark here bark there but doing nothing.. People like me also can do so.. Dont just stay in the city and organise dinner, talk politics, business and planning.. There’s people outside there is crying for help which only certain people knows. Yet, many people can have dinner party and taste all good food that served, enjoying talk and chit chat with “kuncu2 politic”.. Those BULLDOZER will not wait to bulldozed more NCR land no matter Who comes to attend ur Dinner..

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