Zakir Naik has No Place In Sarawak

Are we all caught in a Quagmire?

Most of us in Malaysia are caught in more troublesome everyday living than to be caught in a religious incitements and playing sentiments.

Even a cartoon caricature has emerged that employees have requested to ease their burden by asking for “NAIK GAJI” instead they got a controversial preacher “ZAKIR NAIK”

Zakir Naik is according to the Prime Minister that he admits that Malaysia is in a Catch-22 situation as Zakir is “unwelcome guest which Malaysia can’t send away”

Oh Gosh! Really.. Malaysian Government now being threatened by an Indian National  who was given a Permanent Resident Status in Malaysia but in India he is wanted for corruption-charges,money laundering as well as terrorism related charges.

Zakir should be a good boy and stay quiet but instead he has stirred up a hornets nest in Peninsular Malaysia and also being seen as a thorn in the flesh for the Hindus and the Chinese.

A Muslim friend of ours said  Sarawak should not get involved in this Zakir Naik controversy and stay out of it. Let the Chief Ministers Department deal with it and issue a statement.

However,politicians being politicians will use this platform to say their pieces and of course we have over the few days seen many statements from Sarawak Ministers to Assemblyman to Non Governmental organisation (NGO’s)

No one wants to miss the Train which majority of Sarawakians if not all are against .

Religious Bigotry,Incitements,Extremism,Fanaticism which will jeopardise the racial, religious harmony and harm the peaceful coexistence of all races has no place and is not WELCOME in Sarawak.

zakadenanSo be careful especially what you say and we are sure that our late and former Chief Minister Adenan Satem would have said this to Zakir Naik,”U ARE NOT WELCOME IN SARAWAK AND BAN


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