MCA..”Do we need to say more..??”

Joey of audie61 received a number of smses and emails and mosts of it refers to “marriage of conveniences and now it’s time to break-up. Surely its also to take a dig at (Information.Communications and Culture Federal Minister) Raiz Yatims,”Inter marriages comments.” Also some said SPDP/PRS if merged will also lead to a SPLIT so better don’t KAHWIN(marry/merge)..

Well we reposts from Malaysiakini the full article for you to read:-

Ong-Chua fatal attraction ends
Mar 6, 10 4:12pm
The second-largest BN coalition partner, the 61-year-old MCA is back on the public’s radar with a vengeance for all the wrong reasons, as the party is riven by internecine warfare.

NONESome described this week’s tactical power play within the MCA leadership has having trapped its embattled president Ong Tee Keat (left) in a politically checkmated position.

His principal rival turned ally under the so-called greater unity plan, his deputy Chua Soi Lek, had ambushed him with his resignation together with seven of his elected central committee supporters, forcing fresh polls for end of this month.

Will the latest scenario be a turning point for the MCA embittered by a hawkish president whose inclination seemed to be engaging in a year -long rivalry with his deputy president with the end result being the party splintering into cliques and factions?

Generally, will the party be able to heal in time to unite and win back Chinese support for the next general elections?

Former MCA’s research and planning department chief Stanley Koh talked to Malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini: What’s your read on the latest turn of events leading to the resignations of Chua Soi Lek as deputy president and the seven of his central committee supporters? That adds up to 21 resignations, with 13 from the Liow Tiong Lai faction.

Koh: Well, Chua has mentioned or reminded those who were surprised at his latest move that he had in fact said March to be a month when fresh elections could be held.

Despite many of us, including myself, being taken aback, I think the surprising element was either in the timing or that few of us actually believed him. I had doubts that he was committed and would actually contribute to events leading to fresh party polls.

But I must add that he had strategically timed the submission of the all resignations, coming as they did just before the party AGM and anniversary celebration.

So you agree that it may be a strategic move or carefully thought out and staged?

Yes, that is the significance of his move, joining his numbers with that of Liow’s 13, and so getting the two-thirds of central committee out of the president’s power bloc.

That actually cornered Ong Tee Keat, forcing him to hold fresh elections in the party.

Do you think as speculated or some claim, there was collusion between Chua and Liow? Reportedly, both Chua and Liow had maintained that there was no pre-planned contact or negotiation before the resignations.

If you remember, Ong (Tee Keat) wrote in his blog that he had anticipated the move by Chua. For any shrewd politician desperately hanging clinging to power, I am sure mulling over such a possible scenario is natural.

Let me put it this way, say, if you are leading one of the three factions, wouldn’t you ponder the possibility of the other two joining forces to gang up on you? I am not saying it actually happened but the suspicion is always there.

Are you saying that Ong had miscalculated Chua’s move?
I think Ong had thought of such a scenario but failed to anticipate the timing, if not , probably miscalculated the timing of Chua’s move.

NONE If you had read Chua’s (right)press release after chairing some committee on holding fresh party elections it suggested or gave the impression that the numbers required (two-thirds resignation of the central committee) failed to materialise. The conclusion, no fresh elections could take place.

In short, it became a red herring instead of a red alert.

Another indication, I remember a top party official who had phoned on the day of Chua’s announcement of the resignation who had described the “event” as a stab in the back (of the president), which made me think that the resignations may have actually caught Ong by surprise.

Or were there any reasons for Chua’s sudden move?

Obviously the so-called “Greater Unity Plan” had failed soon after that announcement, the re-shuffling of the guards in the party.

I mean, there have been peace plans before, and never like under this leadership when you drop leaders, some called it sacking, contributing meaningfully to peace within a party. That’s common sense.

But then common sense in politics can be uncommon, especially for those apparently lacking wisdom in understanding the essence of a peace plan.

During the Ling (Liong Sik)-Lim (Ah Lek) leadership crisis, no one was sacked or dropped, the status quo was maintained during that peace plan.

Despite all the publicity of the Greater Peace Plan, I gathered from an insider that the working relationship between Ong (president) and his deputy Chua continued to be strained and they had had decision-making or policy differences.

That probably made Chua think twice or even prompted him against continued cooperation.

There is this sensitive question, do you think there is any influence from powerful external sources (i.e. Umno) determining MCA’s course of action in resolving its problems?

Let me put it this way. First, by virtue of MCA’s position and role to pull in Chinese votes as a BN component, you as big brother, wouldn’t you be concerned? I think the answer is obvious.

Day 1 - 59th UMNO general assemblyTwo, there had been statements made by top Umno leaders before, reminding Ong to put his own house in order.

Three, on record, Umno has intervened in MCA crises before, notably the Ling-Lim leadership tussle.

So if you try to convince the man in the street that there is no interference, do you think he will believe you?

At the back of our minds, in fact especially to seasoned political observers, the power brokers had always been Umno.

And I must add that certain quarters had fully exploited the notion that Ong can stand up against external influences or pressures.

Of course, the purpose is to project an image that says “you see, we have a leader who can refuse to listen or pander to the wishes of big brother”.

The propaganda agenda of course is to canvas greater backing from within the party’s ranks for the president.

Conversely, few of us really know how the person (president) actually behaves or talks to Umno top leaders (in private or on a person-to-person face off).

What I mean is, hypothetically, he could behave like a hero outside but be a “yes” man away from the public eye.

How do you assess the position of the party president at this point following the care-taker’s meeting with decisions affecting the youth and women’s wings?

Ong’s favourite song is “Love Me Tender”. I can only put this in a way that the decision or advice to pressure the youth and women’s wings to hold their respective AGMs and subject their office-bearers to fresh elections will not endear the president to a large number of delegates from the wings for sure.

I think Ong can also sing, “My Way.” If you remember the lyrics: “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain….” Yes, Ong is inevitably facing his final leadership days.

Do you think he can still muster public support by playing up the PKFZ (Port Klang Free Trade zone) issue?

It is ironical. What is happening now is not the PKFZ issue which probably will put end to his political career.

It is his poor leadership as party presidentwhich many claim is the root cause of MCA’s perpetual instability.

NONE Not forgetting earlier that his political rivals had criticised him for projecting himself a hero on the PKFZ issue to justify the continuation of his tenure in office.

Ong had likened his situation to committing political suicide by tackling the issue head-on which probably antagonised some powerful quarters.

But more and more among the party rank and file actually are convinced that Ong’s political career is jeopardised by his own follies within the party and his erratic leadership.

There had been some comments that he is a good leader, with courage and so on and so forth? While others claimed he is a failed leader….?

Any judgement is always subjective. I don’t think he can blame anybody for his failed leadership (as claimed) but himself, if only he had evaluated his leadership weaknesses honestly, critically and with humility from the day he was elected in 2008.

I think, the day he backtracked on his own words by not resigning or stepping down following the no-confidence against him was the turning point in his political career.

If only Ong had remembered how the former Ling Liong Sik leadership had treated him when he was youth chairman, he wouldn’t have allowed a repeat of the scenario facing the youth and women’s wings by throwing the party’s constitution at them.

He might be following the letter strictly but has killed the spirit of the constitution.

It is not supposed to be used as a weapon to fight your political rivals or dissenters. Or what is the purpose of singing the party song with lyrics of unity?

Do you think the MCA will have a better future with a change in leadership and be prepared for the next general elections?

Let us face facts. First, I was criticised when I once mentioned that MCA has forever lost its glory. I don’t see any glory in the party under Ong Tee Keat’s leadership.

Some critics alleged that the president is more interested in “feng shui,” believing that the practice could help smoothen his presidency.

Ong had said he did not believe in the 100 days achievement stuff. Yet he praised the prime minister for achieving so much within the first 100 days.

Even if Ong had recorded some achievements, unfortunately his political blunders and bitter row with Chua had overshadowed all else.

If you ask party members and the public what Ong had achieved, most likely the reply will be his open confrontation with Chua.

And of course, PKFZ, Ong’s likely favourite claims of transparency and courage in exposing or bringing the culprits to book.

I don’t think the PKFZ issue alone can score votes for the party at the next general elections. In fact, the party is likely to lose more seats and to reverse that will be very tough.

Has the political culture in MCA shown any improvement? The reason for this question is that recently Ong has claimed that the DAP has not changed its political culture.

I have been working for the party for 28 years and had served three previous presidents, I have never seen or heard so much “dirty and malicious” campaigns in character assassination.

Some feedback alleged links to cyber-troopers and some leaders setting up unidentified proxy websites as propaganda weapons against anyone perceived to be the president’s rivals.

I am not in any way suggesting that the president himself is involved. 

But I have also not heard of any stern reminders from the president’s office against such negative political culture within the party.
Ong’s leadership suggests approval of the emergence of a new destructive culture of promoting intra-rivalry and in-fighting within the party.

Honestly, with such a leadership record, the party is facing a bleak future. I don’t think it can perform better than the March 8, 2008 poll.

As it is for many the MCA has already become irrelevant and the future does not look that rosy.


“71 Seats Status Quo..??”

The question on everyones lips is how will the Sarawak Pakatan group comprising of PKR,DAP.SNAP and PAS divide the seats allocation. Its appears the State BN according to BN political strategists will be using the same “Status Quo” breakdown of seats to the 4 coalition partners. PBB will be allocated the 35 seats SUPP 19 PRS 9 and SPDP 8. No matter how SPDP or PRS feels that they are entitle for more seats (based on their track records) as SUPP has losts terribly in the 2006 state elections it will not be entertained. 

PBB will have its Triennal delegates Conference on the 28th Feb-2nd March at the newly completed Borneo Convention Centre and after that its PRS TDC in Bintulu in May. Once these two parties have completed their respective general assemblies all eyes will be focussed on the Chief Minister as he alone will determine when it is the right time for a FRESH MANDATE from the people of Sarawak.

Unlike previous elections where there was much political calm,electorate generally demonstrated confidence and optimism in the leadership and policies of the incumbent BN government. BN has the proven track records but now the groundswell is different as the Pakatan group which made inroads in the 308 General elections are better prepared to assist their Sarawak counterparts.

The niggling and obvious question for the Pakatan group would be the breakdown of seats for the opposition front. DAP has obviously sounded their bugle charge with placing interests in the urban constituencies plus two or three semi urban/rural areas. Even newly elected DAP Chairman Sarawak Wong Ho Leng has indicated no less than 20 seats given that they have 6 State assemblyman in the DUN.

The State BN needs to be reassured that its coalition partner SUPPs politiking internally must end or else the Chinese urban electorate will surely turn to DAP. Too much infighting will also determine how the party will fare in this coming State elections and with a new kid on the block PCM(Party Cinta Malaysia) playing spoilers with intentions of contesting 30 seats the electorate will certainly be given a CHOICE. But the obvious contests will be between BN and Pakatan while PCM candidates will just split the votes. PCM has already indicated that they are more relevant than PKR.

Eventhough the mandate CLOCK is ticking ,BN knows that it needs to be prepared for a full-scale electoral offensive,backed by a well organised election machineryand superior resources.It should be unmatched by the opposition and surely the electoral battles in each constituency will be fought entirely on issues which will be localised in nature. The string or supermaket lists of issues which will be brought up by the opposition will not reflect much as compared to the bread and butter issues facing the people in the constituencies. 

The BN will obviously pick the right time according to a school of thought where all goodies will be showered down to the people of Sarawak and leave it with no choice but to return the mandate to BN. But will the political landscape which has embedded in eversince 308 prove us all wrong according  a veteran politician..?

Who would have thought Sammy Vellu,Kho Tsu Koon was defeated badly and Gerakan almost wiped out together with MIC. Will the Sarawak electorate move away from their comfort zone and change all that.? We still have our reservations….

It is without a doubt says a number of political observers that  the element of  FEAR remains for the Sarawak BN. The same sentiments plus other newer issues especially the “Allah” controversy if  left unchecked,unaddressed and not properly resolved  may have a snowballing effect especially with the percentage of 47% Christians in Sarawak.

Its a highly sensitive issue and as such Najib as Prime Minister needs to thread this line very carefully as statistics of past elections will not even be able to help the BN if the electorate in Sarawak so decides otherwise. Its a very thin line for the Federal government as any false move will no doubt be a major factor or bearing in the ballot boxes in the next Sarawak elections.

The consensus for the continuity of the Status quo in seat allocations will be a telling factor for the State BN. If there are all unison in seeing a fresh mandate for the BN and the leadership of Taib and a test of whether the electorate still believes in this equilibrium. The Sarawak electorate has so far passed their political education easily for the past 50 years and it is up to the opposition to ratlle the status quo.

The State BN parties will not need to look further than the wise remarks of Chinese Philosopher Sun Tzu(The art of war)in that it said,” it would be better to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming,but on our readiness to receive him: not on the chance of his not attacking,but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.”

So is the BN ready?The status quo of the coalition partners in PBB ,SUPP,PRS and SPDP will remain and there are no reasons to uproot the tree which has steadily proven that it has kept its promises to the electorates. Only if and when the Pakatan group can move the  comfort zones of the electorates in Sarawak it is without a shadow of a doubt that BN will still call the shots. Sort out your seats fast Pakatan Sarawak or you will return as fast to the abyss with the same bullet train.  


“One Way Ticket..”

Joey received an sms from her source in MCA ,” Fresh polls only way to solve. Many say its a one way ticket.Statement from PM Najib already out. Check out article.Usual MCA stuff. ”

Joey took the cue, reposts it and sang it out loud on this beautiful Sunday evening ,” One way ticket to …………………………”

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said today MCA leaders have agreed in principle to hold fresh party elections.

The prime minister said, however, that they needed time to submit their resignation letters to enable the polls to be held.

“The MCA is aware that it has to resolve the conflict (within the party) in a specific time frame. If it cannot be speeded up, it should not be delayed too much,” he said after attending the fifth workshop in a series on the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs).

Najib said the MCA had not set a specific time frame for its leaders to submit their resignation letters for the fresh elections to be held.

“The leaders are still discussing to get a consensus among them. The fact that they have not submitted their letters of resignation does not mean they will not do so some time in the future.

“It all depends on the understanding that they can reach in due course. The only thing left is the timing of the elections in the MCA. But the principle of having an election is accepted,” said Najib, who is also the BN chairperson.

The prime minister was asked to comment on claims that certain MCA leaders were reluctant to resign to enable the party elections to be held in the effort to resolve the leadership conflict in the party.

Asked on the latest developments in the MCA, Najib said there had been no developments and he was waiting for the next move of the party’s leaders.

Anwar “Who the Big Fishes …??”

Seems the authorities are beginning to rope in the culprits who has been oversiphoning the rakyats money in the PKFZ scandal. The inital costs of 2 billion spiralled to 4.6 billion for the massive 400-hectare integrated cargo distribution hub.

The question in everyones mouth and not only Anwar the opposition leadersmind is,”Who is next and also the bigger players should not be allowed to escape..??? ”

Anwar further added,” We welcome this although it is a small move. I hope this is not the beginning of a cover-up on the issue.” All the major tabloids local and foreign and internet blogs will be covering the latest developments. If  the Government does come down hard on those found to have played a part in the Scandal it will elevate the country and certainly boost foreign confidence and bring back losts investments.

The fun ride for some is beginning to come to an end and those unfortunate scapegoats will be hoping that they will not be the ONLY ONES..


audie61 received a number of smses on ” Too Afraid To Step Down ” and one in particular which says,” in Politics muscle will get you around eventhough its not so openly in Malaysia. in other Asian countries its the norm. ” There is also one which refers back to PBDS and PRS factional infighting days which security was stepped up especially during meetings,seminars and conferences and this I only know to well. Nothing is taken to chance and all measures are taken to avoid untowards and unwanted incidents.

There is also an sms which asked us to check up and to reposts the article.  We thank our readers for sending us smses to keep us in check and there are times like these where every up to date information are vital to keep us on our toes. Not to say we are losing momentum but every news worth reporting will give us the EDGE and AHEAD to serve you all better..Terima Kasih..

The article- 

Those who think that the Dec 5 MCA AGM was postponed as part of the PM-brokered peace accord is as wrong as those who thought Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek could never work together.


By I Love Malaysia

The fact is neither Ong Tee Keat nor Chua Soi Lek met the PM who had returned to Malaysia (after a week-long overseas tour of duty), 16 hours before the MCA Central Committee met and decided to postpone the AGM date. Besides, OTK was too busy shuttling between Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and his home to nurse his stomach ailment, sustained from stress and irregular dietary pattern during Malaysia’s intense campaigning for a seat in the International Maritime Organisation in London recently.

Besides, those who thought Ong Tee Keat care about Umno must have forgotten how he took on powerful forces in PKFZ which has enrichened some of the most powerful Malays of this millennium.

The fact was, it was all systems go for the meeting, and the party CC took the drastic decision to postpone the meeting 48 hours before the AGM was due. The Special Branch and millitary intelligence have reverted to PM Najib asd his cousin Hishammuddin Hussein that certain quarters had planned to create chaos on Dec 5.

This message was confirmed and re-communicated by PM and DPM to MCA secretary-general Wong Foon Meng at the Bunga Raya Complex in KLIA the night before the CC meeting ( Wong immeidately rushed to relay the message to OTK.

OTK was informed that the “Wah Kee” triad members from Pahang, Selangor and Perak had been mobilised to stir trouble on AGM Day, in the presence of Najib, the DPM and BN component leaders as well as representatives from the Chinese community. The booing and jeering would begin as soon as OTK stepped into Dewan San Choon in Wisma MCA. And the rabble-rousers would continue to stir trouble the moment OTK delivers his presidential address in a calculated move to embarrass him in front of the PM.

And after the PM leaves, the chair-throwing would begin and pepper-spray war would commence, runing whatever little left of MCA’s tattered reputation. And no way in hell would OTK allow that to happen under his watch – again.

In 2001, when he was the MCA Youth chief, a group of gangsters had done similar things in what is now known as the 803 Incident, named after the August 3 fracas ( Then, anti-OTK MCA members threw chairs, blew whistles, threw stink bombs and even staged a bomb hoax to disrupt proceedings because they were angry that OTK had gone against Ling Liong SIk in the MCA purchase of Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd.

Fast forward eight years and the modus operandi remains, and one of the two main perpetrators remain. Three nights before the MCA Youth AGM, a dinner was held in Overseas Restaurant in Imbi hosted by former Federal Territories Parliamentary Secretary Yew Teong Look, the man instrumental in staging 803.

The anti-OTK man was distributing whistles and mapping out strategies to do a repeat of 803. The Special Branch had gotten wind that the rabble rousers had even planned to switch off the Wisma MCA main power source at the AGM official opening while the PM was there to discreedit OTK- something Najib’s security team could not compromise on. (The other mastermind of 308 was Hang Chin Pheng, who had receded into the background of MCA poilitics.)

The plan to use violence is strongly backed by MCA Youth chief Wee Ka SIong who has asked his machai Chong Sin Woon (who is under the payroll of Datuk Ng Bong Ching, a beneficiary of Liow Tiong Lai’s Health Ministry projects) to play a role. Chong, who harbours hopes of becoming WKS’ political secretary, has been told to convince delegates from MCA Youth to stay away from the meeting. In their absence, their MCA ID cards, which grants them entry into Dewan San Choon, will be given to the thugs to do their magic.

To avert all this and in order not fall into the trap laid by the WKS-led faction, OTK instructed CSL to postpone the MCA AGM. The postponement will buy him enough time to not only stage the Mother of All Comebacks, but also tigthen the noose around the dissidents.

“Too Afraid To Step Down”

Natasha received an sms  from a former colleague,” Afraid lah Ong group..!! Not willing to step down.” Uncle Chua says the constitution clearly stipulates that there must be 20 elected CC members must resign, in order for fresh polls to be held. So backs on the wall for Liow group.”

 The whole article we reposts from an internet portal for you all to make your own judgement:-

The first MCA special committee meeting to look into details of fresh party polls ended with the committee chairperson Dr Chua Soi Lek saying that there may be no new elections at all.

NONEChua, also the party deputy president, told reporters after the hour-long meeting this morning that there were too many technical and legal issues involved for fresh elections to be held.

“The possibility (of not holding fresh polls) is very high,” he said when asked to comment on the issue.

Among the hurdles he cited are the unwillingness of central committee (CC) members to resign and the tenure of the new leadership if fresh polls are held. Another question is whether fresh polls should involve Youth and Wanita leadership.

While the committee could not make any decision today, it has directed the party’s lawyers to look into legal issues to make sure that any decision that it makes later will not breach the constitution.

Chua said the lawyers have been asked to submit their feedback later this week, after which the committee will meet again. This will be one of two meetings it will hold before making a final decision.

He also said that only 13 CC members, including himself, are willing to resign to pave the way for fresh polls, but did not reveal their names.

The constitution stipulates that 20 elected CC members must resign, in order for fresh polls to be held.

mca liao faction briefing penang 221109 liow tiong laiVice-president Liow Tiong Lai, who leads one of the three feuding factions, had previously said that 13 CC members from his faction are ready to resign.

Last Wednesday, the MCA CC meeting decided to postpone its annual general meeting – scheduled for last Saturday – to another date to allow the party to decide on the fresh polls.

A special committee headed by Chua was formed to look into the date and manner of the fresh elections.

Liow’s faction had sought for new elections to be held within 60 days but both Chua and party president Ong Tee Keat said they prefer a date after March next year.

‘Fresh polls without contesting’

Chua today reiterated that although the party crisis must be resolved as soon as possible through fresh polls, no deadline should be imposed on the CC to resign.

“Nobody should be talking about deadlines in January,” he said.

NONEChua also said that “fresh polls without contesting” would be the best way to end the impasse, but did not elaborate on the suggestion.

Liow, a member of the special committee, maintained that it will ultimately recommend fresh elections. He said his supporters are trying to convince the other CC members to resign.

“I don’t want to say much… Too many statements will affect our effort,” he said before leaving the party headquarters.

In the 2002 party polls, candidates for key posts were nominated and won without any contest. This was after then premier and Barisan Nasional head Dr Mahathir Mohammad brokered a ‘peace plan’ to end the infighting in MCA.

MCA:”Muhyddin Your Show”

Joey received an sms,’Is any political problem unsolvable..?” Read the article in Malaysiakini and in it the Prime Minister Najib has instructed/mandate given to his deputy Muhyddin  to tackle the issue and come up with a solution.” Wow! Goodness me! MCA can’t solved their own problems and it seems only interference and assistance from a Third party will see that this problem does not drag on. 

The full article from Malaysiakini:-  

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said he is giving himself one week to find a solution to the MCA leadership crisis.

He said a formula would be drawn up during that period to reach a consensus among the disputing party leaders.

He said a series of meetings had been held with several party leaders to discuss the crisis in greater detail.

bagan pinang by election nomination 031009 muhyiddin yasin“The task is not easy because it involves the interest of the party as well as that of the nation,” he told reporters.

He said he was given the mandate by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to tackle the problem by implementing pro-active measures as soon as possible to prevent the crisis from becoming worse.

“I’ve held a series of discussion, not with everyone, but certain individuals and I will continue with the discussion, if possible before the prime minister returns home (from abroad).

“At the same time, I’ll continue to accept suggestions from the Chinese community leaders who have also voiced their opinion and observation on the crisis,” he said.

The deputy premier’s remark comes five days ahead of the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) proposed by the faction aligned to vice-president Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow and his supporters have vowed to call off the EGM if the rival faction, headed by president Ong Tee Keat and his deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek, agree to holding fresh party elections next month.

Although conceding that a fresh elections is the best panacea for the impasse, Chua however wants the contest to be held next March while Ong has remained vague on this.


‘Win-win’ situation

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin said the crisis must be tackled in the best manner possible to arrive at a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone concerned.

Commenting on the measures to be taken, the Barisan Nasional deputy chairperson, said he had no intention of disclosing any condition or strategy until the settlement formula had been achieved.

“In the initial stage, we don’t want to set any condition. I feel the important thing is that they feel the measures that would be taken are aimed at resolving the problem and I feel, it has become a public secret, not a party secret any more. Everyone knows about it.

NONE“What is important is that at this stage, I will not set any condition. What is certain is that when it comes to a particular stage, there is an agreement in principle. So, we want them to uphold the decision with the objective of reaching a settlement,” he said.

He said the matter would not be announced to the public, including the media for as long as the objective had not be achieved.

“At this stage, it’s okay because it is still at the initial stage but subsequent measures would be disclosed when everyone have reached a consensus on what needs to be done,” he said.

Asked on Najib’s suggestion that a fresh election be held by the MCA to resolve the conflict. Muhyiddin said that was the view of the prime minister which he was working on.

“I was instructed to adopt this approach, but I will find a way of getting the consensus of the MCA leaders.

“Time is rather limited and the faster the better, because if the conflict drags for several more months, the situation will become worse and will affect MCA and the BN itself,” he said