Battle of the Heavyweights..Saratok!!


SPDP Party President William Mawan will take on Ali Biju of PKR who won the Krian seat in the last state elections defeating Peter Nyarok who was then Depurty president and Assistant minister in a 4 cornered fight with a majority of 2090 votes.

William Mawan himself an ADUN N41 Pakan and a Senior Minister will take on Ali Biju ADUN N34 Krian and will be hoping to stop Ali in his tracks. The whole SPDP machinery will be on the ground to ensure a resounding win for the President and for BN whereby anything less than that will have long Political repercussions.

We wrote earlier  . The facts and figures shows that SPDP will still have the upper hand and Ali Biju will need to lasts the full heavyweight battle to end SPDP’s grip on this Parliamentary seat.

11 thoughts on “Battle of the Heavyweights..Saratok!!

  1. Cracking Up says:

    This was written in FMT(freemalaysiatoday portal) We don’t want the president of the party to lose as it may affect the party’s image as a whole,” they said, pointing out that Ali had defeated Nyarok in the 2011 state election.

    “In the event he loses, the party will go haywire,” insiders said.

  2. neverwalkalone says:

    Ali biju is the icon of hope for the native..mawan is a traitor..he belongs to the thief monarchy..go to church pray for change…my native ssratokgod friends god bless you all.

  3. Loyal SPDP says:

    SARATOK: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) members in Krian and Saratok divisions in the respective constituencies have resigned en mass from the party in protest of president William Mawan’s candidacy in Saratok.
    Chief Minister and Sarawak Barisan Nasional chairman Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday announced that Mawan (photo) would contest the seat replacing three-term incumbent Jelaing Mersat.
    Mawan, who is Social Development Minister and state assemblyman for neighbouring Pakan constituency , was selected from 13 aspiring and mostly professional candidates.
    In a statement to FMT this evening, both Krian and Saratok divisions representatives said they had “lost faith” in and no longer trusted Mawan, who is not a local boy.
    The divisions have collectively passed a four-point resolution which included a no-confidence vote against Mawan’s leadership.
    The statement also denounced Mawan’s unilateral decision to nominate himself for the seat.
    They claimed that Mawan had pushed through the decision “without full and proper consultation”.
    They called for Mersat to be retained “or if an alternative candidate is [available] to be nominated”.
    The statement said any new nomination of candidate should be carried out in “proper and full consultation with SPDP Krian and Saratok divisions of the party.”
    “Members of the SPDP Krian and Kalaka have lost faith, confidence and trust in the leadership of Mawan and they have resigned en mass.
    “We also demand that a special committee comprising Mersat, Dunstan Endawie, Douglas Sullang, Chambai Lindong and James Chela be formed to formulate further course of actions,” said the four-point resolution.
    Saratok, which is one of the “hot” seats for the BN has been neglected for decades due to the people’s strong support for Sarawak National Party (SNAP) and later Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak.
    The broken promises by the BN government and the land grabs involving native customary rights properties are issues being exploited by the opposition.
    In the last state election, Ali Biju of PKR defeated SPDP vice president, Peter Nyarok, with a very comfortable majority.
    In the coming general election, PKR has nominated him for the Saratok constituency.

    • Loyal SPDP says:

      Is this true? Heard many spdp members in Mas gading also are cursing Mawan. Thats the problem when you are surrounded with useless ball polishers. Due to his indecisiveness he promise a few potentials that they will be the candidates, in the end when Nogeh, who was perceived to be PBB planted, was nominated, the others rightfully felt cheated and taken advantage off, esp after they spend their hard earned money to promote Spdp. Baram is another hot spot. Jacob supporters have registered their displeasure for dropping him and replace him with Anyi Ngau, a proxy of Entri and Tengah. To rub salt to the wound, Entri was known to sms, a friend “Now you know who has the power”. Even to the last moment, Mawan was not honest enough, he has been telling Jacob is still the candidates. This time, the truth is catching up to Mawan. How long can you live a life of pretense. If their is one single person that should be blame for the down fall of Spdp, it has to be the Captain, thats is Mawan. The honorable things he should do is resign!

  4. 2012 hope says:

    As what i had said before SPDP is coming to the end of its political struggle.

    Karpal yang sedang tengalam macam titanic

  5. Loyal spdp says:

    Breaking news: heard buses load of baram spdp members going to protest in bintulu, in front of spdp strong man tiong, against the nomination of Anyi instead of Jacob. What hurt them the most, news that Anyi is appointing Entri as BN director of operation for Marudi. They said, this proof that Anyi is with G5,not spdp or BN.

  6. 2012 hope says:

    It’s not a surprise and not impossible Ali biju will put his name in Swak Book of Records by defeating both deputy and president of one political party in election.

  7. Awang Samiun says:

    Lets see whether Mawan will survive this time after the scare given by Jamal in the last state election! Seem Saratok is already given free to Ali Biju.

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