Sarawak 2011-A Bernama”s Interpretation

A day before the New Year an article by Caroline Jackson Bernama Bureau chief appears in Malaysiakini. How fitting to say a few words at the end of a very eventful year for Sarawakians at the polls. The road ahead is anything but smooth for the ruling BN government and certain things needs to be put right or the nightmare will be prolonged for some BN coalition parties. However we must take into account and be Thankful to our Leaders for our state is very much free from security fears,religious persecution and racial hatred.

Sarawakians by and large have our differences but we do not let emotions take control and still live harmoniously alongside each other peacefully. Long may this continue and lets wish 2011 a fond farewell and may we welcome 2012 with open arms.

The management and staff of audie61 wishes all allies.supporters,friends and partners a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012. We are always by and with you as far as Sarawak is concerned. “Berjuang untuk Negeri Sarawak” All the bests to all of you and thanks for the  support during 2011 and please continue your undivided support during 2012 .

Extracted from internet portal an article by Caroline Jackson(Bernama Sarawak bureau chief)

The year of the Rabbit saw Sarawakians going  to the polls in the 10th state election on April 16, the biggest in the state’s history.      In terms of statistics, it boasted of a total of 979,796 registered voters, 1,749 polling centres and 213 candidates vying for the 71 state seats at stake throughout the length and breadth of Sarawak.      BN emerged from the polls with 55 seats, seven short of their 2006 tally.
Parti Pesaka Bumiputera (PBB) led by Abdul Taib Mahmud (left) repeated a clean sweep of 35 seats it contested in, but the four-party coalition suffered a setback when the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) was again dealt a heavy beating resulting in the party’s worst performance in its 51-year-old history.
The then SUPP president George Chan said the predominantly Chinese party worked so hard with the hope of retaining its seats from 2006 but was crushed, losing 13 seats out of the 19 seats contested to become the biggest BN casualty.
“If the May 2006 electoral disaster was etched in our memory for a long, long time, then the April 16, 2011 results could be a very bad nightmare for SUPP,” said Chan, who failed to defend the Piasau seat in Miri, which he had served since 1983, against a DAP newcomer, in his recently launched book, “What Now?”
But thanks to the predictable support from the rural-based Bumiputera voters, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) captured eight out of the nine seats it contested and thus debunked its tag as the “sick man” of the state BN, and in the process emerged as the second strongest partner in the state BN coalition.
PRS president James Jemut Masing credited the performance to its current image of stability and solidarity when political parties round them were cracking up – a far cry from its formation in 2004 following a bitter leadership struggle that had earlier led to the deregistration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS).
On the other hand, the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), which won six out of eight seats contested, is currently facing an internal crisis with party president William Mawan quoted as saying that five “renegades” had created unnecessary tension and anxiety among party members and could even threaten its existence through sustained attacks against him in the press.
Subsequently on Nov 25, the SPDP supreme council sacked former secretary-general Sylvester Entri Muran from the party while four others – senior vice-president and Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian, vice-president and Mas Gading MP Tiki Lafe, information chief and Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang and another supreme council member and Bekenu assemblyman Rosey Yunus – were stripped of their posts due to insubordination.
Amid speculation of attempts to set up a new political party or join a BN component party, the estranged group of five retaliated that they had lost faith in Mawan, who said he would oppose any such attempts outright to re-enter the BN.     ‘SUPP won’t weaken S’wak BN’
Leveraging on issues, such as Native Customary Rights (NCR) land, land lease, Chinese education and even SUPP’s alleged “subservience” to PBB, the DAP won in all the 12 Chinese-majority seats while PKR, three, including the Orang Ulu seat of Ba’Kelalan by Sarawak PKR chief and NCR lawyer Baru Bian.
Ironically, George Lagong, who was sacked by PKR for contesting on his own, was the sole winner among the 41 independents in Pelagus.      However, with the 13th general election just around the corner, Sarawak BN secretary-general Stephen Rundi was confident that the current political scenario in the SUPP and SPDP would not affect the coalition’s strength.      –
Rundi, who is also PBB secretary-general, said the election machinery of all the state component parties was still intact, fresh from the state election.
“As you can see, Umno is the backbone of the BN and PBB is the backbone of the Sarawak BN, and we (PBB) are in the position to actually assist some smaller component parties to get themselves ready for the coming (13th general) election,” he had told Bernama.      Meanwhile, SUPP president Peter Chin, who was elected amid much controversy during the party’s polls early this month, said his immediate task was to unite his deeply divided party, repair its battered public image and win back the Chinese community.
The election, SUPP’s first ever direct party election, also saw five-term Serian Member of Parliament Richard Riot making history by becoming the first bumiputera to assume the deputy presidency, which was also expected to woo back its Dayak members to the party fold.
“We must go back to our members first and make them feel that they are part of the family of SUPP,” said Chin, who is also Miri Member of Parliament.

Bila SPDP”Correct…..??”

Eversince CM Sarawak mentioned all will be well within BN/SPDP the dirty linens went missing. The disciplinary committee of SPDP went about their business of putting the report with findings and recommendations ready for SPDP Supreme Council meeting.

Mawan the President finds no urgency in this matter,gives the Separatists 5 further”extra time” for them to seek “an olive branch”before he blows the final whistle. According to insider sources the next SC will be held towards the end of October and definitely justs before the next DUN sitting on 12th November 2011. 

3 questions however needs to be answered and hopefully you will be as good as our lawyer friend.

  • 1. Who submitted the name of Rosey to be elevated to be Assistant Minister? Answer….
  •  2. Will the 4 stay out even if Rosey comes back home? Answer
  • 3.Will the axe fall during the next  SC meeting? Answer…….



Wah! you are as good as VK Lingam the senior lawyer who brokered the appointment of friendly judges to senior positions in the judiciary and is well connected and powerful.

 Oooh! I forgot you must be one of those closely connected with PBB who has the final say. Don’t look around as the walls are closing in. We wrote this on March 30th 2010 in which even then CM Taib was even implicated.

Even one Ministers name was mentioned then and this we extract from what we wrote’,”Huh! Tak Ada Lah! Mana mahu Campur! Selalu orang pakai nama aku. Jangan dengar khabar angin saja“{ Huh! No way,Why should I interfere? Everytime people use my name .Dont listen to rumours only}


Sarawak “It’s a TEAM Effort….”

In any field of work there must be competition and “one”must also not stand alone. I remember very well the words echoed out by the former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew ” No man Is An Island ” and these words have stucked with me till today.

 One musts also know that great footballers today like Messi (Barcelona) and Ronaldo (Real Madrid) will not be able to play in their respective teams if the rests of the team just don’t want to pass the ball to them.

We worked and toiled like any team and of course we needed advices from our coaches in PBB and UMNO New Media Unit to guide us through. It was well worth the effort and the commitment shown was second to none by our bloggers.twitterers,graphic artists and facebookers.

 We are not selling ourselves but reminding people out there in the blogsphere the existence of this TEAM and willing to put in long hours and making sure the messages are received all the way to the ground.


and we are here to assist anyone who needs our services…..

P212 Sibu “Could it be False Alarm..??”

Frantic phone calls are being made to all BN supporters and sympathisers that this by election DAP/PR is gaining momentum. ,”We need a Final push and everyone is needed.”Even the PM is making a third appearance into Sibu and he will be at Rajang Park tonight for a Final Push for Votes.  

Even the sms which audie61 received states,”Pls get all your frens and relatives to Vote for BN.We really need to boost up last round of efforts to win d support of d voters.” TQVM for your kind support. What could have spark this reaction…? A political analysts said its this report from Malaysiakini which has really up the ante for BN…

DAP to win Sibu by 500 votes:-

Having not been in Malaysia for the past three years, I was surprised by some of the physical changes back home, including the rise of new commercial and residential developments in my home town, or should I say, home city, of Petaling Jaya.

Even the DAP headquarters in Section 20 in Paramount Gardens has gone though a significant face-lift. The few times I drove past this building this week, however, revealed a surprising lack of activity in the HQ of what is now the largest opposition party in the country and a party which holds more parliamentary and state seats than MCA, MIC and Gerakan combined.

It suddenly dawned on me that the whole administrative and leadership structure of DAP in Peninsular Malaysia had temporarily relocated to Sibu.

The DAP has been itching for an electoral fight since March 2008. Both PAS and PKR have had numerous opportunities to mobilise their electoral machinery for their respective candidates in the previous 10 post-March 2008 by-elections. Sibu finally presents an opportunity for DAP to do the same for its own candidate.

That this contest would be a close one was never in doubt. The BN won this seat in 2008 with only 53% of the popular vote and against a divided opposition. Even in the midst of the Pak Lah ‘tsunami’ in 2004, the SUPP won this seat with only 54% of the popular vote.

azlanMost of the analysis, reports and betting odds are in favour of the BN at the time of writing. However, the betting odds seemed to have narrowed significantly over the past week, down to approximately 1,000 votes in BN’s favour. The odds will probably narrow further come polling day tomorrow.

I have been wrong in my analysis in predicting the eventual winner (Hulu Selangor) and the margin of victory (Kuala Terengganu) in previous by-elections.

A good friend of mine observed that my predictions tend to be a little over-exuberant, shall we say, usually in favour of the Pakatan Rakyat candidate. This is not based on any inherent bias (though I have my own personal political preferences) but rather on the methodological framework and analytical assumptions I use in predicting by-election outcomes.

With this in mind, I will once again stick my neck out and predict a narrow DAP victory by less than 500 votes.

What is my prediction based on?

Decline in Chinese support

Firstly, I expect a decline in the Chinese support for SUPP. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Without an expected decline in the Chinese support, there is no possibility of a DAP victory in this 67% Chinese-majority seat.

azlanThe crucial question here is the extent of the decline in Chinese support. In the 2008 general election, the estimated level of Chinese support for SUPP was 37%. A conservative estimate would put the decline at less than 5%. A more aggressive estimate would give the DAP as much as 70% of the Chinese vote.

My prediction is based on the assumption that DAP would get somewhere between 68% to 69% of the Chinese vote. In a close race such as this, where every vote counts, a 1% swing in the Chinese vote translates roughly into a difference of 500 votes in the overall majority.

There are a number of factors which can account for the expected fall in the Chinese support for BN. Unhappiness with the incumbent chief minister and the uncertainty of the impending leadership transition, infighting within SUPP, a number of campaign issues which can have local salience, such as the ‘Allah’ issue, are some of the more prominent factors.

The crucial point here is that there are a number of factors which can, and probably will, decrease the level of Chinese support for SUPP, and there are few campaign issues which can be used by the Sarawak-based party to counter attack DAP. Hence, the only direction the Chinese support for SUPP can take is down.

NONEBut unless the swing in the Chinese vote is significant – by 7% or more – DAP still needs to swing some of the Iban vote in its favour.

The level of Iban support for SUPP was approximately 80% in 2008. A 1% swing in the Iban vote will result in a change of 100 votes in the overall majority. If some of the salient local issues, including the ‘Allah’ issue – which is much more likely to affect the practice of Christianity among the BM-speaking Iban compared to the Chinese- and English-speaking Foochow – have traction, it would not be surprising to see a slight decrease in the Iban vote.

My prediction is based on a swing of 5% in the Iban vote against SUPP, and in my opinion, it’s a rather conservative estimate.

I assume that there is no change in the level of Melanau/Malay support for SUPP, which will remain at a high level of approximately 85% – the 2008 level. It would be naive to think that PAS would be able to swing any Melanau/Malay support to the DAP candidate given that it has almost no grassroots presence in Sarawak.

Finally, I also assume that BN will have a dominant 2,500-vote majority in the postal votes, which was what it was in 2008. This majority may shift slightly because the latest electoral roll shows that there are slightly over 2,500 postal voters in the constituency.

DAP leaders seem hungrier

Apart from the uncertainty associated with predicting changes in voting patterns by ethnic group, there are also the challenges associated with predicting the impact of some of the ‘immeasurables’, notably vote-buying and postal-vote tampering.

My prediction has already factored in vote-buying in that I assume that the same level of vote-buying that had been practiced would continue to have the same effect. Of course, in a by-election, the stakes are much higher which means that more money and incentives can be thrown in at the eleventh hour to swing the necessary number of votes to win the by-election in question. This was one of the contributory factors in the BN victory in Hulu Selangor.

NONEHowever, given the already high levels of support for SUPP among the Iban and the Malay/Melanau areas, my belief is that the impact of additional resources spent on vote-buying will not have any additional effect on the voting behaviour of these groups of voters.

In other words, those who could not be ‘bought off’ before, for whatever reason, in the previous elections, would not be able to be ‘bought off’ this time around, even with greater monetary incentives.

In terms of postal-vote tampering, since polling agents from the respective parties are not allowed to observe the voting process, the usual practices associated with ‘pressuring’ postal voters, mostly in the army in the case of Sibu, may be ramped up. But again, given the already high percentage of SUPP support among postal voters (94% in 2008), I do not anticipate a significant increase in the majority gained by SUPP from the postal votes.

In addition, I do not take into account of the small but possibly significant factor of the independent candidate, Nawawi Haron, who may take a handful of crucial Malay/Melanau votes away from BN.

I end with where I began – back at the DAP headquarters.

NONEMy sense is that the DAP leaders are desperate to win this by-election. All internal feuds, which were not as serious as the ones faced by PKR in Hulu Selangor, have been put aside for this by-election.

It seems that the Peninsular-based DAP leaders have allowed Sarawak DAP to ‘run the show’ as it were and provide the necessary support in other ways. This was not an advantage enjoyed by DAP in 2008.

The DAP leaders seem hungrier and more motivated. They know that every vote counts and are willing to work as hard as possible to turn out every single pro-opposition voter. I think it is this motivation that will provide the final edge for DAP to emerge victorious with a paper-thin margin of less than 500 votes.


ONG KIAN MING holds a PhD in political science from Duke University.


P212 “Handicap Odds For Sibu”

azlanHere We go! Here We go! Here We go!

These Familiar football chants from the terraces of any football matches has certainly caught on with the World Cup fever in June. Legalise Football betting in Malaysia Wow! That will hit many other punters instead of curbing syndicated betting crime.

But before that there is the Sibu P212 by elections where a lot of $$$$$$ will be exchanged especially in determining the result of the polls.If we can legalise football betting why not election betting..? In actual fact any form of betting is a Disruption and Contamination to the Flow of Nature

This statement by Sibu District Police Chief ACP Shafie Ismail,”We are doing this because we want to ensure that the by election is crime free” when the Headlines appeared in teh STAR Sarawak edition “BETTORS BEWARE

Natasha and Joey of  audie61 made a few phone calls to certain known sources who has links to the underworld betting syndicates and the word is that the bookies are ready to accept bets and even before nomination which is tomorrow 8th May 2010 the odds are already known.

Its BN giving 2000 headstart with those taking DAP/PR winning 85 cents. Taking BN will receive full $ and loses will be at 95cents. In the report published on May4th in the Star a team of CID officers had been deployed to Sibu for the byelection to keep an eye for such activities as they are also linked to gangsterism.CID officers are also working together with Special branch to gather information on such activities.

Both SUPP and DAP condemn election betting but both want to see more done by the police to ensure a good clean fight. In 1982 it was believed that the former SUPP President  Wong Soon Kai losts the elections in Sibu due to massive betting and odds offered which resulted in the end of his political career. 

So are we legalising ELECTION betting ….???

“Crisis Breeds Opportunities”

It seems what goes round comes around and 1987 Ming Court Affair will resurface if its left unchecked. PRS President James Masing has already blown the BUGLE at Kapit in the presence of 18 YBs plus party supporters and it seems these words,”,”Crisis Breeds Opportunities” at PRS press conference will haunt him. According to a veteran politician he says,’ James is very cunning and wily and as an Antropologists plus his political experience he knows how the human minds will react. 

Mawan who has been rather cool especially with his 5 Separatists YBs and 3 SC deserting him at SPDP PC has said,”,”Politics is about agreement and not disagreement.”

It seems the message has really caught on and CM Taib in this Malaysiakini report also echoed it out loud at the Rejang Regatta 2010,”He also reminded them that “there should be more agreements to do more things for the people rather than more disagreements where they will end up quarreling among themselves“.

“There is nothing to gain by being divided,” he said.

“We should learn from our own experiences since 20 to 30 years ago where the great partnership between our people of different races, religions and backgrounds had yielded much better results for the country,” he said.

It clearly reflects that CM is not the Unseen Hand which many has said that he was behind the toppling of Tiong King Sing for his egocentric and powers and not respecting the Chief Minister Taib. If it was taib would not have played this card about disagreements. The persons or “HIDDEN HANDS” are using this opportunity to knock harder as the posts era Taib and also preaching with it Taibs days are closing on him and numbered.

Who has ambition? Who has been harping on future CM will be a dayak? Who seems gullible? The words spoken as they say when it comes out from the tigers mouth is UNRETRACTABLE AND BEYOND SALVATION. CM is not sleeping yet eventhough he has been stabbed once too often and his generals and lieutenants will consolidate and eventually destroy those who uses “Crisis Breeds Opportunities

One needs to be remind James the PRS President too,’ THERE ARE STILL DANGEROUS PEOPLE OUT THERE .THEY ARE NOT KILLED UNLIKE DURING WARS.” 1987 and 2010 are too different eras and need we say more.…??

WHY ITS CALLED MING COURT AFFAIR 1987 from Broken shield

The Ming Court is a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, where a group of politicians headed by the former Governor of Sarawak, Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub gathered some time in March 1987 and discussed a plan to topple the State government of Sarawak under the leadership of Taib Mahmud, Rahman’s nephew. The Ming Court Hotel became the “headquarters” of these politicians who were dissatisfied with Taib’s government. Thus, the name of Ming Court Hotel Affair came about.
Are they all still around……Of course..!!! 

Dissatisfaction with Taib’s leadership started as early as in 1985, when Bumiputera politicians accused him of neglecting the interests of Bumiputeras – the Malays, Ibans and Bidayuhs and giving so much face to the Chinese. Many big projects, timber concession areas and large tracts of land were given to the Chinese and SUPP. Because of a special relationship between Taib and SUPP leaders, SUPP became very daring in its demand. SUPP even asked the State government to give it a piece of land in each of the seven divisions in the State for the construction of its premises. This request by SUPP angered the Bumiputeras.

Wilfred Nissom, the independent State Assemblyman for Bengoh, was among those who were critical of Taib Mahmud. Nissom accused Taib of being a “weak” Chief Minister who always gave in to demands by SUPP. He said that it was only a weak Chief Minister who tried to make a criminal out of a Bidayuh who had made a private application to join PBB under him.

PKR “CNY Open House”

Latest sms from See Chee How at 915 pm PKR Open House: Good Turnout easily more than 350 turn up eventhough Chua Jui Meng has left early for Airport at 8.30pm. More are coming in after performing prayers.  

PKR Sarawak will be holding a Chinese New Year Open House at their New party headquarters in Satok,Kuching. The guests of honour will be PKR SC Member Datuk Seri Chua Jui  Meng (former Health Minister). The function will start at 7.30pm and PKR members,friends,supporters and alliances have all been invited to attend.

The Information chief of PKR Sarawak See Chee How says,”Its a Chinese New Year Gathering and we hope that it will be a very good night for everyone in the spirit of Celebrating the CNY festival.”

SPDP Separatists”Made of Plywood”

Most of us must have heard of this song lyrics,”Ive got chills,the’re multiplying” from the Hit movie Grease starring John Travolta/Olivia Newton John and the song is “You’re the One That I Want” .

In Sarawak the Separatists 5 plus 3 has been dealt a blow and the political adventure where they took the wrong turn has now got the heading,”I’ve got shoes they’re made of plywood...

The Unseen Hand has send them all to their Igloos and they must have cursed their luck in that the ones that matters mosts( planners of the plot ) are not punished and got away Scot Free and lived to muster yet another political intrique for the PUPPET MASTERS.

The shoes that they wore to move across on a pretence “merger” plan with SPDP/PRS to save their own egos and skin were dealt with severely. It seems that a number of smses have been circulating round which has its roots all the way from Kapit.

There is a great concern on the part of the BN as it will throw out the meticulous plan of the State Government as it embarks on renewing a new “Mandate” from the rakyat.

How Bold and how True when the heading of the sms has “It’s pay back time” Isn’t this unhealthy to say the least? The validity of this sms has yet to be ascertained as it will not only bring about clashes between two BN political parties but also amongst the mosts trusted and loyalists of both sets of supporters. Moreover a DAYAK CM in it? Even Alfred Jabu DCM was not spared….etc etc.(check it out from friends if you must)

 We as Netcitizens are not mouth pieces for some ones gains and ways to make a quick fix to ensure that warring factions are at it. We have already mentioned in our earlier articles if you need to {read to go back and double check} and that is,’ STAY COOL BEFORE THE STATE ELECTIONS” was the very words from the Chief Minister.

Could he be wrong..? Would the CM Taib create a rather unhealthy scenario with the elections just around the corner?Who took upon them the liberty to start an all out war and in the end there are BRUISED EGOS and SACRIFICIAL LAMBS.

Time is of course is the healer in this circumstance but its only natural that we need to remind ourselves,‘THE WOUND MIGHT HEAL BUT THE SCAR REMAINS” It was a rather unfortunate path taken by all concerned and if the agenda is for their owns personal feel good( $$$$$$) they have all been checkmated. The authorities concerned have all taken notes of their actions and as we always say ,”YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR IT.” It will be rather chilly where you are going but in time you will realise its a heavy one to pay for.

 If only they have DOCTOR MARTIN shoes…..

“Will They..Will They NOT…??”

Updated 6.35pm:- An Emeritus Professor said,The Truth will prevail and Mawan will know who his friends and foes are after this crisis.Kapit will be the final curtain call and the river will swallow up who makes the wrong decision. Anyway Garai and Gani are just part players. 

Updated 6.05pm:-This tactic and strategy might just be the right approach to stop the harassment from those aligned to Mawan. Lets see what happens and whether the privilege source has CREDIBILITY leftIs he so sure.,says a political analysts..??

Updated 3.11pm Peter Gani has confirmed to privilege source that he will not be going to Kapit. ITS NOT A PLOY OR DECOY……

The mosts likely answer to the question would be for the Separatists SPDP 5,”THEY WOULD NOT.” According to a veteran political analysts,”It would do them world of good as Mawan the President has already offered them sweets plus an olive branch.

Mawan can only do so much as he has forgiven,hope and accepted their actions for being misled or taken their own individual initiative to fast forward the SPDP/PRS merger plan. Mawan also said that he does not CONDEMN this sort of things. So are the Separatists 5 plus 3 too GUILTHY to come back and attend the SPDP SC this weekend?  

The sms from an insider source text at 13.10 pm reads,” The SPDP 5 plus 3 SC but minus Tiki going to Kapit joining SC PRS tomorrow.” Convinced that they will not..?? Earlier audie61 made a phone call to SPDP Headquarters and got hold of DSG Paul Igai and he mentioned that the Agenda for this weekends meeting and all necessary documentation has been sent out to all concerned and that includes the 5 SPDP and 3 SC members. 

Just then at 2.05pm an SPDP Youth member asked audie61,”Why are they attending the PRS Supreme Council meeting in Kapit tomorrow knowing fully well that their own party SPDP will be having their own this weekend. Have they severed all ties and joined PRS? Or are they just using this excuse to say that they are on a roadmap of “MERGER”

The phone has not stopped ringing an our privilege source came out with this at 2.41pm,”It seems that George Garai the earlier initiator of this merger plan has pulled his handbrake and will not be going to Kapit to attend the PRS SC as THE PROMISE is not kept.” What that means will be unfold in days to come according to our source.

So Mawan would be too happy if the Separatists can come back to the SPDP SC meeting with what has been discussed in PRS SC meeting. That insider information is very vital is of extreme importance according to what was reported in todays news as echoed by the SPDP President Mawan.

So WILL THEY or WILL THEY NOT….?? Feb 28 being the 15th day of the Chinese New Year Celebrations would be a very much awaited day for not only all Chinese celebrants “CHAP GOH MEI”but also SPDP members in totality.

“Separatists Walked into Trap..??”

Forget the niceties which will be published in the mainstream media tomorrow on the meeting of the gang of 5″Separatists” with PRS President James Masing at Party Headquarters in Pending. PRS President was very accomodating to the group as he said,‘this is a genuine spirit of cooperation,we cannot waste any more time as the battlefield of the State election is drawing near and in the spirit of BN . PRS is keen and happy to see it happening.Its a long process and it will take time but first of all the “ROADMAP”must be charted to ensure it works. The persons responsible to visit all the PRS/SPDP constituencies would be headed by YB Paulus and PRS SG Wilfred Nissom.

 Of course the hidden agenda for the Press,Special Branch officers and media personnels on the whole PC lies on who are the personalities mentioned as “controling the party and the powers in SPDP…?” There was a deafening sound of silence when one person pointed out ,”Tiong..??” It was supposed to open the floodgates but the PRS President was quick to ‘close the subject” The separatists have themselves to blame as they are putting themselves in a spot of bother.

Its a simple analogy,”When you join a new neighbourhood or a new team,one should not speak foul of what one has left behind.Instead they walked themselves into a TRAP which Masing from his body language could not help them to solve it. Imagine saying Mawan and Nyarok are good people but they are controlled by someone.

If the merger happens dont tell me the President “whoever it may be” would let you just do your thing according to your whims and fancies…Please lah says a veteran Sarawak political analysts. They have walked into their own TRAP and they are just using this excuse to impress Masing to welcome them. They are like a FISH WALKING INTO THE NET…..

Masing needs to look left and right and would be very wary not to offend PBB,SUPP as it intends to FLEX its muscle. Some YBs in PRS are not exactly happy with this arrangement as they see further troubles brewing after going through a major crisis which ended in April 2008. Does PRS need further problems..??

The opposition would use this to capitalise on BNs weakness and its usually the BNs weakness in Sarawak “BN versus BN” which the opposition gains.  So one is compelled to say,”CMs cool it is not heeded and the SPDP separatists having seen PM and CM knows bests. Even Masing was quick to play down a question from the Press,”Ask them they know better.. !!”

The motion is now set for SPDP  supreme council meeting this weekend and what would come off it. DSG Paul Igai welcomes the SPDP separatists to show themselves at the meeting even though Nansian had said ‘What do you think..?”

Ther is still hope to see an end to the separatist needs and it needs a third party to be the official judge. Until then the merger process would remain in a “TRAP” Its not so easy as a corporate merger as Nansian puts it. A corporate merger is buying the shares in the company and with political merger it is an agreement of all concerned in the Supreme Council and the whole party hierarchy. Do we need to throw the constitution to him says an ordinary SPDP member?

The TRAP has already taken a number of the victims and they now need to know how to get themselves FREE from the entanglement and to STOP using ‘the personalities concerned” The main stream media will have all the juicy parts,photographs  and niceties but we have the political intrinques….

SPDP will come out of this with a “SHOW HAND” which has been discussed with the SPDP YOUTH and will be actioned accordingly.Remember politics is a NUMBERS GAME they say to audie61………