“Fire brewing in Pakatan Sarawak”

Someone,somewhere,somehow must have sold the idea to SNAP that former glory is achievable says a former Emeritus Professor. It was clearly seen that PRS in the Lubok Antu by election used “Sarawak for Sarawakians” which is a strong local propaganda in itself. PKR being a national based party was more or less totality brought to its knees eventhough they had a former 5 term MP as their local candidate.

The propaganda brings in itself a strong attachment and sentimentality that this land Sarawak must only be ruled and taken care by Sarawakians. SNAP through its trials and tribulations is seeking to address a local issue that their dayak leaders in BN component parties are too submissive and have losts their direction in preservation of their land and the ways of governance. This is not a new issue for the dayaks as subconsciously they know that their leaders are promised the highest of the heavens when they are in the BN coalition.

SNAP was in the BN coalition  and they know how the BN operates. Pakatan is not too dissimilar as the coalition too is trying to wrestle power and rule the State in their own way. SNAP knows the local terrain very well unlike their Pakatan partners in PKR,DAP and PAS especially in the dayak majority areas.

They are not only beginning to ruffle a few feathers here and there but ACTUALLY INJECTED A NEW VENOM in the BN circles but also their PKR partner. What they are actually saying,”the battleground is big enough to include SNAP in the picture.”

The 71 seats available must be justifiable allocated and divided fairly amongst the coalition partners or else they will be dissatisfaction in the rank and file. BN has also faced this baptism of fire but through the years the jigsaw has been fine tuned to accomodate each BN component party.

There are different opinions and different school of thoughts and we will not know how the people will welcome back a second coming of SNAP. Fans of Liverpool football club welcome with open arms and fresh enthusiasm for the second coming of King Kenny “Kenny Dalgish an irreplaceble icon and Liverpool favourite son”

Football too has its strategies and SNAP as a political party will need to rechart,reinvent and reenergise its machinery to be acceptable in the Pakatan coalition with its new members some of them were parked in PKR to remain relevant to the Sarawak political climate. 

The Fire will need to be doused before it engulfs further and negotiations within the ranks needs to be stepped up. The earlier the EGOS are thrown out the better it is for the coalition. BN will obviously love to see a breakup in the Pakatan Sarawak coalition as it will see opposition parties at war with each other.

SNAP is in our midst and BN and Pakatan like everyone else in the political playing fields that we must never ever write our enemies off.





N34 Krian Peter Nyarok Assistant Minister and Deputy President of SPDP will need to work doubly hard in the upcoming State Elections if he is to remain the assemblyman for the constituency. He will be challenged by his old nemesis SG of SNAP Edmund Stanley Jugol who has already made his intentions known at the Pakatan meeting recently.


This is one seat that SNAP steadfastly has indicated to their Pakatan partners that they are convinced that they will pull of a surprise and defeat the incumbent Peter Nyarok. There are three obvious reasons for that:

  •  1. Three cornered fight that is the inclusion of former Executive Secretary SPDP Banyi Beriak as independant candidate or PCM will be good for SNAP
  •  2. The unsolved SPDP5 problem will see a decline of the support from BN coalition partners  
  •  3.  The SNAP return from a “unrecognisable dead party” to now a Pakatan coalition will greatly help its cause. SNAP was a formidable force once.


Krian constituency (10429 voters) consists of  95% Iban and in 2006 Nyarok won by a majority of 2089 and the voters turnout was 72.48%.Nyarok garnered 4784 votes to Jugols 2695. There were 76 spoilt votes.

It seems that the Incumbent will be in for a tough Battle in the War in Krian N34. Would Banyi Beriak be the spoiler..??



A Football Purist said to audie61 at breakfast,”.Did you watch Ghana”s penalty kick at extra time..??” Gyan had the whole of Africa’s shoulder on his back and with virtually the last kick of extra time,he hit the crossbar of all places. Sebastian with the last kick in the penalty shootout had the nerve  to score the most ‘Cheekiest Penalty” to win it for Uruguay. This is the Drive,Inspiration and Motivation they need going into the the semifinals of the World Cup to face Holland.

Todays English tabloid had Mawan President of SPDP questioning SNAP on the reason of going for only seven(7) seats. On the same breakfast table the political analyst said,” You see Mawan’s timing PERFECT. This statement unknowlingly of the results of last nights game drives the message clearly to SNAP.

They SNAP are now harping on being a partner of the Pakatan4 and are in fact strong in the grassroots.They could even stand in Bandar Kuching area abastion for SUPP where the late Lo Foo Kee Assemblyman for Padungan and later Appointed Assistant Minister won. Why they only target certain areas especially {SPDP areas} while they could gain more to build the party up.

What Mawan meant was as an Opposition party if you win more seats you will be a “FORCE” again and its absolutely a NUMBERS GAME in politics. He is not diverting the force of SNAP away from SPDP.

SNAP a powerful party at its peak has indeed fallen badly into a “DILAPIDATED FORCE” It has been given a lifeline no doubt but the struggle to rebuild the party will take time. It will provide some sort of resistance to the BN parties in walking away without breaking into sweat. It takes more than PAST  GLORIES to reenter into the new political picture in Sarawak.

Times have changed,technology has advanced ,people are exposed to the borderless world and SNAP will need to build a NEW GENERATION OF LEADERS to succeed. No question it takes TIME to rebuild. They do not have the TIME. They need to act fast and hope for the bests.


Gyan the Ghanaian striker if he had scored the goal he would have been a National Hero and walked into any eating establishment in Ghana without paying. Will SNAP be the toast of Sarawakians again? They have seen their bests days but if they are serious about giving BN4 a run for their money they need to look at themselves first.

In this instance Mawan is correct and he does not need to mince his words as he knows the situation and political climate has changed in Sarawak. He has the feel of the ground and his political acumen and knowledge are all but provided by his true,trusted and loyal liuetenants and party faithful.

DAP will provide SUPP with more than a headache,PKR will engage PRS in former PBDS areas, PBB will have to contain with PAS/PKR in the malay/melanau areas while SNAP feels that their grassroots at their former strongholds of SPDP areas are there for the taking. This is the Pakatans Hope and their message is clear and simple,”


SNAP will want to return to proven ways not because they are old but they think they are true. However they need to,must and shall need to revitalise the party into a running entity again. Without that it will be WEAK IN ITS SEAMS and only STRONG IN SPIRIT. Seriously,this State elections will come too soon for SNAP to wrestle back the SPDP seats.

It might just be a “BRIDGE TOO FAR” for now says the political analyst and SNAP has to rebuild from its sorry state of affairs to be THE  NEW FORCE. The football purists said,”



The political scenario of Sarawak is Abuzz with News that the once mighty SNAP party has been given a new lease of life.

audie61 made a number of calls and interviewed a number of political stalwarts and also some BN leaders. Their answers collectively were,


Meanwhile a former SNAP-VP said,”Without a doubt it will be a new beginning and a platform for all who believe in SNAPs struggle,ideologies   and SNAP will be a FORCE in the next State elections.

Current Youth Chief of SNAP Dayrell Jugol sms to audie61,” SNAP will repeat history and with its Pakatan partner will be looking at the 1963 outing asSEMANGAT -AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN

See Chee How Information Chief of PKR Sarawak and also one of the Pakatan Sarawak Coalition Partners in a telephone interview said,”This is Indeed Very Good News and We will work hand in hand to wrestle the seats from BN”

A BN assemblyman said,” Bring Them ON..The Battle IS ON..