82 Seats’An Inconvenient Truth Part 2..Sarawak Social Media Influence”

The Fear,Anxiety and Online Attacks will be Incessant as the Next Sarawak State Elections due before May 2021 is starting its countdown. Its a New Frontier,New Challengers,New Coalitions surfacing and it boils down to the 82 seats. The Alarm Bells are already ringing though the bombardment has not even started.

aac11Will the 82 SARAWAK SEATS be swayed,impacted or affected by the so called social media practitioners ?

The Inconvenient Truth in our first release of which was covered was :- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/an-inconvenient-truthsarawak-the-brand/ 

A Professor friend put it very nicely,” Some will need to volunteer to go or some will have to be Sacrificed or be Pushed out.” this is the reality of politics and this must be done sooner rather than later not just 2 weeks before nomination of candidacy.

Its no more business as usual and the fact remains there is a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAKATAN HARAPAN in place.

Pakatan Harapan Sarawak (PH) will be capitalising on their new found strength to penetrate the 72 seats which are currently being held by GPS (former Sarawak BN coalitions. The Sarawak Based local Opposition Parties in a new alliance of Sarawak Baru will join in the fray and will not only play spoilers but must not be taken lightly by both PH and GPS. They too have set their targets 

Issues which are being played up at the moment are significantly touching on Sarawakians Rights especially the 20% Oil Royalty,besides “pemakai menoa” (territorial domain) and “pulau galau” (communal forest reserve) dilapidated rural schools,water and electricity. 

There is already a misconception that the rural enclave where most of the seats are located and held by GPS will not be so affected by influence of social media of twitters,Face book,Instagram,Telegrams,You tube or whats app.

It was considered Safe Seats for (BN Sarawak) but with PH as the custodian of the Federal Coffers plus having the related security agencies under their control they will be some significant “SEISMIC WAVES” towards them.

The Sarawak Baru coalition will be trying to influence their own ideologies of “Sarawak for ALL Sarawakians” which of course needs to be capitalised fully through their local propaganda machinery.

Sarawakians by an large will protect their turf from outside influence but there is little they can do when their mindset is being tuned to accepting the changes by the creativity and overpowering social media.

A good insight would be a simple short story which involves the Tiger, Fox and the Cat.  The Fox as everyone knows is a cunning animal,knows all, will use all his brains and quick thinking to outwit anyone including the harmless cat. The cat will listen up but knows that the show is just starting.

The Hungry Malayan Tiger has yet to set foot on Sarawak and they hold the Propaganda Machine in their hands. They will come blasting away and their security HUMAN counterparts is on their side too and will protect the Malayan Tiger from being harmed.

The FOX no matter what tales it will Preach will eventually be subservient to the Malayan Tiger but the Cat might just get away with it being able to understand the Terrain and Local Conditions.

There is a need for GPS to fully equip itself by capitalising on the various social media platforms or they will not only be left behind but suffer significantly through their ignorance.

The fall of many governments around the world is mainly due to the influence of social media and one would be a fool to think that the ruling Sarawak government would not be swept away by this influence.

CM Sarawak when meeting the media recently on the 31/7/18 “The Way Forward” even said that there was even rumours circulation in the social media platform of “SNAP POLLS ANNOUNCEMENT”. It never materialised though.

The power of the social media is huge and no one must deny its very existence in politics today.

The 82 seats on offer have their own weaknesses where the coalitions can capitalised to ensure that they have the seat in their bag.  The strategy and finer details on the social media propaganda will not be disclosed of course by any of them.

Insiders close to Pakatan Harapan have informed that they have already got their act together and are hellbent in creating a big body blow to GPS in their showdown and they are very highly charged that they will achieve their goal with the Malayan Tiger behind them.

Will the FOX or the CAT be able to outwit the Malayan Tiger?

They will be some collateral damage in the 82 seats and for the political aspirants or incumbents to stay relevant they need to look closely for now at their own brand,their own constituency and the ever growing social media influence.

The 82 Incumbents are now being targeted but are they ready?

The onslaught of this mean no holds barred,no nonsense social media where #FAKENEWS can turn to be real and blow each of them away if they still turn a blind eye to their influence.


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