P185 Batu Api-Updates

Political correspondent Bugi Wijaya in Sandakan

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) today announced its President Datuk Yong Teck Lee as the candidate for the parliament seat of P.185 Batu Sapi. The announcement made in conjunction with the opening of the new SAPP Sandakan office saw the presence of former PKR division leader Datuk Nahalan Damsal who supported the SAPP to contest the seat.

The SAPP campaign is expected to be spearhead by former State Finance Minister Datuk Mohd Noor Mansor will see a keenly contest tussle for the seat by BN, PKR and SAPP. Both BN and PKR are expected to announce their candidate tomorrow but with more than 20 forms being sold by the Election Commission Malaysia, it is expected there will some aspiring independents offering themselves as alternative.

The contest will served a platform for every parties to test their strength given the current political climate of Sabah being a fixed asset for BN. As claim by Yong, there are a possibilities of three scenarios. One, BN victory with votes more then the combined of opposition parties; two, BN victory with less than the combined votes for the opposition and three either opposition party wins. In the first scenario, everyone would have to go back to the drawing board and re-strategize again. Two the opposition would have to sit down to discuss on proper seats sharing and three BN is finished.

With SAPP announcement all eyes would now be on who are the PKR and BN candidates ? It is getting interesting here.

Another insider news just received from Sabah has this ;-BN will have a very testing and tough fight against Yong Teck Lee. The ground is in favour of the former CM but many “goodies” will be thrown in which will benefit the people of P185.

Anwars illusion..oO oo Oo aAh..!!

Anwar really had the Malaysian public on the edge with his 916 propaganda. The whole media fraternity went into a frenzy and so did BN politicians. Who was jumping and now  it seems that Yong Teck Lee the SAPP President is keeping him in the dark for now. Pakatan to face head-on with BN in Batu Sapi P185. Whose dreaming now..??  

SAPP has already confirmed  that they will contest the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat in the 13th by-election to be held in Malaysia. Our earlier report https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/updates-p185-batu-sapisapp-says-its-on/ . In this report Anwar hopes:- http://www.malaysianmirror.com/media-buzz-detail/6-nation/50027-anwar-hopes-for-straight-fight-with-bn-in-batu-sapi

Our source in SAPP says it might just be Anwars illusion and he might just receive a body blow for now with Yong not giving in as expected. 916 has gone into the history books as an unsuccessful bid though it turned the whole media world upside down. Could Yong play this game too? Anwar click it and enjoy the moments….Do you need the lyrics..??? 

We wonder oooh ooooh ooooh aaahh

Updates:- P185 Batu Sapi,”SAPP Says its on..”

An sms received read,” It’s on. Will keep you updated.The SAPP President will not hold back and he  says  an opposition win will signal the end of the BN’s reign in the Land Below the Wind”

We also received an article from our Sabah political Correspondent Bugi Wijaya

Its confirmed that Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) will contest the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat in the 13th by-election to be held in Malaysia.

The seat which fell vacant with the demise of the incumbent Datuk Edmund Chong in a superbike accident involving a Mercedes Benz S320.

At this time, the party leadership are still in a meeting with the local CLC leaders on the plan for the by-election campaign.

Although no names on who will be representing SAPP in this contest, it is believed that a local leader will be picked.

As a party which practises non racial politics, a party leader who prefer to remain anonymous said that our candidate chosen is capable and we do not look at race as an issue. The important thing is he or she is ready to shoulder the challenge to serve the local community and bring about change to fulfil the party struggle to bring changes to Sabah political scenario.

Efforts to contact the other opposition leaders for their comment were not successful.

While SAPP have their candidate in mind, it is believe Sabah Pakatan Rakyat have yet to come to a consensus on their choice of candidate.

The interesting thing is that on the evening of polling day 4.11.2010 will see Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak hosting a dinner for his Facebooks friends and on 5.11.2010 will witness the SAPP Congress.

Who will win? We will know then.

P185 Batu Sapi Updates…!

From our Sabah Political correspondent Bugi Wijaya 

As Malaysians stay glued to the electronic media listening to the budget 2011 tabled by the Prime Minister at Parliament, it is believed that Sabah Progressive Party has set up a blog (http://batusapi.blogspot.com/) in anticipation of the by-election for the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat.  This is the earliest “confirmation” that the Sabah party would be contesting the parliamentary seat.

The seat fall vacant after the fatal accident involving incumbent MP YB Datuk Edmund Chong.  The nomination has been set at 26 October with polling on the 4 November 2010 which is concurrently the same time as the Kelantan Galas state seat.

SAPP Supreme Council in its meeting tomorrow is expected to endorse the party to contest the seat. There has been no lobbying as candidate among the SAPP members unlike the Sabah Pakatan Rakyat where a few aspiring leaders are locked in discussion on their choice of candidate.

With the decision of SAPP to enter the fray the Batu Sapi by-election would most likely see a three corner fight between PBS-BN, PR and SAPP.  However do not be surprise on the emerging of independent candidates which will make it the more the merrier.

No matter how many corner fight it is, the local would benefit from the economic influx as in any by-elections held thus far.