SUPP..Boiled Over..??

duo 2Everyday there is a new equation on the horizon especially when it comes to SUPP. Yesterday was no different and many anxious SUPP members turn to bloggers and alternative media searching for answers. Najib’s trip to Japan did not help the situation and there were rumours a plenty that the Minister in Charge Zahid Hamidi will wield his axe in when the PM is out of the country.

Its pay back time and many veteran SUPP members will not be able to contain their tears seeing the demise of the 54 year old party. Have the Majority Chinese based party SUPP outlived its usage? Some will battle on and will try to revive the fortunes of the once mighty SUPP. However in the eyes of the voting community the party is as good as a GONER. Whoever they put out at this present moment with the same people behind pulling the strings will not be able to turn the fortunes of SUPP.

The radical change would be all of them as mentioned by Wong Soon Koh (faction leader)come out in front of press media corps  and “declare that they have called it a day in politics” which will be very unlikely. But in politics they say NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

The D-DAY for SUPP did not materialise as the Minister in charge of ROS did not put his pen on the dotted lines.

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