“Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak 2021”

1 Year or 2 years time will go by in a flash says a journalist at the recent high tea,’CM Abang Jo With The Media” ON 31st July 2018. What is indeed interesting he said is that “this time the present ruling government under GPS would face its greatest challenge and onslaught from the Pakatan Harapan Coalition when the elections are due. 

One can brush it aside by confidently saying “No Way they can break the stranglehold of the present setup of GPS which holds 72 out of the 82 seats” However there are certainly areas of concerns for GPS as PH Sarawak will not be short of supporters as when the elections are called the Police,Military,Bomba, Federal Agencies including Rela would try to stay neutral.

Will they get INVOLVED OR WATCH BY THE SIDELINES when their Ministers,Deputy Ministers are making a bee-line to wrestle the last frontier for the Pakatan Harapan Jigsaw?

It is not for us to answer that and a month has passed since the high tea event and many issues have cropped up and the rakyat and the ruling government are analysing the performances of the Federal Government.


Penning this article we asked a Senior member of the GPS fold for his political insights and statement. He said for GPS to maintain relevance in Sarawak and especially to the rakyat,”There must not be Personal Feelings or Glory or even Individual Component Parties Pride going into PRN12.

There must also not be questions on how to run the coalition by openly fighting in and out and also within the parties involved and making terms to suit themselves.

This would be a clear cut for death. The PH are considering Sarawak as their last frontier and GPS will not want to have the “LAST POST”( bugle call or cavalry trumpet call).

To make it sound simple or in laymen s term he said,’ Nobody wants to Die until Death knocks on the Door”

Mawan is in support of  Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sport Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah ‘wishful thinking” of PKR’s plan of taking over Sarawak Government. Karim says,”

Anyone who goes into an election would surely say the same thing that Dr Teo had said. The people have the final say in deciding who should be their representatives.

Mawan said it would not be a walk in the park if certain solid measures and strategies are reinforced for the better good of the people.

The people of Sarawak would not want change for the sake of changing but if the personal agendas and glories are still being practised the people would not hesitate to subscribe to the “NOTION OF CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

A journalist in our party asked,” Mawan on the possibility of him not being fielded as the seat (Pakan) is being claimed by his former party together with two other seats( Bekenu and Batu Danau).

His answer was straight forward and look into my FACEBOOK Posting, which reads as,

Will Defend Pakan N47 in upcoming PRN12 due in 2021″

That’s clear and precise unless otherwise.

A question on what is “unless otherwise” and he said that there are strong indications that PH is going all out to dethrone and wipe out the CM in his constituency of Satok which is practically in the urban area of Kuching City. 

He further clarified  “unless otherwise” is only if the Chief Minister wants Pakan seat for himself I will willingly let him have the seat and ensure that he wins comfortably and remains Chief Minister after 2021.

Of course,Mawan said the CM will defend his Satok seat as the PH would use this to gain political mileage if he moves away to another seat.

Basically he said.” he will defend this Pakan seat and will not give it up to the component parties wanting it but not winning the seat for the GPS coalition.” 

The PH Federal Government would use their new found political muscle to assist their PH Sarawak counterparts and they will go all out at all the 82 seats on offer in 2021 or even when its called earlier.

The threat and under currents from PH in the minds of many within GPS grassroots is real. They all need assurances from their leaders and only if all parties remain united they will be concerns and insecurity within the fold. 

There are movements to reinforce the concerns in the rural enclave by the ruling state government and this concrete plan would be enough for the rakyat to ensure that GPS is returned to power.

PRN12 would be not for the faint heart and true supporters of the party would be in for a bruising battle in the front line.

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