BN vs DAP in Teluk Intan

gerakan mahIts a straight fight between BN Gerakan Gerakan president Datuk Mah Siew Keong  against DAP Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.of the Pakatan Alliance in the Teluk Intan by elections.The by-election in Teluk Intan was triggered by DAP Seah’s death due to cancer on May 1.

The seat has 23,301 Malay voters (38.6%), 25,310 Chinese voters (41.9%) and 11,468 Indian voters A total of 60,349 registered voters consisting of 59,927 ordinary voters, 410 early voters and 12 overseas absentee voters are eligible to vote in the by-election.

The early voting will be held on May 27 while the polling day is on May 31.




chongThe sacking of Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck is indeed a wake-up for DAP Sarawak. It does seem that the current DAP Chairman YB Chong Chieng Jen has his “pocketfull” eversince he took over the chairmanship from YB Wong Ho Leng.

The indications are clear as now the truth is out there and the main stream media is having a field day. They know DAP stories sells like hot cakes and everyday after the DUN sitting the journalists will interview Chong and Fong separately.

The RAKYAT and the voting public are watching how this UNFOLDS and if anything they will require a stable party to look after them and also to voice their concerns in the State assembly. In-fighting YBs are of no use to the RAKYAT.



DAP 30 years Too Late..??

mawan63DAP who have been trying to wrestle the urban seats are now turning their guns towards 21 rural seats currently held by BN Sarawak. At the Impian Sarawak Dinner IN PJ Selangor one of the 25 volunteers even came out with a Pantun and said,”Susah susah saya buat Paip di Sarawak Ini semua Pasal Taib”

Why are they attacking the Chief Minister who all these while have talked about Politics of Development?

DAP must be “INPAIN” and not “IMPIAN” seeing their Pakatan partners in PAS and PKR not making much inroad in their quest to capture Sarawak from the Barisan Nasional Government. Now they are trying to capitalise on Volunteers and bringing in the “freshies” whose political ideologies are not so deep rooted and also not seeing that DAP is capitalising on them to spread the “WRONG MESSAGE” back to Peninsular Malaysia.

Development takes time and if the urban areas are not progressing how will it filter down to the rural enclaves? Sarawak is so huge and can fit the whole Peninsular into it and these young Volunteers who are brought down to CAPITALISE ON DAPS QUEST FOR ABSOLUTE POLITICAL POWER should not just be blinded by one such “pipe laying project”

If the 25 volunteers think they love Sarawak why don’t they stay down here in Sarawak for 6 months.  Dont go back to your nice pillows and bed and your city life? DAP is trying to “SOW HATRED” to the Taib administration and this is not healthy. Sorry young “freshies” you have been led astray.

DAP should have done this 30 years ago. We wrote about 4 years ago on one dayak DAP Bidayuh leader Jeguk who was very vocal and now he has even realised that BN is the platform where his people will enjoy the benefits. DAP will say this next “ALL BOUGHT BACK BY BN GOVERMENT” Typical of DAP isn’t it?

The DAP Dayak leaders who are speaking against the BN government are at one time also leaders in the BN component parties. They did not do enough on their part during their time and are now using DAP to further their agendas.

A PKR veteran leader when met said,” DAP are capitalising on the weaknesses of our PKR Sarawak leaders. PKR Sarawak are too weak and they will give away another at least 15 constituencies to DAP to contest. You see it will happen in the next State Elections. Moreover he said,” PKR have losts mosts of their outspoken dayak leaders to DAP”

Surely now the PKR YBs 3 of them will know that their rural constituencies will be swallowed up by the DAP Sarawak “Impian group” Do they have anysay or are they saying anything? You wish they will come out fighting but they have been very quiet on this matter. When someone tried to break the good relations of SPDP/PBB in an article which appeared in an internet portal PBB Information Chief Adenan Satem comes out with a strong worded statement,”BOND UNBREAKABLE BETWEEN SPDP AND PBB

PKR AND DAP WILL SURELY BE AT LOGGERHEADS DON’T YOU THINK? 18 PKR seats will be sacrificed…..hmmmm

DAP “After Pakan..?”

DAP1DAP is getting bolder by the day and their going rural “Impian Sarawak Programme” must not be underestimated. They have seen of SUPP Presidents in Wong Soon Kai and George Chan and now they are targetting SPDP President William Mawan. The groundswell is building up and they have been “bisik bisik” that Mawan is theirs for the taking. SPDP members beg to differ and see that Mawan has grown from strength to strength after overpowering Ali Biju of PKR in the last GE13.

Chong Chieng Jen is underestimating the strength of SPDP and even has targetted Mawan by saying,” We want to take on Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom. I think for him to hold a ministerial post as well as attend parliament siting is too much for him to handle”

This was written to in an internet portal,”The DAP sees Mawan as a lame duck who is burdened with duties that he cannot handle effectively. ( )

SPDP divisional members in Pakan ask Chong,”who are you to determine what Mawan can and cannot do? He is healthy and capable and he is the President of SPDP. Keep your thoughts to youself Chong and find someone who you can wipe away instead of attacking Mawan. Come over to Pakan to stand against Mawan then.”


DAP “Live To Fight Another Day.?”

We somehow knew it was coming.Oh! really?

 The present DAP CEC should have deliberated at length at last nights meeting and this would be the answer,”let’s live to fight another day’ Its another way to score” political mileage” by giving as good as DAP gets.  They perfectly know also that the Registrar is appoijnted by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and their chances would have been slim to fight the battle.

THEY TOO WILL NOT EVEN SURVIVE ROUND 1 IF THEY GO AGAINST ROS. Clearly clause Section (5) hangs too at their ‘doorstep to deregistration.

We have tweeted and the following are some of the tweets and guess DAP ‘bottled up’?

  • 31 Jul ROS wants DAP 2 hv fresh polls.DAP questions on what grounds? What if Minister uses clause 5(1) of Societies act?
  • Aug 4 DAP Y so afraid 2 hv CEC polls?ROS says”DAP grassroots wants? Rakyat too wants transperancy also from DAP says ROS
  • Aug 5 ROS has d power n authority vested 2 them DAP LKS.Letter states Fresh CEC elections correct? Unhappy don’t do n don’t blame ROS
  • Aug 12 Headlines at Malaysiakini”Tyrannical ROS acts without giving reason” DAP IF NO FLAWS u think ROS Want to Check?
  • Aug 14 If ROS have valid reasons and requests for FRESH CEC elections. DAP playing for political mileage?

This article published today:- 

The DAP has decided to hold a re-election of its central executive committee (CEC).

Sources told Malaysiakini that the decision was reached at a CEC meeting, chaired by the party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, in Kuala Lumpur last night.

It is expected that Lim or the party will issue a statement to reveal the latest developments soon.

DAP Going Rural or Deregistered..??

scan0061UMNO 1987, PBDS 2004, SNAP 2013. Will DAP face the same fate? It does seem that Lim Guan Eng Chief Minister of Penang and SG of DAP has this to say ,’We see ROS as setting the ground and conditions to de-register the DAP,”

The full article:-

DAP Sarawak has set its sights to go Rural and with deregistration ‘looming on the horizon” as speculated by LGE it does seem DAP will be looking at another entity to achieve their aim.


In 2008 PRS nearly suffered the same fate and article 13(2) was used as shown (attached)below:- PRS survived the crisis and have grown from strength to strength.