“Have You Read…??”

Stop right now…..!!!!!!

Dont even think you just need to scroll down and read any further. What have you just seen.? What is in your mind.? What have you just decided to do?

Umm.. its just rubbish coming out from the blogsphere and its nothing to shout about. Its the same all tricks which any one caught in a writers time warp will use. Just counting 1 to 10 or gazing into the blank wall would not help the writer.

The shit has hit the fan,The natural disasters,floods,volcano eruptions,earthquakes and major catastrophes around the world has made the people of the world worried. Change is inevitable and People will be fearful for their future if the signs are taken as obvious yardsticks for a better tomorrow.

Governments around the world are bending to the needs of the people and before long Malaysians will need to address the same phenomena. The Mark Choices of the Ballot papers will be determine not by the coalition partners that are in existence now but by WHO will be CHOSEN To represent the people.

The signs are very clear. The people not only can read but they can also see. The signs are too glaring. Throughout Malaysia no place is too treacherous where no living souls cannot reach.

Much has been said about the BN ruling over 50 years and the opposition wanting to wrestle to have a hand in managing and administering the country. Anything can happen now and no one peoples representative BN/PR can even think that he can make it to the next round of elections.

The people will know and if they so decide nothing in the world can stop them from not wanting to overthrow a rogue/dishonest/unreliable/lazy/self centred/YB or MP.

It has been often directed to them now more than ever that the next round of elections the people will have made up their own minds to choose. The customer services sector of Maxis/Digi/Celcom or the Different Brands of Hotels available is a good indicator. We not only have the Sheratons,Hiltons,Novotels to choose from.

The Peoples representative or assemblyman just need to look over their shoulders. The people have a choice. BN/PR or independant is theirs to make. Why Maxis/Digi/Celcom is that if the customer services or the aftersales  service of  ANY of these three major companies are not satisfactory the people will opt for the next bests to the one they will be satisfied with.

Its after all becoming like a market out there for the people to choose. The BN and PR coalitions have their weaknesses and the people will be able to pick up and mark on their wish lists. The fence sitters which many political analysts are saying will determine the swing of the votes is a THING OF THE PAST.

Read my lips…..”Thing of the Past” Do I need to tell you why..?? You just look around your own environment and see what you have which the other person doesnt and you will know what and how the people will vote.

Lets just give you a CLUE..Fooled you but you continued reading..Hmmm”



PBB “Unanimous”SUPP…??”


This will hit the newstands and will be the talk of the day on Monday, 6th of September 2010. The question remains though why is SUPP still mum on the issue of pledging full undivided support or otherwise on CM Taib. Your guess is as good as mine and only …


All the wings to the entire 71 branches of Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) in Sarawak yesterday had unanimously pledged their loyalty and full support to Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to continue and remain as PBB President, Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) leader and Chief Minister.”We also pledged that Pehin Sri would be able to maintain the continuece of our political stability, peace and harmory, in happiness and without any interruption of transformation of the development and implementation of Sarawak Corridor Of Renewal Energy (SCORE) and development activities in rural areas that will improve the economic status of all citizens and the State.”Deputy PBB President Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Numpang who is also deputy chief minister disclosed this to reporters at a press conference after attending a PBB supreme council meeting which was held at the PBB headquarters at Jalan Demak here.

“We also fully support the continuation of close networking and the spirit of cooperation between Pehin Sri with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to ensure the success of the Vision 2020 and “Gagasan 1Malaysia,” said Jabu while cheered and applaused by all the PBB supreme councils members.

“We are also sincere to fully support the efforts by Pehin Sri as the Sarawak Chief Minister, PBB President and Sarawak BN chairman to uphold the deciplinary in the State BN level to ensure strong and unified cooperation between the BN component parties to guarantee a deciecive victory and integrity for the BN party.”
“We also pledge to oppose to the very end any attempts from both inside and outside or all other forms of threat that will undermine or challenge the stability of the BN as well as the state of Sarawak and we again pledged to support the excellent leadership under Pehin Sri for him to remain as PBB President and also as the Chief Minister to lead the BN in the coming state election.”

“We pledge to unify under the BN in order to for Sarawak to remain safe, secure, stable, prosperous, harmonious and progessive in Malaysia and our pledge and oath of loyalty was signed and forwarded to the honorable Pehin Sri, the Chief Minister Sarawak to show our unanimous support and dedication through the PBB.”

When asked whether Taib had made any decision on the matter, PBB permanent chairman Datuk Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nasar quickly answered that, “Pehin Sri had left for us (PBB) to decide…so we had decided…we sincerely and unanimously wants him to continue leading PBB, Sarawak BN and remain as Chief Minister.”

About two weeks ago, Taib had stated that he would let the party and Prime Minister to decide if he is to lead PBB and Sarawak BN in the next State election and since then, massive of responses of solid supports for Pehin Sri to retain his post as the Chief Minister and continued to lead PBB and Sarawak BN poured-in by various PBB leaders, PBB youth branch chiefs and community leaders which later lead to a meeting with PM last week.

We were informed that most of the PBB supreme councils members had arrived at the PBB headquarters as early as 10.30am however, the meeting only started at around 11.45am when Taib arrived at the venue.

The group of reporters whom some, had camped there before noon waited restlessly outside the lobby of the PBB headquarters’ building were left earlier left in suspense when Taib appeared out from the conference room exactly at 3.45pm later, keeping mum and were accompanied by several PBB supreme members including Jabu to his car before leaving the venue.

Journalists on duty :-Abang Salfian Nawawi, Elmer Yeo and Harun Jau