Abang Jo’s,”Bold Budget 2019 Further Transforms Sarawak”

True to his words and CM Abang Jo delivered Sarawak’s Budget 2019 which by far to date is the boldest. The figures below are broken down to substantiate where the development funds and expenditures would go to.


Even Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sarawak Chairman and Kota Sentosa assemblyman said he supported the Budget, so long it is legally and constitutionally right.  He even went on to say “But of course it is evident that it proved the saying that a little competition is always good,especially in politics. Then the “Rakyat” will benefit.

It’s rather unusual for an Opposition leader to come out with a statement in support. According to a political analyst it does seem that the Opposition leader Chong Chieng Jen must have finally come to terms with CM Sarawak’s People Centric Development Programme.

Is he really saying this to get on the good side of the people?

CM Abang Jo at his boldest is carrying a message to the people that it is within the hallmarks and framework that GPS Ruling Government will carry out its mandate and deliver its election manifesto of 2016.

The 2019 budget will ensure that for the year the peoples aspirations will be met and the GPS Government will honour what has been promised in this budget.

The people will be the judge and the jury and GPS ruling government will not want to ‘harp on empty promises” as Sarawak was clearly short changed in the Federal Budget of 2019. The repercussions will be serious and  peoples perceptions towards “the failed system of governance” will be shown in the ballot boxes.

The people will want development which will spur not only economic benefit for Sarawak but also for themselves. The ruling GPS government has not left anything to chance and the Budget 2019 is an Indication that the People’s Aspirations will be fulfilled.

Our sources on the ground covered  a number of Sarawakians and one of them did make a witty reply on the question on :-Why only now and not during BN are we using our own money that is our reserves? 

Simple logic and the answer:- Why should we use our own when we are given and we keep ours in the bank to generate interest and use it only when the time is right. The time is now and CM Abang Jo is decisive and his team is making the right call. The Timing is Perfect and it will galvanise all Sarawakians.

CM even came out with a great master plan for Sarawak in getting more revenue for the State to ensure the development plans for Sarawak will proceed as planned.

The opposition front (Sarawak PH) had anticipated that the Federal Budget announced would be very much in their favour but unfortunately it felt short of that. 

Even the perimeter survey fund vanished into thin air and both DCM Sarawak had their say on this Matter.

  • DCM Uggah ‘Nothing on land, which is very disappointing for the natives. Our farmers are very disappointed.
  • DCM Masing,”being the Champion of NCR land,Baru did not work hard to persuade the PH Government to allocate Federal funding for perimeter survey. 

Abang jo being the Chief Minister and Chief Financial Administrator of the State does not want the people to miss out to be a high income State by the year 2030.

Much needed to be done and CM Abang Jo knows that the GPS Government needs to be very resilient and focused on their plan of action.

Abang Jo has devised his action and he is decisive and he must been given sound advice from his generals and lieutenants.”Executing a strategy without engaged people is impossible, and brilliant strategies without execution are meaningless.”

aaaamawanOur media team persevered and managed to contact ‘media savvy” Senior PBB member and current Pakan assemblyman William Mawan and he was not short of praises for CM Abang Jo.

He said,”At the time of Confusion with regards to project implementation after which the Federal Government shortchanged Sarawak in the Federal budget 2019  CM Abang Jo is very decisive to LEAPFROG  Sarawak to be much more developed and more modern.

We shall be Transformed especially in the Rural Areas where most of the the Funds are Geared up and allocated to propel  the areas to be develop for the benefit of the people. Roads,Bridges,Electricity, Water are primary objectives plus also schools are also given top priority.

CM Sarawak in his closing remark,” the destiny of Sarawak can only be determined  by Sarawakians and we can move forward with this unity of Sarawakian is very fitting and decisive says Mawan of his President of PBB who is also CM Sarawak.

Mawan continued,” The People will feel Inspired,Strengthened and will be Full of Expectations and he couldn’t agree more with CM Abang Jo that the 2019 Budget would further Transform Sarawak.

 In this very short space of time since taking over as Chief Minister Abang Johari has indeed been working his plan in a way he knows best and have put forward to Sarawak a clear and precise way to develop the country.

His “people-centric”projects and his words of Inspiration especially on Unity of Sarawak will be a testament of his Forward Looking Leadership.

The People will know that he Walks his Talk.


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