YBs “Woken Up from Restful Slumber”

Who voted them in? Who are the masters? Who can change them? It’s you,you and you only. For the past couple of months audie61 have been harping on this issue “Beware the Peoples Power“. Its is not just a mere rhetoric or as a ADUN YB spelt it out clearly that “if you do not answer to the smses or telephone calls from your constituency your days are numbered.”

Waking up in the morning is something that most of us hate to do. I mean, who really wants to be woken up from restful slumber when you’re having such a nice sleep? Imagine waking up the next morning’NO MORE A YB..IT’S HARD TO TAKE FOR SOME……


Even a former Asst Minister said the “people in the urban areas are no different form the rural areas.” Do we need to spell it out to the BN YBs or MPs now? The NCR issue in Sarawak seems to be a more than a thorn for the BN Coalition. Is it  still a BN safe deposit in the rural areas? It will be if the YBs and MPs do not fall into the “arrogant and uncontactable category”

Pakatan wannabes should also not be complacent thinking that they are now on a threshold of success. The voters will not be hoodwinked with the same old familiar faces who has fought and losts more often than not. Azmin Ali who has been through thick and thin with PKR knows that though the PR alliance won many hearts during the last GE there is still so much to do especially so in Sarawak.

He too has many weaknesses but he was bold to inform the PR group at the function in Kuching celebrating Malaysia Day that he will try to keep his word in answering calls and smses. He begged though that the callers do please inform who they are before they call as he has received many crank,threatening and unfriendly voices on the other side.

Have the YBs and MPs woken up from their slumber? A BN ADUN capitalise on the subject on who this when he said on the eve of merdeka day,”You can publish my number. I answer calls.It is a courtesy.but there are people who do not answer when you return the call. I am not going to call them two or three times.With modern technology all callers are now listed.You can quote me,There is no excuse not to return calls.” 

BN and PR will do the necessary vetting of their election candidates and they will know now that the people will return the candidates who deserves to be elected. Gone are the days when they say,”Kalau BN Lambang sudah menang 80%” -( with BN symbol you are assured at least 80% to be elected) It goes without saying there is also no certainty that the people will vote PR candidates just like that.

Every Election there will be some surprises but the lasts GE there was more than a surprise. It has given the people the chance to see for themselves that they are the RIGHTFUL OWNERS/SHAREHOLDERS OF THE MALAYSIAN AND STATE GOVERNMENTS. It is now more of policies,approach and propaganda ato win over the hearts and mind of the people. They have seen how goals are scored in the dying minutes of a game and they too know how much the political parties now value their votes.

Every citizen be in the rural or urban enclave of Malaysia has also woken up to the fact that they can change whoever they want at a general or state election. There is no more a safe seat for anyone. There is no time left for testing the groundswell. The people will speak their minds through the ballot boxes. The defeated candidates will just use a simple excuse,”I was not ready. I am sorry

Is that good enough.??

PR AND BN Coalitions will not be fooled anymore. Eventhough some candidates will be qualified it remains the choice and a call for the political parties. They will put the WINNABLE candidates and they will not leave it to chance. The next elections will see the TWO HUGE ELEPHANTS looking to trample and outdo each other for the choice of the constituency.

Of course,they will be minor skirmishes put up by independant parties who are not aligned to any of the coalition. Certain individuals will also put their names in the hat as independant candidates as it might just be their LUCKY DAY when the voters decide otherwise. 

The voters in the respective constituencies have slowly woken up from the slumber and it is up to the YBs and MPs to wake up sooner rahter than later. its no more just “I surely will win”

 Even a rural voter said to audie61 the dayaks are realising now that they will know who to vote for and not just the party they represent. If the candidate is more than capable why should we reject just for short term benefit. Don’t just take us for being justs simple minded people anymore. We have woken up from 47 years  in Malaysia and  if the YB or MP is underperforming we change. It’s our right and the political parties will know that we are not joking.