“DAP AT WAR WITH PKR Sarawak..??”.

It was supposed to be another normal breakfast gathering with my fellow “political brainstormers” One a former banker cum economic columnists told me the political situation is now so muddy and there are so many issues on both sides of the political divide. Another a chemists said that if the equations are not solve it might explode in front of our faces.

It is no more a clear cut single straight line and we have to tread very carefully. One false allegation,lies or defamation someone would justs make a police report and then we will see each other in court. Its too popular nowadays says our emeritus professor.

They said yesterday you mention in your blog on SPDP Princess in which we extract here”Nansian had refuted a recent statement made by Puteri SPDP Barbara Mawan that there was nothing to rescue as Mas Gading was still with BN.

The SPDP Princess he said mentioned that MAS GADING needs to be rescued.What is there to be rescued? I suggest they rescue the losts seats of Krian an Ba’Kelalan.

Guess what.. today another YB but this time from DAP came out to attack a fellow component ally in PKR Sarawak,”stop daydreaming and also in short stop lobbying which they cannot win without DAP” This was in reference to the lobbying of PKR Stampin for candidacy in GE13.(we will put her quote later..extracted from FaceBook)

Wong Ho Leng can say that he did not say that and we try to spin it (see Borneo Posts page 7 )but he musts have forgotten what was written in the February/March Issue of Rocket. Am pretty sure he has a copy.

Oh Yeah! we bought a copy as your DAP vendor sold it to us and we also found the title quite interesting:-HERE COMES THE FUTURE and also “the young and dangerous” an interview with your supremo Lim Kit Siang. Wong Ho Leng do I need to refresh you?

Lim Kit Siang a veteran politician would not even dare to utter those words”daydreaming,stop lobbying,one have to be sure of oneself and the party

Wah! Wisdom to know which party has better chance to win for PR.

Let us quote to you which is extracted from the interview by Lim Kit Siang in which a reporter asked,”Any pearls of wisdom to share with aspiring politicians?”answer..( They have to have the stamina and perserverance to last the journey;as well as commitment and sincerity in serving the people.It is is a long journey) not edited Wong Ho Leng.

We have interviewed previously Voon Shiak Ni lawyer and Women activists.We know her as a true fighter with zests and enthusiasm and she did not come to the fore in PKR until recently. She is all heart and soul for her boss and she will not waver easily and will be quite straight forward when issues are close to her heart.

PKR Voon and Puteri SPDP Barbara are both Wanitas in their own right and to be attacked in such a manner by both gentleman YBs I should say leaves a lot to be desired. CM Taib as much as many have written bad things about him does come good when he talks about PBB Wanita he does not even rule out new women in the lineup of PBB eventhough they have presently 3 Wanita MPs.

Imagine this” he said we already have 3 what more does the wanitas in PBB want?” Imagine the attacks…

We were caught off guard with this posting in the Facebook and with the Headlines “Support us fully in Stampin,DAP tells PKR Wanita” she has every right to answer:( Our apology to all our other dap comrades for this post – WONG HO LENG as an opposition leader in sarawak should not have belittled the whole PKR women wing in borneo post today. … NO one can deny that its the spirits of Pakatan Rakyat n joint efforts of the coalition of PR that broke the fort of BN in the sibu by election for the first time in history ! Mr wong , pls jaga the imej of PR in sarawak ok)

No political party is free from lobbying and there will be many casulties left fuming plus disappointed but there musts be a sense of respect. No matter who we are, both sides would like to present their bests candidates to be chosen by the people in this GE13.

DAP was suspiciously absent from the Jangan Lawan Tauke forum and we tweeted on April 15th”DAP Swak absence at “jangan lawan tauke forum” a surprise many said as they were instrumental in d FRUSIS ISSUE.” Oops, we attended and sorry to spill the beans….

G5 has been on the attack against the present SPDP leadership and it doesnt look good for BN. PR in Sarawak does not fare too well too with DAP Sarawak Chief Wong and also Vice Chairman Chong in recent weeks attacking PKR Sarawak. It is not boiling over justs yet but it might be another reddened boil about to bursts.(A boil is a localized infection in the skin that generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm, hard, and tender. Eventually, the center of the boil softens and becomes filled with infection-fighting white blood cells from the bloodstream to eradicate the infection.

This we wrote earlier in reference to the above boil. It did not go down to well with some in PBB and we were made to believe and were even termed in so many words”like an enemy within” Did we make our feelings known? No we swallowed our saliva but we will not want to be a fool to go on a full cyberwar ahead.

Maybe the person in question forgot to read the small prints or we should have headlined it” Simple last night I seem to have been given this tasks through an extraordinary ”dream” that the CM Taib is asking me to give him a helping hand to FREE HIM FROM ALL THE OCTOPUS HANDS that is squeezing the daylights out of him. He looked so innocent but yet his cries of help are justs not answered and someone is controlling him to the maximum.

It was an extraordinary dream and honestly does he think that we are justs making it up to get to PBB? Politicians sometimes do forget where they start and it might justs be timely to remind them,”Don’t BURN THE BRIDGE when you have crossed it”

Our political brainstormers agreed as unanimously that  

The mosts common though would be”REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM

PKR”Jangan Lawan Towkay”

It seems that everyway you go at the moment the favourite phrase uttered amongst politicians is,”Remember Jangan Lawan Towkay” It has caught fire in the local political circle in sofar as describing Senior Minister and President of PRS James Masing’s “warning or blemish”

Some people never learn says PKR YB See Chee How as he posted something similar to my wall in FB and in it he said,” Bro,BN can be defeated just by their leaders opening their mouths.”

I was curious and telephoned ADUN Batu Lintang up and what he meant was that it referred to a posting by SUPP Youth SG Wilfred Yap. Its not dissimilar to Masings he said.

He should have just zapped it and try to avoid a backlash plus condemnation,says YB See. But what actually sparked the flurry of activities which left a distasteful feeling in the mouths of some.

Wilfred posted in his personal Facebook,’ The people still don’t understand the power they have in their hands. So vote the BN Government to ensure continuity towards stability and a high income economy.’

So finally SUPP got the opposition to come out fighting but it was only PKR we thought. But looking at the comments which we copied for all to see it has irked many. Be ready SUPP for more gunfire, artillery and mortars thrown at your direction. Wilfred has justs “pissed” of  one too many.

SUPP Cyber troopers be ready to lend a hand..Where are you..??


    • Michael LingThe power in our-peoples hand is to vote and crash BN 6 ft under in coming GE.

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    • Nicholas RstThere is NO necessity for anyone to instruct others who to vote.The voters themselves have the very power to do so.After seeing and experiencing ‘so much’ all this while they surely know who to vote without being instructed to do so.Good luck.

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    • SyJen Simon SiahSec-Gen of SUPP Youth said that to ensure continuity towards stability and a high income economy, we have to vote the BN Government? What crap is this? Wawasan 2020 for a high income nation is only 8 years away and according to Idris Jala we are going bankrupt by 2019. As a matter of fact most Malaysians especially Sarawakians are still living below poverty line. BN has cheated us for over 50 years, give them another chance to cheat us for another 50 years? NO WAY. BN Must Go.

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    • SyJen Simon SiahThis is the BN people mentality. First they say “Jalan Lawan Tauke” and now this Wilfred Yap is saying that the people don’t understand the power they have in their hand. What power is he referring to? Power to choose a Tauke?

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    • Nicholas RstPower to topple the government of the day?

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    • See Chee HowFrom “Jangan Lawan Towkay” to this “the people don’t understand the power in their hands”, the BN leaders’ arrogance and their belittling of the people is a shared BN culture?

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    • Derrick LeeThat’s not for him to say at all. He is a Partner at a law firm owned and operated by the Deputy Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament and only God knows how he got there. Perhaps he’s work his way up to today’s position or the government may have helped him in some way in his conquest. Either way, Malaysians not linked to the BN government in general have worked their arses off to make a living with costs rising. The State BN government and Federal BN government doesn’t even see eye to eye. Najib says Malaysia to be wealthy nation by 2020 whereas Taib said Sarawak to be wealthy state by 2030. Is Sarawak not part of Malaysia? His mind-set, is disappointing and it shows that he is completely out of touch with the people. Bottomline is they still consider Malaysians to be stupid, it’s either them or the other way round.

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    • Leon LeeAnother one of these kind of character. Plenty of these in BN. Just like the Mong Dagang fellow, the ppl within the corridors of power in BN has been ruling the nation for far too long. So much so, they have long forgotten the true spirit of democracy and that the saying “A government by the people, of the people and for the people” is not mere rhetoric. Instead, it is a reminder that the Gov of the day is there to serve us, the common Rakyat.. and not the other way around.

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    • Melton Kaisleave them alone and let them savour the final moments of their habitual self gratification because the end of the road for them is just around the corner.we know what we want and its not for them to tell or advice us…they can save the advice and devilish plan for themselves.

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    • Mika’il ChenWhat I do understand is the power of my ONE vote. Please carry on with your condescending tone, if not, just to entertain, inspire and infuriate THE PEOPLE further. Thank you.

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    • Wilfred YapAgree with you perfectly but don’t you all think that the people deserve to hear the truth and not half-truths in Pakatan’s ceramahs.

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    • Mika’il ChenAfter 50 years, BN cannot even sort out minimum wages and you intend to impress the lot here with economics on achieving high income? Chuck it.

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    • Leon LeeWilfred Yap: a very serious allegation, that PR does not speak the truth in Ceramahs .. have you any evidence of wrongdoings? If you do, I’d gladly invite you to publish it out… Or else, your empty rhetoric and slander will no longer hold much water. The political arena has changed much since your honeymoon days … Today the Rakyat is smarter, better informed and is more objective in their evaluations. Show proof, or apologize.

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    • Irene ChuaWhile the leaders and their cronies fete on people’s taxes and nation’s resources, they pour scorn on masses for whinging about raising cost and asked them to live within their means. Go on Wilfred, what truth are you up to?

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    • Melton Kaisi am deeply dissapointed by the incessant misbehaviour of bn politicians who thinks they are smarter and indispensable lot.you and your friends in bn have lied enough mr.wilfred , we will believe no more.

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    • Leon LeeBankrupt of ideas, blind to the wrongdoings of Taib, powerless to speak up. What’s left? Continue the lies, slander & dirty politics? It did not work on 2011, it will not work in GE13 either. Wake up.

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    • Leon LeeWilfred: I had the unfortunate chance to engage your youth counterparts in Gerakan & MCA on a daily basis here. They are singing the same old tune as you… You think it’s gonna work? Think again.

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    • Melton Kaistheir ignorance, arrogance and stubborness will be a blessing indisguise for us.

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    • E.t. OngIt is time for us   to vote the BIG BULLY AND CORRUPTED POLITICIANS OUT.They did not appreciated that we vote them in the first place. now in return, they treat us like beggar Mr.Wilfred, Sabah and Sarawak have Oil, Pepper and Timbers and other resources whereas Penang only has Sea Water and Air, yet they able to give incentives in Cash and Kind to his peoples but Sabah and Sarawak could not give even 100 Ringgit to OKU. WHAT A SHAME TO YOU POLITICIANS CONTROL SABAH AND SARAWAK. IT TIME FOR YOU TO GO. VOTE FOR CHANGES, FOR BETTER LIVING CONDITION AND MORE CARING GOVERNMENT ONLY PR OR PENANG DAP HAD DONE IT.We want a government, who cares for its people not a Politician who think he is a Napoleon .

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    • Idwar Bakarudin Well Mr Yap, the public do not need a nuclear physicist like me to tell them that you ( and your BN cronies) are talking a lot of crab. FYI, i had been working in Malaysia for more that 30 years…..the high income economy you are talking about is pure imagination…..With BN government, the ordinary honest working citizens are only able to eat “dirt”, but you and the BN cronies are having your own castles and mansions, ..and at the same time , destroying the  environment and the livelihood of ordinary poor rural citizens of this country with your huge dams and smelting plants, etc…. TO all my fellow citizens out there, .. Please vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT !! After about 50 years, please vote for a CHANGE !! GIVE CHANGE a CHANCE.  I rest my case.TQ. Dr Idwar Bakarudin

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    • Wilfred YapWhy don’t you guys read the comment in Malaysia Insider on minimum wage? It should enlighten you guys.

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    • Melton Kaisthe whole story is about the “half truth”as alleged by yourself….meaning there is some truth in it.any kind of truth no matter how minute would be most welcome in this federation which has been bombarded with propaganda full of lies for the past 48 years.it is not just about minimum wage.

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    • Voon Shiak NiOmg ! Don know there is a fire here ! – haha … Vote BN ? We have been voting for 50 years but  in kuching town we still have kpg kudei … High income ? Rich get richer , yes ! Poor gets poorer n the poor  never has the avenue  to get out of  the dire state they are in … Kpg kudei is an example of a failed BN govt …

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    • Tat Limwilfred yap> turth. half-truth or no truth, the people will judge. u buy what ur pak moh chief said that ` HE & HIS FAMILY DO NO BUSINESS IN SARAWAK’?  power in the hands of the people under BN > MY FOOT!

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    • Alvin GodSpeed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN2DdStmMqo&feature=youtube_gdata_playerto all pakatan supporters kindly watch this video. without BN there will be no development? LMAO…..

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    • Leon LeeVoon Shiak Ni: fire? there’s no fire. There’s a lot of mud slinging, slander and typical BN rhetoric here though …

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    • Bakhtiar Abdul RahmanGeorge Chan lost to young man. I love to see Peter Chin lose to a young lady. Wilfred Yap’s mouth shut forever.

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    • Leon LeeIt’s amazing how after the voters told SUPP in a voice both loud and clear that their politics no longer apply, they keep coming back with the same old tune…

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    • Melton Kaistheir political culture was moulded by their master, tuan umno and the white haired emperor of sarawak.

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    • Lynn Cheang Let Wilfred Yap walk his crab talk,  stand in GE13 and lose his deposit.   Higher income? Yes for BN cronies lah! SUPP is history.  We don’t need Chinese representation; we just need honest, god fearing Sarawakians to implement just and fair governance and give help to those  who are marginalised or less priviledged.

Bekir for Samarahan,Mukah or PetraJaya..?

Where will Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib stand to be MP candidate for GE13?

 Surely no one would go against “the anointed one” The motion has been set and mosts leaders from PBB Bumiputra Wing who are aligned to CM are jumping on the bandwagon and giving their endorsement freely. The lists includes State Assembly Speaker Awang Asfia Awang Nassar, Senator Idris Buang,Minister in Chief Ministers Office Fatimah Abdullah,Chief Political Secretary to CM Karim Hamzah,Youth Information Chief Aziz Adenan and the latest being Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Awang Tengah Ali Hassan.

The Chief Minister has already said he hopes that Bekir is ‘serious in serving the people” in response to his son Bekir’s statement of “I am always interested in Sarawak politics but no one has yet called me,” Last weekend Awang Tengah joined in by echoing his boss CMs words,”“I am very happy for him and I hope he is serious”.

A few murmurs from the political circles are coming out with their own analysis from a different perspective. It might not affect the choice but certainly its worth to hear their views.Mosts of them are in agreement that,”Its good the leaders are coming out to endorse but something is missing.”

The 3 main factors includes  namely

  •  1.Why are the grassroots leaders in these two areas P197 Samarahan and P213 Mukah keeping mum?
  •  2.There is definetely a deafening silence and hardly a whisper of support from any dayak leaders from PBB or any component parties?
  •  3. Why is the Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof quiet?

In answering the first question there has been a tinge of disappointment in Samarahan Constituency for Bekir’s brother Sulaiman.The grassroots felt that that they were let down by Sulaiman eventhough they put so much hope on him. They felt now they needed somone else besides Sulaiman’s brother as the saying goes,”Once bitten twice shy”

Even Karim Hamzah told a reporter that each individual is different and that claims that he too will let them down is unfounded will not easily erase the ‘fear of another misjudgement” Bekir needs to consider this factor too as eventhough his brother in 2008 garnered 15559 votes against PKR candidate Hussain Abang Apok 4148 this time round it will not be so smooth sailing. One of the seats earmarked by PKR is also P197 Kota Samarahan and Baru Bian has already said this,”We have spoken to the people on the ground and so far the response is very encouraging.”

P213 Mukah the incumbent Muhammad Michael leo Toyad who is already in his seventh term has already made his stand by saying,”well,I have no wish to step down.I am still able to work at the moment also I am still working to develop my constituency,so I am ready to defend my seat. Bekir would know that the incumbent has twisted his words saying the above as on one hand the incumbent says… “its all depends on the party’s decision if I stay or not.”

Bekir too knows that that Leo Toyad who was once a Roman Catholic and now converted is not well received by his constituency,there has been calls of him being replaced by new faces and there are names being thrown around in Alphonsus Dorhat,James Pieng with others even before Bekir’s name emerged. There seems to be a very loud calling for a Christian Melanau assemblyman to serve this notably christian dominated constituency and in the lasts elections the signals were very apparent. Bekir will have his hands full as Leo Toyad would not give up his seat so easily.

The second question is the dayaks feels that the Melanaus are building their dynasty. If any of their leaders openly support not one of their own they will be scorn upon by their own community. It has been reverberating for some time now that the dayaks are hoping that one of their own take the helm and if endorsement is given to Bekir it will hamper any dayaks from getting the coveted chair. The dissenting voices speaks loudly,”Another thirty years no way..!!”

In keeping their distance the current crop of second echelon dayak leaders would know they will not be ‘singled out”by any group in the Bumiputera wing. There is already a known ‘power struggle’ amongst certain leaders and the grouping is getting clearer as the days goes by for the CM to finally call it a day. The dayaks are not only keeping out of endorsing”Bekir’ openly but avoiding being dragged into the skirmishes which are happening behind closed doors. 

Thirdly,one parliamentary seat which Bekir looks as challenging to stand out on his own would be the P194 Petra Jaya seat. The incumbent a deputy minister is also the Youth chief of the party. Bekir knows this area very well as he has his house located in this constituency and he knows that there are at least 5000 and above opposition voters. PKR has already indicated that there are signs that they will be able to win this seat and wrestle it from PBB. This even makes it a stronger case for Bekir has he is known to “love challenges.” Even DAP MP and Adun Chong Chieng Jen has thrown a challenge to Taib Mahamud his dad that he should move away from safe seats to fight the opposition in urban or semi urban areas.

Bekir would like to win this seat handsomely and tell DAP and PKR that he managed without using his dads influence. His dads preference would be for him to stand in Kota Samarahan or Mukah. The people of Mukah yesterday called audie61 and said,”Toyad still wants it and nobody else but only Bekir can take it away from him.”

 Bekir knows that he needs to be serious to please his dad and he would not just pick up P194. He has to wriggle out to prove his worth in the political field and a platform right in the middle of Kuching Division where the voters are semi urban and winning it would be the icing on the cake for him. Fadillah has kept quiet on this matter and he might just be thinking of “changing his seat” to maintain his parliamentarian status. Will he be given a “safe seat..?”

Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct
2004   Fadillah Yusof (PBB) 18,236 75%   Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Senusi (PKR) 5,420 22%
2008   Fadillah Yusof (PBB) 19,515 78%   Mohamad Jolhi (PKR) 5,118 20%

PKR Sarawak Women chief Nurhanim Moksen even mentioned in a telephone call to us that he finds the challenge of Bekir to be interesting and she says winning for PKR will not be so easily as Fadillah would have been easier to challenge. They know how to handle Fadillah as they have kept track of his movements and will use it as “atomic bombs” on him and oust him. PKR must be confident enough on this seat as it was unveiled recently that P194 is also amongst their winnable seat.

The Bekir factor will be a twist in PKR’s works and Bekir a “fresh face”succesful businessman and also with good political linkages would be able to win back the majority of the constituents to the BN fold. Many in this semi-urban enclave would be very happy to give him a chance to improve their Petra jaya constituency as they know he does thrive on challenges. Bekir knows the option of P194 stands out eventhough the safe seats of either P197 or P213 are as good as him being given on a “silver platter” an MP seat.

It’s really Bekir Taibs Choice dont you think..??

PKR “Mas Gading wants Liow Tiong Lai.??”

PKR P192 Cabang spokesman Boniface Willy Anak Tumek wants Liow Tiong Lai to show more commitment to Bau than his statement after Bersih 709 regarding the Tung Shin Hospital.

Willy  in a Press conference at the Stampin office attended by journalists from all the major tabloids in the city issued a three page statement which calls for additional beds and improve facilities to meet the medical health and growing populace of Bau district.

Presently Bau has a population of 42775 from the lasts count and the hospital has only 68 beds which is diabolical.

Bau hospital needs to be upgraded to serve the rakyat. He even said,”the people of Bau are saying that they have been loyal”fixed deposit” supporters of the BN Government and giving them will be one fitting and meaningful way for the government to reciprocate and reward them for their fervent and untiring support.

The people call for the Federal Minister of Health to take immediate and appropriate actions so that they will have more beds to accomodate the increasing population of Bau.

Willy has this for the Health Minister ,”come and spend more time in Bau and you will love it more than Tung Shin Hospital.Surely,this will enhance your image and leave the police to handle their wrongdoings.”


MP’s Beware “The Third Eye..!!”

When we sat down for breakfast this morning the N1 Candidate for PKR Boniface Willy Tumek said,”not many bloggers and main stream media are willing to write about NCR, illegal logging and land for oil palm.” Anyway we in PKR will and defend the State rights and the natives rights as it has been way over the top. It’s good that Adenan Satem is the new Minister with Special Functions and let’s see how far he will reach down to the companies to stop these ‘ malpractises.”

We have two elected representatives in the State Assembly in Baru Bian and See Chee How who will be keeping a very close eye on these matters. They have been elected as they have championed the cause and won a number of court cases and now its up to the “experience boy in new clothes Adenan” to engage them if necessary.

Willy said,’We in PKR have been using the alternative media to the fullest and armed with this technology we have penetrated deep into the BN Bastions. Only now,BN are looking at it seriously and the FACEBOOK, twitters and blogs are already the politicians third eye for them. Very soon, it will be the General Elections and the MPs (members of parliament) who don’t use this media will be in for a shocker.

Even PBB Daud Abdul Rahman Tupong N6 had a shock when his seemingly safe Bidayuh areas saw decrease in votes from the semi-rural constituency. He used to see only around 23 opposition in this polling district but in the last elections it has increased to 101. The younger set of Bidayuh voters have made their intentions known and they are not staying anymore in the villages. They want development to reach their areas and if the Government concentrates on too much urban development the answer is ” we will go against as there are not any business opportunities in the rural areas”

The Facebook photos of HI Chin posted is a good example that the MPs and the ADUNs today will not be spared. The ever increasing technological advances are now the THIRD EYE and the politicians today have to step up or they will be SHIPPED OUT. This is a very good example on how the PKR National Vice Chairman SN Voon engaged ,”Hi chin ,can you tell us where is this place ? We have alerted the members from PKR Bau to attend to it … Mr Boniface Willie hp number is 016 8835668. Please call us … Thanks.

BN legislators are slowly catching up but it is still too slow and they are not exactly directing their party counterparts to be on the alert.The rubbish was cleaned up but does this simple tasks need to reach the politicians ears and eyes before it is carried out. The ruling government put in adminstrators who should be working for the government as they are also “paid by the rakyats $$$$” This is not an excuse and before long many will feel the wrath of the THIRD EYE.

MPs you have been NOTIFIED……

Exit..”Sounds Familiar..!!”

Exit…who is saying he is going so soon says Haji Daud YB for Tupong just before the elections and we in Sarawak still needs his wisdom. If anything Taib is irreplaceable and without doubt he has politics in his blood which many are finding it hard to inject it in. 

The calls for him to step down grows louder and with Francis Siah MOCS and cousin Salleh Jaffaruddin singing the same tune Taib needs to act accordingly. Some in UMNO hierarchy cannot wait to see the end of Taib Mahmud too. They are very much the hidden hands behind.

He knows what is coming even before it develops and the “bomoh” equation suddenly reappears. Conveniently,with a masterstroke and the perfection of the Art of Deception he will rewrite his own history.


Having done that he will go for the jugular. He will make sure the Chinese accept it, be part of it and if anything that has been suggested on a ‘merger’ of dayak based parties PRS/SPDP he might just think otherwise. Politics is about now and not how it will develop. THINK WAY AHEAD….

Who says the merger of SUPP/SPDP will not happen? 

James will not want it to happen between the PRS/SPDP as he is according to sources not even in the picture of the merged entity. Imagination is something which cannot be taught and Taib’s Godly senses has all the makings of what we as a nation is predestined to be in a hundred years from now

Who has thrown up all this merging entities and the question of an EXIT.? 

The calls by KJ,Gan and Chin of Taib being the man the chinese has shunned BN Sarawak has not caught on and the Youth wings of PBB has come to the rescue of their dear leader.(previous articles)

Taib will play the tune of Beethoven’s Fifth symphony soon and some trusted lieutenants of yesteryears will pay the price. What is the price will be anyones guess and it will be so nice that the person will not know what he has eaten. The after effects will leave a bitter taste and before he gulps the tea to detoxify the plan has already been executed. 

You will be looking at it and whether it will fall into place. Don’t hesitate as when the Execution plans are hatched there will not be an EXIT as the axe will have fallen.

The exit points are all but closed now and whoever is involved will have to bear the brunt of the sharpened part. Those who are to survive will need not to hide behind the cloak but need to exhaust all their resources to the finish to stay part and parcel of the game and not being thrown to the wolves.


Taib will ensure that the only one exiting will be the ones he reserve them for. Surely, he has hatched the plans way long before the State elections and he will seize the opportunity to bury his love hate relationship with some.

The political picture is murkier everyday and the EXIT door is all but closed for Taib.He knows his every move is being watched and he uses his hatchet boys to stay free and above all the moves by his enemies.

He will crush his enemies TOTALLY

PKR “Feeling Betrayed”

One can never predict what happens in politics.There are reasons on why certain things are done like this while others like that. We are often “fooled” into thinking and complacent about our positions and usually the obvious is not revealed until its thrown back at us.

Surely. one has to be dragged through MUD and sometimes the party or coalition does the unthinkable but still feels that their actions are necessary for reason only known to the select few. When this report of Dominique Ng hit the blogsphere: “I feel betrayed.”

“This announcement has taken me totally by surprise. DAP had announced that it had given up Padungan and Senadin, so how can this happen? It is incredible. I’m totally shocked.”
He even said,”Anwar was surprised..!!”

Burung Kenyalang 2011 said to audie61 ” Was Anwar surprised…? Did Anwar not see this AS perfect timing..?? Isn’t this a way of telling Ng your time is up..? Hasn’t Ng played too much politics for his own good?

Well maybe this move also took BN by surprise.It could also be done to see how far and true Dominique Ng will stick to party lines and discipline.

BN supporter Lim LC  from Padungan said,” This is indeed good news for Barisan National. Shows that the BN coalition has never wavered in its stand and eventhough SUPP losts the seat to PKR its still SUPP’s to regain back. How can we trusts the opposition when one of their own is even stabbed at the back. We will fight and get back the seat for SUPP.” 

The full report from the internet portal is copied here for you to make your own assessment.

In a surprise move, DAP and PKR will be swapping two seats they won in the 2006 Sarawak election.

At a press conference in Kuching tonight, the Sarawak PKR leadership said it will swap the Padungan seat it now holds for the Batu Lintang seat currently held by DAP.

NONEThis could mean incumbents Dominique Ng (Padungan) and Voon Li Shan (Batu Lintang) may be left without seats to contest.

Ng (left) and Voon are considered mavericks in their respective parties.

The press conference was attended by Sarawak DAP chairperson Wong Ho Leng, PKR state chief Baru Bian and PAS state commissioner Adam Ahid.

The last minute swap comes as a major surprise because Padungan is PKR’s first and only seat held in East Malaysia.

Moreover, Ng, a former DAP leader who fell out with the party in the 1990s, is well rooted in Padungan.

The move is potentially risky for DAP because Ng has a history of standing as an independent in three-cornered fights.

Voon, on the other hand, is believed to be a thorn in the current DAP leadership’s flesh.

Some see the move as attempts by both DAP and PKR to impede the political careers of Ng and Voon.

‘I feel betrayed’

When contacted by Malaysiakini, Ng said: “I feel betrayed.”

“This announcement has taken me totally by surprise. DAP had announced that it had given up Padungan and Senadin, so how can this happen? It is incredible. I’m totally shocked.”
He said that even Anwar was surprised about it when he called the de facto PKR leader after learning about the announcement.
“He (Anwar) is having a ceramah, so I will meet him afterwards.
“Baru did not even have the courtesy to inform me before making the announcement.”
Ng said he has made advance preparations for the election and that “even my posters have been printed”.
However he refused to comment on his next move, besides saying, “this is not the end”.
Voon: The people are important, not me
Voon, when contacted said, “I don’t know anything. I am watching football.”
Asked wheher he would will you contest in the April 16 state election even if his party does not niominate him for a seat, he said: “You should ask the leader what they will do with me.”
As to whether he would consider running as an independent, Voon said: “I don’t know anything at the moment… let them decide. Let it become that way.
“I am not important, the people are more important. The people and the country are more important than the party. Let the people decide, for they will know what to do.”
The three state Pakatan leaders also confirmed that PKR would be contesting at least 24 seats while DAP and PAS would be contesting 15 and five seats respectively.
PKR’s negotiations with Sarawak National Party (Snap) are still ongoing.
The full lists of Pakatan’s candidates are yet to be confirmed

PKR-DAP “Bang Bang..Lets Shoot ourselves”

The much touted Pakatan alliances are cracking at the seams and this statement which was released doesn’t offer much help either. At least BN are not seen or has a hand of ‘some sort” or “any” involved in Pakatan seats allocation.  

Bang ! Bang ! Chong Chieng Jen Kota Sentosa Assemblyman said  “I think there is a limit to DAP making concessions for the sake of Pakatan. We cannot be reduced to a negligible party…

I think that if there is such a demand, it should be reasonable. We give them an inch, but they want a foot. “As a result of such a demand, the negotiations have broken down,”

This is worse though and its really shooting at each other.”Sarawak PKR had made its position very clear that it had no authority to negotiate seats as the real power lay  with the PKR central committee, which made decisions. ”

According to a PKR source he said the clearer picture should be obtained by those who were at the negotiation table and that being from DAP in Lim Kit Siang,Richard Wong and Chris Tan while PKR were led by Azmin Ali,Zubaidah and Tian Chua.

The official stand from PKR Sarawak from See Chee How Sarawak  Information Chief is that,”The talks have not broken down and the PR Sarawak is not breaking up. There are some finer details to be ironed out still and both parties agree to negotiate further. We will be together and facing the BN.”   

It seems that Chong has pulled the trigger a wee… bit too soon. Could he be eating his own words up when asked during nomination day by the press..?? Wonder what he will say then..This might just help…

Bang..! Bang..! Bang..!

BN Kalah”Over My Dead Body”

In an angry tone and pointing his fingers at the report which appeared at one of the internet portal PBB Youth Vice Chairman Pandi Suhaili chatised the so-called report and in one of his strongest offensive statement to date said,”BN Kalah”over my dead body” as the figures from the imaginary or ‘secret’ polls were seemingly meant to discredit the Chief Minister and his leadership.

What was more glaring was that it was carried out by the information department and this in turn has terrifed both Putrajaya and the ruling household in Petrajaya.

 Why,Who and Whose orders was this made public to the internet portal? 

Whats more is that the anti BN blog “sarawak report ” cashed in by saying “that this was the reason for the unprecedented appearance of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin in Kuching last weekend.”

According to the report, both leaders came to Kuching to force Taib to step down.“I have seen them (the results) with my own eyes. In this election, Najib and Muhyiddin know that it is inevitable that Taib will lose.

“He is finished… the results from BN’s secret polls is devastating. Najib and Muhyiddin came down to tell Taib there is not going to to be anymore compromises,” said an insider.

It seems the spin on this story is being done to discredit not only the CM but also halting the ‘feel good factor” and the momentum of the BN as it prepares to face the opposition.

The Pakatan cybertroopers are already entrenched in their foxholes and they are training their guns towards the BN Unit media. BN losts the war in 2008   GE and the guns of the Pakatan are all geared up to fight and slug it out to win the blogsphere. CM Taib and his BN candidates needs all the necessary help they can muster .

Ground zero does not look too good according to PRS president when he was quoted to say,”PRS was aware of the powerful influence of the alternative media, adding that the party was reaching out to the IT-savvy Dayaks to to counter the negative propaganda against Barisan leaders.

He continued,”The alternative media is a very powerful tool. It nearly caused the collapse of the Federal Government during the last general election. We should never underestimate the powers of the alternative media.”

An SPDP SC member was very upset and he did not mince his words,”We in SPDP are all ready.What secret poll.??This state election is about the people of Sarawak mandate and they will know who to choose. They know who to choose and BN government after 47 years doesn’t suddenly become a bad government does it.?

SUPP Youth Chief (BN Batu Lintang likely candidate) Sih Hua Tong was equally not too happy with the secret polls. He said,”Where are the figures and datas for all to see and its only speculative by the portal.

 We in BN/SUPP have not stop working for the people of Sarawak and we will continue to ensure that SUPP will remain close to the hearts of the people. The people will not abandon BN and the report of “90% of its current votes, amounting to 10 out of its 12 seats has been made to give the opposition all the more reasons to attack SUPP. We are ready and we will give them a good fight and will not justs believe in the speculations. We believe in statistics and figures and we have done our homework.

According to an opposition supporter he says that the BN leaders are indeed not too comfortable with this report and are blaming the portal for stirring up the speculative nature of this article. This will make them(BN) more ready and it might just have a backlash on the Sarawak opposition parties.

Very Soon we will know who rules right…!!