Sarawak “71 Pieces of Silver”

The rumour mill generated by some senior political figures in Sarawak are beginning to catch on like wild fire. The catch ‘Give us 71 Million dollars for 71 Independant candidates in Sarawak and in return we will do an MOU with you and pay you handsomely in the tune of 1 Billion when we wrestle the State.”

Any truth? They even said that they are in negotiation with a China firm to print the Tshirts for their supporters and distribute it throughout Sarawak. The wordings of the Tshirt will take the form of “Do you want Sarawak to be run by only ONE MAN.” There will be printed in different colours and design.

We check with our source again and asked him,”Your source reliable or not..?” He replied this guy is loaded and he is an established anti government business man who is not a local.” It’s cheap to throw in “71 Pieces of silver” as Sarawak has abundance of natural resources,land,oil and timber.  Imagine winning 25 seats by this independant group and they will certainly be the KINGMAKERS and they will be strong to negotiate with whichever parties that want to form the government with them,

We are under strict orders not to print the names involve in this Political Concept. There are very serious as negotiations are ongoing and it certainly will be a very tough outing for the State BN ruling  government. It will even be as close as the 1987 affair when there were only 48 seats available to wrestle.

One obviously will point to the fact that when its election time,”Every tree will be swaying left or right” Rumours or speculations will not come about if no one moves the idea. There must know what they are against besides BN there is also PR. Even in Australia there was a “hung Parliament” and dont rule out a same sort of scenario happening in Sarawak’ Land of the Hornbills”

You make your own assumptions……!!!!