P192 “G5 Will Not Give Up..!!”.

Abat5No Matter what Happens the G5 will not Give Up until the GE13.

An sms has now gone viral and it has caught the attention of certain concerned grassroot leaders in SPDP.Eventhough DPM Muhyddin has made it clear that only BN component party members will be selected to represent BN the “sacked incumbent MP” and his allies have not given up hope.

There seems to be a twist to their actions as they are hell bent to “reveal all if their intentions” are not met.

The 2 sms received,’ Is there any truth to this..?? 

  • Yesterday Nansian,tiki group meeting community leaderrs at Kampung sua they formed a group of 10 in every kampung and each of the member were given RM1000 to move and convince people that Tiki will still be the Bn candidate.
  • Today talks is that Nansian and Tiki are also planning a day event on February16th to hijack community leaders away from SPDP night dinner function.  

Since it has gone viral it is our responsibilty as BN members to inform and to ensure that “SABOTAGING” is minimise or “STAMPED OUT” and to ask the G5 members who are so called “BN-friendly” to toe the line. The message from the DPM is clear concise and spelt out very clearly.{ NO DIRECT BN CANDIDATE }

If they do not understand we can still ask them politely here,

  • 1.Please go and see DPM
  • 2.Ask him whether he meant it or just a rhetoric to please the crowd present? 
  • 3.If it is ask him to issue a Press Statement and have it published.

PBB leaders in the( P192) MAS GADING Parliamentary Constituency have been coming out strongly accepting the facts and throwing their support to Anthony Nogeh who has been chosen as SPDP candidate.

SPDP on its part must remember this says a concerned member as he quoted Master Sun Tzu and he warns against remaining,”in ignorance of the enemy’s condition simply because one grudges the outlay of a hundred ounces of silver in honours and emoluments” Considering the cost of war”it is the height of inhumanity“not to pay for knowledge that will assist victory”

We must do our DUE DELIGENGE he said and eventhough we are prepared for any eventualities we must and should not take anything forgranted. SPDP must have their ‘ears fixed on the ground” and any little movements must be reported back to headquarters or to the candidate chosen

All negative feedbacks must be dealt accordingly and swiflty to ensure the party maintains a comfortable grip on the situation.

The earlier the candidate believes that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER the brighter his outlook is. If he still thinks he can just waltzed through he will be in for a RUDE AWAKENING. 



anwar & najib 2When Parliament is dissolved on whichever date the PM Najib so decides the battle lines have already been drawn. Those who are clearly BN will support their own man while Pakatan likewise. Many voters too have long made up their minds so they say or you presumed.

The campaign period before polling day in the 222 constituencies will no doubt turn very PERSONAL.The candidates campaign team will go all out to sway the FENCESITTERS who will be the key to this GE13.

When a former SUPP Assistant Minister told us “I thought I had nearly 3000 new voters which the party registered in my area to ensure I win hands down but  in the final analysis it became worse. We can do so much for the voters but its the TOP LEADER they want and we are just part of the whole system. This was the state elections.

In the upcoming GE13 the same application holds when the 222 candidates will determine who will be the ruling government. Their voters will want their man but the FENCESITTERS ( one who does not side) also known in this context as new voters or undecided voters holds the key.

We can campaign on issues,policies and what nots but the VOTERS will determine who sits in that chair in Putrajaya. Each 222 campaign team needs to work hard on the ground and secure the votes.

Anwar and Najib selling points are there and our Emeritus Professor told us”Najib was given the Premiership and has to be elected while Anwar desperatedly needs and wants the seat” Both will need the voters  and their candidates in 222 areas to put them to Putrajaya.

Don’t turn round and tell us next,’ We already know this,that and we have been doing the same thing and we have been winning elections after elections. ”


A BN Youth Exco Boy even have a cheek to tell us loudly”kau tak tahu apa2,kita tidak akan kalah.Pembangkang tak guna punya dan tak dapat masuk kawasan kita“-{Direct translation –You don’t know anything,we are not going to loose.Opposition no use and they will never enter our constituency}

when he said kau tak tahu apa2..hehehe I  just kept my mouth shut. I am not just a Blogger but one who has sat in the Supreme Council of a political party,went to many election wars since 1983 but the youth boys obviously knows better.( oh he forgot to check my background,even some newly elected state YBs forgot as they are hanging unknowlingly around him. The noose are on your necks YBs sorry..)

Is that the way to get the Youths to vote for ruling PM or BN? These are the saboteurs within BN as Muhyddin puts it. Am I just going to take it? Enough of this nonsense,defamation,allegations and backstabbing from this “so called Youths or “Yobs” and time to hit back.

 I will hit him so hard next time if there is ever a next time and will even be ready to face a police action. Don’t think your $$$$$$$ can help you. They are so many others who are so loaded and yet SO HUMBLED. We do not want BN name shamed because of some ignorant,arrogant and self centred individuals.

Next some so called protectors would say we should not say bad about our own BN exco’s. Go to hell with that and for good measure it is them who have been spreading the rumours,lies plus plus or etc etc which we have taken the wrap up till now. We are more BN than this double faced and useless bumps sucking on peoples blood.

Enough is enough and its time to Fight back and who cares anymore of this tossers(mind my language).BN suffered because of them and they must be punished and sent to the gallows.

{ So arrogant! and how I wished I not only can smack him/them but shake them upside down. I would have too, if my mood was not too good. This are the sort of attitude which BN must rid itself off as the voters will turn around due to insensitivities plus arrogance}

For the sake of neutrality our enemies are always by our side and our friends turn even turned against us when their rice bowls are threatened.

Are there “ANY LOYAL” friends left in this world?

Najib and Anwar have gone through many battles together and now they are at each others throats. The current situation is such in that the SEAT is only for one person and losers will have to live to fight another day or be sent into the abyss.

Anwar has done his homework and have got rid of his detractors and Najib must likewise in this couple of months or whatever reforms/tranformation programmes he has laid forward would be extinguished with attitudes of the above. This is one of  the many which will surface as our god’s given talent is to write. In the olden days we would have been executed but nowadays the socialmedia churns out truths and half truths too. It’s up to the readers to ask themselves,’Why am I reading this.?

This article is and looks like the writer is on the rampage but the names/names of the individuals are not written. Do we need to? The darkside is always the one that intriques and not the ones which are crystal clear and transparent.

Najib knows how to manouevere and he will ensure that the wrong people will not sit at the high tables and he will evenutally have his own set of TEAM members who are not only loyal but will keep him in power. Najib holds many openings for his loyalists in government related agencies/bodies and some too are holding powerful positions in corporate sectors.

Anwar on the other hand is living together with many allies in his own party and they are all watching his moves as he was from the same party with Najib eventhough it was well over 24 years ago since 1998 when he was banished from UMNO. They too know they will sacrifical lambs for slaughter if Anwar does not reach his pinnacle and they are led to believe. They too wish for Anwar to succeed to Putrajaya and powers will come with it.

It is indeed a Battle to the End and if the cracks are not patched up before the election war is declared it would spell the end for either BN or Pakatan. We write not to tell but to inform and gauge the sentiments of the voters.

Afterall everyone’s votes count and if I vote for WHOEVER ..its my choice….

p/s i will write now and again on this subject matter until this person is removed from my eyes..

“Malam 1Malaysia-Transformasi ”

All the 3 months planning,courtesy visits,official letters written,differences of opinions,hiccups and many other  unseen tasks undertaken by the committee has finally come to one night and that is the 29th of August 2012. It has been avery  good effort by all concerned the 4 component parties in P195 & P196 to drum up support for the potential candidates for the constituency.

The Solidarity and Togetherness is for all to take notice and the call is of course=DEMI RAKYAT DEMI MASA DEPAN– TRANSFORMASI

Article extracted from todays Enlish daily-Borneo Posts.

KUCHING: The ‘1 Night with P195 + P196 Friends’ carrying the theme ‘Best  Friends Forever Movie Night’ is expected to be a grand affair.

The ‘Jalur Gemilang – 1Malaysia’ convoy comprising 32 classic cars will  kick-start the event; revving their way from the SPDP headquarters to SUPP  headquarters and tHe Spring shopping mall from 5pm today.

According to SPDP Pending Women’s chief Winnie Lim, around 50  guests-of-honour from the four state Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties – Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP),  Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) – were expected at the event along with some 600 party members.

“The movie night will not only feature the premiere of Malaysia’s first 3D  movie ‘29 Februari’ by KRU Studios but also the launch of the BN election  machinery for Bandar Kuching and Stampin,” she told a press conference here  Monday.

Meanwhile, SPDP Puteri chief Barbara Mawan said that the four component  parties would continue working together to ensure that SUPP would be able to win  the Bandar Kuching and Stampin seats this coming general election.

Also sharing the same sentiment was SUPP Youth Central secretary general  Wilfred Yap who said that strong support from the other BN component parties  should be used as a ‘springboard to give the opposition a run for their  money’.

“Let’s show them that BN means business and we will give them a good fight  during the general election,” he said.


SERIOUS THIS…”Special Police Officer..!”

The court judge at the end of presiding the court case between Azmin Ali and the Police would need to keep the boistorous crowd quiet with his GAVEL. In the dock stands “a person who is so afraid to reveal the name of the Special Police Officer. Azmin cried out loud..The persons NAME SHALL NOT BE MENTIONED. 


Azmin Ali as specified and extracted fromWikipedia{  Mohamed Azmin bin Ali (born August 25, 1964 in Singapore) is a Malaysian politician and currently the Member of Parliament for the Gombak as well as assemblyman for Bukit Antarabangsa in the Selangor State Assembly. He is currently the deputy president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

This case if  Rasah PKR deputy division chief R Thangam is found to be an accomplice to the serious crime of inciting violence Azmin Ali would need also to take the fall. We will not play gutterpolitics which can be read here:-http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/196639 but we need to have answers to



As we look at your polling results which we upload below if the answer of the police officer is not named the voters should know what to do. Is Azmin deliberately covering the officers identity. Why should he.?{ Abraham Lincoln was quoted :-“The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” but he also did say this You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” 

BERSIH 3.0 participants and those who risks their lives to champion the BERSIH cause we ask you this.”Would you want a leader who is “………………………………….{whatever Makluk Asing names you want to put or throw at go ahead…..}

BERSIH intentions have been overtaken by a turn of events and it is now seen clearly as a TOOL OF THE OPPOSITION as the opposition parties in PKR,PAS and DAP are sending huge numbers in their members to take part in the rally nationwide.

The civil societies that are taking part musts now question themselves?

do you need any help here. Surely, Azmin Ali will be in a better position to assists you..} 

 Election results

Parliament of Malaysia: Gombak[2]
Year   Opposition Votes Pct   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct
2008   Mohamed Azmin Ali (PKR) 40,334 53%   Said Anuar Said Ahmad (UMNO) 33,467 44%
Selangor State Assembly: Bukit Antarabangsa[2]
Year   Opposition Votes Pct   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct
2008   Mohamed Azmin Ali (PKR) 11,731 52%   Haslinda Mohd Zerain (UMNO) 10,350 46% 

Bersih 3.0″ DAP Senator NO to Dataran..??”

This breaking news from DAP Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim  should be commended. He said we extract,””They all start with peaceful intentions, no one want to cause chaos… But it can turn out to be violent and when that happens, who will be responsible?”

audie61 have been tweeted since yesterday and trying to tell Bersih chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan the consequences of defying the authorities and also avoiding NEGATIVE WORLD PRESS. We extract some of our tweets,”

  • 1. Ambiga Bersih”so stubborn”The World media now knows that an”Alternative has been offered”Defiance is against instructions
  • 2. Laws are made by Man and can be broken.Laws are also to be followed Ambiga.The authorities have informed Bersih .
  • 3. BERSIH 3.0 will be clean no teargas as ALTERNATIVE of Stadium Merdeka offered. Dataran sit down what happens Blame AMBIGA
  •  4. This time if AMBIGA n Group are teargas the WORLD MEDIA cannot condemn.ALTERNATIVE GIVEN BY MAYOR OF KL.
  • 5. No need for Tears from teargas if BERSIH 3.0 in stadium AMBIGA to be blame if u cry or subjected to manhandled.
  • 6. BERSIH 3.0 Ambiga don’t use TIME as excuse n cannot turn crowd from DATARAN to STADIUM.DBKL can also TWEET,FB,SMS 4 u 
  •  7. AMBIGA makes mockery of Developed Malaysia where TWEET,SMS,HP,FB readily available n she says cannot inform ppl
  •  8.A mbiga Bersih 2days too late.”What are the social networking sites for? Malaysians don’t live in CAVES u know
  • 9. Ambiga”what lah? Merdeka stadium offered u said too late” what is the internet,twitter,facebook,hp.social media sites  for?

The above are 9 out of nearly 30 tweets and FB we have posted since yesterday and it has been retweeted to the personal tweeter of  Hishammuddin HOME MINISTER and also to Ambiga personally.


audie61 is also very pleased that ,”Tunku Abdul Aziz said it “irresponsible” of opposition lawmakers to support holding the rally at Dataran Merdeka because he believes act violates the law.
He added that Bersih should take up the authorities’ offer for an alternative venue as they are better at deciding security concerns.
“The whole idea is to protest. Why does it matter where? DBKL is the owner of (Dataran Merdeka),” he said.  


Sarawak “PEACE” Party registered.?”

It seems that the credibility of new Sarawak political parties being formed are not justs ‘mere rumours” The ROS Sarawak director has recently said,”that there are at least 4 parties that  have submitted their details and one has already received its registration.”

Even the date of the launching was planned but it was aborted at the last minute due to interferences and certain glitches. Prominent political figures are behind the mushrooming of the parties. The modus operandi has the makings of the infighting suffered during the PBS era in Sabah and also ‘goodies” that came along with the return of BN government.

The first steps needs to be engineered and the rests would fall into place when the succession of power comes into play.


The present political situation is so fluid and with the SPDP5 and G7 assemblyman in direct insubordination plus boycotting the TDC recently more will surface in due time. The BN MPs and YBs are not exactly at PEACE with each other and maybe the PEACE party which was earlier reported in June 14th 2010 would be a good platform to house all the so called -“Political REBELS”.

Earlier posting:-

This is a favourite political phrase,”Mushrooming of parties especially elections are near.”

JPJ in full Julian Petrus Jout (former PBB) has created a small wave with his revelation of the formation of a new multiracial party with its roots embedded and aligned to the ruling BN and will work closely with the State to bring about peace,stability,justice and progress.

JPJ amongst the local fraternity from Kampung Sagah in Bau must be supported by a Powerful Hidden Hand with connections to the ruling BN government.

WHO CAN IT BE..??Any Leads.??

A Political Watcher pointed out to audie61 and said the answer could be read here and you pick it to find the truth.No need for full details.

  • 1. Adenan Satem Returns to helm the Political Strategy of the State
  • 2. His elevation and awarding of title “Tan Sri”
  • 3. Tupong State Seat under PBB is under threat as PKR has made inroads
  • 4. The Fence sitters needs to be involved or else they will turn to assist the opposition.
  • 5. The Bidayuhs are unhappy with the current incumbent YBs
  • 6. Remember Kundai Nyareng..??

We were also presented with a full background of the person in question and in him some Political master finds him a most valuable asset and he finds mosts comfortable in territories where others dont even dare to venture.


SPDP “Separatists 5 Lifeline…!”

There is a limit to what one can do and not do. The question now where is the thin line where the party is prepared to sacrifice? Will the party come out of this little ‘crisis” which is more like “a miscommunication plus brotherly misunderstanding” stronger or a little weakened. Its up now to the party faithful from the grassroot level from within SPDP to the top including those in the BN leadership and its component parties to say “Enough of this Nonsensical squabbling”

We are going into the 13th General Election which will be a “mother of all battles” and we need to draw every available strength as partners and not as FOES. The word is very clear and its “UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL” Let the EGO’s stand down and come together for the better good of the party SPDP. 

There are no two BUTS about it and a good and fair statement came from this article published in the English Daily Borneo Posts:- Fate of SPDP 5 hangs in the balance

THEY are at the brink of crossing the Rubicon. After almost two years of displaying what inner political circles describe as unkindly acts of insurrection and quiet disobedience, much to the chagrin of the majority, the party leadership has decided collectively to crack the whip and bring them to book.

The fate of the SPDP five now hangs in the balance and it appears their only lifeline is with the disciplinary committee whose findings on the alleged misconduct and behaviour of the dissenting group will be known in a fortnight’s time. But two weeks is a long time in politics and anything can happen along the way. Clearly, the rule of law now applies, and when it comes to the force of the letter and spirit of the constitution there are no two ways about it.

After holding out for such a long time, they may begin to wonder whether it’s been worth the effort after all as they now find themselves pushed to a corner and gradually isolated. Obviously, on their own, they would have become a spent force and would not have the energy to prolong the political skirmishes against the leadership of the party.

As they are now placed at the critical crossroads, two powerful images must surely stare them in the face. First, it is the fear of losing their positions in the party and, therefore, their powerbase, and this may have far-reaching implications on their future in politics. Next, rather asymmetrically, is the need to collect enough courage and humility to step out of their denial mode and seek forgiveness and reconciliation in the interest of party unity. It may well be the moment of truth and reckoning, notwithstanding the much-touted assumption that they may have an alternative course outside the party.

No one is bigger than the party, not even the president himself, and it is a fundamental principle in democratic representation that has to be upheld, or else the party risk being held at ransom by individuals with self-serving agenda and access to vast external resources. Consensus has long been the hallmark of SPDP politics, and this has been repeatedly stressed by the party president and its leaders at past conventions and to leaders at state and branch levels, and no one can dispute that it is the constituent core of the democratic process.

However, it is to be acknowledged that in matters affecting the interest of tens of thousands of members where the plurality of views is bound to surface, no consensus can be achieved totally without the element of compromise being managed effectively along the way. But too much of compromise can also be stressful for the party. Even then, the interest of the party must override that of individuals and groups.

The saga of the
SPDP 5, which began as a trivial disagreement or disappointment over the allocation of positions in the supreme council, has seemingly veered into a new ballgame that may eventually precipitate into something larger and more lethal than they are capable of handling. This raises the question of whether the group’s earlier claim over the alleged bias of the president in the appointment of key members in the supreme council is still the key factor keeping their current political pursuit alive. If they continue to stand their ground as they had done so wittingly prior to the decision of the supreme council to subject them to investigations by the disciplinary committee, they know they will be treading on shifting sand as the majority of the party members will stand on the side of the law and uphold the constitution.

According to well-placed sources, the challenge against the leadership did not happen after the party election, but had its roots in the run-up to the party convention where there had been reported instances of insubordination by some members of the gang of five towards the president. This was reportedly espoused in speeches made at some of the meet-the-people sessions with the message delivered at a public gathering in Beluru, one known to many as a tell-tale sign of an affront on the party leadership.

This gave rise to the question of compatibility and more specifically on the choice of appointed supreme council members, including the secretary-general, who could work with the president and supreme council in the interest of the party. The president must have known then there was a scheme to derail his leadership, but he chose to stand above the intrigue that was brewing and look at the bigger picture of the unity and stability of SPDP and Barisan Nasional. Compatibility is a stabilising and unifying factor in any party. To the president, the secretary-general is his right-hand man who must function to uphold and defend the position of the president and struggle of the party without the slightest doubt. Anything short of that will put the party leadership and its agenda in jeopardy.

Instead of reacting to immediately reprimand them, the president had decided to take a soft approach and give them the benefit of the doubt. Winning an argument against another fellow leader(s) was not in his mind.

Notwithstanding their incessant complaints and grudges against the president, their absence without valid reasons from almost all supreme council meetings in the past two years alone is enough to land them in legal entanglement, and they may even get the boot when the force of the party constitution is applied. They have the constitution to conform to and the rule-abiding members to explain to on their out-of-step action.

Any experienced political observer with a hawkish eye for what is beyond the written line and spoken word, will not hesitate to suggest that the group vis-a-vis the party is now placed in a Catch 22 situation. Nonetheless, it is not too late for them to make amends and start afresh on a conciliatory course in order to reinstate peace and enhance fortification in the party. Anything less than that would put them through a turbulent passage and it would be difficult for them to challenge, let alone defy the letters of the law as provided in the party constitution.

There is a point where political intrigue cannot and must not cross and that is when the rule of law and force of the constitution take their course. If the interest of the party and supporters matters more than their personal interest or ambition, the gang of five should be magnanimous enough to set aside their personal differences with the president and other members of the supreme council and accept in good faith the olive branch extended to them by the president. It may serve them well to take heed of the advice of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela who was often quoted as saying “a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

Any observer with an inquiring mind cannot be blamed for harbouring the view that the group may be drawing their support from some external sources if they continue to stand their ground and not budge despite the uncertainty they face in the party. But it is misleading to suggest that the group is being backed by some unseen elements with links to the ruling coalition as that would run contrary to the spirit and established code of conduct in the Barisan Nasional, although such a wild suggestion would give them some sense of security and lead some people into thinking that the group is not alone but part of a group of people with links to the corridor of power. If there is some truth to it, then there is reason not to brush aside the suggestion that the group of five may already be considering a alternative course for their political survival should they fail to make any headway in the party amidst the present internal crisis.

This raises the disturbing question of whether the so-called external linkup is consequential to the internal leadership dispute in SPDP or the two have all along been part and parcel of a bigger narrative.

Given the BN’s stringent code of discipline and conduct which, among others, prohibits a member or leader from resigning from his party to join another component party in order to remain in the BN and continue to the enjoy the privilege of power, one cannot imagine how the BN leadership would allow the group of five to conveniently take shelter in another component party, or join a newly registered party in the hope of being admitted into the BN family. To do so would mean breaking the “rules” and prescribed code of discipline of the BN and setting an unhealthy precedent. It is tantamount to shooting at your own feet. Among BN components, it is regarded as back-stabbing. If you stretch the argument further and view the implications from a broader perspective, the practice would not augur well for political stability, unity and collaboration across the BN board as it would create a lot of mistrust and confusion right down to the grassroots level. Once that trust, which has been built over the years, is lost, it would take a long time to regain and reinstate it. Even if the wound of ill feelings is healed, the scar may remain and will occasionally remind of a disturbing past.

Breaking away from the party and pursuing their struggle through a new political vehicle outside does not automatically guarantee their place in the BN as the newly-registered party must first get the consensus of all exiting BN component parties before their membership application can be approved. In light of the present situation, it will not be easy for the new party, with the gang of five roped in as members, to get the support of one or two component parties to endorse its application to join BN.

Obviously, the gang of five is facing some kind of conflict within themselves and with others. But trying to resolve a conflict in hand by creating a bigger conflict is not going to help either. On the contrary, it will worsen the situation and enlarge the conflict area. What they hope to achieve at the end of the day must work to their interest and satisfy their conditions, although that may run contrary to the wishes of the majority of the party members.

The hours and minutes are ticking by and the moment of reckoning is drawing near for the gang of five. The only amicable way out of the conflict for them is to engage in reconciliation and commit themselves to a peaceful return to the party. While this takes place, let no external force disrupt or frustrate the process. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Humility and patience are the tools for resolving conflict”.