Independant Candidate..??

SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410BN Chairman Najib told election hopefuls not to “sulk” for more than 24 hours if they have not been selected for a seat to contest. He said more at

Of course, as there can only be 222 and 505 names on BN’s lists. Those who feel that they are better they can opt out and try their “LUCK“as independants. BN, of course will not tolerate indiscipline and we are pretty sure nor will the opposite divide.

A BN ADUN told us this morning at breakfast,”If you are not picked you must look at yourself and question why? Don’t blame others and there must be something lacking in you.” 

The others nodded and said,‘Betul and the Show must go on.”

One person chipped in,”If you are sure that you are unfairly treated the choice is yours. Pick up the nomination papers and go as independant. If you win,that means only one thing.

Your machinery and your grassroot support is second to none.


SWC or Danger “Sure Win Candidate or Grey/Black”

winnableHas the GE13 elections fever hit the state of Sarawak? Generally, we would be expecting much more but its been eerily calm. It’s the calm before the storm, and that storm is how the people in the whole country would vote. Lim Kit Siang a seasoned politician smells a kill. He knows politics is about propaganda plus perception and now he is telling Malaysians,’7 States will fall to Pakatan”

A BN observer said, “Sure Win Meh? Why isn’t he as confident as saying Sarawak and Sabah will lose 30 seats together for Pakatan to form the next Federal Government?

 Alas, he too knows that BN in East Malaysia have kept our eyes open and ears on the ground listening to all the movements. Recently, the deputy minister in PM’s office Ahmad Maslan said that the Sarawak atmosphere is very devoid of flags,posters and buntings eventhough its the 13th hour already. Sarawak legislators and political parties are doing their homework and in fact can safely say BN will have at least 25 in the bag out of 31 seats. Does he need to wipe the sweat behind his neck?

We can be highly critical of the way certain component parties carry out their fight in facing the GE13. They are too fears that some of the MPs after the results are known in the 4 component parties holds high probabililty of ‘short selling themselves’ to the highest bidder if the results are too close for comfort. We shall see wouldn’t we? In politics nothing is a sure thing nor are all ‘promises” kept in totality.

Many observers are pinpointing now to the Global Witness video footage which many “unkind” words were uttered and it will tip some votes over to the opposition. Latest ground reports are that thousand of discs are being burnt and translated into Iban and making their way to longhouses and riverine settlements.

Under this circumstances all the reports on the ground needs to be addressed and looked over again cautiously to pick the mosts ‘winnable” candidate. However the Ugly Truth will be too hurtful for many to swallow.

We start of with SUPP a multi racial party but dominated heavily with membership from the chinese community and 6 out of 7 SUPP Parliamentary areas are in the urban areas. We are of course not experts but we can be very critical as we have worked with their members.

Oh No..!! I see arrows and daggers coming my way. Forgive my humble analysis but its going to hurt some people nevertheless.

One would also ask did we take into considerations the voting strengths,the voters gender breakdown and get the feedbacks from the AJKs and groundzero.? Read on and tell us where we might just miss out..  

SW-“sure win” white or DANGER -“grey/black”

Having said the above, SUPP is now paying the price for unsolved infighting which has resulted in the Chinese voting community abandoning them. It’s not that DAP or PKR have suddenly an upsurged of membership but the legislators and leaders in the party have fought so bitterly amongst themselves that they have forgotten that they are actually supposedly to fight for the people.  

7 seats for SUPP

1.Kuching:- Tan Kai it seems is a very good candidate but unfortunately he has also been caught up in the turf war between group A led by Peter Chin and Group B led by Wong Soon Koh. He needs a ‘miracle” to win Bandar Kuching but he still needs to soldier on as someone dreamt he won by 6 votes to pull off a mosts unlikely win. Black)

2. Stampin:– Have they resolved Deputy Minister Yong Khoon Seng to hold on to the fort and stop him from retiring? DAP Chong seems favourite to go for another scalping but word on the ground is that former DAP ADUN Voon Lee Shans man are seeking revenge. Voon was unceremoniosly left out of the last state elections eventhough he has contributed much to DAP. They have not forgotten and SUPP will  do well to retain this seat. Many say though this urban seat will fall but its the mathematics that counts here. (Grey)

3. Serian:– Deputy Minister and Deputy President Richard Riot will not have much trouble going against the DAP candidate here. The Bidayuhs know that Richard have kept his promises and looked well after his own people and if SUPP ever thinks of a “real revamp” {thinking of a Bidayuh President..hmmm} he might just be the person to bring SUPP back to its golden and glorious years. Will be a Shocker if Richard is defeated here.(white)

4.Sarikei:- MP Ding would have won this time round but unfortunately the infighting in the Sarikei area between Wong Soon Koh’s men and David Teng’s men have shifted significantly towards the DAP. The sacking of Stephan Wong has had an adverse effect. He though has actively campaigned for the seat when the party had long ago announced that incumbent Ding would defend it in the general election. Tough for Ding as he faces enemies also from within (Grey/Black)

5.Lanang:- MP Tiong with all his influence and in any other GE he would easily pull through. He has even taken DAP to task and this are his words”You just look around – what have they done for the people? Nothing … except providing lip service and making more empty promises,”He will face off with Alice Lau who losts to Wong Soon Koh  at Bawang Assan State seat. In 2008 Tiong polled 19,476 votes against DAP Wong Kee Woan’s 14,612 votes. This time round is his 5th term as candidate and it will be his toughest yet (Grey/Black)

6.Sibu:- In the by election DAP Wong Ho Leng won this seat. Wong would not defend this seat due to brain tumour and recoving from chemoteraphy. Temonggong Vincent Lau would bepitted against a new DAP candidate in Oscar Ling. Chances of wrestling the seat back from DAP looks very good as PBB ADUN Annuar has been working extra hard to win over the losts bumiputra votes during the byelections. They have both been seen working hand in hand and SUPP’s chances looks brighter eventhough this 95% urban seat. (Grey) 

7. Miri:- Peter Chin will not seek another term and he has given the seat to his long time Political Secretary Sebastian Ting. Both SUPP and DAP are caught with their own infighting between their members and DAP has sacked 6 of its Senadin members as recent as 11th of March 2013 for insubordination and repeatedly tarnishing the party’s image. Sebastian is a hardworking and able candidate but the ‘winnable’ factor does point to Hii King Chiong a philantropists who according to sources in his CNY open house attracted more than 30000 people from all walks of life. Tough call for SUPP on this seat and Dr.Teo of PKR is waiting to pounce on SUPP’s uncertainties. (Grey)

Overall, SUPP will do well to win 4 out of 7 seats as the Chinese areas still are going all out to punish the party as their leaders have been seen to be looking after themeselves. The opposition are capitalising on the weaknesses of the SUPP party to win the seats and the infighting is not only amongst the top but it has reached also the grassroots. If the Team A and Team B infighting is put in the backburner the party SUPP still have a fighting chance against DAP. If not,you know the answer….!

4 seats for SPDP

8. Mas Gading:- The tussle of the G5 candidate in Tiki Lafe and SPDP Anthony Nogeh of standing as BN candidate will open the chance for PKR Candidate Willy Tumek or DAP Mordi Bimol to stand a fighting chance to win this seat. It will not be easy and eventhough many occasions there are 4 or 5 cornered fights BN still comes on top in this seat. PBB and SUPP have openly come out in support of Nogeh’s candidacy but Tiki remains hopeful. A last minute replacement for a “winnable” and acceptable candidate might just be the answer. A highly respected civil servant might be BN’s choice to esnure this seat is retained by BN/SPDP ( White/Grey)

9. Saratok:- Will the President of the party William Mawan be the chosen candidate? There are too many names being thrown around to replace incumbent Jelaing Mersat where many voters are waiting to throw him out if the party does not replace him with a credible candidate. Ali Biju the PKR candidate stands waiting to wrestle this Parliamentary seat from SPDP.

Even the BN component parties in Krian are keeping a close watch on the development of a “winnable” candidate. They will throw their weight behind when their party warlords sounds the bugle.(Grey/Black)

10. Bintulu:- It will not be a stroll in the park for MP Tiong King Sing and also Deputy President of SPDP. It does look an easy win but he has looked after his constituency well and many would not mark their votes against him. However this being a Chinese Majority area Tiong still needs to put in the extra effort to secure the win.(White)

11. Baram:- Incumbent Deputy Minister Jacob Sagan will need to fight the enemy within BN who has been hellbent to topple any candidate put up by the party. There have been “recordings of speeches” and its not so much the dam factor which is affecting his candidacy. Reports are also surfacing that the name of Anyi Ngau would be an acceptable face in Baram but Jacob has been given the blessings from the party.

 It’s a tough fight nevertheless but Jacob would win in the final tally. Will BN change their minds to replace Jacob in the last minute? one hopes not as Ba’Kelalan state seat under the SPDP allocation fell due to last minute replacement.

SPDP 4 seats are touch and go and only 1 now is heavily favoured to be retained without much fanfare. A lot of ground work and propaganda works needs to be carried out to ensure the other 3 seats remains with BN. The G5 factor will be a major hurdle for BN to solve and decisions need to be work out and carried out for the party to win the 4 seats without interference from the sacked SPDP members and their followers. A highly unpopular call must be made by the BN hierarchy.

6 seats for PRS

12. Sri Aman:- Masir Kujat the incumbent MP is under SEVERE ATTACK by his 2008 proposer businessman and former ADUN Donald Lawan. He will be challenged by DAP probable candidate Leon Jimmy Donald whose father was a former MP. SWP who made the call of going for all 6 seats under PRS have been dealt a blow by the resignation of its supreme council member and tipped to be candidate Andy Lawrence. (Grey)  

13.Lubok Antu:-William Nyallau will come up against SWP President Larry Sng who was a former Assistant Minister. Many expects Larry to pull through without much problems but the resigantions of 3 of its younger supreme council members is proving to throw spanner in the parties works. Ground forces say Nyallau will be ably assisted by the two(2) ADUNS and most of PRS heavyweights who would want to deal a black mark to Larry’s political career. SWP has even come up with a statement that ‘a broker” has been moving around to “buy” key party members and supporters. This will be a bitterly fought seat between not only PRS against SWP but also PKR Nicholas Bawin.(Grey/Black)

Nicholas has on numerous occasions questioned SWP,” I don’t know what they are fighting for. They said they fight against PRS, but at the same time declaring themselves as Barisan friendly. Politics must be taken seriously because it determines the future of the state and the country,” he said. (Grey/Black)

14.Julau:- Joseph Salang will square off with former friend turned enemy in Wong Judat who quit SPDP to stand as a SWP candidate. BN will face a tough fight but it is highly unlikely that Salang would be unseated from this seat. PKR will field a candidate but its candidate would not be much threat to Salang too. (Grey)

15. Kanowit:- Aaron Dagang was rumoured to be dropped and his candidacy would be taken over by Joseph Jawa. The incumbent is not very well received by the PRS hierarchy and he is only there as the seat belongs to PRS. Aarons close association with SPDP members runs foul of those in PRS. They want their own man in Kanowit but Aarons family ties with the former defunct PBDS Party president Leo Moggie still swings the pendulum to him. Aaron is likely to face a candidate from Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) and Thomas Laja from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). (White/Grey)

16. Ulu Rejang:-PRS anointed candidate Wilson Ugak will take on SWP George Lagong and PKR Abun Siu. However,Billy Abit says he is very much still confident and winnable as the incumbent and will be hoping that his more than ”cordial” links with his long term association with the Federal leaders will be enough for him to be renominated.  

Even former Kapit District council Chairman  has thrown his weight behind Billy Abit. Quoted statement:-Anyone can claim to be the next BN (Barisan Nasional) candidate in any constituency, but facts speak for themselves as Datuk Billy is still the MP, incumbent and the people in Baleh have been showing outstanding support for him,” 
17. Selangau:- The 13th general election, the Selangau seat is proving to be a tough battleground for its incumbent Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) deputy president Joseph Entulu. He will be faced with SWP defacto leader and former MP Sng Chee Hua and PKR’s likely candidate Josuha Jabeng. SWP and PKR are using personal issues to unseat Entulu. They are going round telling the voters that his “personal”intersts outweighs what is good for the Selangau are.

They said Entulu had no master plan for the development of Selangau that could generate incomes despite being its elected representative for more than 20 years.Even basic amenities like clinic, schools, clean water, electricity and roads are still lacking.

This rural enclave BN says takes time to develop and it steps are taken by the Entulu as he is the deputy rural and development minister. Sng will use whatever means to fight against his former junior colleague in PRS. This will be a closely watched battle as a former Deputy president of PRS Sng Chee Hua takes on the current deputy President. Who will win? Who is your last dollar on?   (Grey/Black)

PRS final tally would be 5 out of 6 winnable and hard fought wins. Which seat will fall remains questionable as it will depend very much on where both SWP and PRS concentrate their machineries. PKR would be hoping to capitalise on the weaknesses created by both SWP and PRS to steal ‘a seat” under their noses.

14 seats for PBB

PBB remains very united going into the GE13. There have been attempts which appeared in SarawakReport on loyalists of Taib Mahmud and Awang Tengah putting their own candidates but the party has stayed intact. Their operations room are all ready and equip with all the basic amenities required for the elections. One must never be complacent says a PBB senior leader and we know that there are some seats which will be tough. He named Limbang,Lawas,Batang Lupar and Sibuti where the candidates needs to put in the extra efforts to secure and maintain the winning streak for BN.

He further commented,”Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), the backbone of state BN, is confident of repeating its success by retaining all the 14 seats allocated to it.

18.  Igan :- Abdul Wahab bin Haji Dollah who has won the seat twice uncontested reminded us he can defend his seat in the coming general election as the opposition in the area is unorganised. (White)

19. Sibuti:- PAS Robby Tandang will take on incumbent MP Ahmad Lai in this seat. The issues are mainly personal on the ground against Ahmad Lai as the opposition is using his lack of appearance on the ground to campaign against him. Federal issues takes a back seat here. (Grey)

20.Samarahan:- This area will see a new face being introduced as Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib is not seeking re-election. A woman candidate district officer Rubiah Wang is highly tipped to be the candidate here. However, highly placed sources have also been informed that the son of a prominent Minister is also being touted to be Sulaimans replacement. Sulaiman posted a winning majority of 11,411 votes  defeating PKR’s Hussain Abang Apok and Independent Awg Bakar Awg Daud in 2008. (White)

21. Betong:- Noel Bucking from PKR will be the main challenger against Douglas Uggah Minister of Natural Resources and Environment who will be vying for his fifth term as a candidate. The main issue will be targetted on the “accordance of  respect to Betong’s Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB) holder Wilfred Gomez Malong” PKR said they will give Uggah a run for his money as he won the seat with a majority of 11,709 votes against Stanley Jugol of the Sarawak National Party in 2008. (White)

22. Petra Jaya:- This majority malay semi- urban seat of PetraJaya will see PBB Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof and also Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation locking horns with Sarawak Wanita PKR head Norhanim Mokhsen. Fadillah is quietly confident in securing another mandate from the people in Petrajaya eventhough he will be facing the PKR Sarawak Wanita chief. In 2008 Fadillah polled 19515 votes against PKR’s Mohamad jolhi who secured 5118 votes. (White)

23. Limbang:- Baru Bian PKR ADUN for Ba’Kelalan and PKR Sarawak Stae Liason chief will take on MP for Limbang Hasbi bin Habibolah. This is one seat where PBB will feel the “heat’ from PKR as in 2008 MP Hasbi polled 6427 against PKr’s Lau Liak Koi who garnered 5751 votes. The votes swing will determine whether PBB will be able to maintain its stranglehold on this seat. (Grey/Black) 

24. Lawas:- Henry Sum Agong in 2008 polled 8526 votes against PKR’s Japar Suyut who managed only 734 votes. However in this GE13 he will be challenged by a more credible candidate in veteran dentist in Dr.Bob Baru who will stand on a DAP ticket. Even the incumbent MP Henry acknowledge that,”Dr Bob is well-known to the people of Lawas and Ba Kelalan and he himself needs to intensify his efforts and up his ante” (White)

25. Mambong:- Tourism Deputy Minister Dr. James Dawos Mamit in 2008 polled 14182 against PKR candidate in Majen Panyog who garnered 7525. DAP is also interested in this seat in 2013 as their candidate from Mangan Ngandok has also stated his stand to be a candidate. PKR’s aspiring candidate would be Willie Mongin who is a Kuala Lumpur based businessman. This seat will be a toss up between the two Pakatan hopefuls against the incumbent MP Dr.James Dawos.( White/Grey)

26. Mukah:- In 2008 Dr.Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah said this would be his last term as MP. He won convincing with 10090 against Independant Hai bin Merawin @Bonadventure who got 3792 votes. It seems though that he is being asked to stand again as there will be credible candidates from DAP or PKR who will try to wrestle this seat away from PBB. Wong Ho Leng the DAP Sarawak chief was quoted to say,”Yes, we certainly have a candidate, a local Melanau and if we stand together, we would be able to conquer Mukah,” (White)

27. Batang Sadong:- GE12 Nancy Shukri a first timer MP polled 8183 votes against Piee bin Ling of PKR who managed 2758. She has quietly done her work and been on the ground very often but aspiring PBB candidates are finding faults to have her replaced. The warlords are using all their muscle to ensure that she is not chosen and they have gone at times overboard in their quests. She remains the “winnable” lady candidate for the area and her approachability has created so many enemies in PBB who consider her fast rise and popularity within the party as a threat.Even Assistant Minister Naroden Majais is feeling undermined by her popularity which makes her supporters even more hopeful that she will win her 2nd elections with a far greater majority.(White/Grey)

28. Tanjong Manis:- Will Norah Abdul Rahman be fielded? This is a Sure win seat and anyone fielded in this constituency will face little or no resistance at all. Elected unopposed in 2008 Norah must have been very angry by the timing of the Global Witness video which implicated her sisters Fatimah and Norlia in the video.

Sources close to the Chief Minister said he was very upset and this could even affect Norah’s candidacy. It’s on everyones lips and fielding her might have serious repercussions on the whole outlook for BN Sarawak as a whole. Unless and if a scapegoat is found the candidacy of Norah remains “fluid”. PKR sources are monitoring the situation and could field a candidate from outside in the last minute to stop BN from winning uncontested again. (White)

29. Batang Lupar:- ABU Rohani(anyone but you) have been used to knock out the MP who is seen to be working very hard in the constituency. In 2008 she secured 11015 against her PAS candidate Abang Eddy Allyanni who managed 2923.

Her majority is so convincing that some aspiring candidates just cannot wait for her to call it a day to be named. She is presently the Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism and many locals have found her work satisfactory to say the least. There have been many unkind reports filed to discredit her good work.

Word from the Pakatan front is that PKR Sarawak SG Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh is the likeliest candidate to be fielded. However PAS have also made claims to the seat as they too are moving in the area.

Rohani said she was prepared and ready to take on whoever the Opposition decided to field against her in the seat. PBB in the surrounding areas needs to show all their support to her instead of trying to create a wedge and hamper the election machinery.

Truth be told this will be capitalised by Pakatan if left unchecked. (Grey/White)

30. Santubong:- Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar won handsomely by 15800 in 2008 against Rahamat Idil Latip who polled 3855. According to PKR sources their candidate in GE13 would be Zulrushdi Mohamed Hol.

Rumours in the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) circles say that Junaidi is likely to be dropped from the list of candidates for the coming parliamentary election.

Will he? He is seen championing many issues of late and this could be a message to his political masters that he is still needed in Sarawak. The name of Dr Abang Draup Zamahari Abg Zen, chairman of State Housing Commission and Drahman Jaladin, PBB Deputy chief of Pantai Damai Branch have cropped up very often.

Meanwhile,Wan Junaidi however expressed his confidence that he would be renominated for Santubong, proven by the support from the people from Tanjung Datu to Demak Laut.
PKR would be capitalsing on the uncertainties within the PBB ranks to try to win says the insider source. (Grey/White)
31. Kapit:- MP Alexander Nanta won unopposed in 2004 and 2008 and if he is unopposed again in 2013 he will create a record of some sort in Sarawak. However, it seems that PKR will be fielding a candidate against him as they have identified and shorlisted two names in Edward Sumbang and Kennedy Paing.
Edward is the chairman of PKR Kapit branch. He stood in the recent state elections in a three cornered fight in Pelagus constituency and garnered 1300 votes against 5,000 votes garnered by George who won the election. Kennedy is a professional working in the oil and gas industry in Bintulu. (White)
GE13 is close at hand and all political analysts from both sides of the political divide in Sarawak are waiting for the dissolution of Parliament. All political parties will want to ensure that their candidates fielded are the winnable ones and are very much accepted by the voters of the constituencies.
BN4 Sarawak in will have to contend with not only the Pakatan group but also SWP and many aspiring Independants.
The days are numbered as to when the date of dissolution will be and the elections will have to be called not later than May 27th 2013.


11 to 13 Pakatan Sarawak To Win…

My personal observation is that we (Pakatan Rakyat) can win 11  seats, or even up to 13 seats if the message goes to the ground.  Anything beyond that is a bonus,” Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian told a  press conference today. 

This is the full article which we extract:- (click to see-

On February16th 2013 we posted up this:- in the figures shown PR Sarawak would win 16 out of 15.

Many political observers are putting it conservatively at 8 seats losts for BN out of 31 and they have marked SUPP as the biggest losers with 5 out of 7, SPDP 1 PRS 1 and PBB 1. Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak have been spelling doom to BN eversince they won 15 out of 71 seats contested in the last state elections. Their confidence are sky high as PR have targetted Sarawak,Sabah and Johor as the deciding factor to wrestle Putrajaya from BN.

BN Sarawak knows now that the PR is targetting 11 to 16 and it certainly will be a fiercely fought battle at some of the greyish/black areas for BN.

Below are the current parliamentarians from Sarawak.


[edit] By Seat

No. Parliament Constituency Elected Wakil Rakyat (Member of Parliament) Elected Party
BN 29 | DAP 2 | PKR 0 | PAS 0
P192 Mas Gading Tiki Lafe BN
P193 Santubong Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar BN
P194 Petra Jaya Fadillah Yusof BN
P195 Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen DAP– PR
P196 Stampin Yong Khoon Seng BN
P197 Kota Samarahan Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib BN
P198 Mambong James Dawos Mamit BN
P199 Serian Richard Riot Jaem BN
P200 Batang Sadong Nancy Shukri BN
P201 Batang Lupar Rohani Abdul Karim BN
P202 Sri Aman Masir Kujat BN
P203 Lubok Antu William Nyallau Badak BN
P204 Betong Douglas Uggah Embas BN
P205 Saratok Jelaing Mersat BN
P206 Tanjong Manis Norah Abdul Rahman BN
P207 Igan Wahab Dolah BN
P208 Sarikei Ding Kuong Hiing BN
P209 Julau Joseph Salang Gandum BN
P210 Kanowit Aaron Ago Dagang BN
P211 Lanang Tiong Thai King BN
P212 Sibu Wong Ho Leng[N 13] DAP– PR
P213 Mukah Leo Michael Toyad BN
P214 Selangau Joseph Entulu Belaun BN
P215 Kapit Alexander Nanta Linggi BN
P216 Hulu Rajang Billy Abit Joo BN
P217 Bintulu Tiong King Sing BN
P218 Sibuti Ahmad Lai Bujang BN
P219 Miri Dato’ Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui BN
P220 Baram Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan BN
P221 Limbang Hasbi Habibollah BN
P222 Lawas Henry Sum Agong BN

Mawan “Whitens Saratok..!!”

SPDP/BN got it faults…but here ‘s the news,so have PKR/Pakatan. Let us remind ourselves that NO ONE ???????????????????????????????IS INVULNERABLE.

The ground and written reports have painted this SPDP seat as Greyish/Black and some whispers put it worse than Charcoal Black. That is bad for the morale of the party after going through an internal cleaning up process where the “traitors” have been sacked and new leaders have emerged from within. 

There seems to be a hive of activity of leaders lobbying to be chosen to replace the “incumbent Jelaing Mersat” and be the BN candidate eventhough they know it’s an uphill struggle. Why? This is politics some say and Perception plays an important factor more than facts.

Amongst the new leaders who have put their names in the hat are Chambai Lindong, Enturan Luta, Jasmy Sadan Sagi, Dr James Chela, and Barbara Mawan. ( However ground sources have even said that none are throwing their own time FULLY and resources i.e. money to lobby hard unlike the PKR likely candidate Ali Biju.

How true the team of lobbyists they themselves need to ask themselves in the mirror. Have I done enough to deserve the seat? No Need to pint the INDEX FINGERS at me again…

Mawan as an experienced leader needs to make a swift and decisive move and he needs to take the measures which will ensure that the seat remains an SPDP/BN seat come what may.

His trump card will fall back on PKR and Pakatan cannot afford any slip ups as they will feel the rebounds would be greater than just mere words.

This which was written on 17th August 2011,”Word has got to the ears of an aide close to the PKR assemblyman. He said,”any other persons nominated by SPDP our YB will not stand in the parliamentary seat but if SPDP was to renominate Jelaing or put in Nyarok, there is every chance that he will seriously have to reconsider.”

Two of them are are on the way out Ali , and today this for good measure from BorneoPosts on line”There is also talk that Ali, who is from neighbouring Nanga Budu, might withdraw if Mawan is fielded in Saratok.

Ali Biju the Krian ADUN can deny all he can till the cows come home but his words and his ‘gentlemanly political image” would be swept away in an instant. Let PKR tell him that and you must stand for the party or the coalition will not be able to go to Putrajaya..!!

Mawan himself needs to lead from the front and to stop the lobbyists from “spoiling the party’s chances” he needs to make that Tough decision.

There is a reason that leaders are given that name. It’s because they lead and Mawan Leads his party members and this will Inspire All to drop the negativeness of Saratok P205 as a greyish/black area.

Mawan will ultimately Whiten the Area and Deliver it to BN come GE13 when the results are announced




SPDP Vice Chairman says “Terima Kasih PBB”

captain zainuddin tun hamdan sirat (b)In a telephone conversation to audie61 Capt.Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamden Sirat on behalf of SPDP and President Tan Sri William Mawan expressed his mosts sincere thanks to PBB directly through to SG Datuk Stephan Rundi in the light of recent comments from grassroot members and leaders in Mas Gading Parliamentary Area. They were enroute from Bintulu to Miri.

SG Rundi thanked Capt.Zainududdin and said,”Get everything in tiptop order and organised and do not leave any stones unturned and win it for Barisan Nasional and your party SPDP. He reiterated that we go into the GE13 as 1BN and together we will be strong.”

Captain Zainuddin added we are united and we will work hard and ensure that the 4 SPDP seats remains with BN.

On another note he as Chairman of Mambong SPDP said that the party is all out to ensure a resounding victory for PBB in the Mambong Constituency. We are with PBB all the way in Mambong and I’m sure all SPDP members will be with all BN component parties in the 31 Parliamentary seats.

Capt.Zainuddin mentioned that all party members will be disciplined and if there are “traitors of BN” they will be disciplined by the party and referred to the disciplinary committee for immediate action. Those who still have doubts they better stand down says Captain Zainuddin.


Awang Tengah’s Men,” GUILOTTINED- Chop or Be Chopped..!!”


Obviously,the message has been delivered from the top downwards and there have been uneasiness since the first time CM talked about his succession plan way back in the 1990’s. A veteran PBB elder talked to us and said the names of Wan Habib,Abang Abu Bakar,Effendy Norwawi have since “came and gone” and the current crop of leaders in Abang Johari , Alfred Jabu and Adenan Satem are seen tussling with Awang Tengah for the coveted posts the 22nd Floor Chair.

Awang Tengah’s Men are growing impatient and are seen to be in a hurry and they know they have to CHOP First or they will be Chopped too. The elderly PBB leader said,”let them CABAR(challenge) CM. We know CM will be 77 years old in May and with PBB AGM soon they are indeed running out of options.

Awang Tengah’s Men  overblown EGO is being checked as we are speaking says CM’s most trusted men in PBB .  They the ‘penghianats“{traitors} have been in cohorts with almost everyone trying to humiliate CM Taib.

Awang Tengah’s Men have to take off the Heads which are in the way (Guillotined) ruthless it may seem and the foot soldiers will be helpless. Their whispering and incessant campaigns remains their strategy but removing those who stand in the way by whatever ways possible as mentioned earlier still holds:-

The elderly PBB said they can try to CABAR CM Taib but this time we are more than ready. He has been informed by his sources that the numbers of YB’s who have been approached are on the increase.

Let’s look at this examples which are very glaring and proven he said,”Wasn’t Sylvester Entri very loyal to William Mawan as Secretary General of the party? Wasn’t Sidi Munan at one time before the PRS crisis Secretary General to James Masing?What Happened to them. Weren’t they sacked from their parties?

Should disciplinary actions be taken by PBB on their own?

Any different now with Awang Tengah’s Men who sees the opportunity even though Danger lurks. This has been going on not just recently but for sometime now( earlier articles).

 The toying of  Parliamentary Caucus Article 35(7) of the PBB constitution is being mooted and looked into by Awang Tengah’s men.{ we will provide more details on this subject as their NET drags in more YB’s and MP’s 

CM Taib will not want to create the fire which will burn a hole in the PBB “steel enforced net” but Awang Tengah’s Men is seriously looking at this option which will propel their BOSS to be the Chosen one as CM Sarawak. The stakes are getting higher but for BN Sarawak to remain strong their plans and strategies needs to be derailed.

We mentioned this in an earlier article”Taib is in the know now and he will not leave anything to chance. PBB will go into the General Elections as a UNITED and CONSOLIDATED front to secure the 14 seats which they have been mandated.

The other 17 seats which 7 (SUPP) 6(PRS) 4(SPDP) Taib as BN chairman would certainly see that all 31 seats are safely in BN’s hands

 If the opposition thinks PBB is having internal rivalries,mistrusts and will be weaken they will know very soon as GE13 looms nearer.

That is why the elderly PBB member said,”PBB WILL TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN. WE KNOW WHAT TO DO 

He also quoted Ulysses S.Grant 18th President of USA :- The art of war is simple enough.Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as u can.Strike him as hard as you can and keep moving.

CM’s Men will soon overturn the Guillotine to be used for Awang Tengah’s Men..

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PKR v SUPP at P196 Stampin.?

supp-pkr-dapWill DAP Give Way to PKR in P196?

In the 2008 General Elections the following are the results:- Yong Khoon Seng(BN 21966) Voon Lee Shan (DAP 18896) See Chee How (PKR 2198). Surely, by looking at the statistics and also the performances of DAP Assemblyman in the State 2011 Elections it looks likely that DAP stands a better chance to rattle or unseat BN in P196 Stampin.

PKR will have strong objections as their candidate have been working full time eversince See Chee How put in a poor showing in a three cornered fight in 2008. See Chee How garnered an impressive win in the last State elections in Batu Lintang Seat. He polled 13235 against BN/SUPP Sih Hua Tong 4854 while Independant Lina Soo managed 290 votes.

P196 is made up of 3 state seats in Batu Lintang,Kota Sentosa and Batu Kawah and the total votes Pakatan garnered was 33267 while BN 19520  of over 13000 votes.  What makes PKR wanting to contest? If one reads into the statistics in the last state elections the majority of votes garnered by See Chee How speaks volumes of the support for PKR. This looks likely to be a political decision where the wrong move will mean that Pakatan will not have a Parlimentarian in p196 

Moreover DAP candidate for this area is hardly seen and many voters are beginning to have the impression that DAP have suddenly been “too bossy” and “forgotten their functions as YBs in both areas” . They think they have the divine right to the seat and eventhough PKR have worked hard in P196 they will not give in to PKR’s chosen candidate Voon Shiak Ni.

SUPP have chosen Wilfred Yap 46 year old lawyer as their first choice and he is currently the SG for the Youth Central Wing. Yap have moved his machinery and seen to be engaging with DAP of late but he has been ignoring the movements by Voon. By the time elections are called this seat will have at least 89000 voters which makes it the biggest Parliamentary constituency in Sarawak.

Voon with the help of her own cyber team and ground machinery is going all out to ensure the Wanita PKR Sarawak makes a breakthrough in Sarawak. She is the National Vice Chairman of PKR and the wanita wing are all out to take on SUPP.

DAP for all their breakthrough at the State elections will also put their preferred candidates in Dr.Tang or another new face. According to sources close to Dr.Tang if there is another young candidate below 30 instead of Dr.Tang there will be a ‘serious split” in DAP ranks and file. DAP hierarchy are watching closely the ground movements and are even “willing to sacrifice’ the seat in order to see a united DAP Sarawak. 

Meanwhile PKR ADUN Batu Lintang told audie61” We will work hard to try to secure a seat in Stampin and SUPP candidate it seems could still be between Wilfred Yap and Lo Khere Chiang. Like Pakatan we are still looking at the candidate that will deliver the seat and BN likewise.

See Chee How was also trying to be diplomatic and he said if you remember what the Wanita PKR Chief Zubaidah have said,”that there was a strong possibility that Voon might be fielded in the coming GE in Stampin” She said that PKR are fighting hard to field their own and so does DAP who also wants it.

She continued that there will be only one candidate from Pakatan and we are monitoring the situation and getting public response on who is the right candidate. The odds are stacked against DAP as their candidate have yet to make their rounds and PUBLIC PERCEPTION is very important when choosing an election candidate. 

Wilfred for all his support from the CWC still needs to convince the people and the perception that he is the candidate to represent BN. He has yet to mobilise his cyber team unlike Voon who has engage and consistently inform the top Pakatan National and State leadership she is the rightful candidate to represent Pakatan.

There is so much SUPP needs to learn to transfrom in the urban area as what they have used in previous elections needs to be overhauled. The urbanites are using mostly socialmedia,blogs,linkedin,reddit,digg,stumbleupon and of course facebook. 

It is sad that many veteran and elderly politicians still believe that their tried and tested methods for campaigning still hold water. They must learn from Tun Mahathir when he was feeling sidelined he started his own blog and see how far it got him.

Its so unfortunate that Wilfred is also caught in a “time capsule” according to many cyber practitioners who feels he needs to really capitalise on this technology and feels he will be left behind in the polls. The Pakatan machinery is now in full swing and they too do not think they are certainties but they are willing to sacrifice for the party by working FULL TIME.

SUPP’s mindset has to change or else they will be served as with a tag as the ‘weak partner” of BN. PBB.PRS and SPDP have their own cyber teams in place and though their majority seats are mainly rural based their followers are very much engaging the opposition daily.

A PBB Yb even told me in his rural area even a Penghulu of nearly 70 years old are asking for Wifi 24/7 and not intermittent signals as they need to know what is being churned out through twitter/sms/blogs and facebooks. It’s getting more open and even now radios are distributed by the opposition while 1 Malaysia laptops are distributed to the rural folks by BN.

However, SUPP taking on PKR or DAP they need not only to train their cyber troops well but also need the other independant troopers who knows how to penetrate the mindset of the people and ensure that they will not be swayed come voting day. The cyber dessimation of information is not just for those who feels like engaging for social “syok sendiri” or be put in as what is now called volunteerism by many.

There are no more FREE LUNCHES in this day and age of politics unlike our forefathers days says many of the so called volunteers and party members. It’s a sad fact but this is REALITY.

Who will still believe the same daggling of carrot of promises which was used by many politicians. PKR,DAP and SUPP fighting in the urban areas needs to get the necessry tools too for their cybertroopers to use to interact and engage in cyberspace and its not CHEAP. 

It also consumes hell a lot of time which the politicians fail to notice and count in dollars hours. The cyber space are shared by many but only a handful are getting their messages and information across to create ripples and shake the whole of Malaysia.

The top leaders are all watching on the whose who in the cyberworld and anything which even scratches just their top of the foreheads needs to be addressed.

Bad publicity is a NO NO in politics and they know how difficult it is to put it right. Even by keeping quiet the votes will be losts to the other party. Some in SUPP have found out but it came a little too late. Wilfred and Voon represent the younger set of politicians and they know that this tool must and should not be disregarded.  DAP has yet to switch its own engine on and they will regret that they did it too late this time round.

P196 whoever steals a march will be sworn in as the Member of Parliament.  

Bloggers you are Shamed..You Ready..??

FIRE! It requires justs a little spark to set it in motion. Haris Ibrahim(Mr.ABU- People’s Parlaiament blog who i met together with SKY(Sim Kwang Yang) initiator of Hornbill Unleashed , Bernard Khoo of Zorro Unmasked and Wong Chin Huat (Now very Mr.Bersihman).Del Capo( Mr.Lynas Green) are now all in their final stages of moving in towards the kill for the BN/UMNO bloggers and FB.

Little did i know that when i first started in on 1st of May 2008 with my very first article-{The Battle of Sarawak 2010-Wave or Changes} now after 4 years 1561 articles later that I will be crossing paths with them but in different boats or i should say yachts (as now mosts of them are so sophisticated and tech savvy that they can afford the luxuries.(Didn’t Haris met RPK in Thailand on one.Seems they had a fall-out.No more BFF..hik hik hik.}.

The GE13 the mother of all battles between BN v Pakatan is in actual fact targetted at mainly UMNO (strongest partner in BN coalition ) and the warcry/slogans not only comes with A.B.U.(Asalkan bukan UMNO) now colours are also waving frantically with-Black,Orange,Yellow and Now Lime Green are all very much of the Pakatan armoury.

Pakatan worst fears are that the elite UMNO bloggers and cybertroopers assemble their armies together with Sarawak and Sabah providing the back up if UMNO/BN suffers badly in Peninsular. Peninsular has 166 seats with Sarawak 31 and sabah 25 (222 total) and BN has amassed all that crawls,can type,does upload and able to think A BIT to bolster the BN machinery.

Haris Ibrahim knows that many Pakatan bloggers/Fb take forgranted that the people will still vote for PR in 2013. He has taken the first step to reveal his so called friends to the world and telling PR we must know our enemies. He blogged this and with the pictures inserted he had this to say about 5 of them.I’ve pointed out and named the five that I know of.Do you know any of them in this photo?If you do, name them and shame them

Many in Sarawak or Sabah are not even in their lists of targets are we are all too small a fly and not worth the bother. Many too are still green,unable to give them an intellectual discourse and they wont even bother to CLICK the sites let alone lift a finger at them. The elitists are targetted and Haris wants everyone to jump and run rapidly like cockroaches to their masters. He is hoping to get a backlash from the FB BN Cybertroopers and Pakatan bloggers will have a field day.

Attack they can but BN bloggers know where their achilles heels are and we will hit them hardest at the mosts appropriate time. This though unless some amongst us who decide otherwise to join forces again with them which must not be ruled out. There are already one or two who are seriously looking over the rainbow as the BN machinery has overlooked the elite bloggers plus seasoned writers to the more newly named social media practitioners who can posts in Face Books. Some even called themselves Social Media Specialists. Walau eh..Hail them! Hail them!

PM Najib knows that and he too is fully aware of whether the penetration is fully utilised to silence the Pakatan bloggers and FB. In armies and police force there are elite squads and in cyber sapce there are such practitioners. Some have been really overlooked and the gutter politics plus other explicit storuies does not sell to the fence sitters and youths of today. BN’s political teams are already in place and the ‘nukes” must find, destroy and annihilate them 

Pakatan bloggers posts pictures and they maximise their machinery to the fullest but the Generals in place in the BN(sorry to mention this some will be furious,angered (kecil hati) and they keep on saying the people will vote BN. {Its simple if every day you take a small potion of heroin eventually you will be addicted too}

Some dont even dare to put their faces in their blogs or FB but they say they are so this and that. Many SYOK SENDIRI SAHAJA. Hitler would have been proud of them as he had only the SS (special squad) while in Malaysia there are those with 3S’s.

The battle in cyberspace is not easy and it requires patience,passion and a lot of research to get down to the bottom of issues and perception which is being played up.

If we were to take the the spat between the CM Taib and his wife Ragaad it should not have even made it to Sarawak Report Portal let alone other blogs as to us its more of a personal matter. Yes,he is a public figure and his every move is monitored but if we were to turn it round it would be ” You are fooled. Taib was supposed to buy the latest top model Handset for Ragaad and she expected to receive it that morning but unfortunately it was not the one promised. So she was not too pleased” So its all about how one writes.

CM Taib has a young wife and many who have young wife  out there knows that its about Compromising to their wishes and “mesti sayang bah” love with all our hearts. It didnt make the Hollywood pages of gossips and to us its more personal abnd we should be worrying more about Taib not working for the State.

CM Taib said to audie61 if he is not working 8am-5pm we should be worried as he is neglecting his duties to the State and People of Sarawak {oh! No! I will be getting a number of hate smses from some cyber troopers plus you know who…. those who misinterpret what i have written.}

Its a Perception game in cyberspace and very soon with all the venom and hate thrown about there will be little left for anyone to think who they will vote for in GE13. The fence sitters will surely be watching closely and they will be the deciding factor and not many who tell us that (underage and other nationalities will join in the voting process)

If they are why dont each political party put up their elite teams of muscleman and stop them at the polling booths.

The bloggers mentioned in the photographs are not my buddies as we too, did not start on the same wavelength but here’s hoping that after giving them support and telling Haris {please brother thought you are more gentleman than that) a phonecall would make my day.

Pakatan bloggers we are ready and audie61 team would be ready to lend our hands. Our BN/SUPP P196 candidate Wilfred Yap have seen the team of 23 personnels in action and he too can vouched that BN is ready in all eventualities. His constituency has over 85000 voters.

Even ADUN Pending DAP Violet Yong said”why are you all not my friend anymore as she talked to audie61 and all of your FB team are attacking me so incessantly

The YBs and MPs are feeling the heat from the blogs more so as the FB needs to be reposts and reposts. Ask Papagomo who was attacked by until a truce was brokered. They say dont play play with us (famously uttered by Phua Chu Kang) or you will feel the thunder and lightning raining down.

Today we might be Shamed but who will be whipped tomorrow…

“Undang-Undang Siber” BNBBC Sarawak

In 2008 Pakatan took the cyberspace and BN were hammered says one of the speakers a PBB Supreme Council member, lawyer and former Senator Idris Buang at the BNBBC Forum. Obviously what the legislators are doing should be commended but not all is rosy.

We look at the positives in that the “DOG-FIGHT” between Pakatan and BN cybertroopers and bloggers have reached feverpitched as the GE13 looms ever nearer. The agencies which were present is all well too as it ensures that they too are not left out in this awareness cyber law forum.

The other speakers in ACP Mohd.Kamarddin bin Mohd.Din who spoke on Police actions on cyberlaw and En.Zulkarnain Mohd Yassin (SKMM) -No censorship does not mean lawlessness. both made their points but the component party members were “MORE INTERESTED” on how to do battle against their opposition.

Laws will be laws and they are really a dry subject eventhough those connected with the law fraternity would think otherwise. The turnout was not very encouraging (less than 150) but it could have been much more impactful.

Participation would have been more fruitfull if the TARGET was for the right purpose. A participant even mentioned,” Its like HOCKEYPLAYERS playing Proffesional Football”. He meant well as he elaborated,” The Target should be political party branch/division members in and around Kuching areas. The same can be done in Sri Aman, Sibu,Bintulu,Miri and Limbang.

Agencies and their staff do not belong to political parties and how will they be fighting for political parties who have their candidates standing for elections. It does make logic and also political sense.

Simply by getting those who are cyber or facebooker friendly is not enough as the cyber warfare is all about PERCEPTION. The people involved musts be able to ensure the people who go into cyberspace are influenced by the arguments,opinions,discussion and articles which is presented on their screen.

Having said that,BNBBC have opened a can which is not of only full of worms as everyone wants a piece of cyber action and some are really in to “SS” Syiok Sendiri”and also making themselves ‘so important‘ that nothing can waver or touch them.

The whole idea of political parties getting and being involved in the cyberspace is as Idris Buang says “win the dog-fight’. Get the message across and ensure it sticks. get the Vote is what we want.

Facebookers or Bloggers must see the point of them getting involved or else why not justs enjoy gossiping about filmstars,food,travel or any other interests. This social media tool is being utilised by the Pakatan group to maximise and penetrate the right market and the next 3 months BN needs to step up or consign to another loss in cyberwarfare against Pakatan in 2013.

The heart,passion and loyalty to their own political party and Coalition should be the ultimate aim for the party cyber team. They are like the militaries version of elite forces and they know how to spin,engage and turn it round to the parties advantage. The FB troopers need what is delivered to them and “NUKE” it out onto the cyberspace screens or walls.

Ultimately,BNBBC should look more into the political parties instead of agencies who basically are paid staff and have families rice bowls to look after. The cyber teams of political parties in Sarawak are very much in place and they should be your TARGET.

Nurture them and ensure its a ‘special group” as we know youths,wanitas or SC members in political parties have other commitments in their constituencies especially during campaign and election period and they will not have time to stay behind computers or engaging back through their phones.

There are also no Volunteerism in political parties and as such any volunteer from political  youths will stay a figment of our own imagination. The leaders must not be fooled by how cyberspace war is perceived and how it can affect the voting trend and the political parties must accept that this MEDIA TOOL is the answer not only in URBAN areas but also the RURAL areas now. 

The laws play a vital role to check its not misuse and they are in place to punish the cyber culprits. The heat is on and the fire is already lighted and many would not be happy and will feel hurt with what is the TRUTH.

BNBBC is showing the way but they are yet to hit their TARGET.