“Recalcitrant Leaders in SUPP..??”

wong1An SUPP leader called audie61 and it started with “the crisis in SUPP has taken a turn for the worse as the reconciliation process is thrown out of the window. He said he feels saddened as “dirty linen” will once again be subjected to scrutiny by the public at large and it is no good for the 54 year old party.

The top leaders cannot see eye to eye and it seems that the favourite word the so called “recalcitrant leaders” would all be sacked in due course. This is the only way that the Party President Peter Chin and his faction has in order to ‘win an upper hand” on the other faction who have with them 6 Assemblyman and 3 Political Secretaries to the Chief Minister.

He was also informed by insider sources that ROS has already decided and its up to the HOME Minister to use the power vested upon him as the Minister in charge to end the crisis.

The SUPP leader added,” We are all as FEDUP also as the general public as the top leaders only think for themselves and selfishly hanging on to their respective positions in the party. It’s time for them to hand over to the younger set of leaders

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