“Will SUPP prove us Wrong..??”


audie61 will leave out the unpublishable details which many will be shouting and cursing at the once dominant and inpenetrable party SUPP. 1001 reasons why the party is on a downward spiral and whatever medicine given at this present moment might just not heal the painful symptoms felt inside.

ARE WE SO SURE THAT THERE IS NO REVERSAL ANTIDOTE..?? Will the DAP be caught with their pants down as Sarawakians when you least expect might just come back in droves to deliver a knockout blow.

True, many political analysts have been “caught into saying openly” that the SUPP supremo has overstayed his welcome but in times of crisis to the party he has stayed to overcome the fears that his party will face the eventuality of losing more seats under his watch as President.

 Is it his fault..?? You will say yes.

But if you were him will you just not walk away and leave the other comrades to face the music? That is not what the SUPP supremo was told when he first joined the party of his dreams. In times of adversity it will show how the true man will rise up to challenge. The last few days we have had many reports and articles which has put SUPP in a more acceptable light to the chinese community.


Suddenly why audie61 has shifted sides in giving BN/SUPP a lifeline. Shouldn’t we just pour more oil into the BURNING HOUSE OF SUPP…?? If all the leaders are willing to ride again together with and on the Presidents train,SUPP will not go into the history books as “HERE LIVED A FORMER GREAT” SUPP Might just prove us all wrong…!! and you of all people will bite your lip and say “I told you so” 


On 10th of June 2009 we wrote this article and the header was,””PAS,DAP and PKR In Sarawak..Voices from within”

Earlier article:- In the years gone by it was common to hear Bandar Kuching Voters saying,”DAP we vote for Parliament only.State seat we vote for local SUPP”  Today in the local political scene its ,”HOW MANY SUPP  seats will be losts to the opposition DAP..??

 How times have changed especially in the urban areas where the internet,bloggers and information technology has played its part. The government controlled mainstream media knows that they can only do that much for the ruling government.They will still try and as far as they can to give positive coverage BUT one knows its VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to hide any news from the more matured urbanised Sarawakians.

DAP needs no introduction as they have been in Sarawak for well over twenty five years and have earned their stripes. Its only a  question of how many more they can wrestle from SUPP Chinese areas to put more of their man/women in the State assembly. A political secretary from the northern region was very bothered and he was fearful for SUPP seats as he puts it nicely as,”the TIDE has reached the shores.” So the urban areas will see SUPP facing their arch rivals DAP.

My dad said SKY meaning Sim Kwang Yang (MP for Bandar Kuching 1982-1995)would have been a welcome addition to the new DAP YBS in the state. He did his part for Sarawak and we must be thankful for him.Its a check and balance or else they will not be Progress for the state.

Democracy needs opposition to stir the economics and ensure that the ruling government projects are accountable and transparent enough. If its too lopsided the YBs would not be working for their constituencies. On PAS my dad was quick to point out that its the rural malay/melanau areas which PBB is worried. If not why should Awang Tengah worry…??

Yesterdays english tabloid had this headlines,”PAS no threat to State BN;Tengah” The extract:-” Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) senior vice president Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan does not think that Parti Islam Malaysia (PAS) will be a threat to Sarawak Barisan Nasional even if the peninsula-based party were to make its so-called “surprise” in the coming state election. The full article can be read here,”http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=52961

A veteran Iban politician said that it seems that most disgruntled and has been Ibans are turning towards PKR as a vehicle to push their agendas forward. In Batang air it was clearly a mismatch and also HIDDEN HANDS played a very significant part in ensuring the PKR machinery is totally helpless and divided. Lets see how the new YB Mussen will do in the next state elections due very soon..he continued.

If only PKR and Anwar and his team do more Soul searching for a brand new team maybe the Iban areas will see new PKR YBs. If PKR maintains as he said earlier the tested and tried polticians,has-beens it will be a total wipeout in the Iban areas. Its time to turn to the young Iban intellectuals to present a new fight and its not Dayakism anymore but fighting for their own constituencies. If for 45 years a longhouse in Machan is deprived of electricity and used mostly as election gimmicks its time to change the YBs in the areas.

This is part of the extract,” We had been waiting for so long for the government to bring clean water supply to our longhouses,” Ringgit Injing, 62, Rumah Samsudin.

Villager, Mad Injing, 68, said: “For more than 50 years, we have been doing this so we asked our assemblyman to provide piped water to our villages, but somehow our request went unanswered.”

Do I need to explain further to the PKR top guns. In the political world its selfishness and a common agenda which will determine whether that party succeeds or fails. They are no handouts in politics and PKR being relatively new as compared to DAP or PAS and it needs its leaders to be more of politically capable,acceptable,qualified and of a certain calibre who will ensure that the partys policies and mission are carried out.

 Just take SKY for example and he was fighting the might of the BN in Sarawak. If there are a few Iban SKYs Iban areas will not be so left behind. Look towards the young Iban intellectuals and thats the answer to PKR breakthrough.

Obviously there will be many independants who will try their luck to win a seat in the State legislative Assembly. But today Sarawak will be a different challenge for Sarawak based parties as they will take on National parties in DAP,PAS and PKR. The line is already being drawn and its up to the Sarawak voters to choose. Time is still on the Sarawak CM Pehin Taib to continue to run the state and he has till 2011. Who would deprive him of that..??

We say as always,”If there are voices from within the incumbent YBs will need to work hard to ensure that they are re-elected or all will be losts .We have signalled you YBs and dont blame us….


27 thoughts on ““Will SUPP prove us Wrong..??”

  1. The georgie sandiwara ‘hurriedly’ rushing to kl with a few supp bigheads to see the number 1 ‘secretly’ suggesting a possible pull out! Where from! True enough, NOWHERE!

    Did supp honestly or stupidly think rather, that the voting public is as stupid?

    The latest Supp’s miraculously solving all issues after chit chat with taib is definitely the final nail in the coffin! Headlines read ‘all issues solved’! wtf! What issues solved?

    My god supp, are you guys really that stupid?

  2. The illness was caused by SUPP itself so they should be best to know why. Now the Dr. is again applying the wrong medicine to cure/heal/recover the bad rotten situation, do you think it works?

    What the xxxx “Chinese problems” are solved? How about SUPP Dayak problems? This Dr.must have something wrong somewhere and somehow in his mind or he purposefully tries to again fool SUPP men and women, boys and girls

    Funnily, all those SUPP crab leaders and divisional heads (PB) and subordinates of the Dr. are very happy about the said resolution after the CM & DCM meeting ..hu hu ha ha

    SUPP and Dr and team, We Will See You In The Poll, NO WORRY, Let Us See What Will Happen

    • georgie’s last statement about ‘all issues solved’ is indeed the last nail in supp’s coffin….what an insult to on the peoples intelligence!

      there’s even talk now of georgy losing his state seat in the next election!

  3. If SUPP has nothing to say about the RM78 million pocketed by Raziah Mahmud for the Kuching City Sewerage project the final nail is sealed on its coffin. A recap……It has emerged that Abdul Taib Mahmud and his family have conducted a massive raid on the public funding for Kuching’s new sewerage system.

    Figures show that out of a total 530 million ringgit handed out from taxpayers’ money to pay for the project, a staggering 78 million ringgit has been siphoned off by the Taib family and a crony company called Nishimatsu Construction (Nishimatsu’s parent company is currently being prosecuted in Japan in connection with a massive bribery and corruption scandal).

    The theft is just the latest example of the so-called ’skimming’ of publicly funded projects by using bogus sub-contracts, which has become a standard form of abuse in Sarawak under Taib.

    • No human-being with a sense of dignity and righteousness will support such corrupted leaders and government. The voice of dissent must get louder and stronger for the sake of our nation and for the future of our children.

      The fight for justice must be color blind. We must be united in diverse cultures, race and religion to fight corruption and the plundering of our wealth by Taib Mahmud and family.

      Vote for change.

  4. You are absolutely right Mata Kuching. From 30 years ago till now , if SUPP can still do nothing and watch helplessly how Taib and family has been plundering and robbing us Sarawakians, the educated and urban voters will be most unforgiving. The only lifeline left for SUPP now is to speak up on the RM78 million siphoned by Taib’s sister. otherwise SUPP will be wiped off in all urban seats and possibly including sub-urban seats as well.

  5. PBB which has some urban and semi-urban seats and will surely be staring at the strong possibility of getting defeated as well for defending and siding with the thief minister.Why the urgency for a city sewerage system costing RM530 million when many villages in urban locations like Santubong, Petrajaya, Bako, Sentosa and Batu Kawa for example have yet to be fully connected with electricity, treated water, good drainage system and paved roads. Many Malays and other Bumiputras living and working in towns and cities are still “cari nasib and cari makan” and yet every other few months to a year we discovered that Taib and family have been awarding themselves large scale public construction projects. The YBs representing rural seats may be able to continue to lie and cover up for Taib but for how long? The city dwellers and the educated Malays and Bumiputras will not just stand and watch Taib and family robbed us when we are struggling to feed our families and “cari makan”.

    Enough is enough. We must vote out Taib and all BN candidates who have betrayed our trust and mandate. Vote PAS, vote DAP, vote PKR vote SNAP and whichever Pakatan partner in your area. WE must save Sarawak for our children and grandchildren.

  6. Many Chinese associations realised it will be a folly to express their support for Taib Mahmud and earn the wrath of the public. SUPP has a chance to redeem itself but its president, the idiotic George Chan has changed the party’s stance to dissociate itself from Taib and unilaterally nail its own coffin on behalf of all its members and supporters. SUPP will be wiped off completely!

  7. In an interview with the New York Times early this month, Lee Kuan Yew had said that Malaysians would be enjoying his city-state’s brand of nationalism and multi-racialism today, if both nations had not separated.

    The published interview did not feature his remarks on Malaysia. They were contained in a transcript of the interview published on the official website of Singapore’s prime minister’s office.

    Lee claimed that if Malaysia’s founding father Tunku Abdul Rahman had decided to keep both nations together 45 years ago, much of what Singapore had achieved today in terms of equality among the races would be likewise be achieved in Malaysia.

    The longest serving Singapore prime minister also claimed that Malaysia’s pro-Malay policy has resulted in segregated communities.

    He explained that while he was satisfied with race relations in Singapore, it still remained his regret that this could not have been done on a larger scale together with Malaysia.

  8. Now Lihan Jok wants the orang ulu to accept TAIB as God as according to Lihan government projects are gifts from God. Let’s wait and see if BN will apply to the registrar of society to change its name to GOD.

    This is the kind of idiot BN put up as candidate and hoping the uneducated and deprived will continue to vote him.

    • BN goons can continue to please their paramount master daily by churning out news that he loves to hear. Taib will be in for a very rude shock after the state election when the people have spoken and voted against BN.

  9. Did the YB Dr.Chan mentioned about Apple Polishing recently? What actually he tries to describe? I think he was and is amongst the best BALL POLISHING in Sarawak BALL POLISHING TEAM FOR ADUN…..

  10. so-called Dayak community leaders are just as beholdened as their Ybs to Taib Mahmud and sometimes whoever is the president of UMNO . Temenggung Jussem has no legal binding right to speak up on behalf of other Bidayuh community leaders nor the Bidayuh community. If he wish to polish the balls of Taib Mahmud or bring with him to his grave it is his right but speak for himself and not for the rest of many other righteous Bidayuh community leaders. The Bidayuh community are only indebted to God and noone else. Do not glorify a highly corrupted leader like Taib to the extent that we are forever grateful to noone but him or that he is our saviour. The very reason that the Dayaks in general are far behind other races economically was because trusted community leaders and YBs from our own have been betraying us and can be easily bought by money and material rewards. Sjame on our so called community leaders and YBs.

  11. Taib Mahmud is definitely getting greedier and ruthless and none of the BN’s components dare stand up to him. SUPP’s sandiwara was expected and Sarawakians in general have lost complete trust and faith in George Chan and SUPP. Even the eventual renewal of some section 47 lands and the refund for some houseowners who had overpaid their renewal premium will not be able to win SUPP additional votes as it has been doomed.

    Sarwakians know Taib will never give up power nor will he stop plundering and robbing Sarawak. Taib will not give up power before he sign and award long term concessions for Independent Power Plant, Highway tolls, and privitisation of utilities and water to his own family and cronies companies.

    Fedearal government has not only failed to honour the 18 points and 20 points with Sarawak and Sabah respectively but has also allowed the thief ministers from both states to plunder and squander our rich natural resources and public fund meant for developments.

    The window of opportunity is definitely now to sack all the corrupted and self serving CMs and BN government from both Sarawak and Sabah. East Malaysia need a change in government and we must vote for Pakatan.

  12. Because George & Taib have discussed and solved the problems of the Chinese, SUPP is going to win all its 19 seats next poll……Chinese are damned happy about the Overpaid Tax Refund etc… So DAP will be defeated all out from the state. The Chinese should no more blame the great SUPP president & team but to gratefully and thankfully support SUPP to win back all they have lost and to assure that the DCM post still seated by a dear Chinese. Why Chinese need crying some more? They too should praise and worship Chan & Taib like gods and Tua Pek Kong.

    The CM promised more drastic and big developments are on the way to Sarawak, so why should all show remorse faces and why NOT WAIT patiently for the promised blessing to rain on them…WHAT A SWEET DREAM???

    To all, celebrate our Malaysia Day with hopes and prayers to the only ALMIGHTY ONE

  13. If a simple issue such as refunding overpaid land premium needed to be decided by the CM exclusively, we can conclude that Sarawak is a state “without government” or “Bo Cheng Hu” and is ruled by a Dictator! SUPP continues to spew out rubbish and is doomed to be defeated completely.

    • George Chan has proudly announced that Taib has given him the consent to collect applications for premium refund to be submitted to Taib

      Wong Soon Koh has proudly announced that Sibu residents can now submit their application for premium refund to Sibu Land & Survey BUT must be vetted through by SUPP first.

      As a second cousin of the late YB Robert Lau and had supported SUPP all the while I felt so embarrassed reading those statements in the press. How could these leaders allowing themselves to be slaves of Taib Mahmud. Don’t they know they are leaders of BN component which is the government of the day? In effect SUPP is part of the government and should be making collective decision with other cabinet ministers and not the messenger of Taib. Now George Chan and Wong Soon Koh look like they are also land broker of Taib. How can they earn respect from the people when they are willing to stoop so low in their political career? Shame of them.

  14. All societies need change and countries that don’t change or can’t change remain ossified and stagnant. Quote..YB Lim Kit Siang of DAP

  15. The more prominent are the newspaper report about SUPP getting approval or consent to process land premium refund or releasing “red lines”, the more the people will look down on SUPP as a useless party. The people have spoken many times before that SUPP is part of the government and they should not continue to act like a “broker”. And SUPP cannot claim to have the support of the Dayaks when they have never ever spoken against the grabbing of NCR land by Taib’s family and cronies. I am pretty sure SUPP will also lose the Dayak seats of Opar, Bengoh, Simanggang and Engkilili.

  16. The days and spirit of Chan Siaw Hee, a founder of SUPP, were dead and gone ever since SUPP abandoned its cause to fight for the ordinary and working class people to join UMNO controlled BN as a platform and a party for the filty tycoons and towkays.

    George Chan says, ” Sarawakians should not disappoint themelves by believing that the so-called Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government, which has been preoccupied with internal squabbles, can bring progress to the nation.” Former DAP MP for Bandar Kuching, Sim Kwang Yang rightly pointed out that such remark was the sort of mindless, mind-numbling monologic haraque from Sarawak top politicians.

    Sarawak, a state with the richest natural resources, in land,minerals, timber, oil and gas, has been ruled by UMNO controlled BN since 1963, was ranked 12th poorest state in Malaysia in terms of per capita income in 2009.

    In contrast, the per capita income in Pakatan led Selangor is about RM50,000 per annum. In Penang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has announced that poverty in Penang has been completely eradicated.

    Recently, Alfred Jabu was so proud to announce that Salcra might declare the biggest bonus this year amounting to RM50 million to 18,000 participants. Salcra has never disclosed the yield per hectare or the average CPO price for any given year while calculating bonus. Assuming every participants are treated equally by Salcra although the politically connected will receive more bonus than the others, each participant will only receive RM2,777.77 for the whole year or RM231.48 per month. Such is the hallmark of SALCRA and BN Sarawak success story. A BIG round of applause for Alfred Jabu!

    Was it any surprise why Sarawak continues to remain one of the poorest state in Malaysia when its Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud who has ruled Sarawak for 29 years has become one of the richest man in the world? And his two deputies and cronies are in the multi- million dollar club with personal wealth exceeding RM500 million each.

    Enough is Enough! It is the responsibility of every registered voters in Sarawak, religious institutions, NGOs, and business associations to end this heinous socio-economic crime committed by UMNO controlled BN led by Taib Mahmud against all Malaysians in Sarawak. We must vote for Pakatan Rakyat to save our state and our nation. What has happened in Sarawak is also happening in BN governed states and at Putrajaya for the past 52 years.

    We must vote out UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak and in GE13.

  17. Who Is Behind Sarawak Plantation Bhd ?

    Sarawak Plantation Bhd, one of the major plantation players in Sarawak, has a reported landbank of 52,071ha as of 31 December 2008.

    Of this, 18,406ha is vacant land, which includes 10,786ha managed under the Native Customary Rights scheme (under which Sarawak Plantation holds a 60 per cent interest in the plots), according to a research house, as reported in The Edge Financial Daily. The native landowners hold 30 per cent stakes in these plots and the state, 10 per cent.

    Who is behind Sarawak Plantation? Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s cousin Abdul Hamed Sepawi figures prominently.

    According to The Edge again:

    Its larger shareholders are Cermat Ceria Sdn Bhd, with a 30.35% stake, and the State Financial Secretary Sarawak with 25.44%. Group managing director Mohamad Bolhair Reduan holds 6.81% and Lembaga Tabung Haji 5.96%….

    A check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia shows that Cermat Ceria’s largest shareholders are Tapak Beringin Sdn Bhd, which holds 46.2%, Datuk Abdul Hamed Sepawi (19.9%) and Hasmi Hasnan (19.7%). Tapak Beringin is owned by Abdul Hamed Sepawi and Hasmi.

    Both Abdul Hamed Sepawi and Hasmi have close connections with the state, holding directorships in state-owned companies.

    Hamed Sepawi is the chairman of Naim Holdings Bhd and Sarawak Energy Bhd while Hasmi is the managing director of Naim and chairman of Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd.

    Bloomberg reports on Abdul Hamed’s extensive interests in Sarawak as follows:

    In the past 8 years, he has been involved in activities relating to forest plantations in Australia and Sarawak. YBhg Datuk Bin Haji Sepawi has been Chairman of the Board of Sarawak Enterprise Corp. Bhd and Sarawak Energy Berhad since June 27, 2005. He has been the Non-Executive Chairman of Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd and Naim Holdings Berhad since July 25, 2003. He has been the Non-Executive Chairman of Naim Cendera Sdn. Bhd. since October 12, 1995. He has been a Non-Independent Executive Director of TA Ann Holdings Berhad since October 2, 1999. He has been Director of Sarawak Enterprise Corp. Bhd since June 27, 2005. YBhg Datuk Bin Haji Sepawi serves as a Director of Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd and Naim Cendera Sdn. Bhd. He served as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director at SARAWAK Plantation Bhd from August 30, 2005 to May 11, 2009. He is a member of the National Economic Consultative Council II…

    He received his early education at St. Columbia’s School, Miri and Malay College, Kuala Kangsar. YBhg Datuk Bin Haji Sepawi graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree (Hons) from University of Malaya in 1971, pursued undergraduate studies in forestry at the Australia Nation University from 1974 to 1975, and later obtained an MSc in Forest Products from Oregon State University, USA.

    The Edge weekly reported on 13 September that Hamed was believed to be close to selling his entire stake in Sarawak Plantation.

    At RM9,000 to RM15,000 per hectare, the firm’s 50,000-odd ha of land would fetch RM625 million, the weekly noted. That would mean Hamed’s 84.9 million shares could be worth a cool RM190 million, the paper estimated. “Whatever the price, give than crude palm oil has been trading close to RM2,700 per tonne recently and averaged RM2,400 in the last one year, Hamed should be getting a good price.”

    Forbes ranks him as Malaysia’s 39th richest person in 2010 with an estimated net worth of US$120 million.

  18. Another Land Deal In Sarawak?

    Here’s another land deal in Sarawak. Ta Ann Holdings Bhd, through its unit, Multi Maximum Sdn Bhd, is buying an obscure company Europalm Sdn Bhd.

    Ta Ann is paying RM20.5 million for the entire two million shares of RM1 each in Europalm, according to the Business Times.

    Europalm reportedly owns 1,500ha of plantation land at Jemoreng Land, Sarawak and had been awarded another 1,113ha at Seredeng Land. That would make the average purchase price RM3,200 per acre.

    An analyst was reported as saying it was a very good price as “Sarawak plantation land is often considered to be more expensive at RM18,000 to RM20,000 per acre depending on the proximity, infrastructure and facilities”.

    Question: How much did Europalm pay for the land?

    A company search reveals that Europalm is a fairly new company, registered on 12 June 2007. Its status is “existing” but its nature of business is described as “no operation”. It has authorised and issued capital of RM100,000.

    Responding to a Bursa Malaysia query, Ta Ann revealed the purchase was made “on a ‘willing buyer-willing seller’ basis negotiated at arm’s length and after taking into consideration the value of the lands as ascribed by an independent registered valuer, C H Williams Talhar Wong & Yeo Sdn Bhd”.

    Ta Ann told Bursa that its directors felt that the average value of RM3,200 per acre was a fair value. It bought the two million shares from the following:

    Number of ordinary shares of RM1.00 each
    Ngu Meng Soon
    Chia Ah Fok
    Kho Soon Kih
    Lim Khay Hian
    Salleh Bin Hamdan
    Juraini Binti Mohamad Lily
    Nature Palms Sdn Bhd


    A company search reveals that Nature Palms Sdn Bhd, registered on 21 March 2008, has an issued share capital of two shares of RM1 each, held by a male and a female at the same address in Shah Alam.

    So who is behind Ta Ann? Its chairman is Abdul Hamed Sepawi, reportedly the cousin of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud (who is also finance minister and planning and resource management minister). Abdul Hamed has a 25 per cent stake (direct and indirect) in the firm, according to the firm’s 2008 annual report.

    Abdul Hamed is also chairman and independent executive director of Sarawak Energy Bhd, non-independent non-executive director of Sarawak Plantations Bhd (in which he has a 30 per cent interest), and chairman of Naim Holdings Bhd (in which he has a 12 per cent stake). In 2008, Forbes listed him as the 30th richest Malaysian.

    Wahab Dolah, the MP for Igan under which falls the Jemoreng state constituency, also has a 25 per cent stake (direct and indirect) in Ta Ann. He was one of Taib’s close political associates and was at one time touted as a possible successor.

    Ta Ann’s managing director is Wong Kuo Hea, who has a 27 per cent stake in the firm.

    Companies like these, CMS (controlled by the Chief Minister’s family), and the logging and oil palm firms pretty much dominate the Sarawak economy. Some of these firms have interlocking directorates, with the same names cropping up again and again. The only major area they don’t control is the oil and gas sector, which falls under Petronas, though spin-offs may come in the form of contracts.

  19. ‘Taib must step down by August next year’

    Fri, 17 Sep 2010 14:47
    E-mail Print

    PENANG: The Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) wants Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down by August next year.

    “Today, MoCS respectfully sends this request to the chief minister. It is the general consensus of the people of Sarawak that Taib has served long enough as CM.

    “He should step down as soon as possible but we will give him till next August to do so,” its leader Francis Paul Siah said at a NGO-sponsored event in Penang last night.

    “We still accord him due respect as the chief minister, but MoCS may not be that respectful if he is still at the helm of the state Government by next August.

    “Today, we humbly plead and ask him to seriously consider stepping down. If Taib remains stubborn and refuses to listen, we may have to resort to other courses of action when the time is up.

    “Then, the request and plea will turn to demand. We hope we will not have to demand as it would be uncomfortable for the chief minister,” Siah told the gathering of Sarawakians and Penangites at the Malaysia Day celebrations organised by the Malaysian Election Observers Network (MEO-Net) at Weld Quay on the island.

    Stating that the August date next year should give Taib ample time to plan his departure, Siah also said that date should also enable the long-serving chief minister to celebrate his final ego-boosting 30th anniversary as Sarawak CM.

    “We all know that this is a man with a huge ego and we will allow him to have a final bash on March 26, 2011. After that, Taib should seriously look at his crystal ball and if it is not afraid to tell him the truth unlike his Sarawak BN lieutenants, it would surely suggest that he listens more to the loud voices of dissent from Sarawakians than to his political sycophants.”

    ‘Emulate the people of Penang’

    Elaborating on the August date, Siah pointed out that MoCS was formed to advocate a new political culture for the state and promote democratization and “MoCS realises that this evolution is only possible with Taib out of the scene”.

    “We announced the formation of MoCS on Aug 13 and we gave ourselves one year to help start this process minus Abdul Taib Mahmud. We are serious in this quest.

    “The people of Sarawak are serious and we hope the chief minister would be gracious enough to help us achieve our target without much agony and pain for all parties concerned,” he said.

    On the recent PBB supreme council’s declaration of support for Taib to continue as chief minister, Siah laughed it off asking: “Do you seriously believe anyone in the PBB council dare to say ‘No’ to such a powerful and vindictive boss knowing that they could easily be buried politically the minute they challenge his authority.”
    “On top of that, 20 or 30 people in the PBB supreme council do not represent 2.6 million Sarawakians,” he added.

    Earlier in his speech, Siah urged Sarawakians to emulate the people of Penang by opting for changes and vote in a new government in the coming state elections. He said that Penangites had made a wise decision in the 2008 General Election.

    “Today, Penangites are generally happy as Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had performed admirably. There are noticeable changes with Lim’s more accountable and transparent administration.”

    Siah added that he has relatives in Penang and “they have informed me that Penangites are generally very supportive of Lim and his plans of action for the state since taking office more than two years ago.

    “So the people of Sarawak must cast their votes wisely in the coming state polls and elect sincere leaders of calibre who could help in the evolution towards a new political culture for the state – one that is free of corruption, nepotism and despotism,” he said.

  20. SUPP have to consult a chinese supernatural or spiritual medium or feng shui sinsay regarding the fate and future of SUPP…some changes in office building color required, some moving of tables and doors required, some plants and flowers required, some running waters around the office required, some hanging of tanglung, drawing and blessed words required, some Chair people should change the wording of their names required, some need crystal ball reading, may be some need some fishes or birds…

    The same answer comes next year, you SUPP will be VOTED OUT because you have been wasting our time and your time waiting for required changes in leadership and service quality….and you keep worshiping your idol head – the white croc

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