Oooh Ai..!BN Sarawak Will still be Government after 2011..

BN Sarawak will still be the State Government after the next State elections.You don’t need to be a Harvard or Oxford Politically trained analysts  to see it happening. Realistically speaking yes but the opposition figures in Sarawak will beg to differ. On what grounds are we saying this? Do we need to substantiate the above statement? 

Even Sim Kwang Yang MP for Bandar Kuching from 1982 to 1995 posting his article in Malaysiakini “The fighting cocks in Batang Ai” has this,”But the newly emergent PKR in Sarawak is a rag-tag rainbow coalition of sometimes very unlikely allies, and Dayak politics in Sarawak has been nothing less than divisive traditionally.”  

A political lecturer who teaches in a local university said this is apparently what the opposition leaders are fighting for to gain political mileage but knowing that they are against the mighty machinery of the BN government. 

They need to realise that BN is a united front while the opposition seems a loose front in Sarawak. In Peninsular Malaysia its delicately put together as ‘Pakatan front” but in Sarawak its still VERY DIVIDED. The lecturer said it will be true come the Sarawak elections and if the by election in Batang Ai is a gauge the metaphor,”United we stand,Divided we fall” will be more than an indicator for the opposition.

 The groundswell is apparent with PKR/DAP making inroads into the interior and rural BN Bastions. Are the rural  areas ready for PKR or DAP? It’s another new political vehicle in which the rural folks seems confused with. There was the 1987 PBDS Dayakism and Permas platform in which 20 seats were wrestle out of a possible 48 seats.

The rural and interior landscape has changed dramatically since those volatile times. Would the voters just change and go against BN for something that they are unfamiliar with? 1987 represents the best time for the state to be in the opposition Maju group but it failed to materialise though the whole state was gripped with the ‘DAYAKISM FACTOR”.

What chances then does ‘KEADILANISM” or “AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN” warcry adopted by top PKR leadership in its quests to take Sarawak  from BN have..? Maybe a sprinkling of seats here and there in the 71 State seats. We have to be realistic and this article in Malaysiakini where Sarawak National Party (Snap) is believed to be keen to field a candidate for the forthcoming by-election in Batang Ai is already an indicator. What’s more even DAP is saying that they are keeping out of Batang Ai but they must have an eye on the seat too.

Is this happening to BN? No,no,no Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) by concensus in the BN family is given the right to claim the seat. In the opposition front in todays tabloids headlined,”We’ll contest Batang Ai:SNAP committee” William Sirai Atom a central executive committtee member did not mince his words and this is politically very damaging to say the least ,” WE ARE READY FOR A THREE-CORNER FIGHT.SNAP WILL TRY TO WIN THE SEAT ON OUR OWN.”

In Malaysiakini report Kuching PKR division chief Dominique Ng said that PKR and Snap will have to agree on a single candidate as it was important to engage the BN in a straight fight. So in todays tabloids SNAPs statement must have thrown a spanner into the seemingly fragile political coalition of the opposition front.Is this formula still relevant..?

IMAGINE if  PBB has an interests and was to say this to PRS? What will happenThis would obviously not happen as the CM Taib has a firm grip on the state and the leaders know when and where not to meddle or dirty their fingers. The former CM Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’kub statement below  just about sums up the WHY..? WHY..? Oooh AI. BN Sarawak will still be governement after the 2011 State elections.

He said,”Only local leaders understand the situation in Sarawak because our scenario is different from that of the peninsula.The opposition does not understand this.”

Do wee need to elaborate further? The harsh terrain and vasts landscape of Sarawak is another factor which will ensure the BN stays on as governement. We already covered the PAKATAN BLOGGERS issue and also the HELICOPTERS. Also the HUGE WAR CHESTS  that the BN has is another determining factor.

However, of course all is not losts. The opposition will have to turn to the PEOPLES MINDSET to vote for them. But what chances are there when they can’t even field a United Front candidate?

The advertisement ‘It’s your Choice” It’s Ali cafe” should be practise by the opposition if they even have the slightest thought of wrestling the State of Sarawak from BN.   

We say as always,” This is the reality of Sarawak politics and the tsunami of 308 is just a one- off Peninsula happening. Here in Sarawak the opposition is still not UNITED.