“Mawan Pandai..Mana ada PRS..??”

An old friend in the early days of PRS and a very staunch and loyal PRS dayak member surprisingly gave me a call. He said audie61 the SPDP crisis is nothing as compared to what PRS and PBDS went through. In this whole equation now it seems that Mawan is the clever one”Pandai he says” and Masing and PRS a party accepting all supposedly PBB YBs. He said with a tinge of sadness. Sekarang mana dapat PRS keluar dari BN.? Taib memang Pandai juga.James kena checkmate and also knotted like a rope.

Do you think its still PRS he asked?.Even the LOGO he said has changed and now its padi stalks and the colour is Green. Though he is dayak he says launching the logo twice is not good “feng shui” and it has similarities to Gerakan in the Peninsular..Might be washed away this time with Tiong,Sng and Ting havent forgotten what Masing has said and done. Mesti kena bomb,bomb ,bomb di kawasan PRS.

Though it was a short conversation he said ,’If only Masing has listened to the ones who cared instead of those who look for economic gains.” Anyway he says its only a matter of time when the elections is called and it could be after the DUN sitting at the end of May. Its 429 days away and if CM has the inspiration it will be very soon……

Taibs Successor…”Hold On”..State Elections 1st!!

Brunch” this morning with various party members threw up yet the subject “Succession to CM Taibs throne” As early as 1994 this subject which has interested the party members still remains a mystery even  though the PBB Convention has just concluded on the 5th of March 2010.

Taib will not be drawn into rumours of personalities being groomed for take-over but instead he will look forward to leading a team of dedicated,disciplined and united PBB together with the other BN coalition partners in going fr a FRESH MANDATE  from the rakyat. The succession speculations can be left to another day which Taib  has held it close to his chests.

There has been many reports on WHO and WHEN he hands over the baton says a party member who wishes to stay anonymous from the northern region. The guessing game does not augur well as there seems to be an alignment of various leaders as they look forward to the day Taib calls it a day.

The main political reason,’They fear that they will be LEFT OUT COMPLETEDLY. He pointed out an article which was posted in Bintulu.org some time ago. audie61 checked it out and we have the posts below.

What is Taib Mahmud, Melanau Muslim strongman and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) president Samy Vellu has in common? In one word ‘long‘.

Tan Sri Taib Mahmud was appointed Sarawak chief minister in 1981. Thus he has been in power for the past 28 years and counting.”My position as PBB president is for the party members to decide and I am leaving it to them to decide. I have openly said I am ever willing to step down as president any time now but party interest has the final say,” Taib said  in Betong.

Last month MIC’s supremo Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu announced that he will only step down in 2015.

“No one should doubt that he will keep his word. This means, wait for it… by 2015, Samy Vellu would be the winner of the “longest” time in power.”

“He was elected president of MIC in 1979 and by 2015, he would have held the MIC presidency for 36 years!!!”, says Prof James Chin an expert in Sarawak politics.

The State Elections will be called very soon as in two months time the present STATE Government will go into its fourth term. Taib has until July 2011 to go for a FRESH Mandate and its up to him to have the INSPIRATION to pick the dates.

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“Crisis Breeds Opportunities”

It seems what goes round comes around and 1987 Ming Court Affair will resurface if its left unchecked. PRS President James Masing has already blown the BUGLE at Kapit in the presence of 18 YBs plus party supporters and it seems these words,”,”Crisis Breeds Opportunities” at PRS press conference will haunt him. According to a veteran politician he says,’ James is very cunning and wily and as an Antropologists plus his political experience he knows how the human minds will react. 

Mawan who has been rather cool especially with his 5 Separatists YBs and 3 SC deserting him at SPDP PC has said,”,”Politics is about agreement and not disagreement.”

It seems the message has really caught on and CM Taib in this Malaysiakini report also echoed it out loud at the Rejang Regatta 2010,”He also reminded them that “there should be more agreements to do more things for the people rather than more disagreements where they will end up quarreling among themselves“.

“There is nothing to gain by being divided,” he said.

“We should learn from our own experiences since 20 to 30 years ago where the great partnership between our people of different races, religions and backgrounds had yielded much better results for the country,” he said.

It clearly reflects that CM is not the Unseen Hand which many has said that he was behind the toppling of Tiong King Sing for his egocentric and powers and not respecting the Chief Minister Taib. If it was taib would not have played this card about disagreements. The persons or “HIDDEN HANDS” are using this opportunity to knock harder as the posts era Taib and also preaching with it Taibs days are closing on him and numbered.

Who has ambition? Who has been harping on future CM will be a dayak? Who seems gullible? The words spoken as they say when it comes out from the tigers mouth is UNRETRACTABLE AND BEYOND SALVATION. CM is not sleeping yet eventhough he has been stabbed once too often and his generals and lieutenants will consolidate and eventually destroy those who uses “Crisis Breeds Opportunities

One needs to be remind James the PRS President too,’ THERE ARE STILL DANGEROUS PEOPLE OUT THERE .THEY ARE NOT KILLED UNLIKE DURING WARS.” 1987 and 2010 are too different eras and need we say more.…??

WHY ITS CALLED MING COURT AFFAIR 1987 from Broken shield

The Ming Court is a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, where a group of politicians headed by the former Governor of Sarawak, Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub gathered some time in March 1987 and discussed a plan to topple the State government of Sarawak under the leadership of Taib Mahmud, Rahman’s nephew. The Ming Court Hotel became the “headquarters” of these politicians who were dissatisfied with Taib’s government. Thus, the name of Ming Court Hotel Affair came about.
Are they all still around……Of course..!!! 

Dissatisfaction with Taib’s leadership started as early as in 1985, when Bumiputera politicians accused him of neglecting the interests of Bumiputeras – the Malays, Ibans and Bidayuhs and giving so much face to the Chinese. Many big projects, timber concession areas and large tracts of land were given to the Chinese and SUPP. Because of a special relationship between Taib and SUPP leaders, SUPP became very daring in its demand. SUPP even asked the State government to give it a piece of land in each of the seven divisions in the State for the construction of its premises. This request by SUPP angered the Bumiputeras.

Wilfred Nissom, the independent State Assemblyman for Bengoh, was among those who were critical of Taib Mahmud. Nissom accused Taib of being a “weak” Chief Minister who always gave in to demands by SUPP. He said that it was only a weak Chief Minister who tried to make a criminal out of a Bidayuh who had made a private application to join PBB under him.

24/36″The Fear of 1987 Repeating Itself”

1987 was the Ming Court Affair. Thought Provoking..?  History about to repeat itself.? Didnt 1987 changed the way how the powers control the political scene in Sarawak ? Is Pakatan Sarawak the New force and a New platform for the opposition to surf their way to the Corridors of Power?

Usually there must be a spark of some sort which will further PUSH FOR A REVIVAL. The groundswell is there and even amongst the BN dayak politicians there is a call for “Dayakism”. Why? What ‘s wrong? Where is it happening? Who are the forces behind?  When is it happening?

One school of thought is that,”Its not so much the opposition is strong but BN versus BN  which will benefit the Pakatan group? Even the push to oust the so called towkays in the BN aligned political parties is reaching feverish momentum. PRS has already reengineered the move with the Sng faction taken out of the equation and it seems SPDP is also moving towards that. 

SUPP will self explode and DAP will be the beneficiary if they still maintain the OLD GUARDS to protect the already cracked castle. PBB is also experiencing the posts Taib Era and the successors to be pushing their claims for the holy grail. Will they be able to even SNIFF THE HIGH CHAIR..?

 Lim Kit Siang has even dared the opposition to look at depriving the Sarawak BN of its 2/3rd majority and even suggested for the 36 magical number of overthrowing the BN.

Nothing is impossible as the dayaks are slowly but surely pushing the BN powers from within on a collision course and it spells TROUBLE FOR BN AS A WHOLE. The boiling point will be very soon and the ground is reverberating with calls of NO U TURN by the Separatists 5 plus 3 which does not help BN in totality. 

BN should be looking at going to the ground serving the rakyat instead of the “Whispering Revival of Dayakism” Imagine hearing with my own ears,”I am for Dayakism”

The rural areas “appears on paper“though as still BN stronghold but with Borneo Warrior and Broken shield playing this up,” “Jabu has a lot of weaknesses and failures and we need to highlight these failures to the voters and make them understand the issues,” said Tedewin Ngumbang, another potential candidate for the constituency.

It certainly is BN versus BN which will galvanise and ensure the people or rural voters make a switch and a very opportune time to do it. In the 2006 elections you could hardly see any opposition members so “DARING or OPENLY” carrying SLOGANS or party flags.

24/36 seems to be the rallying cry for the Pakatan Sarawak group to inspire and push the oppositon members to capitalise on the dissatisfaction and infighting which is so evident in the BN parties.The waters are calmer now especially with the Pakatan machinery in place and their ground troops moving not only out of their fox holes but openly mixing and capitalising on BN’s weaknesss which is INFIGHTING .

Who would have thought this year alone the world is experiencing a lot of Earthquakes whether its a small recorded seismic reading or a devastating one. 308 BN parties were so complacent and look what happen?

2006 SUPP President George Chan apologised and said sorry that SUPP losts 8 seats. One cannot imagine what will happen in the next State election as there are too many factors which are not in BN’s favour. PBB will almost certainly retain all its seats but if the ground shake is nothing short of devastation a few seats might  justs be lost. 24 or 2/3rds majority looks realistically within reach. 

The towkays in BN needs to know who will they back and they might just be the catalyst for change. Dont overlook what has been written and BN will need to buck up or they might just be deprived of the majority.  Who dares to predict that the Opposition parties will not capitalise on BN’s weakness?

Its up to BN to shore up the cracks in the fortress or be left devastated into a rumble of rocks. 1987 is a lesson learnt and “dayakism” can never be ruled out nor ignored as Sarawaks population is made up in majority of dayak origin. The first person who said it will not happen again will deservedly be given a good right hook or a slap to tell him don’t be over confident.

 Read the ground movements………….. Just a thought “Who then will be the next Tun Rahman and Leo Moggie as the commanders in chief as in 1987? Do you have their names….???

PKR “CNY Open House”

Latest sms from See Chee How at 915 pm PKR Open House: Good Turnout easily more than 350 turn up eventhough Chua Jui Meng has left early for Airport at 8.30pm. More are coming in after performing prayers.  

PKR Sarawak will be holding a Chinese New Year Open House at their New party headquarters in Satok,Kuching. The guests of honour will be PKR SC Member Datuk Seri Chua Jui  Meng (former Health Minister). The function will start at 7.30pm and PKR members,friends,supporters and alliances have all been invited to attend.

The Information chief of PKR Sarawak See Chee How says,”Its a Chinese New Year Gathering and we hope that it will be a very good night for everyone in the spirit of Celebrating the CNY festival.”

SPDP Separatists”Made of Plywood”

Most of us must have heard of this song lyrics,”Ive got chills,the’re multiplying” from the Hit movie Grease starring John Travolta/Olivia Newton John and the song is “You’re the One That I Want” .

In Sarawak the Separatists 5 plus 3 has been dealt a blow and the political adventure where they took the wrong turn has now got the heading,”I’ve got shoes they’re made of plywood...

The Unseen Hand has send them all to their Igloos and they must have cursed their luck in that the ones that matters mosts( planners of the plot ) are not punished and got away Scot Free and lived to muster yet another political intrique for the PUPPET MASTERS.

The shoes that they wore to move across on a pretence “merger” plan with SPDP/PRS to save their own egos and skin were dealt with severely. It seems that a number of smses have been circulating round which has its roots all the way from Kapit.

There is a great concern on the part of the BN as it will throw out the meticulous plan of the State Government as it embarks on renewing a new “Mandate” from the rakyat.

How Bold and how True when the heading of the sms has “It’s pay back time” Isn’t this unhealthy to say the least? The validity of this sms has yet to be ascertained as it will not only bring about clashes between two BN political parties but also amongst the mosts trusted and loyalists of both sets of supporters. Moreover a DAYAK CM in it? Even Alfred Jabu DCM was not spared….etc etc.(check it out from friends if you must)

 We as Netcitizens are not mouth pieces for some ones gains and ways to make a quick fix to ensure that warring factions are at it. We have already mentioned in our earlier articles if you need to {read to go back and double check} and that is,’ STAY COOL BEFORE THE STATE ELECTIONS” was the very words from the Chief Minister.

Could he be wrong..? Would the CM Taib create a rather unhealthy scenario with the elections just around the corner?Who took upon them the liberty to start an all out war and in the end there are BRUISED EGOS and SACRIFICIAL LAMBS.

Time is of course is the healer in this circumstance but its only natural that we need to remind ourselves,‘THE WOUND MIGHT HEAL BUT THE SCAR REMAINS” It was a rather unfortunate path taken by all concerned and if the agenda is for their owns personal feel good( $$$$$$) they have all been checkmated. The authorities concerned have all taken notes of their actions and as we always say ,”YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR IT.” It will be rather chilly where you are going but in time you will realise its a heavy one to pay for.

 If only they have DOCTOR MARTIN shoes…..

PCM..”Creature of BN..??”

audie61 and the crew had a great laugh.These politicians certainly know how to come out with names or at bests get themselves into trouble or shoot themselves at the foot.

One can just imagine on how will the leaders of PCM react..?? Don’t tell me just Brush it off after being called ,”PCM is the “creature” of Barisan Nasional. If PCM is the creature what are the members called..?? Hahaha Sort that out and if you can’t maybe Baru Bian can help. ( Look at the above.We have found the illustrated members…..”  “CREATURES

How can we have any understanding with PCM, when it is the creature of Barisan Nasional, whose intention is to disrupt our preparations for the coming State election”? Baru Bian Sarawak State PKR Liason Chief  speaking to reporters.

The full report can be read HERE.

Fish huh….”Will You be Puzzled..??”

PBB TDC being a rather ‘tame affair”has not really caught the imagination of the public at large. However it seems that there is now a Trend to Exchange Greetings as evident that some delegates were heard on the phone mentioning “Empurau Kaban”{ Friend Empurau}

The “Empurau” fish which costs close to $500 akilo was used by Mawan at the SPDP PC stating that the Separatists 5 plus 3 have gone to Kapit looking for it.

Now it also seems that Nansian is also losts for words and he is saying that ,”At the moment we follow BN directive..to keep quiet..to keep clear of everything.No further comment.” { word on the ground, names of certain HIDDEN HANDS have been thrown around much to their aides displeasure.HAND  BRAKES  PULLED..}

It seems the Empurau must have tasted too nice and the “BULL OF BHOSPHORUS” ( Tasik Biru Assemblyman ) has its HORNS locked up about to be shipped “lock, stock and barrel” to park in PRS. New Logo new identity wouldn’t you just love to be part of this new trend instead of Empurau..??

The SC Member Peter Gani aligned with Nansian had this to say, “We can forget the empurau as we prefer to go for smaller and less expensive fish, the one we can afford. Even ikan pusu is good for us.”

“You can tell SPDP leaders that we can only return if the three leaders step down,” he said, refusing to reveal the names of the three leaders.

audie61 made a phone call to George Garai to seek his views and he said,” I am puzzled and does it mean that he misses the Empurau now he is having to make do with Ikan Pusu..?” By the way Ikan Pusu is not found in the rivers of Rajang .

The bridge might be burnt but as always a political analysts said if you are to look at the bigger picture and look no further than Rais Yatim . He left UMNO to join Semangat 46 and fought a bitter war against  UMNO in the General Elections. He literally BURNT THE BRIDGE but he came back and help to rebuild UMNO .Today he is very much a respected man within the BN fold and holds the portfolio of Minister of Information,Communications and Culture. 

They have shot themselves in the foot and telling the whole political landscape ,’ According to one of the leaders, they told the BN secretary general that they would never return to the fold of SPDP as they have no more trust on the party leadership. It seems that one after another their legs are stepping into the booby trap minefield and their legs are beginning to be blown off piece by piece.

A political observer remarked,”Will James pull a fast one on them and say,”Go back to where you come from or otherwise.( latest update from Star.com.my)…..” Are you PUZZLED….??

Obviously not ,says a veteran political watcher “ SOFTLY  ” to audie61,” James Masing. He is one leader who is not consistent in what he says. “On one hand he did not want to interfere in SPDP, but on the other as reported in the Star Newspaper today he wanted the Group of 5 in the merger committee.IF THAT IS NOT INTERFERENCE WHAT IS THAT THEN..?? 

The split minds of James does not augur well for the Dayaks as a whole and also for the average man on the street. The people are no fools. On the other side this he observed,” We can see his Craftiness.

He knows very well he cannot decide on the composition of SPDP. He is in no position to tell SPDP leaders and who should and should not be in the merger lineup. The alleged STUMBLING BLOCK personalities must be removed before PRS wants to talk. He knows that the Negative will play to his advantage. He knows that the GROUP OF 5 the door is SHUT.

No choice the DOOR IS SHUT and as we mentioned earlier its sayonara to SPDP and welcome new Logo PRS for the 5 plus 3. James has set the trap.

Are you still puzzled..??


After a much hectic week of Political manouvering from the Separatists 5 to PRS and the SC meeting of SPDP its now clear that there will be a lot of wasted effort. Its very clear that the 27 SC members and grassroot meembers are STEADFASTLY behind Mawan but still the Separatists 5 are too “STUBBORN” to accept the olive branch and return home.

According to the Mirror article the following words could have broken the heart of even the most forgiving person,” William Mawan, did not honour his word of maintaining status quo before the party’s triennial general assembly last year.“As a result of this, we do not trust him any more; we have no more confidence in him to lead the party,” they explained to Tengku Adnan

They also told him that they would never return to SPDP as long as the current leadership was still there and they are now seeking to merge with PRS.

Mawan had earlier met the BN SG and had explained the situation and was willing to take them all back in but they remain defiant and at the end of the day a BN member said,”Stubbornly Selfish and breaking up the equilibrium and BN spirit that the leadership has meticulously sewed together.” 

This statement by one of the PRS SC member has really put a dampener in working with SPDP,”the meeting had agreed to reject the merger proposal from SPDP.“We prefer to have merger with the five elected representatives.

An Emeritus professor questioned the legality of such a move by PRS SC and also is there an ITEM IN THE UPCOMING TDC AGENDA for this? Is PRS trying to tell the SPDP leadership something that they are not aware of? Our inner circle sources told us,”CM is really not too happy over these developments and he has specifically said ,”COOL IT” but still its on the Formula1 Racetrack. 

27 Steadfastly behind Mawan while Stubbornly 5 plus 3 are saying that they have losts all hope on Mawan and his leadership and who will come out trumps? It will take a while yet but at the end of the day it will be “SS” Sweet Success for all concerned if differences are patched up and United in BN Spirit.

“STUMBLING BLOCK..Who is it….??

The deafening silence which echoed through the FOUR WALLS OF PRS HEADQUARTERS” has woken up the TIGER OF SPDP. We have this copied from Bernama news through Sarawak update .com…..

MIRI, Feb 27 (Bernama) — Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) treasurer-general, Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing had asked the party’s senior vice-president Datuk Peter Nansian to name the personality in SPDP who is the stumbling block in the efforts to merge with Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

In a statement e-mailed to Bernama here on Saturday, Tiong said the group who disagreed with party president Datuk Seri William Mawan Ikom should be bold enough to name the individual rather than making remarks that could only spark speculations.

“I kindly urge Nansian, as well as others with him to immediately stop such comments which is underestimating the intelligence of the majority of the party members,” he added.

He issued the challenge following recent news reports carrying Nansian’s allegations that Mawan and his deputy, Datuk Peter Nyarok were being controlled by a certain personality in SPDP that led them to be unable to act on the merger process.

The challenge was also directed at PRS president Datuk Seri Dr James Jemut Masing who, Nansian had reportedly said, also knew the personality being referred to.

SPDP and PRS, two of the four Barisan Nasional Sarawak component parties, had been discussing the merging for the last five years but the issue heated up again last week after Nansian, along with four other SPDP elected representatives, wanted it to be done immediately.

The other elected representatives with him are Marudi assemblyman, Sylvester Entrie Muran, Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang, Bekenu assemblywoman Rosey Yunus and Mas Gading Member of Parliament, Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe.