KURUP “RAINED DOWN” ~ Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini reports http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89257  headlines: Kurup’s Pensiangan seat declared vacant. It’s 1 less 29 to go and many PKR members are rubbing their hands with glee. Shouts of Keadilan echoed through the High Courts in Kota Kinabalu. Has it rained down on Kurup and BN..? Cindy said from KK we will have the latest updates later and we will cover the by elections if there is one.
Meanwhile Bugi Wijaya filed this report in. The weatherman in his warning of strong winds and rain in Penang, Kedah, Perlis and Perak forgo about Sabah.  In the Sunday late evening at the township of Foh Sang Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, it was pouring rain! The annual SAPP’s Foh Sang Mid Autumn Festival was heading for a washout.  Who would turn up for a washout event? 
“This must be a sign of things to come from Heaven”, I overheard an onlooker exclaiming to his friend.  Yes, it was a sign of thiing to come.  As the more and more people came and took shether on the “kaki lima”, those with umbrellas braved the rain.  No, the event was not a washout even as SAPP President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee arrive with his umbrella.  The festival were not a washout after all.
(SAPP is the only political party which celebrate different cultural festivals and among the various cultural celebrations organised are Hari Raya Aidilfitri Open House, Pesta Kaamatan, Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn (Moon Cake) Festival, Chinese Glutinous Rice Festival, Christmas Open House.  They had even had Deepavali Open House at one time)
This reminds us of the historical date 18 June 2008 where a small party in Barisan Nasional (BN), SAPP announced their loss in confidence in the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.  SAPP move was condemned by all component parties of BN with some immediately calling for SAPP to be sacked.  Those who are in the right government positions were the ones that was the most vicious with some calling SAPP a political bitch.
At that time, everyone had said SAPP by being the thorn in PM flesh, had done the wrong thing and the timing was not right.  With only 2 MPs and 4 ADUNs, how could a mosquito party do any harm to the STRONG and MIGHTY BN?
Its like the rain today, who would come to the Mid Autumn Festival celebrations in Foh Sang, the heartland of SAPP HQ?  But despite the rain, a huge crowd turn out.  Whether they support SAPP or just spectators for the show, it does’nt matter.  It shows that the people will turn up when they have the interest, rain or shine.
Like in the current political scenario, we are beginning to hear grouses from other component parties.  UPKO were the early bird to support SAPP but it was a real shocker that even in MCA and Gerakan we have heard ‘hints’ of them reviewing their position in BN.  Looks like MCA and Gerakan will have to defend SAPP when the BN meets on Tuesday to deliberate their fate. 
So back to the question again. Will 916 ‘jadi’? 
Yong’s reply is that Anwar’s 916 is not a simple matter.  This has been asked to him by a lot of people in the street.  He believes the incumbent government in their desperation to protect their vested interests and individuals, will try to cling on to power using whatever means.  The excitement is there but it is not a simple matter.
Yong also added that the window of opportunity for Sabah has closed.  The PM budget 2009 has completely ignored the 8 points raised by SAPP.
In May this year, Yong had said,

If nothing happens, we (Sabah) will either return to our status-quo of being subservient or, it will explode i.e. some other forces including the opposition may come into play and things may no longer be within our control anymore.”The problem with the national media is that they are only interested in the cross-over as it affects . They should instead look at the issues affecting Sabah and its people.” 

For those who had voted for the BN and am now disappointed,  you will have to wait for the next GE 13.  Don’t blame the government because you elected them, just live with it.  For those who brag that the opposition should go through the ballot box to seize power, would you dare call for an election now and face the people?

Either way, 916 is getting nearer.  Have you book your ticket for the Malaysia Boleh Land show?  Hopefully there will be no last minute protest bu certain party and cancellation of the permit by the relevant authority to the Malaysia Boleh land show!!!!

 Happy Malaysia Day in Advance!


Anwar,”Submarine or Active Volcano” ~ Malaysiakini

Natasha of audie 61 received two sms one from a former colleague in Malaysiakini which had Anwar repeats ,”on track” statement. The report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89215 covers mainly Anwar Ibrahim said today he is on track to meet the Sept 16 deadline to recruit enough members of parliament to topple the government. The other sms is from a Sarawak Malay daily journalist questioning the report of the Party Rakyat Divisions making their way “HOME” to a united party. Of course,she is privy to the information she reported last night and she compares it to a “Submarine and Active” Volcano.

We know that a “Volcano” is an opening, or rupture, in a planet’s surface or crust, which allows hot, molten rock, ash, and gases to escape from below the surface. Volcanic activity involving the extrusion of rock tends to form mountains or features like mountains over a period of time. Natasha said,”Why can’t I compare as everyone has their term which describes Anwars pursuit of 916 toppling of the government of the day”

To me, there are too many gases,hot air being emitted by Anwar from his earlier 4MPs to 30MPs to 42Mps list in Permatang Pauh. I would rather term 916 as Anwars Submarine Volcano. Why..? All the former MPs,divisional leaders are the ones joining him. Seems that these people have outlived their usage in their parties and are given second life by joining Anwar. 

Today is a good example where Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong a (former deputy minister and Federal Territory Gerakan chief ) joins and what a classic way to describe himself “I’m known as an irritant and cancer in the system” So to me,I would say bad vibes for BN… get out..!!  I keep telling my fellow journalist friends politicians always “KICK themselves in the TEETH”. We don’t do it for them but they bashed themselves. Anwar where is the current Member of Parliament..? Soon must be the answer hahaha 

It is not true that they say there is no exodus of MPs,” Anwar said, adding “I will only announce the names when the time is right. That is my agreement with them. Furthermore, this is like what my colleague Bugi Wijaya has written this morning,”“PAK dah lah,dah lapar ni..!” Anwar said ,”I received a call this morning from one of them saying ‘Pak Anwar, count me in!’,” he said, beaming a confident smile. When I said Anwars 916 is a submarine volcano I must have my reasons and those above are reasons good enough to make the spin miesters go for another roll of their dice.

To me,  Submarine volcanoes are common features on the ocean floor. Some are active and, in shallow water, disclose their presence by blasting steam and rocky debris high above the surface of the sea. Many others lie at such great depths. Even large submarine eruptions may not disturb the ocean surface. Because of the rapid cooling effect of water as compared to air, and increased buoyancy, submarine volcanoes often form rather steep pillars over their volcanic vents as compared to above-surface volcanoes. They may become so large that they break the ocean surface as new islands.

So do you see where I’m getting at. Where are the top leaders like Presidents of parties joining him..? Even SAPP for that matter is all talk and no action. In the end YTL group is another submarine volcano just breaking into the sea bed and no wonder he is also called the “SHARKMAN” . Is it Timing..? Next it will be Bad Feng Shui day..? SAPP it did create movements on the ground and thats about it and it did not erupt like an active volcano.

The window of oppurtunity Yong closes for you to be a super volcano(most dangerous) and cause great disruptions with the eruptions.Such eruptions would be able to cause severe cooling of global temperatures for many years afterwards because of the huge volumes of sulfur and ash erupted.

Is everyone demanding that they stay useful either in BN or Pakatan..? Well for the next sms which I covered the Parti Rakyat Sarawak divisions “HOMECOMING” James Masing will be holding a supreme council meeting tomorrow at their Pending Headquarters at 10.30am. The main issue will be of course the “expulsion” of Larry Sng. Will it happen..? Will it detonate another rift between those who sees that the expulsion will create difficulties for the CM..?  According to our source,there might be some HEATED discussions at this meeting. The issue of the homecoming will be under any other business.

The divisions coming back will be a good benchmark for James to use to inform his supreme council members that we lost 1 Assistant Minister but take back 7 Divisions and few thousand members. It was supposed to be the gang of 10 but alas its a perception used to guise the whole movement. Its not 10 divisions but 7 divisions very much like Anwars 916 capture of the Federal Government.

This to many especially the movements of the divisions in PRS is an active volcano.Scientists usually consider a volcano to be active if it is currently erupting or showing signs of unrest, such as unusual earthquake activity or significant new gas emissions. There is no real consensus among volcanologists on how to define an “active” volcano. The lifespan of a volcano can vary from months to several million years, making such a distinction sometimes meaningless when compared to the lifespans of humans or even civilizations.

According to Roland a divisional exco member who met with James Masing the President  in Singapore last week this is just the start for many to believe that PRS is going to be a major player in the state administration. The battle scars are healing and many do not want to prolong this factional warfare. The voices of the grassroots have spoken and it is up to those who wants to stay in the same SHIP to return and make themselves useful. The captain of the PRS ship is James Masing for now and with more seasoned crew back he can chart a better direction for the party says Roland to Natasha.

Submarine,Super and Active Volcanoes it has all the ingredients to be included in the final part of the script of MALAYSIABOLEHLAND. Anwar the Hornbill will take stock and Yong as you have said before the “window of oppurtunity is closing.” PRS is going to be ONE. Do you buy that Anwar…? Abdullah and Taib will be ever so pleased as when a building shakes it is always from the ground upwards. BN and Pakatan do your homework and look after your members as Volcanoes should be monitored before it erupts….

Anwar “Believe Me Now..?” Even SAPP feels it..

When Lucien aired his views in Vox Populi http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89053 on Expect more than 40 to defect it makes very interesting political reading. a quick check with the rural BN boys and the feedback on the ground especially in the Bidayuh hinterlands does not look good for BN. It seems according to a Parti Rakyat Sarawak divisional leader from Tebedu,” the sentiments on the ground is for a change.” The waves from the urban tsunami March 8th has had the after shock from Permatang Pauh August 26th to Sarawak 2011 he adds.

 I have harped on this subject to BN that all is not well and development funds are one thing but the parties should be reaching the grassroots now. If we wait for changes its not changes but REPLACEMENT that will come. This is a political awakening and if PKR Sarawak Chief is coming out with such a statement,”Please for goodness sake,start moving your machineries and do something.”  

Further prove to substantiate Pakatan’s claims comes from a report from our correspondent in Sabah Bugi Wijaya who filed this report,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi came and went to Sabah last night.His program was to attend a breaking of fast ceremony with BN leaders, senior government officers and servants.  

While I was having my Kuching laksa in Gaya Street this morning, the headline of Sabah Daily Express shows a photo of an empty table of the breaking of fast ceremony.  Guess whose it was reserved for?  Yes, its for the thorn in PM’s flesh, SAPP.
A quick phone call confirmed that only Datuk Raymond Tan, deputy president of SAPP was present at the “break fast” with PM.  A close aide said he has to be in attendence as he is the Deputy Chief Minister and a senior member of the state cabinet.  Other notable absence were Datuk Frankie Chong, Deputy State Assembly Speaker, Puan Melanie Chia Chui Ket, Assistant Finance Minister and SAPP Youth Leader Au Kam Wah.
An interesting note was that this time the State Government sent out a blank invitation card ( Two component parties has confirmed this) for this “breaking of fast” program with PM.  An office administration staff said, “we are suppose to fill it in ourselves”.
If this is true for all those that were invited, it does not give a good reflection on the overall administration of the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman.  Imagine a simple invitation cannot be delivered what more the so-called multi-billion allocation for development of Sabah under the 9 Malaysia Plan and Sabah Development Corridor.
If we can’t do the small thing correctly or can we be trusted to do the big things properly?  A staff of the City Hall who was sharing table with me exclaimed, “peduli lah itu politik. Pakatan pun tak jadi. Nasib itu mega belum ada orang kena lagi”. (forget about the politics. pakatan takeover not on. luckily no one has strike the mega (refering to the sports toto draw)).
Yes, looks like the fate of the people of Sabah is down to their luck.  As the saying goes, You reap what you sow, You deserve who you elected.  Meanwhile for SAPP, the guillotine will drop sooner than we can blink our eyes!
The ground is really moving and even an ex Executive Secretary of a BN political party who was seen coming out from a PKR divisional office “tsk tsk tsk”said that she might consider joining Pakatan as it is could be a NEW PLATFORM for the voices of the youths. We keep on asking ourselves in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND that its getting nearer (12 days before 916) .Will they be an earthquake and also an eruption of the volcano. Anwar will answer me by then you see audie61 how many are behind me in this press conference and we are on the way to be sworn in…BELIEVE ME NOW…..   

“September 7th Then September 16th”..PRS ~ Malaysiakini

The talk of the town is none other than this Malaysiakini report headlined” Pak Lah vows to foil Sept 16  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88849 . A local blog the brokenshield wrote on August 10th that September 7th is the day where it will see PRS discusses the expulsion of Larry Sng. Doesn’t this word sound familiar ,”thorn in the flesh”..? SAPP or YTL in particular was also referred as a thorn in BNs and Abdullah flesh. Will the AXES and the GUILLOTINE fall on these two..?

Some on the ground are already expecting especially SAPP that it is a matter of time sooner rather than later when the CHOP comes. As for Larry if all the rumours are to be relied and eventually come true PRS as brokenshield  puts it i extract from the site,”Taib may be the first person to join Anwar if he knows that Anwar is going to form the next Federal Government in the interest of “Negara kita, bangsa kita dan agama kita”. In doing so, Taib is not only saving his own skin and protects his family’s business, but he may also be given a special position in the Anwar government. If this scenario is to materialize, then we Dayaks again will be caught with our pants down and will be left behind – this time we will be left far, far behind.”  Larry will be saved don’t you think..?

So, James Masing did say Sarawak has got ‘Hornbills” and if this is what brokenshield sums up “Therefore in my mind, this is the time to strike when the iron is hot. Dayak leaders in PRS leaders such as Dr. James Masing, MP Joseph Salang, MP Joseph Entulu, and MP Aaron Dagang should seriously consider joining the Pakatan Rakyat and demand we be given more important posts in the Federal cabinet.”

Indeed September 7th will be a date the Party makes the decision. Of course there are elements within the groups that say Larrys divisions are split. It is the work of some who justs wants to pracise the divide and rule to slowdown the movements of the Dayaks. Party before self interests and a few of them are saying on the ground,”All they want are Councillorships” .This issue remains a hot topic as the Minister in charge is asking for the lists from the 4 BN parties at the end of September. 

The BN leadership too is looking closely from the local blog the brokenshield ,”The presence of Sng Chee Hua and Sidi Munan who are aligned to Larry Sng were allegedly seen in the company of Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh.” I cannot confirm this but this has been going around for days in the local political circles. On numerous occasions, Anwar has claimed that he will get the required 30 MPs from the ruling coalition to jump ship to give the Pakatan Rakyat comprising PKR, PAS and DAP, a two-seat advantage and the right to form government.

There are no enemies in politics and in any arrangements they become allies against a common enemy at the time. Today nobody can still spell,”LOYALTY” to me without even blinking their eyes.hahaha. PRS embroiled in internal conflicts for far too long should move a step forward. James Masing will have to make the right calls and the right choices on who sticks with him and who gets washed away by the rushing flood waters. 

Larry on the other hand should rethink,reshape and retrack where he went wrong.One too many of his true loyalists have been left standing ” HEADLESS “. TIME TO MOVE ON…..and serve a master who appreciates and recognises the values of each and every member. Sure someone will say James is no better.Aiyoo yo we know this is politics. We can’t teach dinosours to dance but at least James can move his hips. “Unity is strength” Not born yesterday lah says a divisional exco member.

 The divide and rule tactics are no more relevant in this day and age and if it does the “ugly head” will be chopped off.  The ones who can contribute to the country in terms not just mere political rheotorics are those who cares about the nations well being and economic progress. These are the NEW FACE of Malaysia’s Political system and the direction of the political parties.

I will say it again,BN or Pakatan if it does not re-engineer,re-invent,re-model ,re-assess they will be REPLACED by the 13th General Elections. Don’t forget the voters are the people who mark X. and the party members are the voters who thinks that “person” is a good candidate to represent the party. Our people are already 51 years old and we are more mature and old ways of politiking is a thing of the past.

Malaysians now want leaders who can move the country forward and carry themselves in the international arena. There are too many “elements” who don’t know the insights of how a political party is run but all they want to do is destroy the very institution it was built on.Don’t political parties have their own constitution with their “AIMS and OBJECTIVES“…So Parti Rakyat Sarawak your call..you have my vote if the concensus is the “Party MOVES on”….Any more questions..???

“SAPP” Fresh from the Oven Updates

****UPDATED 5.45 PM**** YTL said what he had to say and in the end he blamed leaders who only want to enrich themselves. Session ended at 5.30 and the problems he touched on included the illegal immigrants, erase suspicious amongst all races,erase money politics, and they should not be fear of expression of speech. From Sabah Happy Merdeka Bugi Wijaya 

****UPDATED 5.00 PM**** sms meassage,” Tan  Sri Simon Sipaun question the illegal immigrant issues for Sabah. He related his experience with Suhakam,there are illegals with real mykad n while the real Malaysian who applies still did not get their mykad after 12 years. This should not be happening in our country. Its easier in the COLONIAL days than now when we were Merdeka relating his won experience of getting a Birth ceritificate in those days. He called for a truly commission of enquiry and it is his own opinion and not Suhakam as he has not dicussed with his fellow colleaques. If you compare Sabah and sarawak population growth, there is something wrong with SABAH GROWTH..!!!

****UPDATED 4.50 PM**** BN does not want Sabah,its not Sabah don’t want BN. All Mps and representatives are invited  but they are NO SHOW,they miss out to get and listen to the points the people and speakers raised. This are Sabah issues and in Sabah we are divided because of “DIVIDE and RULE” says Yong Teck Lee in his closing address.

****UPDATED 4.35 PM**** Harris says he agrees with SAPP stand against PM.He feels that if Pak Lah is still PM,Malaysia akan “terus Jatuh” PM should allow the vote of no confidence to be debated and there is nothing to be scared about. ( Only those who cium tangan and get project in UMNO takut)  

****UPDATED 4.30 PM**** Harris Salleh in answering a question from the floor,” he said to increase oil revenue just get the DUN of Sarawak and Sabah to pass a motion saying they want a 25% increase of oil royalty. But then the federal government always turn round by giving Development Grant. 


Malaysiakini correspondent Tony Thien wrote : War of words between Sapp and Umno http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88874 and it seems that SAPP has no more “LOVE” for BN and their marriage is now going for a divorce. Whatever the politicians have disagreements it is bests that those on the sidelines stay out of it. If not you will feel the heat too from the oven.

 The war of words started with senior state Umno leader Yahya Hussain, who is also a deputy chief minister and state Umno secretary, publicly called on Yong “to emulate Raymond Tan (Yong’s deputy in Sapp) with regards to loyalty, mutual respect and humility. In a quick response Sapp information chief Kassim Sulaiman said in a statement today that Yahya has insulted every Sapp member by his remarks and he has no moral standing to tell Sapp what to do.

Bugi Wijaya said they are taking pot shots at one another.  SAPP remains a thorn in the flesh of PM. Bondoun who commented on my blog said this…..

At this point only SAPP is making the noise and doing something about it. The convention to be held in Kota Kinabalu will further enrage AAB and UMNO. But all of the promises AAB pledge during Kaamatan has not been fulfilled. He has no right to force our MPs to sign a loyalty declaration.”

I just received sms that Datuk Harris Salleh former CM has arrived at the SAPP convention and he was given a standing ovation by the crowd numbering 1000. Also present were Jeffrey Kitingan, PKR deputy chairman DAP MP Hiew King cheu ,retired government servants and members of the public. BN YBs who confirmed coming to the function did not turn up according to the SAPP organising committee. It’s HOT and the temperatures will rise. We shall see and we will try to keep you updated…….


Our correspondent Bugi wijaya files this report on SAPP
Beh Lih Yi & S Pathmawathy has their report in Malaysiakini  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88737 in which Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at his first press conference as the parliamentary opposition leader continued to keep everyone guessing on his Sept 16 plan, in which he said there would be a change of government. Things are cooking up across the South China sea in the island of North Borneo.
The thorn in the flesh of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, SAPP will be organising a Convention on Sabah Issues on this coming 30 August 2008 at the Putera Theatre Ballroom, Kota Kinabalu from 12.30pm.
The Organizing Chairman of the convention is Datuk Eric Majimbun who is one of the member of parliament (Sepanggar) who has stated his no confidence in PM.  Datuk Eric said the current political development in the country had prompted SAPP to organize this convention.

The convention is a follow up to a Special Committee chaired by Majimbun which was set for the purpose of collecting, compiling and analyzing issues submitted by the people.  He believes the convention will provide an opportunity for views and recommendations to be expressed by the people. The views will be compiled into a document for endorsement by other political parties, organizations and individuals paving the way for it to be adopted as a roadmap for Sabah towards establishing a trustworthy government and a progressive, just and harmonious society.

He feel it is important during this critical period for the people to re-connect with the history of Sabah’s independence, the position of Sabah as a state within the Federation of Malaysia as well as the current economic condition of the State.

As SAPP has been the first BN component to voice their no confidence in PM, will they make an announcement to pull out of the coalition on the day of the convention.  Remember how former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad announced his resignation as a life member of UMNO at his talk?
The convention will also feature four speakers that is former chief minister of Sabah Datuk Harris Salleh, Malaysia Human Rights Commission Deputy Chairman Tan Sri Simon Sipaun, CEO of the Sabah POIC Dr. Pang Teck Wai and Kedayan author Mr Amde Sidik.
The presence of Datuk Harris will spice up the convention considering the fact that he won a election nulifying Yong ‘s election as a ADUN in 1999 (http://www.freeanwar.net/facnews/justicekamil100601.htm).  That had resulted in the so called “red card” for Yong who had to sit out two general elections.
It is believed Harris agrees with SAPP’s declaration of no confidence against the PM.  Will 30 August see any special move on Sabah politics? Is it the prelude to the 16 September date Anwar was flashing about?
So fasten your seat belts, when the guillotine drops it is going to be really messy! Do you think SAPP will survive this Merdeka..? 


This is a full report from our correspondent from Sabah and unedited version

In 20/8/2008 Malaysiakini report on headline DPM: No ‘frogs’ in Sabah or S’wak (see http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88139 report), in response to PKR Vice President Datuk Dr. Jeffery Kitingan claim on that Sabah MPs will swing over to Pakatan Rakyat if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wins the Permatang Pauh by-election on 26 August 2008 (see http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88109).


As the events were unfolding in Permatang Pauh, SAPP led by Datuk Yong Teck Lee had a press conference in the morning at the party HQ operations centre.  The press corp gathered expecting Yong to make an announcement on the comment of Kitingan statement on the 2 SAPP MPS  joining Pakatan.  Even the special branch had a good turnout.

The cameras were rolling as Yong came down to the operation centre for the press conference.  It turn out to be a Malaysia day signage unveiling ceremony (attached) but with some spices.  Below are his full press statement;


Datuk Yong Teck Lee speaking at the SAPP HQ unveiling of the “Malaysia 1963” bill board on Wednesday, August 20.

 1.    For 45 years, the nation has been struggling with the idea whether the national day (Hari Kebangsaan) should be celebrated starting from 1957 (when Malaya achieved independence) or 1963 (when Malaysia was formed after the Malaysia Agreement with the United Kingdom, Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak).

 2.    Both Sabah and Malaya achieved independence on August 31 but on different years; Malaya in 1957 and Sabah in 1963. On 16 September 1963, Malaysia was officially formed and the new Malaysia flag with 14 stripes of red and white and the 14-pointed star was raised for the first time in Malaysia.

 3.    At one of the BN Supreme Council meetings last year (2007 being 50 years after Malaya achieved independence), this was debated again, mainly between the UPKO President who favoured 1963 and an UMNO leader who insisted on 1957. As we all know, the federal government defied historical truth and went ahead to declare the 50th Hari Kebangsaan for Malaysia, thereby using 1957.

 4.    Today, we see that the authorities still insist on using the historically erroneous date of 1957 for Hari Kebangsaan. What saddens the people is that even the Sabah State Government has mistakenly or obediently adopted the 1957 date by declaring this year’s  Hari Kebangsaan as 51st rather than 45th.  We note that Sarawak has done the right thing by celebrating the the 45th Hari Kebangsaan and not the 51st Hari Kebangsaan.

 5.    SAPP calls on the Sabah State Government to do justice to the early pioneers of Sabah and the founders of the Malaysia to declare 2008 as the 45th Hari Kebangsaan and not the 51st Hari Kebangsaan. People in Sabah (then North Borneo) and Sarawak has nothing but colonial rule to celebrate in 1957. As true Malaysians, we should celebrate 1963.

 6.    Our bill board “Malaysia 1963” at our party HQ today is to highlight to the Government and the people that we celebrate Malaysia 1963 and the 45th Hari Kebangsaan. We call on academicians, historians, civil servants and our political leaders to speak up in the interests of history and true facts so that the government will respect history and truth.

When asked further on the comment of Dr. Jeffery Kitingan, Yong said that based on Kitingan words, the other MPs mentioned were UMNO’s so why only asked about SAPP?

One different thing about the press conference were the conspicious absence of the BN flag or logo from the signage and the SAPP office.  When asked, Yong quipped that even component parties in Peninsular don’t have BN logo in the office.
Pressed whether this means SAPP is out of BN, Yong added, “SAPP has not been invited the past few BN supreme councils and management meetings. So the position of SAPP in BN better be answered by the Prime Minister whom we have no confidence in, the deputy prime minister or the secretary general of BN”.
Yong reiterated SAPP policy of non-racial politics and expressed his regrets at the tactics of UMNO of racial polarisation in recent time.  They should not have use the UITM students for their political purposes. This does not augur well for Malaysia especially during this merdeka month.
During refreshment a senior party leader joked that the weighing scale (BN logo) has been sent to the trade office for recalibration to make sure that it is really just and equal for the people.  The scenario in Sabah is becoming like Sarawak where the CM wields too much power.
It seems that there is a lot of happening in  Malaysia as after the SAPP press conference, the news corp received words that Anwar has set his target on Sarawak next especially Tan Sri Taib Mahmud. He is a man in a hurry.
Happy Merdeka!
Bugi Wijaya