Abang Jo’s Masterstroke,”People-Centric & Touch point”

Since the fall of the Federal BN Government in May 2018, Abang Jo and his ruling GPS Sarawak Government has worked Tirelessly Politically and also ensured that the State Government Administration is in Tandem with the Needs and Wants of all Sarawakians.

Sarawak GPS knows that the battle has just begun and PRN12 they will have the Might of Pakatan Harapan Machinery breathing down their throats. As it is now 6 months since,  GPS has focused and strategise its efforts to be Relevant to the People who voted them in PRN11.

Abang Jo’s team have gone back to the fundamentals. They have looked into the manifesto of PRN11 and are putting their earnest efforts to fulfill what is promised. GPS does not want that to come back and haunt them in PRN12.

Now that GPS is not answerable to the Federal Pakatan Government they will use their own strength and resources to govern the State to their best of their abilities. If PBS in Sabah,DAP in Penang, PKR in Selangor and PAS in Kelantan have held their own in governing their respective states GPS Sarawak will only need to take that cue.

Abang Johari pointed out that the Sarawak state government is led by GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak), which is also an acronym for Global Positioning System.

“We have direction and we have policies that are consistent. Once we say it, we do it. Unlike some others, they promise but never deliver. 

Abang Jo has turned to the people and he will not let Sarawak down even to the extend of using its reserve funds to ensure their promises are being kept. “The man that wins the people’s hearts they say wins the world” and Abang Jo has kept his faith in his intuition and able administrators by his side.

What has Abang Johari done right which has irked Chong Chieng Jen the Pakatan Harapan Sarawak leader?

A local internet portal headlined,” Sarawak-Government-An-Irresponsible-Regime” and below are some of the extracted excerpts.

It reads,”The Sarawak decided to open its safe containing RM31 billion recently and allocate asizeable portion of it on rural development because it knows a change in government is “imminent” in the next state polls if it maintains a tight grip on the purse strings.

State Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Chong Chieng Jen described this political manoeuvre as “an irresponsible act of the highest degree”

Speaking at a press conference here today,Chong highlighted that although the state had RM31 billion in its bank account, the majority of the rural areas in the state were very underdeveloped.”

As the state government for over 50 years,Gabungan Parti Sarawak (formerly Barisan Nasional (BN) is clearly irresponsible with bad planning by keeping rural people poor.

“On one hand. they chose not to provide rural areas with basic infrastructure like electricity, treated water supply, tarred roads and proper schools,while on the other hand,they have RM31 billion sitting idle in the bank.” he said.

Chong noted that in the past,Sarawak BN was reluctant to spend for the people but shockingly, now that the  change of state government is imminent,GPS decided to use the reserves within the remainder of its current tenure.

Whoopie! Yahoo! Ooo Haa!! Let the drums roll and the trumpets be heard…

Abang Johari must have got it right with this Masterstroke and for Chong to say SHOCKINGLY it s beyond the WILDEST DREAM of anyone connected with the ruling GPS Government.

 CM Abang Johari has already approved 309 projects under his “Walkabout Projects”, with an allocation of RM5.7 billion. 

Abang Johari said,”These are people-centric projects and include the construction of roads and bridges, social amenities and the provision of treated water and power supplies.They are high-impact projects and will improve the livelihood of our people, especially in the rural areas.Their implementation too will create business and employment opportunities besides stimulating the state’s economic growth”

The Sarawak Government has even reached out to the people by making available funds for the repairs and rebuilding of houses and longhouses for the GPS assemblyman to ensure that the needs and wants of their constituents are well looked after.

CM Sarawak has reiterated today in his speech“We want all races, all regions, all divisions to enjoy the benefits of development that the Sarawak government implements.

ajwmA very Senior PBB and Assemblyman for Pakan Tan Sri  Mawan who just returned from “Together Mission” overseas with a new found solidarity with other GPS assemblyman said that CM Sarawak Abang Johari’s people centric programmes and projects have indeed “Touch point” to the people at large.

He continued,”His approach being people centric have won sizeable support which will only benefit the ruling government. In certain areas the CM knows the people will have high expectations and implementations are necessary for them to enjoy the basic needs and infrastructures.

The Chief Minister Abang Johari has strategise the state resources to ensure that the government programmes are implemented within the promises made during PRN11. This has augered well for GPS says Mawan.

The State of Sarawak are blessed with resources and its a hard choice for the state not to use the funds now and what was spoken by the Pakatan Harapan Sarawak Chairman “An Irresponsible Act of the Highest Degree” was a bit politically naive on his part.

Where else could the State turned too when the funds are not forthcoming as GPS is not part of the Federal led Coalition?

Mawan said Its a hard choice as GPS needs to function and carry out its promises to the people or just reserve it to the next government after PRN12 to deliver.

The Strategies which GPS are doing is politically correct and its NOT 2 YEARS FROM NOW TO IMPLEMENT BUT NOW.

Mawan continue in the phone conversation ,”when you have a gabungan make sure thats its a consolidated one” where the opposition find it difficult to dislodge.

Its not only a battle of the heart and mind but a strategy which will have the opposition in sixes and sevens.The DRY RUN for election has begun and GPS is making a head start.

Mawan is all for Abang Johari’s People Centric Programmes and Project implementations and he concluded with these words,”WE MUST GO ALL OUT TO DEFEND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY.”

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