SPDP 4 Parliamentary Seats Contested


1) Anthony Nogeh Gumek (BN)
2) Datuk Dr. Tiki Lafe (Bebas)
3) Mordi Bimol (DAP)
4) Patrick Anek Uren (STAR)

Saratok (P205)

1) Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom (BN)
2) Ali Biju (PKR)
3) Datuk Abg Rosli Abg Palei (Bebas)

Bintulu (217)

1) Datuk Sri Tiong king Sing (BN)
2) John Brian Anthony (DAP)

Baram (P220)

1) Anyi Ngau (BN)
2) Roland Engan(PKR)
3) Patrick Sibat(Bebas)

Interesting Development but which was  Quashed  immediately by the UMB SPDP is that the Director of Operations for Baram is YB Sylvester Entri of BN Club while Tiki Laffe of BN Club is contesting as Independant in Mas Gading. Baram candidate Anyi Ngau is heading the operations with his election team.

The rumour is as malicious as it gets as this will disrupt the unity of SPDP going into the elections. Rumours also of Jelaing Mersat and Jacob Sagan (former deputy ministers and vice presidents of the party) standing was unfounded on nomination day.