Sabah Updates P185:-“No Show Debate”

The turnout of the 3,000 over crowd at the Dewan Hakka for the debate between Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee and Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Sri Musa Haji Aman is an indication, it seems that SAPP have the edge in the P.185 Batu Sapi parliamentary by election. Musa who is also the Sabah BN Chairman has earlier refused the debate challenge issued by Yong denouncing Yong a being power crazy.

In recent ceramahs and election rallys, even Deputy Prime MInister Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin Yassin (who had people walking out during his speech) and Pakatan Rakyat Supreme Leader Dato’ Sri Anwar Ibrahim has not attracted big crowd unlike in Peninsular Malaysia. This has the Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) scrambling to ensure a full capacity in the same Dewan Hakka for the supreme leader rally tonight.

Earlier PKR candidate Ansari Abdullah tried to attend the debate between Yong and Musa but upon hearing the no show of Musa, he waited outside and subsequently went on his campaign.

BN campaign is picking up the momentum after earlier hiccups of poor co-ordination between the various BN component parties. Their candidate Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin is more confident of herself albeit her poor command of Bahasa Malaysia. PKR Ansari campaign has been largely in the bumiputra dominated area leaving the Chinese area to DAP and the large presence of their non local campaigners.

While PKR and SAPP are slugging it out against one another, BN is going about its own business of propaganda’s of bringing development under the 1 Malaysia agenda. With the two opposition parties in mud-slinging contest, the pundits are putting their money on BN to defend the seat which was held by the late Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah who died in a fatal motorbike accident.

But then again as in football, nothing is for sure until the final whistle. So will the crowd turn out tonight for PKR in Dewan Hakka?

(Snap shots of Yong Teck lee Campaigning)

P185 Batu Sapi Updates…!

From our Sabah Political correspondent Bugi Wijaya 

As Malaysians stay glued to the electronic media listening to the budget 2011 tabled by the Prime Minister at Parliament, it is believed that Sabah Progressive Party has set up a blog ( in anticipation of the by-election for the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat.  This is the earliest “confirmation” that the Sabah party would be contesting the parliamentary seat.

The seat fall vacant after the fatal accident involving incumbent MP YB Datuk Edmund Chong.  The nomination has been set at 26 October with polling on the 4 November 2010 which is concurrently the same time as the Kelantan Galas state seat.

SAPP Supreme Council in its meeting tomorrow is expected to endorse the party to contest the seat. There has been no lobbying as candidate among the SAPP members unlike the Sabah Pakatan Rakyat where a few aspiring leaders are locked in discussion on their choice of candidate.

With the decision of SAPP to enter the fray the Batu Sapi by-election would most likely see a three corner fight between PBS-BN, PR and SAPP.  However do not be surprise on the emerging of independent candidates which will make it the more the merrier.

No matter how many corner fight it is, the local would benefit from the economic influx as in any by-elections held thus far.