Whose Calling the Shots for Reshuffle and Realignment?

Reshuffle and Realignment of Cabinet Ministers? Why not?

asarawakIts the Prerogative of the Chief Minister of Sarawak says an insider on this subject matter. This will ultimately refresh,fine tune the present set up and it will certainly give more room for the Chief Minister to manoeuvre.

Basically he will have more leeway when he uses this power vested upon him to change for the better. He could include New faces bring back Experienced Assemblyman in the fold and remove those who have not touch point with the people. 

Moreover,”It’s a new set up completely as The State Government have cut ties with the Barisan Nasional Coalition. Instead the present State Government of Sarawak will be opposition in Parliament but willing to work together with the Pakatan Government on certain issues which will affect Sarawak at large.”

The insider emphasised that the Federal Government also has also certain expectations on how we present ourselves within the context of the new Federal set up. People in Sarawak too have new expectations. The reshuffle by the Chief Minister too is also fine tuning in cooperation with the Pakatan Federal Government and make it more meaningful.

The “recent call” by the present Deputy Chief Minister of the usage of the 31Billion of State reserves to win the hearts of Sarawakians’ and ‘ensure GPS stays in power’ has indeed created an uproar and not only many Sarawakians have indeed showed their displeasure but also too many prominent State leaders.

Some leaders have chose to keep a plaster over their mouth as they are afraid of backlash and unnecessary hassle plus unkind bombardments in the social media and also from their colleagues in the coalition.

Am sure too that the Federal Pakatan Government is looking at this development full of hope and they will use this to destroy the credibility of the state into submission.


We are not going to hype this issue up on “RESHUFFLE OR REALIGNMENT” but the Chief Minister on his part will know what is coming even though his plate is full. He can be pretty sure that his actions will get more support than he knows.

Afterall, he knows it better as ITS HIS PREROGATIVE but he does need to read again those statements in between the lines  below:-

Extracted are some of the words and this from UPP Secretary General George Lo,”We are appalled that a deputy chief minister should make such an irresponsible statement. With all due respect to Masing, that suggestion is ridiculous and is unworthy of any Sarawak official, much less a deputy chief minister,” 

The political message is crystal clear that something needs to be done and with the new set up UPP would want to play a big part too in order to ensure the State remains and not to fall into the hands of  Pakatan.

Could they too be looking at a Deputy Chief Minister’s post for the Chinese Community?

Surely there is certainly a big cause of concern too, amongst the State Cabinet Ministers when the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said he was shocked by Masing’s suggestion.

He said unless the suggestion was a joke, Masing had really gone far astray in his outlook and it would not go down well with the younger and educated Sarawakians and voters.

“Honestly, I’m shocked when I read the statement today (Friday) and I’m sure all Sarawakians feel the same way too.. it is very irresponsible to even make such as suggestion, which is akin to ‘scorch earth’ policy in war whereby the retreating army would plunder and destroy farmland, water and electricity supplies before retreating, to prevent the enemy from enjoying them,” he said.

The above are only the ones extracted and certainly not many in Sarawak are willing to forgive and forget for the political blunder of words used by the DCM. Those in his party of course would defend and try to paint a different picture but it does seem that there is more than meets the eye.

Don’t tell us in 2021 in the worst case scenario, when all is done and dusted after PRN12 those within “easy reach” of the political corridors of the 22nd Floor will look back and said,” we should also have done the reshuffle or realignment” to win back the hearts of the people who have supported or have yet to support us. Why didn’t we do it?

It’s Political Perception and not only backroom statistics and facts which will win an election. Many current YBs in the State Assembly know where they stand and those who intend to stay as an assemblyman after PRN12 would wise up now and listen to the ground,service their constituencies and deliver their promises.

They will be shown the door if they do not act now and please for GOODNESS SAKE don’t say,” We did not see it coming.

The insider did mention another political quote,”We cannot change just the signboard but we also need to add or remove those who are more detrimental in their outlook for the state than doing good. In other words when we need to Paddle the Boat(state administration) in the same direction and in the right way to move forward

It’s only half time Chief Minister very much like a football game and you still got another half to go before the final result.