MPs,YBs… BN or Pakatan “Watch This”

The people do not have “short memories’ The legislators who have betrayed the peoples trusts will be “shot “not literally but voted out by the people who put them there in the first place. They will be termed “TRAITORS” and as PKR Treasurer William Leong puts it there are limits to what an assemblyman can and cannot do.

 Likewise in other BN parties there are disciplinary committees which takes care of TRAITORS OR RECALCITRANT PARTY MEMBERS.  Those who do the FROG JUMP will ultimatedly pay a heavy price. Don’t turn round and tell us we did not tell you in the first place and do not blame the system.Blame yourselves..Watch the video clip…

“Keadilanism to Katakism..add ISM” Ini seluruh Malaysia

“Justice to Frogs” No,no,no it all started in in 1967 the first Katak and 1987 with Dayakism and today we have the euphoria of Keadilanism and also the dreaded Katakism. The first thing when I read in the english tabloids together with the columnists sections the Hottest topic covered is Perak and its defectors. DAP National Youth Chief Anthony Loke does not have kind words for her ex-comrade YB Hee,”Defections from DAP are not new but she caused the Governmnent to collapse and no one can forgive her.

Wah! Even YB Hannah Yeoh in her statement which appeared in Malaysiakini in which i feel the following quote is significant and will add more weight to our “KATAKISM“.She said“Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two,”

Also in this Malaysiakini article Hannah said “Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

Todays headlines in the the local tabloids,”DAP-PAS-PKR pact on the verge of break-up..?” Will this influence the voters and the people of Sarawak to look at the BRAND “PAKATAN” differently? Will they still maintain their loyalty to the brand symbol “BN..?” Politicians are a brand in themselves. We will follow a politician who not only enlightens us in this day and age but also one who exudes the confidence of his people.

In Sarawak, we have Taib Mahmud,love him or loathe him he has seen it,done it and lived it in his 27 years at the helm as Chief Minister. Where did he get his brand?

It has been said that Tun Mahathir got his branding from JOHN WAYNE the Cowboy Myth. Its just a concept whereby Tun maximised it to the fullest with,”I am the person you love to hate,hate to love and I will stick to my guns eventhough I might be wrong.” Familiar..??  

There is another major player a certain prominent Datuk and as a one of the “HIDDEN HAND” in Malaysian Politics his Brand of politics will and may never in surface in the syllabus of Harvard nor Oxford. His ‘Confrontational” stand of Politics has even the harshest political critics and analysts in a quagmire till today. He is the absolute master if you are to categorise his Brand. He seems to have perfected “The culture of Katakism”and used it in Sabah and in Sarawak with the new found brand “Keadilanism” he has infiltrated and created enough ripples and waves to disrupt and create distrusts amongst the Sarawak PKR leadership. Has he succeeded..? Of course,but the top Sarawak PKR and DAP leadership is still very much in denial mode. He moves when all of you are charmed and he plays the enemies game too well even the CIA has to SALUTE  him.

If I may an extract from a  Malaysiakini report on February 9th this appeared ,” The Sarawakian businessmen managed to get a lot of federal contracts in Sarawak and also Sabah after the BN formed the state government in 1994.””Subsequently, he was involved in the de-registration of another political party in Sarawak and the near de-registration of another one. These people are mercenaries who use legislators as errand boys, commission agents and gatherers of commercial intelligence available from the government.”

He is not Mr.Perfect brand but being with him one learns way above all the “POLITICAL DEGREES OFFERED”. “ISM” if there is a doctorate available we have to add to his name. He is not only a major political player in Sarawak but as we say “INI SELURUH MALAYSIA” You can now even add to your names,Simonism,Peterism,Fuadism,Lesternism..immediatedly we will know you have achieved a doctorate in Politics..Just a thought in Malaysia only though (John Wayne..hmmm.. )

Just where did the first frog ‘KATAK” appeared.? As Bugi Wijaya our correspondent in Sabah puts it after researching the history books Datuk Payar Juman was the first original and conferred FROG or KATAK.He was from UPKO Momugan.He defected to USNO and caused the collapse of UPKO government and subsequently resulted in the dissolution of UPKO.

We posts here some insights from Sabah,” The first incident of induced frogging was in 1967 when UPKO ADUN Payar was abducted from his home in the middle of the night and enticed to join Mustapha’s USNO(United Sabah National Organsisation) to give it a single seat lead majority with SCA(Sabah Chinese Association).With the crossover USNO managed to managed to grab the government from Stephen’s UPKO. Payar Juman was given a ministerial post and his abductor Halik Zaman was made his political secretary.

As for the Perak Queen Katak  YB Hee according to innsider sources from Perak to give YB Hee a State Exco posts would be almost an impossibility as she must also know where she stands. Did she bargain enough..? She played here cards whether wrongly or rightly but she has paid for it and things have fallen nicely for the BN administration to take over eventhough DAP and the Pakatan partners says there are POTENTIAL PERFECT STORMS coming.

The biggest mass defections of politicians was in 1976 when the federal sponsored Berjaya party was formed to topple the then Chief Minister Dato Mustapha Harun. The exodus was led by Harris Salleh and discreetly supported by Donald Stephens who had converted to Islam and changed his name to Fuad Stephens and was the TYT (Governor) at that time. Berjaya won the 1976 elections and formed the state government with Fuad as chief minister. Later Fuad and some of his cabinet colleagues died in an air crash.His deputy, Harris Salleh was installed as chief minister.

In the 1994 state elections PBS won with a slim majority of 2 seats.Within a month majority of PBS assemblymen had switched side. They were offered hard cash, cabinet positions and other inducements.The then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad denied the allegations and said the crossover was due to PBS slim majority with which they will not be able to govern effectively and may cause political instability.

Party hopping is not illegal but is considered an evil act from moral point of view. It also set a bad example and sending wrong message to the younger generations who aspire to be politicians.Those who are for sale are usually of questionable character, selfish, greedy and are there purely for status and money.They don’t give two hoots about serving the people and country, their priority is to serve themselves.

The federal government have used this shameful method to grab power on several occassions from the oppositions in Sabah .Should they complain if Anwar goes round trying to entice potential frogs from the BN camp ?

The Sarawak story we have to turn to our fellow blogger Broken shield who has posted an article which is connected with KATAKISM. His article Double Frogged Politicians..Who were the first..? The full extracted version When Bota assemblyman Nasarudin Hashim defected to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and 10 days later rejoined UMNO, some people claimed that he was the first double-frogged politician.

That is not true. I believe the first double-frogged politician was “born” in Sarawak. It was in Sarawak where this culture of double-frogging began when Ulu Rajang MP Justine Jinggut elected unopposed on a SNAP ticket in the 1982 parliamentary election defected to Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) in 1983. In 1986, he contested on a PBDS ticket and won with a big majority. He leap-frogged back to SNAP before 1987. In 1990 he stood again on a SNAP ticket and was soundly defeated by Billy Abit Joo of PBDS.

Before the State election in April 1987, 28 State assemblymen resigned from their parties to defect to PBDS and Persatuan Rakyat Malaysia Sarawak (Permas).*Those from Sarawak National Party (SNAP) joined Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) and they were SNAP deputy president Edward Jeli, SNAP secretary general Joseph Balan Seling, SNAP vice president Michael Ben Anak Panggi and SNAP CEC member Geman Anak Itam. Their defections prompted Sarawak’s Chief Minster Abdul Taib Mahmud to call for a fresh election which was held on 15 and 16 April 1987.


PBDS won 15 seats, while Permas won only five seats. Edward Jeli, Geman Anak Itam, Balan Seling and Michael Ben won with big majorities in their respective constituencies. On 14 July 1987, Edward Jeli and Geman leap-frogged back to SNAP, while Balan and Michael Ben hopped to PBB. Sora Anak Rosah defected from PBDS to PBB.

PBDS seats were further reduced to seven when months later Gramong Juna, Mikai Mandau and Bolhassan Kambar defected to PBB.

Sarawak has seen many political frogs since independence, the majority of them were Dayak politicians; and among the first were Nelson Kundai Ngarieng and Stephen Ngelambong from SNAP to PBB, Simon Dembab Maja and Penghulu Abok Anak Jalin from Pesaka to PBB in 1970. Years later Serian MP Richard Riot resigned from PBDS and defected to SUPP.

After partyless for some time, Jawah Gerang joined Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and after only a few months he hopped to Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

As for Johnichal Rayong who contested on a SNAP ticket in the Engkilili state seat secretly joined SPDP, and following the objection of other BN parties, he wanted to leap-frog to SUPP and his acceptance in SUPP should be announced before June 2008. Until today his application to be a political frog is put on hold. Nevertheless, he behaves like one of them.

The ugly culture of political frogs will not only promote the evil of corruption, but it is also the betrayal of the worst kind to those people who voted for them. Unless the government does something such as introducing the anti-hopping law, political frogs will breed more political frogs, and we as Dayaks should support this law as the majority of political frogs come from our community.

But the question is: Why are Dayak politicians so easily succumbed to temptation to become political frogs and to forsake their honour (if they have any way), the honour of their family and their generation to come? – The Broken Shield 

We say as always,” Dayakism,Keadilanism to Katakism these three words will be used frequently in the coming months as Sarawak will have their State elections very SOON. According to a columnists  today,He said,”Party-hoppers are setting up a dangerous political precedence because it can create a culture which can effectively NEGATE the POWER OF THE PEOPLE.How the political parties look after their YBS or MPs remains an OPEN DEBATE and there are many DIFFERING OPINIONS. Have your say today ….You are …. INI SELURUH MALAYSIA