Get your Facts right…!!

It seems the Youth Chief of PBB absence from the rostrum is now getting a wee bit out of hand. audie61 has been receiving phone calls a plenty plus a number of emails. Some were very kind ones while others too good hahaha to be published if you know what I mean.

 It was just an innocent statement in English meaning,”Have you got a sore throat?”as we know by all accounts that the facts we put up were gathered from various sources. We are not in anyway “mercenaries” or “paid to write”. By the way,don’t get it wrong again…You will be paid accordingly if the masters you served thinks that you have done a good job.It’s only natural and don’t for once say that we imply anyone. Get it right please…! Facts.don’t.lie….Really.

 However we wish to make it clear though here that this blog must try to get their facts right before they publish their article. Kawan check dahulu sebelum pos lah..??

They posted,” Baca pula Audie 61 sini tentang Yb Fadilah sakit tekak. Tidak hairan mereka merancang YB Fadillah Ketua PBB tidak ada di Majlis BN Sarawak ini.”
Is this insinuating that we are part of the game in getting to their personal feuds if there are any. Are they any.??

 The fact of the matter remains we did not want even to implicate anything on the PBB Youth Chief. It was a genuine question and he reserves the right to answer if he wishes or remains silent. No one will say he is a fool if he keeps quiet. We are humans and by nature we are very curious and audie61 is asking though…

By the way why suddenly a peninsular blog has got so much interests in Sarawak PBB Youth affairs?

There are too many “heroes’ or “champions’ who feels that bashing up or “hantam” all the way is the correct way. Its the Sarawak State elections soon and if there are any issues to be settled amongst the youth boys its bests they settle it at the round table. Who are we to campur in their problems?

If there aren’t any friction or disagreements that would even be better. The enemy for BN Sarawak is outside and they should know where their guns are pointing. There is an avenue for each action and we have everyright to express our own opinion without fear or favour.

Isn’t this a democratic country..??

It is so according to my journalist guru  a former group editor he said just posts the following sites for them to make up their minds.






Taib not “running away” like Chong..??

It seems word on the ground is that both these YBs one ADUN N51 for Balingian Taib and  ADUN N12 Chong are in the news for various reasons. Both of them are very hot items and you can just sit in any corner of a coffeeshop in Sarawak and their names will certainly crop up.

Whats more one is seen in the news practically everyday especially in the Chinese press “championing various grievances for the people” and issuing statements against the ruling government. Taib has been in the news of late with his “marriage” to a young bride of 28 years and many conspiracy theories has emerged that it was ‘hush hush’ and quickly arranged by the sister in order to avoid unnecessary adjustments/fall-outs within the family circles.   

What seems a beautiful marriage is now seen by Taibs opponents as a way of Taib himself getting ready to leave his 30years throne and move himself up to be the Governor and subsequently being awarded a Tunship. The internet portals are circulating it round and word on the ground is that it has “REALLY CAUGHT FIRE”   

A very senior opposition member even said,”You want to bet. I am increasing my bet and even said and quoted to us that his sons father in law is saying Taib is leaving.’  So our reply was simple,”Like Chong he is leaving to give the seat to someone else younger.” That is nothing wrong and maybe he wants N50 Dalat which is just next door or N62 Lambir in Miri to prove his detractors wrong.

As in Chongs case he is moving as he knows that he will be in a tough fight against a sworn enemy in former Asst.Minister Alfred Yap. Even on ground zero the people have come out and complained in their own way that he has not done much for Kota Sentosa.  The do love him in Kota Sentosa but a YB who is not seen to improve the livelihood and economic activities of the constituency and hardly seen would be bests suited for other areas says a voter.

Going to Batu Kawa would just fit in nicely and do mor good than harm for his own credibility. He would love to overcome and go against all odds and get another scalp in  another Assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Tan Joo Phoi N13. As our tiger liew columnist puts it nicely( We all know Ah Jen loves to eat ministers for breakfast and so this time around he will boldly go into Batu Kawa where minister Ah Phoi is ripe for the kill.)

So is Taib leaving like so many has speculated?

The oppositions much loved BN ADUN N14 Karim Hamzah was asked on the spot ,”YB can cfm CM Taib still lead Sarawak in the coming State elections.?”

 He answered,” THATS FOR SURE ” 

(It must be noted that various reports from a number of agencies have been gathered and put forward which is not very favourable towards Taib leading the charge in the next elections. The reports are somewhat mixed and each of us can form our own opinions)

See Chee How Information Chief of PKR Sarawak in a telephone interview with audie 61 said,”IF DUN and general elections are held together,Taib will go before dissolution. If held separatedly he may lead State BN for the elections.He will be forced to step down before general election date.He is too much a liability to BN and Najib.

YES we are only to happy to facilitate his retirement for him if we win 40 seats.”

In the Malaysian corridor magazine Volume 05/10 KDN PP.16707/11/2010(025884) this was published in a comprehensive interview with Taib Mahmud by Managing Editor Juhaid Yean Abdullah

The questions to Taib on Politics.

Q. You have been appearing quite a lot in the mass media lately even appearing on the front page of national dailies.There has been speculation about your future.What do you think is that so?

A. These are naughty people who are trying to poke me. They have I’ve been around for 30 years and that I am no longer wanted.If I am no longer wanted I can leave.This is democracy.But when I suggested that I wanted to leave politics my own party people are unhappy.

I think this naughty people are trying to shift the blame on me. I know who they are. They are facing problems and in trying to resolve them,make me a target. If I am really not popular,how is it that my party.PBB.won 100 per cent of all the seats we contested in the last State elections in 2006.Likewise,the parties that supported me .they also had more or less 100 per centrecord in winning the seats allocated to them.

Q.The PM has said that he would be talking to you about you political future.Why the need to do so? Have you spoken to him? 

A. Yes.I have spoken to himand met the PM.I told PM’you are the leader of BN,if you want me to lead Sarawak BN into the next state elections, I will stay.If not,I can always find a replacement who can work together to achieve victory?

Q. How did PM respond to that?

A. Well,PM told me,”then you lead lah,Taib



N12 Kota Sentosa: “Yap versus Voon…?”

It is now official. SUPP president Dr George Chan has all but confirmed that Alfred Yap Chin Loi will be the party’s candidate for the Kota Sentosa seat in next state election. Speaking at the SUPP Kota Sentosa Branch anniversary dinner last week, Dr Chan was full of praise for Yap, saying that he had worked tirelessly after losing the contest to DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen.

The interesting question is:  Who will Yap face in Sentosa?

It will be a classic clash of the titans if Kota Sentosa sees a Yap-Chong re-match.

But this tiger is willing to bet that the incumbent Chong will move to fight SUPP in another constituency. After speaking to senior party leaders on both sides, I am convinced that Chong is searching for a safer seat.

Much has changed since 2006. It was then the “political tsunami” that had vanquished SUPP heavyweights and swept in many DAP unknowns.

Four years later, the conventional wisdom still predicts a greater SUPP loss at the looming state polls. But forget conventional wisdom.  In the next Sentosa match, the SUPP candidate and DAP incumbent both agree on one thing: they do not like to face each other.

Chong will prefer not to fight Yap.

It is a much stronger Alfred Yap whom he had beaten by 531 votes in 2006. Whereas Yap started the campaign for the next election the next day after he lost, Chong cannot claim to have done much for the constituency. Many of Yap’s supporters are residents of the new constituency and who knows how many have registered to vote in Sentosa.

Yap will prefer not to fight Chong.

Once bitten, twice shy, they say and I think Yap is hoping that Chong will run away to a safer seat.

How now? Both candidates are afraid of each other. Interesting, isn’t it?

Given this scenario, with some intelligent guesswork plus a little bit of feline mischief, we can anticipate the following:

  1. Yap and Chong may be or may have already negotiated with each other quietly through a third party. The end result is Chong not standing in Sentosa. (A little bird is saying that a member of the PRS is involved?)
  2. Chong may exert his influence to kill two birds with one stone. Are you thinking what I am thinking?   Yes, yes. Chong will find it more than delicious to push Voon Lee Shan to Kota Sentosa. Voon will, as the Chinese like to say, (and I hate to paraphrase because it sounds like bad English): “Die standing”
  3. As Chong surveys the possible battlefields beyond Sentosa, he will no doubt turn his eyes to Padungan and Batu Lintang. And again if you listen to the proverbial conventional wisdom, these are sure-lose seats for the SUPP.


If Chong chooses to stand in Batu Lintang, it will be sweet victory if he can beat likely candidate Sih Hua Tong. The only problem will be Voon’s supporters. They may not take too kindly to Chong if he kicks Voon to face certain death in Sentosa.

Padungan will be also on Chong’s radar if unfolding events favor him. If Chong wins the lawsuit against Padungan incumbent PKR’s Ng Kim Ho and if Ng is made a bankrupt, the DAP will lay claim to Padungan. We all know that the Chinese majority Padungan seat has always been claimed by the DAP.                                    

Not yet convinced that Chong will run away from Sentosa? 

OK. Do the following:

Read the above point 1 again and ask yourself these questions:

Why is Chong keeping silent about defending Sentosa? 

Why have Chong and Yap not attack each other? Chong has been on attack mode but has not let loose on Yap even after Dr Chan has confirmed Yap will be SUPP’s preferred candidate.

Does Chong already know he will not be defending Kota Sentosa?

Stay tuned. More will be revealed. For now, digest the above.   Grrr

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Series 7 Project 71 next Wednesday 4th of August 2010 must not be missed. Eagerly waiting will be many amongst the many political analysts and critics from both political divide on what is the political message and mileage from DAP YB Chong ADUN N12 Kota Sentosa.

Word is that after ” They call him Justice Bao” which kicked up a storm especially with misinterpretation  this could be another masterpiece from the writer/journalists Si Poh Liang. The 5 series to date can be read at 

 An excerpt from the article,”You must act like Bao Qingtian (the legendary Justice Pao of China’s Song Dynasty). So, in politics, they call me Bao Qingtian.

That is the reason why I have a lot of problems. They also call me the “Lion of Justice”. I got more problems. I was given two names … these placed a great burden on me, a very heavy burden. I don’t know why they nicknamed me like that during the election (campaign).

The insider on this project has indicated that it will surely be a TOP END ARTICLE and the Hidden political message would be….


Oooh You Just Can’t Wait.!!! “

“The Sarawak Equation B4/P4”

There might be new parties,independants joining the next Sarawak State Elections ” DUE SOON ” but the actual Battlefields with casualties as most political watchers anticipates will be between the TWO HEAVYWEIGHTS.

Most if not all the parties involved are already encamped on the ground assessing the situation and also gathering feedbacks from the constituencies. The political soldiers knows that it would be one HELL OF A WAR and they will not want to be caught OFFGUARD.

The current Peoples Representative (ADUN) for each constituency will use whatever means and ways to ensure that their voters needs are taken care of and looked after.


BN..Who will you Blame..??

It is People First.Performance Now. But it is really getting out of hand. 24 Hours especially at peak hours the JAM has got the people blaming the Barisan National government for creating a mockery of the system. This was told to audie61 through our source that the N-KRA’s must be completed according to schedule. We have no choice but to carry it out.What can we do but FOLLOW ORDERS AND INSTRUCTIONS..?? DOES IT MAKE SENSE..??

At the expense of the Poor Motorists plying the outer ring road Kuching Samarahan Road from June 15th to July 30th 2010.2 months ago it was only for 1 week..Wow..!!!!

 In May in an English Tabloid Miri Police OCPD said this,”Miri police and the public lopped off a whopping 39 per cent in street crimes in the city, surpassing the national key performance index (KPI) for the police force since the beginning of this year. He continued,” The KPI for the Royal Malaysian Police was 20 per cent reduction of street crimes, and Miri Police performance almost doubled the national standard.”

What happens to the rests of the districts in Sarawak…..??? Trying to outdo each other and to prove that each and everyone are following the KRA”s…OooooH Pleaseeeee !!!!.

Corporate Company now is it…????

Thus thereby resulting in overzealous policing and JAM and tensions built for motorists and blaming Barisan National Government…

Most voters and constituents who live in the outskirts and suburban areas are already making their voices heard through the Assemblyman and also to some Ministers. A motorist who was clearly affected by this said to audie61,”If it rains and at night its worse and when you live 10 minutes away from your house plus the police block in place it will take more than an hour. We are already so stress and to be caught in the Jam it will clearly be shown later in the Sarawak State Elections and also ballot box. I’m sure I am not the only one.Mosts people will also be very angry and frustated

Just a recap: PM Najib launched the N-KRA National Key results area on 27/07/09 and listed below are the 6 areas. The Minister in charge of Key Performance Index (KPI) is Senator Koh Tsu Koon.

Surely, there must be some flaws or something must have not been followed up according to earlier planned.

The 6 N-KRAs identified to support the National Key Performance Indicators (N-KPI) are:

To reduce crime, fight corruption, widen access to affordable and quality education, raise living standard of the poor, improve infrastructure in rural areas and improve public transport in the medium term.

Ministers assigned to lead each of the KRAs and to oversee their implementation and achieve the targets set are: Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will oversee the national KRA on providing greater access to affordable and quality education, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat will be in charge of the KRA to improve public transportation while Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein will head crime reduction.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has been assigned to oversee efforts to combat corruption, Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Shapie Apdal will take charge of the KRA on improving rural infrastructure and Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil will lead the KRA to improve the condition of low-income households.

Moving to fortify the N-KPI introduced in late April, the Prime Minister on Monday had set specific targets for the Ministers in the N-KRAs.

The Lead Ministers and deliveries for their respective N-KRAS as announced by the Prime Minister are as follows:

1. Reducing Crime

  • Reducing street crime by 20 per cent by end of 2010
  • Retraining Rela members
  • Upgrading equipment for enforcement agencies
  • Setting up special courts for street crime

2. Combating Corruption

  • Updating policies, procedures and enforcement
  • Using open or restricted tender process for government projects

3. Widening access to affordable and quality education

  • Making pre-school education part of the national education system
  • Ensuring all pupils are able to read, write and count when the enter year four by 2012
  • Rewarding school principals and headmasters based on achievements

4. Raising living standard of the poor

  • Paying out all welfare cash aid on the first of each month from January 2010
  • Creating 4,000 women entrepreneurs under the “Sahabat Amanah Ikhtiar” programme by 2012

5. Improving Infrastructure in rural areas

  • Building 1,500km of roads in Sabah and Sarawak by 2012.
  • Increasing clean water supply to cover 90 per cent of Sabah and Sarawak by the end of 2012.
  • Increasing electricity coverage in Sabah and Sarawak to 95 per cent by end of 2012.
  • Providing 24-hour electricity supply to 7,000 orang asli families in the peninsula by the end of 2012

6. Improving public transport in the Medium term

  • Increasing the number of public transport users from the current 16 per cent to 25 per cent by end of 2012.
  • Adding 35 sets of four-car-trains to operate on the Kelana Jaya LRT track by the end of 2012.

The Message is very Clear,” The Implementation Process needs to be Ironed out and it must not be Overzealous,Overenthusiastic,Overperformance and jeorpadising the outcome in the Ballot Boxes soon.