“Fishing in Trouble Water”

1bn sarawakIt all started with “merger of minds” and now it has snowballed to this. Do you blame the SPDP President for speaking his mind to the press in this statement? One may ask,‘what do you know about the intricate details of politics in Sarawak where the Chief Minister of Sarawak knows since 1979?” He won his first contest in the Muara Tuang constituency and has seen it all in his 30 years in office.

He too remembers the PBDS days where the party was at odds with the State BN but very much in tune with the Federal BN. Could this happen again? It will be a matter of time when it will unfold and the CM Sarawak is not making many friends from the SPDP,SUPP and PRS ‘merger of minds” coalition of BN partners. UPP/TERAS are BN friendly parties as the Ministers/Assistant Ministers/YBs sttod on Barisan Tickets at the 10th Sarawak elections. They are of course not Pakatan YBs? That’s for sure.

There has been a lot of mudslinging amongst the BN component parties and obviously it is so unhealthy. The State itself does not want it to be too unstable as it will not be good for foreign investments in the long run. The time will be soon when Adenan decides to dissolve the assembly and call for fresh elections in 82 constituencies.

If the bickering continues many pro-BN supporters will be looking over and above their shoulders and even will tell ADENAN a thing or two. CM Sarawak says’Bagi saya Peluang” but who are giving the voters and the people chance? Word on the ground is that its harder to make a living now than the final stable years of Taib Mahmud where everyone finds it so much easier.

Of course, Adenan has taken the necessary actions against corrupt practises, demanding autonomy,looking after Chinese and Christians’ Allah” issue and other populists agendas to ensure a comfortable MANDATE. Will that be enough? One must remember that the literacy rate amongst the youths and the people have gone up and they will not be fooled by just popular jargons.

Pakatan have had their fair share of promises to the people but everyone knows that DAP’Impian Sarawak” semi and rural drive are making headways. We do not need to put a blanket over our head and keep on harping all is well,all is well.all is well and BN with Adenan at the helm will win it for us.

Adenan is one person and he will win comfortably in Tanjong Datu Constituency or even might face a no contest. Will all the other 81 seats be so plain sailing? At the moment according to our Emeritus Professor its going to be a battle not only pitting BN v Pakatan/Independent but also BN v BN friendly v Pakatan/Independent.

1bn swakPBB spokesman did harp on UPP/TERAS are in line with Najib’s call for ensuring the BN will win handsomely but with the outburst from SPDP President Tiong it will be anything but plain sailing. The BN principle comes very much to the fore for Adenan on the discussion table. Though Adenan has echoed the names of TERAS incumbents at his election dry runs that they will be standing it still will depend very much on how the situation looks nearer the election date.

Word has it coming out from the ground PBB is his party but not the others PRS/SUPP/ SPDP or even TERAS or UPP. He is BN Sarawak Chairman and is the coalition head by virtue of his office. This statement was unheard of in his predecessors years.

Of course, SPDP has every right to shout from the roof tops and scream but it is only a small thin line which will see the BN Sarawak coalition in tatters if an amicable political situation is not reached. The wheeling and dealing within the BN framework will fall squarely on Adenan’s shoulders. He will bear the brunt of it if at the eleventh hour if the “merger of minds” grouping sees that one of their partners are not being politically satisfied and a breach of contractual seat arrangement is not met. (contracts must be kept or rewritten to serve all parties concerned.No other way around it. Verbal contact is a contract but in Malaysia…hmmm depending on who you deal with   )

Its like we say,”TOUCH AND GO” and Adenan needs to listen to seasoned political strategists instead of listening to raw,gungho and untested green horn politicians who only want their best interest served instead of looking at Sarawak in totality. We have even heard that they want to RUN THE WAR ROOM. Gosh!!! We gave you the chance and we know in this social media age the pen and in this case the keyboard is mightier than the sword..

 They know who they are and its bests that names are not mentioned or they will come after audie61’s back with more HATE AND VENOM. We are waiting!!!

Till the next episode in a few days time..

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PRS all out for Nogeh too in P192 MAS GADING.??

1BNPBB leaders in Mas Gading Parliamentary Constituency rolled the dice out first in full support of Nogeh as the chosen candidate. The branches are Tasik Biru and Opar. This is very much in line with the 1BN spirit which Dr.Stephan Rundi BN Sarawak SG said on July 25 2012,”BN is strong because all component parties can work as one. When one of us is  threatened, we will stay together and face that challenge

He also said BN will be weakened if our machineries don’t work together as one. The opposition would take advantage and capitalise on this. It does appear that the message has slowly filtered down to the ground and the MAS Gading constituency is now awaiting only PRS to declare their full support to the candidacy of Anthony Nogeh.

Yesterday SUPP Bau leaders declared their full support to Nogeh as the SPDP candidate{see below full article}

The 1BN spirit should be fully capitalised in not only the 31 Sarawak constituencies but in the remaining 191 Parliamentary seats. If most of the “saboteurs’ or “traitors” are removed  BN would not have too much of a problem in being returned as the ruling coalition to govern the country from 2013-2018.

The BN Supreme Council have already put the motion in order and it’s now up to the divisions and branches to follow through to show the true spirit of 1BN.


The full article which appeared in todays main stream media

BAU: The SPDP recommended candidate for Mas Gading, Anthony Nogeh Gumbek,  received another morale booster after SUPP Bau branch announced the formation of  an election campaign committee to assist him in winning the constituency.

SUPP Bau branch chief Chong Bui Ling said the branch will only throw its  support behind Nogeh despite talks the incumbent MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe was  interested to contest as a BN direct candidate.

“We will only support the candidate from SPDP. We will not support any other  person, organisation or club who want to contest here,” he told reporters after  the branch’s Chap Goh Meh gathering at a restaurant here Tuesday night.

The pledge of support by SUPP Bau came just a few days after another BN component, PBB branches of Tasik Biru and Opar, announced their full support for Nogeh and formed their respective election operation centres to assist SPDP.

Nogeh, who has hit the trail in the constituency since his name was revealed,  was also present at the gathering where he was warmly received by members of  SUPP Bau branch.

On a related matter, Chong said SUPP Bau believed that a new member of  parliament for Mas Gading would bring the much needed economic boost to Bau  town.

He claimed that Dr Tiki, in his 15 years as the MP, had not been effective  enough in implementing programmes which could spur the local economy and this  had been a concern among the business community here.

“Our stand is very strong. Even though we appreciate the services and  contributions made by Dr Tiki, we strongly think it is time for change.

“We want a new face, and we have full confidence in Anthony Nogeh as the best  person to represent the constituency,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the business community here, he said they hoped Nogeh  would assist them in realising the setting up of CIQ facilities at the border  post of Serikin to facilitate cross-border trade with neighbouring  Indonesia.

He said this has been the aspiration of the business community here as they  want to forge better trade relations with their counterparts in the Indonesian  towns of Bengkayang, Singkawang, Sambas and Pontianak.

“The towns of Bengkayang and Singkawang are closest to Bau. Imagine if there  are proper facilities at Serikin, there will be bigger volume of business and  this will benefit everyone.

The people from Indonesia will also come to Bau to shop and visit places of  interests, and this will boost the local economy and tourism.

“For us the business community in Bau, the present CIQ complex in Biawak is  too far for us because we have to drive about two hours just to get there,” he  said.

Meanwhile, Nogeh in his remarks said he appreciated the pledge of support and  assistance rendered by other BN components in Mas Gading.

“This is in line with the BN spirit of comradeship and solidarity, which is  vital towards achieving victory,” he said.

He also thanked the community leaders who have been supporting him, and he  pledged to do his best and work with all the communities in Mas Gading if  elected as the MP.

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11 to 13 Pakatan Sarawak To Win…

My personal observation is that we (Pakatan Rakyat) can win 11  seats, or even up to 13 seats if the message goes to the ground.  Anything beyond that is a bonus,” Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian told a  press conference today. 

This is the full article which we extract:- (click to see-http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/newscommentaries/54592-sarawak-pakatan-confident-of-winning-13-parliamentary-seats

On February16th 2013 we posted up this:-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/pakatanbn-both-at-145-only/and in the figures shown PR Sarawak would win 16 out of 15.

Many political observers are putting it conservatively at 8 seats losts for BN out of 31 and they have marked SUPP as the biggest losers with 5 out of 7, SPDP 1 PRS 1 and PBB 1. Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak have been spelling doom to BN eversince they won 15 out of 71 seats contested in the last state elections. Their confidence are sky high as PR have targetted Sarawak,Sabah and Johor as the deciding factor to wrestle Putrajaya from BN.

BN Sarawak knows now that the PR is targetting 11 to 16 and it certainly will be a fiercely fought battle at some of the greyish/black areas for BN.

Below are the current parliamentarians from Sarawak.


[edit] By Seat

No. Parliament Constituency Elected Wakil Rakyat (Member of Parliament) Elected Party
BN 29 | DAP 2 | PKR 0 | PAS 0
P192 Mas Gading Tiki Lafe BN
P193 Santubong Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar BN
P194 Petra Jaya Fadillah Yusof BN
P195 Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen DAP– PR
P196 Stampin Yong Khoon Seng BN
P197 Kota Samarahan Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib BN
P198 Mambong James Dawos Mamit BN
P199 Serian Richard Riot Jaem BN
P200 Batang Sadong Nancy Shukri BN
P201 Batang Lupar Rohani Abdul Karim BN
P202 Sri Aman Masir Kujat BN
P203 Lubok Antu William Nyallau Badak BN
P204 Betong Douglas Uggah Embas BN
P205 Saratok Jelaing Mersat BN
P206 Tanjong Manis Norah Abdul Rahman BN
P207 Igan Wahab Dolah BN
P208 Sarikei Ding Kuong Hiing BN
P209 Julau Joseph Salang Gandum BN
P210 Kanowit Aaron Ago Dagang BN
P211 Lanang Tiong Thai King BN
P212 Sibu Wong Ho Leng[N 13] DAP– PR
P213 Mukah Leo Michael Toyad BN
P214 Selangau Joseph Entulu Belaun BN
P215 Kapit Alexander Nanta Linggi BN
P216 Hulu Rajang Billy Abit Joo BN
P217 Bintulu Tiong King Sing BN
P218 Sibuti Ahmad Lai Bujang BN
P219 Miri Dato’ Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui BN
P220 Baram Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan BN
P221 Limbang Hasbi Habibollah BN
P222 Lawas Henry Sum Agong BN

SPDP “Under Seige Again..??”

SPDP party members and loyalists must now be shouting with their lungs bursting and screaming,”ENOUGH,WE ARE NOT GOING TO SIT BACK. WE HAVE DONE OUR HOUSE CLEANING AND LEAVE US ALONE

A senior member of SPDP said to audie61 ,”It will continue on till the GE13 and this in itself is not good for Barisan Nasional. The party itself have had 6 assemblyman who are now residing outside 5 partyless(BN Club) and 1 in SWP. BN Club is not a registered political party and its justs absurb. We might justs call them PARTYLESS for now.”

An SPDP political secretary chipped in”We ought to be concentrating on the preparations of GE13 instead of involving in sinister plots as reported by the STAR tabloids today.”

SPDP is very much part of BN machinery and as such any Outside forces trying to create factions and instability within the party needs to be dealt with.

The instigative nature of the attack on SPDP senior vice president is uncalled for and those with personal agendas will also feel the wrath of the SPDP members in totality. The party will not stand still and be bullied to submission says the senior member and as such we are compiling all facts and figures. If it needs to be revealed later we will but for now lets fight a common enemy in Pakatan Rakyat.  

Please find the article which appeared today :-


Wong Judat ..Make Your Stand.!!!

If the Olympic Council Committee of Great Britain can make a decision on who should light up the Olympic flame the decision on Wong Judat is not to difficult a choice to make. We have already made our stand in our earlier posting”SPDP Wong Judat Hedging Choice over” which is reposted below.

There are at least 36 decision makers in the SPDP Supreme council and their decision will have an effect on the Barisan National Team which will make its presence felt in the 31 constituencies in the General elections. The grassroots of 1BN which is now being used as the war cry by PM Najib are getting angrier with all the “indecisiveness and selfishness ‘ of some of the socalled YBs who won on BN tickets who are making life difficult for BN in totality. The GE13 is upon us and we need to be united as one and if we can only put our differences aside and fight as a unified and solidified TEAM BN dont rule out the MANY SHOCKS of losses in the BN camp when the votes are counted.

It seems that Wong Judat,Lajim Okim and  Wilfred Bamburing amongst others of late are testing the patience of the grassroots and the BN leaders. There will be a time when the iron fists will clamp down on them and it is not a loss to BN or a gain to Pakatan. The grassroots will be more than happy to see the lasts of them and their so called hedging adventures and say”good riddance to them’

One losts means there will be 1 more new face

This article which appeared in todays Borneo Posts extracted and reposted below does make a mockery of the whole situation. The party have losts 5 assemblyman and up comes another who feels that he is bigger than the party and throws his weight to make himself all the more important and of course hedge his own reputation so that his bidding price will not be lowered.

A Vice President of the party said to audie61,”yeah, its about the numbers in the party in terms of assemblyman but with 5 gone 1 more to follow it does create a vacuum TEMPORARILY but 6 new faces will emerge and they will take the opportunity to be chosen or picked. The BNSarawak SG  has already mentioned that clearly the person can go but the seat is with the party and Larry Sngs case has all the more shown a clear example.”

The days ahead will be not be any easier for SPDP but with friends in BN who will guide the party through the stormy waters the party will be able to solidify and come up stronger. Its up to the new faces and the youth to carry the torch further and light up a new beginning for SPDP and BN in totality. The Olympics showed the world what it needs a Youthful TEAM to who will in turn spur a whole new generation of LEADERS.

audie61 previous article:-

On May 1st this appeared in Borneo Post which we quote” “How can I quit BN and SPDP? I am a strongman of SPDP. I am a strong BN supporter. I brought the seat of Meluan to SPDP and therefore to BN.”

Today Wong Judat has more than ruffled up a few feathers and his Hedging with SWP,SPDP.PRS and also to boosts his personal value is very much coming to an end. He has indeed put the party SPDP in the back burner and wants to project himself as a champion of the truth.

His personal ego and battle against Joseph Salang Vice President of PRS is due mainly to the “stalled RM3 million Nanga Entabai-Rantau Limau road project.” Salang had explained on the reasons for the divertion of funds but Judat just cannot accept the fact that the funds were stolen right under his noses.

We received from an informed source that Salang is only too happy to await for Wong Judat to challenge him as the incumbent for Julau. The source says “let him come as our personal differences or his vendetta is making him Wong losing sleep. I am ready for whatever eventualities says Salang

Wong Judats outpouring of emotions and going for broke only if Salang is chosen as candidate for GE13 has put a dampener on his hedging stances. It does appear that noises from within SWP in that the President is not too happy with Wong Judats “fast and furious ways and also over enthusiastic TEMPER. The Party SWP is going for 6 seats and if Salang is not chosen Wong Judat will not stand.

WHERE DOES THIS PUT SWP SURELY IN A DILEMMA? It will indeed throw a spanner in the works of SWP and it will benefit PRS is the voice from within.

Wong Judat needs to make his own choices very soon. He either forgos his Vice Presidents posts in SPDP (failing which it will fall to the hands of the disciplinary committee) or he resigns gentlemanly in which SPDP will have one less ADUN and left with 1 ADUN and 3 MPs.

His HEDGING DAYS are nearing the end but its also up to him to make a choice as the party SPDP will not want to get into loggerheads with PRS.

The BN component parties needs to stay united and in solidarity as it faces its toughest yet General Elections which will be called by the PM very soon.

Borneo Posts Article which appeared today 28th July 2012.

: Is Meluan assemblyman Wong Judat having second thoughts?

Following the hoo-hah over his announcement on July 21 that he would quit SPDP on July 31, Wong came out yesterday to say that news reports about his quit decision are “inaccurate”.

“As far as I am concerned, news reports on my decision to quit SPDP at the end of this month are inaccurate. I have yet to make an official announcement on the matter.

“It is common knowledge that such an important decision can only be confirmed in black and white or through an official letter,” he said when met by The Borneo Post yesterday.

Unlike his firm stand last Saturday, Wong played sly yesterday when he declined to rule out the possibility of him resigning from SPDP by reiterating “only an official letter can confirm this”.

After a `Pentas Rakyat’ gathering organised by Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) in Kanowit on July 21, Wong told reporters that he would quit SPDP, in which he is one of its vice president, to enable him to contest in Julau in the coming general election.

He had said then that he would be meeting party president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom and deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing in Kuala Lumpur on July 30 to explain his move, and then quit the following day.

But yesterday, Wong said until such time that he made his decision official he hoped political leaders from both sides of the political divide would not rush to make comments about his move.

“Nothing real has happened yet, so there is no basis or issue for anyone to comment on,” he remarked when asked to comment on statements issued by various quarters the last few days.

He described those who had opened their mouth as being “over anxious” and lacked patience when being confronted by such an unusual situation.

He singled out comments by PBB Bintulu Youth vice chairman Pandi Suhaili and State Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker Datuk Roland Sagah in particular.

The three-term Meluan assemblyman said it was unfair for Pandi to request him to vacate Meluan when he (Wong) had not made his decision official.

He said Pandi had pre-empted his decision, adding he (Pandi) might as well call on the five elected representatives who were sacked from SPDP more than six months ago to vacate their seats as well.

The elected representatives shown the door by SPDP for gross insubordination were Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie (Tasik Biru), Datuk Sylvester Entri (Marudi), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe (Mas Gading).

Wong said Sagah was being over anxious when he said he (Wong) would be seated with members of the opposition should he resign from the Barisan Nasional (BN), of which SPDP is a coalition partner.

“If Sagah feels he is making the right decision on my anticipated case, he should accord the five sacked SPDP assemblymen similar treatment by asking them to sit with the opposition members as well.”

Wong said like the sacked five, he could also form a BN Club to enable him to remain in BN should he decide to go through with his quit decision.

SPDP “Supreme Council Meeting”

This Sunday the SPDP (Sarawak Progreesive Democratic Party} supreme Council will see some interesting and “hot” issues  which will be brought up. According to insider sources the agenda will be normal but of course in any other business the members will bring to the attention of the party of what needs to be addressed.

All eyes will be on Sunday and many journalists will make a beeline for first hand information as SPDP never fails to disapppoint.




Winnie Lim {Wanita Chief SPDP Pending Division and Wanita State Exco SPDP }