“When will they ever learn..??”

It just disgusts me when those so called Little Napoleans start to throw names about.  There is a time and a place for everything but somehow these people loved to be associated with the song which many will whistle now. One ,two,three together now,” …..Did you..??” again to the lyrics “Where have all the flowers gone…??” You managed did you.Give yourself a pat as you are not one of them…..

In the corporate field many will just use names and stay close like chewing gum to achieve the impossible. They know themselves that they are not capable of achieving great success but somehow or rather they will do their utmost bests to ensure that ‘the person” does not make it too. They will get and derive full satisfaction when they see the BIG ELEPHANTS meaning the ones in power tussling over certain issues which are not relevant but someone was made significant. Mountain out of a molehill.

Will they ever learn….??

In the political sphere there are many tussling for positions and with it comes power and the ability to command respect. In PKR now the power struggle has just begun with Azmin Ali (Vice President) throwing his name into the hat for the No.2 Position in the party against Zaid Ibrahim(Supreme Council). Will Christmas come too early in November for the supporters of either man? This battle will be closely watched by the  BN politcal strategists and spin doctors. 

The almost quiet waters within the ruling component BN Sarawak coalition of PBB ,SUPP and SPDP does not mean that their  Ninjas are not at work. There is a time to open ones mouth and most times it is more appropriate to just sit back and watch. Some will learn while others will still fall in the category of

“When will they ever learn..??”

If there is no wind obviously the tree will not sway and it will not take a learned man to point out  “Watch the AXE..” Of course most advises given during times of engagement will not be seriously taken notice of. It is only usual to hear from the defeated parties that “If Only….”

Mosts political watchers will just say point to the realities of the political game. if you do not want to be involved in the first place your hands will not get dirty and your name will still be intact. However with winning the power will be enhanced to another level where every command and instruction will certainly be followed. There might be some reluctancy but in mosts cases mosts will point to the stomach section. “NAK MAKAN hik hik hik

 You would wouldn’t you…??

The most stubborn person with principle too will also look at their own surroundings to ensure that their “sacrifice” will not be in vain. Of course,their families will stand behind them if the pointers are for GREATER GOOD. We will not just get ourselves knocked and hit by not looking at an oncoming car or lorry. But in most cases, time and time again we will still fall for similar tricks.

When will WE ever learn…?? 

It just goes to show that this song will have a place in our heart and we will whistle to it if we have made a genuine mistake.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself be in politics or in the corporate field and as we in audie61 love to instill in our staff,”MOVE ON…and lets whistle the bad away……..”



PKR Padungan”Where is Baru Bian and the Missing Ones..?”

15th September 2010 here we are at “Malam Padungan”organised by PKR cabang Kuching and the programme listed 13 main items. The crowd of 600 or more waited for the arrival of the “their Puteri Reformasi” YB Nurul Izzah Anwar MP of Pantai Valley. Also expected was the PKR Sarawak State Chairman Baru Bian as he was listed as No.5 on the programme. 

Where is Baru Bian many of the diners asks..? There were many familiar faces present but curious absentees were some of the PKR Sarawak Exco’s in Abang Zul,See Chee How,Baharuddin,Bawin,Ibi and the Wanita exco’s? Could we be missing some flavours? Nearly, a year has gone by on 16th October 2009 we wrote ,

PKR East Malaysia…In total Disarray.”

Nurul Izzah spoke with much venom and full of authority that PKR is a party for all Malaysians be it in Peninsular,Sabah and Sarawak and “We must present a United Front” and God willing we will be the government of the day and take over from BN. More will be published by the main stream media who were present  in full force.


Pakatan Sarawak leaders from SNAP were represented by the SG Stanley Jugol and there was also a Perak Adun Assemblyman Tai Sing Ng. Dominique Ng the Padungan ADUN made his intentions known to the Padungan faithful that he will be putting his name up to join in the race to be nominated to be a Vice President of Central PKR. He also said that PKR Kuching cabang will be nominating Tian Chua for the posts of Deputy President.

A loyalists to Adun Padungan said to audie61 “IT IS INDEED A BOLD MOVE by the YB.He is daring and of course he does have his faults but we must give him credit for being one of the fighters for the recognition of September 16th Malaysia Day ”