Ooops “Debunking a Failed Spin”

images50FMM9JPOh No, Ooops I did it Again..

Collaquial terms such as ‘Orang Malaya’ must be understood in the right context.

People with a different frame of reference and the intellectual incapability to appreciate the social framework of such a term ‘Orang Malaya’ have no moral right to condemn me for my post on the “Orang Malaya’ tag.

The vile and baseless accusations is a deep reflection of their low-life mentality, ever ready to lash at their perceived enemies for anything which does not meet their royal agenda.

Having been in the political landscape for decades, I have deep insight as to the goings-on and naturally have immovable patriotic allegiance to my beloved country.

To associate me with Sarawak Report is another indication of the deep jealousy of my detractors, for their juvenile postings have never seen the light of day in mainstream media or top news sites.

My humble suggestion is for those writer/s to attend college and take Malaysia Negaraku 101 to be better acquainted with the nuances of geographical differences in semantics, pertaining to ‘Orang Malaya’.

But then again, for such servile creatures, this post is way above their heads.

Still I write from my heart with a clear conscience knowing I had none of those despicable intentions as maliciously alluded by those delinquent writers.

Regardless, my zest for GE 14 and the next state elections remains undaunted because I love Sarawak, my beloved state and Malaysia, my beloved nation.

No one trying to deride me can take that allegiance and love I have for my beloved country.


Bloggers to be Unmasked…??

secretbloggerWouldn’t it just be timely for MCMC to expose or unmask all the bloggers.? Should they….??  Remarkably,it does seem that ‘someone” is being hit right at the heart and the subject matter is nevertheless being debated in the corridors of power. Will Justice be served many asks?

Our and most blogger opinions in cyber space are being scrutinised and many in power are feeling the heat. No one will be left unattended to as and when the blogger in question digs up all the dirt and posts it on line. The truth hurts and we know that many will rather be on the “good-side ” of these bloggers rather than be on the WRONGSIDE.

Be prepared to face the wrath of the bloggers when they get their act together. The pen is mightier than the sword but they are ways to stop the bloggers but authorities would rather scrutinise their writings before acting. MCMC knows best and they would not just act as per what this extracted article have in mind.

The extracted article  

Umno leaders have described the anonymous bloggers who attacked Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and others as cowards and non-credible, saying it is unethical to hide behind unnamed postings to attack people.

Kedah Umno leader Datuk Othman Aziz said it was irresponsible of the anonymous bloggers to play up issues related to state investment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) merely to split the country’s leadership.

“If we want to raise an issue, we have to be responsible and comment responsibly. We cannot try to confuse the readers or worse, exploit an issue until we pit one person against another,” said Othman, who is Jerlun MP.

Besides Dr Mahathir, The Edge publisher Tong Kooi Ong and CIMB Group chairman Datuk Seri Nazir Razak had also been attacked.

The Edge recently revealed that the blogger behind the which carried several accusations against the trio, is also behind other blogs which have published complimentary articles on businessman Low Taek Jho.

Low has since denied being part of attacks, saying he respected the trio for their professional achievements.

Othman said it looked as though the anonymous bloggers had the bad intention of seeing the country ruined.

“As a responsible citizen, Dr Mahathir will give his views if he feels there are mistakes that needed to be corrected.

“If such anonymous attacks continue, in the end it will affect our country’s economy. Will we be happy to see our economy become haphazard?” he asked.

He said it was pointless for the anonymous bloggers to succeed in their attempts when in the end, the ones who lose out are Malaysians themselves.

“His motive might be political and might be aimed at toppling the current government. He may succeed but what’s the point; in the end, the country might be in chaos.”

Sabah Umno leader Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin said the bloggers’ actions were aimed at seeing two of the country’s senior leaders clash.

This, he said, was evident in the actions of numerous bloggers who raised issues to provoke a clash between previous leaders like Dr Mahathir and former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin, with prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“This should be stopped because I don’t see any positive impact from such actions,” he said.

The Kinabatangan MP said bloggers must be ethical and responsible in their writings and not make any allegations without facts.

“As a responsible blogger, one cannot simply write without concrete facts to back it up,” he added.

Umno leader Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said while it is quite normal for writers to have pen-names, it is another thing entirely when one hides behind anonymity of the Internet to attack people.

“Being anonymous is something else. It is as if one is hiding from something, more so when you are attacking someone else. It is unethical to hide behind the anonymity of blogs to attack people,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

He suggested that those who have been maligned or wrongly accused by such bloggers lodge reports with either the police or the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said unethical bloggers who make a living as weapons of powerful people have abused the Internet.

“In this case, it’s clear that there is political motivation behind the actions of all the parties involved.

“But I think people are smart enough to know this is a game of vested interests,” he said.

Nur Jazlan, who is Umno’s Pulai MP, believed anonymous bloggers are on the payroll of individuals or parties to go around disparaging the reputations of others.

“What would be their motive to smear peoples’ reputations if not for money?”

However, he said it will be very difficult for MCMC to stop such acts as the Internet is an open platform, adding that Malaysians must be educated on such matters.

Pengerang MP Datuk Seri Azalina Othman said she was disgusted by such acts, describing them as “cowardly”.

“If you are championing a cause, why hide behind anonymity? If you are a blogger, put down your name… I think it’s a bit cowardly not to.

“You have the freedom to write whatever you want to write, you should put your name to your opinions,” said the former Puteri Umno chief.

Kelab Chedet exco member Mohd Ikhmal Abu Bakar said anonymous bloggers have no credibility, unlike those who put their names and face to their writings.

He cited the example of Dr Mahathir who he said takes responsibility over his blog postings.

“I ask that these anonymous bloggers come forward and show yourself. Do not attack and hide behind the anonymity of your blogs.

“If you are brave enough to criticise, you should be brave enough to put your name to it,” he said.

He said those who attack personalities but hide their identity have no “value”.

“These people have no credibility and to me, their writing has no impact. People do not know who he is.

“If The Malaysian Insider did not come up with the story, people will ignore the blogger,” he said, referring to the blogger who made accusations of currency speculation.

“The public should not believe in the writings by anonymous bloggers.” – February 4, 2015.

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Some Bloggers simply shoot…!!

It seems many are trying to get on the gravy train or this “one” seriously making a genuine mistake to get himself known. We have been told by some Sarawak bloggers that some government officials just cannot help but try to be one of us. Is he a government official..?? You check up ……not my job  hahaha

Its no easy meat to be a blogger and only those who have SOME haha ‘heart and soul” are considered BLOGGERS but those who try hard to be one are termed just a copy and paste copier machines.

This article on one trying to applepolish on Sarawak CM Taib and giving a hard baseball hit at Chin Su Phin might just get this blogger into some bother if you are to check this article which we have copied. 

Who is this man..??

( former Sabah deputy chief minister Peter Pang En Yin)

Could we be wrong.??.”

Now this article..


Jangan bermain api!  Nanti terbakar diri!Diam-diam anak Sarawak diam berisi. Sebenarnya anak-anak Sarawak sanggup mati demi BN dan para pemimpinnya seperti Pehin Sri Abd Taib Mahmud. Begitulah amaran keras daripada ahli dan penyokong PBB yang disuarakan oleh AMT PBB, Senator Idris Buang. Amaran kepada sesiapa juga ‘orang luar’ yang terlalu kurang ajar dan biadap terhadap pemimpin BN Sarawak.”Ingat! ramai anak-anak Sarawak yang sanggup mati demi BN dan pemimpinnya seperti Abdul Taib kerana pengorbanan, jasa bakti dan sumbangannya kepada Sarawak dan negara”, tegas Idris.Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas kebiadapan Timbalan Presiden Parti Liberal Demokratik Sabah (LDP) Datuk Chin Su Phin pada beberapa hari lalu yang menyatakan kekalahan teruk SUPP adalah kerana masyarakat Cina tidak sukakan Taib justeru Taib harus bertanggungjawab.

Inilah dia Chin Su Pig

“Ini adalah satu penghinaan terhadap rakyat Sarawak khasnya Bumiputera, lebih-lebih lagi ia datang daripada ‘nyamuk’ yang langsung tidak memberikan apa-apa sumbangan kepada kekuatan BN.

“Ia adalah sesuatu yang tidak adil,  hanya kerana keuntungan politik, orang seperti Chin sanggup melemparkan pasir ke mata rakyat Sarawak  yang jelas majoriti daripada mereka masih kukuh di belakang Taib.

“Untuk orang seperti Chin, perkara terbaik untuk dia lakukan sekarang ialah sertai  saja DAP dan biar kami dalam BN ‘tampar’ nyamuk ini yang jelas semakin terjerat oleh perangkap DAP.

“BN tidak memerlukan orang seperti ini yang hanya menjadi duri dalam daging. Just go”, kata Idris.

Yes! Get out…go…go…chow…chow.


OOOoooh well..this does look like a goof up. In the light of events please leave it to the BLOGGERS.

Don’t campur lah…!!! 

This is Chin Su Phin

and this is his resume.Our Sabahan blogger Bugi Wijaya gave us this :-

As a teenager, Su Phin always loved to go to the beach to build home and sandcastle. Little did he realize that 20 years later, he became one of the many successful developers who built homes for sale.

His skill and knowledge in the construction business had won him many acclaims in the construction business. The key to his success is to be able to complete the job within the time frame and be able to provide a good and quality works. To him, this all boils down to having a strong foundation in every levels of works that include team works.

“Building a home requires a team work from the architect, engineer, down to the workers and laborers.”

“The same goes to building a political organization. We must have the understanding from the various teams when carrying out the various responsibilities entrusted upon us by the central leadership,”Su Phin says.

He is happy to note the Party is made up of dedicated and loyal members who have stood by the Party throughout all these years and withstood all the political storms and criticisms from the opposing quarters. A personal sacrifice is called for if anyone would want to be in active party politics. Often this involves some ‘painful’ financial contributions.

For Inanam division chief, Su Phin, it’s a price to pay for loyalty.

Prior to joining the Party in 1990, the 46-year old former Public Works Department technical assistant had a successful business. He could have given full concentration on it and make money all for himself. But instead, he decided to commit himself to the Party and share much of what he has made for its interest.

But he is doing this for a greater purpose.

“I believe in the Party and in its objectives. That’s why I commit myself,” says the developer cum contractor who has recently completed a low-cost housing project in Balung, Tawau.

He notes that anyone who believes in something would be prepared to pay any cost for his commitment. Su Phin has been a Supreme Council member since 1991. Su Phin is married to Helen Wong and they have three children.