N10 DAP Lawyer vs BN Doctor…

Violet Yong a lawyer by profession dealt a bitter blow and a nail in the heart of SUPP in the 2006 Sarawak Elections. Her win by defeating the SG of SUPP and also an Assistant Minister by 4372 was indeed a devastating blow. Pending was considered one of the stronghold for SUPP and no one would give her a ghosts of a chance to defeat  Sim Kheng Hui in a predominantly Chinese area of 29503.  She was on top of the slide but since then has her win put her in a position of over confidence?

Will you still hear the words,”Boh Soo’ (no problem) from the opposition supporters as they try to protect their fort..?? SUPP will “chiong”(attack) DAP Pending Incumbent .

 Will she slide down and come down to earth and SUPP regains back Pending. We will know soon wouldn’t we..??

The voter turnout was 18986 and the DAP lawyer garnered 11632 while Sim managed 7260. The main issue during the 2006 campaign was the land rental premium plus some minor dissatisfaction led to SUPP paying the price and losing this bastion N10.

N10 Assemblywoman Incumbent Violet knows that she will face a tough opponent in Dr. Sim Kui Hian (the head of Sarawak General Hospital cardiac unit head) The PM has even endorsed his candidacy making it official for SUPP that “the people must not sacrifice this illustrious son,you must make him win.”

CM Taib aslo gave him his endorsement by saying,”He is a recognised specialist not only in Malaysia but also internationally.He is a good man to be your representative and you will not be ashamed of him.”

A political observer says that”Dr Sim comes with a clean slate and SUPP has given the Pending voters a highly promising and a candidate with excellent track record to win back the seat. DAP Yong the incumbent will feel the pinch and she will have a difficult time protecting her turf.

N10 BN component parties are all ready to assist the SUPP candidate and DAP will not know what hit her. She will be left licking her wounds and the good doctor will provide enough medicine for her to ease her pain. It’s pay back time…… 


N10 “SUPP’s Early Salvo at DAP…”

SUPP celebrated its 51st Anniversary yesterday and after losing the by elections in Sibu P212 to DAP Wong Ho Leng something needs to be done to boost the morale of the troops. No need to tell us that it wasn’t a BIG BLOW to SUPP as that would be the most BELIEVABLE LIE..Hmmm if you know what i mean short of saying( B..S…)

SUPP needs to regroup and rethink their strategy and for once a former SUPP Assistant Minister,former ADUN for Pending and SG for SUPP Sim Kheng Hui said this which many especially the second echelon leaders in the party were half-expecting,”I can tell you for sure that I’m excluding myself as a candidate.Some of the potential candidates are young,some not so young. The candidate is also likely to be male.”

Has SUPP done YB Violet of DAP a favour..? She was often called DAP’s cili padi and she was razor sharp in her “ceramahs” in the last state elections and she won many plaudits for being fearless. She will certainly feel a bit rather uncomfortable if she knows who SUPP has in mind as the candidate.

It seems that at GROUNDZERO the name of the Professor Sim Kui Hian is the most likely candidate to give Violet something to think about. The shift of using a well known doctor who is the Head of Cardiology Sarawak and a very good one too with all the credentials will in a way lift the morale of the troops in the Pending constituency. Even the BN component parties  of PBB,SPDP and PRS would go all out on the ground to assist and try to wrestle the seat back for SUPP. Batteries will certainly be re-charged.

No hard feelings SUPP SG SIM KHENG HUI

Even a colleague at the General Hospital said to audie61 ,”It would be very sad for us to lose him to be the Peoples Representative for ADUN N10 if he manages to create an upset and win the seat back for SUPP” He will and also be an added advantage to the State of Sarawak as an Assemblyman. He has the right qualities and his  credentials speaks for itself.

audie61 met him a couple of months back and he said,”God willing if thats my call I will serve” Violet will certainly have her hands full and will be wondering how to avoid an onslaught from SUPP. Though SUPP losts in the last elections Professor Sim will mosts likely be the candidate that will turn the fortunes round and recapture N10 Pending for SUPP.

DAP Violet won in the last state elections convincingly due to the land lease problem and also the many grouses of SUPP has overused its same candidates. Will the people of Pending turn their backs at Violet and give Professor Sim a chance? We will know when the State election results are announced for N10 if  Professor Sim takes on  DAP YB Violet Yong.