SPDP Cyber Team on the offensive..!!

mawan11President Mawan said to the SPDP cyberteam,”they the opposition have been hitting us hard and NOW its our turn. We will go all out to ensure BN/SPDP win all our allocated seats. We are working hard for the rakyat and they will know we are here for them 

The cyberteam are engaging the detractors and we are hearing also from some sources that most of the PKR Saratok members are just using the party Platform. They are whispering”bisik bisik“only using the PKR PLATFORM and we dont like Anwar?  True or not you have to ask them.

TEAM SPDP cyber squad have worked hard and these are some of the sites which they will cover where SPDP news are next to you.

1.http://whizzekid.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/lawatan-pm-ke-saratok/ 2.http://pulanganas.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/updated-newspaper-clips-on-spdp-2642013/  3. Pengerakan Putera and Puteri SPDP on Facebook

4.https://www.facebook.com/#!/jamesjoshua?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/athanasius.chua?ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/UMB-SPDP/174623772587941?fref=ts

5. The tweeter team is also very active and have been engaging the opposition for a good few months and with polling just 9 days to go they will intensify this engagement




The words uttered by Assitant Minister and former Senior Vice President of SPDP should be commended on 14th April 2013″I am a Barisan man and I am a team player


We received an sms from MP192 BN candidate Anthony Nogeh spokesman” YB peter Nansian ada berucap di gereja Kpg Apar pagi tadi nyuruh org kpg ngundi calon yg udah molah kerja dgn rakyat bukan calon yg kita sik kenal,la statement Nansian, maksud nya undi TIKI.

If BN loses this seat Tiki and the Geng must be blamed. He is spliting BN votes and the actions are not helping BN retain the seat.



Below an extracted article from an internet portal 

Incumbent MP for Mas Gading Tiki Lafe may pay the price for contesting as an Independent against Anthony Nogeh from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) in the coming general election.

His chairmanship of the National Service Training Board (NSTB) is at stake as SPDP supporters and even the opposition candidate from State Reform Party (Star) Patrick Anek Uren demand he be sacked.

NONETiki (right) who has represented Mas Gading for three terms was sacked from SPDP, which is part of the BN coalition, in Nov 2011 following a leadership tussle.

Since then he and four other elected representatives also sacked from SPDP, formed what is known as ‘Kelab BN Sarawak’.

Paul Igai, SPDP deputy secretary general, said that Tiki should know what to do as he is no longer part of the party.

“He should step down if he is a principled man. Other than that we have nothing more to say,” said Igai.

Tasik Biru PBB chairperson John Nyigor also said that Tiki should step down or face being forced to resign.

“The possibility is there as people are going after him,” he said.

Uren is also asking why Tiki is still the chairperson of the National Service Training Board when he is an Independent candidate for Mas Gading where BN already has a candidate.

“The voters in Mas Gading deserve answers,” he added.

However Tiki said that he had done nothing that required him to resign from the chairpersonship of the National Service Training Board.

“However, I leave it to the prime minister,” he said.

BN chief Najib Abdul Razak has warned that anyone from the party contesting against BN candidates would be sacked from the party but that’s a separate issue from losing their posts

Anwar’s “Numbers Game for Putrajaya”

416On 14 th September 2008 we wrote,”916 was a cleverly thought out “POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT” like COCA COLA’S  1969 slogan inplanted in ones brain “IT’S THE REAL THING”. The full article ended with this”Anwar will just have to lick his wounds and soldier on to the next battle that is”GE13

5 years on and just on the eve of GE13 the new propaganda machine from Pakatan is playing with numbers and driving fear into the hearts and minds of BN.

  1. To proof it this is what has been churned out:-Maklumat dari Bukit Aman and Mindef ,UMNO BN akan hilang Putrajaya with 145 seats. we wrote https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/pakatanbn-both-at-145-only/
  2. In Sarawak next they are saying they will win by 11 to maybe 13 seats. https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/11-to-13-pakatan-sarawak-to-win/

Today this appears PKR leader Wong Chen talking to Malaysia chronicles ,”Pakatan as having a better than even chance of securing the federal government. PKR insiders believe that as many as 107 seats of out the 222 in Parliament are in the bag for the Pakatan, which also consists of the DAP and PAS.

“We rather be cautious than over-optimistic. We are working very hard to win another 7 seats at least so that we can form a simple majority. Once that is done, we expect a huge crossover of BN Members of Parliament.

Wonder what Pakatan will call this Propaganda next. Is there a similarity or is it just pure coincidental?

Think outside the box for now

  •  In 2008 they said :- 916 when you add 9+1+6=16 and 1+6=7.
  •  In 2013 they now say  they are working very hard on 7 seats. }

Isn’t this another Propaganda Tool. ? The Golden opportunity will be 7 seats only next.

Anwar did we manage to derail yet another of your Propaganda of wrestling Putrajaya? Anwar knows that it is important to deceive the people as the people will put Pakatan into Putrajaya. Anwar has the story lines but he did not write the book.

BN has authorised it to be published and yet another “switching sides” by BN Legislators will only be another failure as BN is on top of the game and is in charge of their own destiny.

Anwar remember also its not Abdullah you are facing now but Najib.


7 is it..?

psst…You forgot my number Anwar…it starts with ….Call me as will be subjected for political strategic offers after GE14…Oh yeah !! pls remember mine is only in USD..

Trusts Your Abilities…..

influencerWhen you get it right no-one can dislodge you. No one now can bully you. No one ever gave you hope. Like a shining beacon your name is amongst the 222 Members of Malaysia’s New Parliament 2013.

The truth is all that matters. Relax,we saw many sides of the political situations which have happened in and around the country.There were many truimphs just as many as there were losers .That moment of truimph will always edge in their minds be it the first time or the umpteeth.

Mosts of the MP’s look right and in their element when they were elected as there were showered with congratulatory handshakes.messages and shouts of approval from their supporters.

Oh! There are so many of us who wished to be in their shoes but alas only the ones who have been chosen by the people will be able to enjoy these special privileges accorded to them. You have no idea, and it’s that moment when you take the seat amongst the 221 others at the Malaysian Parliament when you say to yourself ” I believe in my abilities to serve the people of Malaysia and in God I trusts.”

No one is a star amongst the 222 MP’s as they will be looking over their shoulders as their voters will be questioning their existence to bring the many promises to reality. It’s not a show anymore and every little movement is worth thousand words of gossips and every wrong turn will be subjected to queries and unbelievable politiking. Some say It’s a Circus out there. What do you think?

Thanks for being on my side, many politicians will tell their people and putting me here.The gift for all of us who have served, lobbied and fought out the elections rough and undulating terrain is to say”I have trusted my ability and done my utmost.”

Sure,there will be many who will cash in on our priceless catch but undoubtedly you will know that the many headaches and heartaches was all worth it. Lets unlock that Potential. Is someone watching and giving you the correct assessment on you candidate. Still, you have the time to correct the faults and see through their needs to ensure that this person is the one who has the right to touch the awesome chair  in Parliament.

Who has that divine right? Let’s take that step back to months before it all happened.

Many are lobbying feverish,some use all their positions to edge through while others are not even thought of as a Malaysian Legislator until “someone”shows them that the path is theirs. There are no limits to how one lobbies and of course it must be within the rules and laws governing the election acts.  Many go through their parties and do we really care how they got their nominations?

How many % do we know how they do it. Only you know and you are privy to that information. You could write a book by the time you finish but it will not be a bestseller as every elections campaign differs. No need for me to tell you as you will see it yourself.

Information is King and you have heard this once too often the pen is mightier than the sword.We are no creep as we have no access to your candidate but it does boil up to the same as the ultimate aim is to ensure your preferred choice makes it to smell the aura of the room and the coveted chair.

You are clear and you know how to do it. That’s good. Make sure you candidate makes it through the  corridors of power and into the room full of 222 Parliamentarians and watchful eyes of millions around the world.

How do you do it? Do you want it or are you the people’s choice?Is it your time or have you used up all your God Given abilites? You are afforded one guess and let’s make use of it. Are you with me now. Good… Follow through now….

Your candidate needs you and your abilities will put them there. Use it and do not close yourself in and whatever and however they see you doesn’t matter. You can move on to the next and there are no limits to what you can do. It’s not about churning out blog articles or as Raja Ptera Kamaruddin (RPK) emphasised it is 60 % truths and 40% spins. Well. the spins were not actually spins but more of an ability to let people see how the political picture will turn out to be.

Yeah we have written about Oh My English and also the many articles which have caused more than a ripple or two but its not and I say about me or you.Its about  your ability to turn heads and your secret of BEING USED TO THE MAXIMUM.

So what is being used but remember your lucky break will be soon and you will  be the most sought after campaigner.

 It’s not pretentious. It’s Real.

You’ve been there. Rewind and thank your lucky star that you have prepared yourself for this day. You are about to give your maiden speech in Parliament. Stretch your imagination now and do some inward breathing. Have you checked it out to find out what its all about.

I say, you now know your abilities and please trust your intuition and don’t be scared and crash as you know your god given gift have propelled another legislator into Malaysia’s Parliament.

Cut the crap on those politiking behind your back as you are too good for that. Get down to your potential candidate by the scruff of his neck and tell him. I want you to touch this coveted chair and focus on whether you want it or not. Did he/she call you? If not,don’t worry…you need to

Trust your own Ability?

Johor’s War Between “DAP V PKR”

This is what has been written and we extract the whole version from Malaysiakini for all readers 

The long-standing dispute over seat allocations between DAP and PKR in Johor has escalated into open warfare.

DAP state chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau has urged PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim or president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to take over the state leadership from Chua Jui Meng.

pkr johor skudai dinner 150912 boo cheng hauDescribing Chua as an “overlord” in a statement in Chinese issued today, Boo (left) said he could no longer work with Chua, whose “arrogance” has damaged the strong collaboration built between Johor DAP and PKR before Chua took over the helm in 2010.
Chua defected from MCA to PKR in July 2009.     “I am anxious and worried about the collapsing relationship among Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties in Johor over the past two year,”  said Boo, who is the assemblyperson for Skudai.
“Most DAP and PKR leaders and those at the grassroots have no problem cooperating, but the arrogance of Chua, which has gone beyond the parties, is the main reason for the split in Johor Pakatan.”
He went on to demand that Anwar or Wan Azizah take over Chua’s post as state chief to coordinate ties among Pakatan parties in Johor, which is crucial if Pakatan is to capture Putrajaya in the coming general election.
Boo was unhappy that Chua, in an interview with Malaysiakini, had criticised DAP for recommending its Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong for the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat which PKR had contested in the past two general elections.
NONE“Chua (right) himself also repeatedly announced that he will represent PKR in Gelang Patah, although the Pakatan central leadership has not made any final decision,” said Boo.
“He also rejected many proposals of Johor DAP and PAS, as if he is the overlord of Johor.”
Boo claimed that discussion of seat allocations had been smooth from 1995 to 2008, and that DAP has been instrumental in balancing the interests of the three parties, citing these examples:
1. Although DAP had contested the Tangkak state seat in 1990, 1995 and 1999, it gave the seat to PKR in 2004.
In 2008, upon DAP’s request, PAS gave the Ledang parliamentary seat to DAP on condition that Tangkak was returned to DAP. All parties were satisfied with the arrangement.
2. DAP gave Gelang Patah to then Johor PKR head Abdul Razak Ahmad in 1995 and 2004 despite this being a Chinese-majority seat, as he was widely respected by the grassroots of both parties. In 1999, Abdul Razak agreed to let DAP contest Gelang Patah, saying the party could win in long run.
However, Abdul Razak died in 2007 without leaving any written agreement on the allocation of Gelang Patah. In 2008, PKR state chief Dr Zaleha Mustafa went against the agreement and contested the seat.
Boo claimed that a survey had then shown that the DAP has a better chance of wresting back Gelang Patah from MCA, but that the findings were not given attention.
“If DAP had contested in Gelang Patah, probably Pakatan would have won the seat in 2008.”
‘Proposals rejected’
In the latest attempt to conclude the seat negotiations, said Boo, the DAP has convinced PAS to give PKR the Tebrau parliamentary constituency, a seat held by MCA and where the majority of voters are non-Malays.
“In return, DAP will contest in Gelang Patah… the seat allocation will be the same as in 2008 – PKR will contest 11 parliamentary seats, DAP will contest seven and the remaining eight will be contested by PAS,” said Boo.
He said the DAP has also suggested that PAS gives more state seats to PKR for a balanced scenario.
azlanHowever, Boo claimed that Chua had arbitrarily rejected the proposal, as well as consensus reached by grassroots leaders of the three parties on seats in Johor Bahru.
They decided that the Johor Bahru parliamentary seat and the two state seats within it – Stulang and Tanjung Puteri – will be contested by PKR, DAP and PAS respectively.
“Chua is new in Pakatan but he does not respect the long history of close collaboration among the three parties, and has distorted history to claim that only PKR contested Gelang Patah in the past, dismissing the previous agreement between PKR and DAP.” Without mincing words, Boo accused Chua of “turning PKR into another MCA” that defames DAP and its leaders.
He also claimed that Chua has been pressuring him to give up the Bakri or Segamat parliamentary seats in exchange of Gelang Patah.
“The reason behind Chua’s selfish and unreasonable demand is to find himself a safe seat,” said Boo.
He pointed out that other parliamentary seats – Tebrau, Batu Pahat, Pasir Gudang, Muar and Ledang – are winnable constituencies for PKR if it works hard.

Malaysiakini is attempting to contact Chua for comment.

Mawan “Whitens Saratok..!!”

SPDP/BN got it faults…but here ‘s the news,so have PKR/Pakatan. Let us remind ourselves that NO ONE ???????????????????????????????IS INVULNERABLE.

The ground and written reports have painted this SPDP seat as Greyish/Black and some whispers put it worse than Charcoal Black. That is bad for the morale of the party after going through an internal cleaning up process where the “traitors” have been sacked and new leaders have emerged from within. 

There seems to be a hive of activity of leaders lobbying to be chosen to replace the “incumbent Jelaing Mersat” and be the BN candidate eventhough they know it’s an uphill struggle. Why? This is politics some say and Perception plays an important factor more than facts.

Amongst the new leaders who have put their names in the hat are Chambai Lindong, Enturan Luta, Jasmy Sadan Sagi, Dr James Chela, and Barbara Mawan. ( However ground sources have even said that none are throwing their own time FULLY and resources i.e. money to lobby hard unlike the PKR likely candidate Ali Biju.

How true the team of lobbyists they themselves need to ask themselves in the mirror. Have I done enough to deserve the seat? No Need to pint the INDEX FINGERS at me again…

Mawan as an experienced leader needs to make a swift and decisive move and he needs to take the measures which will ensure that the seat remains an SPDP/BN seat come what may.

His trump card will fall back on PKR and Pakatan cannot afford any slip ups as they will feel the rebounds would be greater than just mere words.

This which was written on 17th August 2011,”Word has got to the ears of an aide close to the PKR assemblyman. He said,”any other persons nominated by SPDP our YB will not stand in the parliamentary seat but if SPDP was to renominate Jelaing or put in Nyarok, there is every chance that he will seriously have to reconsider.”

Two of them are are on the way out Ali , and today this for good measure from BorneoPosts on line”There is also talk that Ali, who is from neighbouring Nanga Budu, might withdraw if Mawan is fielded in Saratok.

Ali Biju the Krian ADUN can deny all he can till the cows come home but his words and his ‘gentlemanly political image” would be swept away in an instant. Let PKR tell him that and you must stand for the party or the coalition will not be able to go to Putrajaya..!!

Mawan himself needs to lead from the front and to stop the lobbyists from “spoiling the party’s chances” he needs to make that Tough decision.

There is a reason that leaders are given that name. It’s because they lead and Mawan Leads his party members and this will Inspire All to drop the negativeness of Saratok P205 as a greyish/black area.

Mawan will ultimately Whiten the Area and Deliver it to BN come GE13 when the results are announced


1. https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/pkr-v-spdp-saratokthe-battle-rages-on/

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