P192 “Kiss Of Death..??”

audisquadThe sms from todays PC by source on Tasik Biru ADUN YB Peter Nansian reads,”supports all other BN candidates xcept MAS GADING?” 

It’s cleverly worded said a political source but it will still anger many SPDP members who are already campaigning on the ground and our earlier posting.: “I am a Barisan man and a team player should have sent a clear message.

However, todays PC shows Nansian have chosen his words which was no different from the words uttered on October 12th 2011″Our action tells everything, because when you touched one of us, you touched all of us as a group,”

CM’s message which was published in todays English daily headlines,”CM: Nansian’s cabinet post temporary and can be read here http://www.theborneopost.com/2013/04/24/cm-nansians-cabinet-post-temporary/ indicates that the equation has changed since 2011.

Anthony Nogeh seems upbeat when he was met by some senior BN leaders at PBB Hqs.and said,”CM’s statement have assisted to dispel all doubts on Nansian and its a clear message to him to cut the rope or he himself will be in further trouble.

Our source in Bau says ,”It will be the “KISS OF DEATH” if CM’s words are not heeded. The political implications will be greater than he can imagine.

Nogeh and his team for now will concentrate on retaining the seat for BN.