UMNO President No doubts..PM When..??


PM Abdullah told the reporters after his Presidential meeting with the delegates that Najib Abdul Razak will be the the new Umno president.

The BIG QUESTION MARK REMAINS,”No date has been set for the power transfer and it is still no clear when Najib will be sworn in as the new prime minister.”

We say as always,” Has PM Abdullah officially announced..? I am indeed puzzled and please enlighten me if there is an official notice hidden somewhere from the publics eyes.


“This is A Significant Date..April 15th Empress Dowagers”

The UMNO elections,President of UMNO,by elections would be done, over and dusted but April 15th seems to be a rather significant date. Malaysians would be wondering whether that will be the day when PM Abdullah officially hands over the reins. Could it be so obvious and clear cut now?

What got me wondering is this firstly,”Fuel Price cash rebate extended to April14th.” The claim period was supposed to end on March 31 but the Government has agreed to extend it for an additional two weeks, Pos Malaysia said.  

Secondly,Tun Mahathir spoke on the possibility of a “motion of confidence” be tabled in Parliament to have Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi remained as the Prime Minister. It’s a possibility; it’s not against the law. The law provides that to be the prime minister, you must have the support of the majority in Parliament but it does not say from which party.

Thirdly,Ali Rustam and Taib would play major starring roles in the coming weeks and its PAYBACK TIME according to some political analysts. Its not so much 007 “From Russia with Love” but Badawi’s,”Malaysia with love”.

Abdullah has been saddened by events happening in which it seems not all his men are only being targetted but also the opening of an old wound and spat between Mahathir and himself which does not want to go away.

Events moved so fast when Abdullah was out of the country in Brunei and in Indonesia. This will have hurt him more as speculations are such that Mahathir is going on an overdrive and wants to remove Abdullah soonest.

Najib must know what happened to Anwar when he was about to ascend the PM throne. He needs no reminding and he will be overly cautious. Nothing will escape him but it seems a number of Empress Dowagers will bite back at Najib.

Who then are the Empress Dowagers who will stop Najib at all costs? Take your pick and even Najib could not have seen it coming. An hour in politics is a long time and the scheming behind by the Empress Dowagers who has incredible influences cannot be discounted. There have 3 weeks to weild their swords and for all we know its already in place.

Unless Najib is sworn in as the PM in an official ceremony then he is safe. If not,the waiting game will be just like what Mahathir had said“Abdullah Badawi has to go . . . He’s the most despised man in the country. He’s not just a lame duck but a dead horse.”

Mahathir knows that legally the current prime minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could continue serving his term until the next general election if he wanted to. So he is pushing Najib and also Muhyddin but also aggravating not only Ali Rustam but also Muhd Mohammad Taib with his overzealous comments.  

We say as always,”  Could Najib be caught with his PANTS down? No wonder Anwar was grinning and smiling when he left after the lunch meeting Pak Lah.The Empress Dowagers are at their deadliest when their backs are up the wall. Interesting…???

BN Perception “2 Good starts 1 False start”

Every picture tells a story and an emeritus professor was quick to point out to Joey of audie61. He said,” you just look at these pictures,compare them and tell me what’s wrong.” We have written earlier on this subject and we are not going to ‘Kutuk,Kutuk ,Kutuk” again. Judge for yourselves and you will be uttering the words,”Correct,correct,correct” Hmmm..Isn’t Politics about Perception..???


Datuk Seri Najib Razak introducing Ismail Safian (second from left) as the BN candidate for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat yesterday. From left are Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, Trong state assemblyman Datuk Rosli Husin and Bukit Gantang Umno deputy chief Kamarulail Sulaiman

najib2 Datuk Seri Najib Razak and MIC vice-president Datuk S. Veerasingam with BN’s candidate for Bukit Selambau, Datuk S. Ganesan, in Sungai Petani yesterday


Parti Rakyat Sarawak president Datuk Seri James Masing holding a photograph of Malcolm Mussen Lamoh, the Barisan Nasional candidate for Batang Ai.

It seems that “Nearly…all Hell Broke Loose” as the Sarawak tabloids,also the internet portals and blogs are cashing on this subject.”

Malaysiakini portal played this up,”The ailing chief minister, in a huff, refused to announce the name at a press conference and stalked out after reminding Masing starkly that BN chief and outgoing Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had yet to endorse his candidate.

We say as always,”  Every picture tells a story and you will have your say. At audie61 Joey said we have had enough phonecalls to satisfy Maxis ,Celcom and Digi for todays profits. 

N29…”Is he ,or is he Not..??


Yesterday we posted this article BN-PRS candidate is confirmed by PRS President to the Press and media as Malcolm Mussen Lamoh.

Malaysiakini also disputed on the claims as who announced it and whether its PRS President or the CM Pehin Taib. Todays Sarawak Tabloids are full of it and this English Tabloid headlined has,”MUSSEN Likely BN man for Batang Ai.” This part of the statement  is the ‘One ” which many political analysts says is the killer and most poisonous words.

CM Taib said,”We have unanimously endorsed the PRS candidate.As a normal procedure,I will be putting up the name for approval by the PM Abdullah.The PM will probably do so in the next two days. However,Taib withheld the name of the candidate. Neverthless,PRS President James Masing later revealed the candidate’s name to the press.

In another related matter to this the PM when questioned by reporters in Penang he said,’If Sarawak BN,wishes to get confirmation or endorsement from me as the BN Chairman,I have not officially received the proposed name.”

Well,well,well it seems that something is not correct,correct,correct here. A lecturer friend of mine said,” Siapa itu yang lawan BN towkay..?” Now it puts Mussen as the pawn in a bigger picture “Is he, or is he not…??”

There has been speculations that PRS President made a wrong turn and thats why PM says he has not been officially told.” He is still after all the PM and the protocol line is breached. Political intriques..?? 

We say as always,”  We live in interesting times. There must be a Twist in the Tail..!!Anwar will have something to say on this..Watch this space………..

“The Bait..!! Anwar or Abdullah or…..??”

4 eyes meeting between PM Abdullah and Anwar (opposition leader) for 20 minutes will surely make hairs stand on ends and the spin doctors working overtime. Jeng.! Jeng.! Jeng.!

The phones between political leaders some within the same political divide and exchanges between different divide  is,” Now our friend “N” is being hooked on the line.” 

Obviously to those allied to” N ” its seems that this political lunch and rare meeting at a function in Hulu Langat was all planned by PM Abdullah. Or is it..? We wouldn’t know would we..? Dare to make an assumption..? ” N ” boys are running helter skelter wanting ONLY VALID REASONS. Do you have them..?? 

According to informed sources, both leaders were invited by Al-Fadhil Tuan Guru Syeikh Mahmud Al-Majzubdi (better known as Tok Ayah) for the Maulud Rasul celebrations. 

Anwar said in the report in Malaysiakini that people should not read too much about their meeeting.There have been too many assumptions and interpretations regarding our presence at the event.”

An emeritus professor said there must be some sort of agreement being reached somewhere along the line.Just taking a leaf out of ex-PM Tun Mahathir book he knows that when he was in office there was hardly anyone within UMNO who dared to cross the line.

PM Abdullah hinted that he had a core of loyal supporters within the party who would keep Najib in check. Is history about to be repeated..? The day of reckoning for Abdullah is soon and he might just do the about turn in which Tun Mahathir fears the mosts.  Who then is the “BAIT” for..??

We say as always,”  Nothing is too late for PM just yet..He holds the cards still close to his chests. Its not over till the baton is passed over.That is the RULE of DEMOCRACY 

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“Stop Political Bickering..Oh Yea..!!”

audie61 has over the last eight months been preaching on the need for both sides to face reality.”The GE 308 is long gone and lets get down to run the country.BN the government without 2/3majority and Pakatan as the opposition” STOP POLITICAL BICKERING AN GET ON WITH IT..WITH WHAT..??

Of course, all the elected representatives have taken their oath of office and are given the mandate by the people to serve as their representative and voice out the concerns in their constituencies. To those who have been given the tasks to run the country or state they have just got to get on with it.

We dont need a prophet of doom to tell us that the world crisis of unemployment,falling markets and with that crime figures will be increasing and it will affect Malaysia. It’s right at Malaysia’s door step and this was also discussed after we attended the late YB Dublins funeral before we went our separate ways.

The conversation included an emeritus professor and a number of journalists from the Eastern Times,Borneo Posts and Sin Chew. Crime rates has indeed sky rocketed and whats more the Malaysian political scene is laughable and a joke as comparable to other countries. Will this unhealthy political trend stop asks the professor? When and how will it stop?

The journalists would not be drawn into this rather touchy political question. Somewhat surprising was then a journalists took out the ‘Star” Wow! Were we amazed at how the timing is?  If i may I copy and  reposts from this internet portal. 

Consultant Anas Zubedy shelled out more than RM36,000 for his advertisement yesterday in The Star, the country’s biggest-selling English-language newspaper.

In the ad, he spoke of the challenges faced by his 20 staff, their fears for the future — and how the country’s leaders seem oblivious to the anxiety that he feels is gripping the nation.

“Whether (the governing) Barisan Nasional or (opposition) Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leads is meaningless . . . if Malaysians have no job to go to, no money to pay rent and no means to put food on the table,” he wrote.

“Pakatan Rakyat, please stop your attempts to take over the federal government and just let go. The nation can wait until the next general election if they want change.

“Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states and win over PR lawmakers. You have proved your point with Perak. The nation can wait for the next general election if they want your party.”

Anas called on politicians from all sides to “get together and compromise”, telling them: “Someone has to give in. Take the nation to heart. That’s why you are in politics in the first place. Focus on the people. Focus on the economy.”

Believe it or not the Chairman of Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) Tiong King Sing also said something similar. He said,”The BNBCC wants harmony and there to be political stability.

This is because only through political stability can only the country move forward and the current economic turmoil be stabilised. “Our duty is to raise issues and rectify the problems.”

BLOGGERS  whoever we support BN or Pakatan can also do likewise. This country Malaysia is ours and we do not want it to fall so far behind the others in the region. Malaysiakini  of Malaysiatoday internet portal can do their part in this too by even getting a polls survey.

There are some within the BN and Pakatan politicians will feel that their relevancy will diminished if they stop politiking. They say mosts Malaysian Politicians cannot do without Perceptions,creating headlines as they want to stay RELEVANT. That is the greatest folly. 

If our leaders continue to stray away from their main objectives in pushing MALAYSIA FORWARD we can and we will have the right to TELL THEM to look themselves in the mirror. WHO ARE THEY WITHOUT MALAYSIA..??? Enough is enough and lets put this country of ours back in its righful place.

We know that the country will be facing three by elections in the 2 bukit and 1 batang constituency but its not an excuse to forget about Malaysia’s economy and the unemployment problems.

 We say as always,” Bloggers lets unite and tell our leaders that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF BICKERING” and look into Malaysia and the PEOPLES  needs immediatedly. The people are united on this FRONT  

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Anwar,Najib,Nizar,Zambry..Oooooh Perak..NEXT.!!

Are we too good for this? It seems that Perak has once again jolted us with more plots which even the Peraknites don’t even know “What the hell is coming next..?” I was meeting a client from Perak who was here on a recruiting assignment. 

He said,”Just cannot keep up” Let’s just get on with what we are good at and let the Politicians sort it out” Did he really mean it..? Of course not as he was first of the blocks.

Two MBs what a joke for our State and he said even our former PM Dr.M said its hilarious as he read it at the Malaysiakini portal on his phone.

This cannot be happening can it? Whatever has become of our democratic system and governance? Doesn’t the people’s voice count for anything nowadays?

Please tell me and how can I ask local investors or recruit workers to Perak when it the government is not stable. Believe it or not just look at this,” WHAT..?’ This is Next..!! Ooooh no Perak…please save us someone as anger rage from his face and his fists clenched. You see and this was what it was headlined,”Pakatan Perak reps were offered millions to cross over”

Malaysiakini though has this,” Two Pakatan Rakyat state assemblypersons today filed a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) claiming that they were offered millions of ringgit to quit their respective parties and become Independents or join Barisan Nasional (BN).”

DAP’s Keshvinder Singh (Malim Nawar) said he was offered RM20 million while Abdul Yunus Jamsari of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Kuala Kurau) said the amount offered to him was between RM3 million and RM8 million

Millions mine you,my Perak client said and thats not about it. Thrown into the hat were also appointed posts and logging concessions.Wonder what would I have done if I was given that if I am in the politician now he said.

Wow! a turnaround and that is why some people when they see the ‘COLOURS OF MONEY” or like Tom Cruise who says,”SHOW ME THE MONEY” anything can be compromised and for that.. principles too I suppose. 

I told my client  if only you are a politician cum businessman you could have brokered the deal. Millions and 20% brokerage fee is sufficient. It is a known fact that many HIDDEN HANDS are involved in Malaysian politics wheeling and dealing to get the best deals. This only happens as the country is in a state of insecurity and politicians are usually the “PRICED HIGHLY IN THE POLITICAL MARKET.  

He showed me another report which appeared in the Malaysiakini internet portal,” the offer was made by several agents comprising businessmen who claimed to be representing the Perak BN leadership.”

Wah..! Desperate times call for Desperate measures. It seems its a blame game now and both of Pakatan and BN are getting on at each other and we the Peraknites suffers in the end. We even have to come to Sarawak to look for business. Maybe if this continues close up shop in Perak and Open up shop in Sarawak. Oh Yea..hahaha

So we say as always,” Please BN and Pakatan whoever  it is put the house in order and let the people of Perak carry on with their daily lifes. The Malaysian economy is not exactly healthy and this Political uncertainty in the State of Perak has just got to end.