What “SPDP/PRS Merge..??”


It seems the less said about the subject the better it is for both parties. The members and grassroots of both parties are feeling the heat and thus mosts of them are giving their so called”objections‘ to a merged entity.

We have covered this subject quite extensively and in the last couple of days internet portal ,”Malaysiakini” and another PRS SC members blog,”Borneo Warrior” also gave the political netcitizens something to ponder on this subject. Obviously, the spark has started the fire and it is starting to  engulf both PRS/SPDP top hierarchy.  

In conversations up and down the State of Sarawak it seems that most people are pointing the finger to the deputy of SPDP Peter Nyarok Ak.Entri who is very much against the “idea of a merged entity” Is Nyarok so powerful?One could even hear the echos coming all the way as he is the voice of a certain higher ranking and powerful SPDP tycoon. A political strategists said In Iban” IYA ENDA BERANI“( Not brave enough).

We also received an Sms which hit the nail in the coffin as we blog this article ,”MP Tiong put up a strong resistance.” What more is there to say.? Does anyone dare to go against him?

The PRS boys dare to go against Sng Chee Hua but with Tiong are there anytakers? This remains the stumbling block but with Mawan helming the merged entity maybe this might just make Tiong give way? Any bets that there will surely be other resistance..???

The camel’s back is already broken and now what remains is that “GOLDEN Tiger on the Hilltop….Click below for earlier postings:-

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  • We say as always,”There is a song called” NO MATTER WHAT” and the political figures involved in this merged entity will be HELL BENT TO PUSH THROUGH THIS AGENDA.BELIEVE ME….

    “2005 I already said Merge.It’s already 2009..??”



    James,Mawan…’ Why don’t you both just join hands and merge back to just ONE PARTY..? I need BN to be BN3 and not BN4 to fight the ever increasing threat of the opposition against my rule? What are you waiting for and I dont want people to blame me for the breakup of SNAP.? You see SNAP your father and grandfather are blaming me which sees the registration of PRS,SPDP and so the demise of PBDS. Thats my call and act on it.”

    So much has happened ever since and PRS was also embroiled in a crisis which was eventually solved this year as the opposition made inroads in Parliament and 308 was the time ROS under instructions had no choice but to recognise James as the legitimate President instead of Larry Sng.

    Both factions did make efforts to realise the dream of a “merger’ but more so it was used to camouflage or more so in REALITY USE MERGER to get rid of the other faction. I was also part of the merger team on one side and underneath all that talks was another agenda. Heaven help me if there was not another.Since then a total of 8 divisions plus many of  Larry’s  Supreme Council has joined PKR . (In other words Jump ship when they losts or is there another reason..??)

    What is stopping it now? These reports which we wrote earlier plus what has been published will throw a little light on the call for CM Taib for the merging. Click the links below for more:-

    What would you do if you were CM..? Don’t you think that he has enough worries to just get himself dirtyto solve this problem? Mawan and James knows who is the boss and one of them needs to eventually step back and give way. Who is going to? Two senior political analysts said very bluntly,” Maybe they are waiting for the Good Lord to call Taib back to his side.” while another said,”This is politics and why should both leaders bow to Taib’s requests.”

    We say as always,”There is already tension and CM will not want to wait for November.It only takes a day mind you 4 hours to register PRS..Be warned that CM takes no prisoners.Join Together or Ship out is the word..

    “Black Eyed James PRS/SPDP Merger Diversion…”

    Are you ready for this..? It seems embattled PRS President James Masing has somewhat found a way to divert his already fluid relationship with the CM Taib by tabling a motion at last weeks Supreme Council meeting for a Merger.  It was agreed but with a condition that SPDP first table a resolution for a CALL OF A MERGER. PRS will then only hold its TDC in which they will follow suit.All this will be done in the early part of next year 2010.   

    The blue print and the much needed nod of approval from one set of Supreme Council seems to have unlocked the key for a Merger of both parties. Though negotiations are ongoing it seems that mosts details have been ironed out and at bests all political appoitments will be ‘status quo“.


    James once a Blue Eyed Boy of CM Taib has somewhat now found himself at the wrong end of the CM’s stick and he has suffered more Black Eyes than what his supporters are used to. He was once revered as an upcoming Dayak leader and his advises and assistance were generally sought for.

    The GOLD LADEN CARRIAGE RIDE has somewhat stopped. Over the past year he has been seen to be making too many mistakes where it was almost impossible for CM to cover his endless journey of political mishaps. His supporters thought getting rid of “Larry Sng” was the answer to all their problems but it was all James wrong undoing/manouvering which has caught up with him in a quagmire.

    As a politician James somewhat forgot a very SIMPLE POLITICAL RULE. It’s to cover his tracks properly eventhough as a trained Antropologists he thought that he could deceive or outwit those who he has somewhat forgotten says a political watcher. There were many instances which he thought he could plaster over with “A genuine statement in supporting BN” but CM has already done his homework and kept the minute details in his locker room far from his very OWN eagled eyed and eves dropping machais.

    Now the only setback for the merger it seems is the question of WHO LEADS THIS MERGED ENTITY..? Do I need to spell it out here. What was the Final straw that broke the camels back. ? A veteran politician said,” Let’s see whether Taib follows James call and has a reshuffle within these month. If not,James can just get ready to be dropped or just SHIP HIMSELF OUT..Very blunt as in Politics there are NO POLITICAL PRISONERS.”

    James Masing’s impending tussle with Entulu might not happen as the bigger picture it seems is now the Merger entity. Entulu must thank his “Lucky Stars’ that the Hidden Hands/Puppet Masters  have worked a better deal for him to carry on his political journey. SPDP President Mawan would be watching this political scenario with Interests as he gets on with his usual Adminstrative work for the State Government. His advisors would have advised him to play to the tune of CM Taib and do not even try to push any buttons which might trigger a FALSE ALARM.

    Obviously, the answer is that BN4 would soon be BN3 to face the “UNITED” opposition in the next state elections.

    We say as always,”There is tension on the ground especially with the impending SPDP/PRS merger talks eventhough many are denying it. We shall just leave it to the HIDDEN HANDS to work their Magic..

    IMO-“Senior Sng must have had Tantrums”


    “Happier times-“The last 25 minutes Supreme Council meeting before the Pre-Emptive Move”

    I.M.O.– In my opinion and nobody’s I would imagine this scenario.Dato Sng Chee Hua must have thrown out a tantrum and at worse cursed so many times that its bests to avoid him. A person who is kind at heart at the bests of times.

    However  Senior Sng has a way in pushing his ideas and thoughts across and one would not be able to know what hit him. This Borneo Posts article,”Time to fill vacant assistant minister posts:Masing” would not exactly make his food go down well in his early breakfast. Wouldn’t you be ANGRY as a Parent like Senior Sng when you see this column…

    According to Masing,PRS now has two vacant assistant ministers posts-one,made vacant following the demise of former Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Sport and two,because Assistant Minister In Chief Minister’s Department Larry Sng being ‘partyless’

    Whats more James is using the cover of the CM to push his political statement through with saying this,” he agreed with Chief Minister’s recent statement that the next cabinet reshuffle would be to prepare BN to face the next election. He said this to reporters that it was crucial for BN to gain the support of the people and to use the resources available by filling the vacant assistant minister’s posts.

    Many PRS members and sympathisers have their own version of James Masings statements and we compile what has been said in the market talk in Sarawak eventhough today sees the DUN Manek Urai by elections in Kelantan.

    • Could they be more than what meets the eyes..?
    • Could this be a body blow to the Hidden Hands ?
    • Could this be done to nullify the damage that the Puppet Masters are doing to create a wedge between President Masing and his deputy Entulu?
    • Could this be also telling the CM Taib that in PRS Masing is very much in charge?
    • Could the political strategists in PRS be telling the lobbyists that Masing has the final say eventhough the CM has the prerogative?
    • Could Masing be pushing the envelope to CM Taib a bit too far?
    • Could Masing be justs telling CM Taib that he is the President of PRS and he is only informing the CM of his members intentions and views. 
    • Could this statement be more harmful to the already deteriorating relationship of CM and Masing?
    • Could Senior Sng just let it go?
    • Could Masing be facing a tidal wave very soon?

    Many senior PRS members were tight lipped as they were reminded that there is a“gag’ order in place and that disciplinary actions will be taken by the party. Of course some former  PBDS members were just clapping their hands as it seems that James suddenly has got the LION HEART and telling the BOSS indirectly through the mass media. Doesn’t this even lenghten the already strained realtionship?

     Some political observers are likening this situation very much like what PBS did to Tun Mahathir in the eleventh hour. There is just that  possibility as many have not forgotten how Taib and Tun embrace each other which many political figures were angered by this Sandiwara. It will not be a surprise if it REALLY HAPPENS.

    That is also one of the many reasons that CM sees the need for a merger of SPDP/PRS and it will be better controlled. The window doesn’t just close there. There is a lot of dissatisfaction amongst PRS members in being overlooked in certain GLC positions and other business opportunities. CM and his advisors are closely monitoring the situation and does not need PRS to create more problems as the State prepares to face DAP/PAS/PKR/SNAP opposition parties.

     Of course James needs to weigh his options well as he is not getting any younger and at 60 it might  just be the perfect time in politics to go for BROKE. In 1983 when he first joined Politics he was a fresh face and now 26 years later being overlooked and considered a dayak leader he has every chance to move ahead. He also knows that getting Senior Sng hot at the collar will in fact push his political ambitions a step further. In other words its just bluntly put,”Don’t think I am afraid of the CM Taib..?” A lot of dayak people wished he has the guts to say that and JUST maybe be on his side. You know what they say when the leader is beaten all the soldiers will run helter- skelter.

    We say as always,”There will be a lot of soul searching for PAS in Manek Urai after securing a tissue thin majority of 65 and BN will be questioning what could have been too? James has open up the PANDORA Box and he would have ANTICIPATED that Senior Sng will not let him go of the HOOK so easily.

    PRS…”Who is Entulu..??


    Eversince the so-called “rumours” which has set Joseph Entulu and James Masing on a “collision” course Party Rakyat Sarawak members and higher ranking officials are asking this very familiar question,”Is it Real..?” The next bests answer is from an SC member who is aligned to James and he said,”Who is Entulu to fight James..??”

    There are also word on the ground that audie61 was the first to break the news. For the information of the reading public and supporters of PRS/BN we only caught wind of this and before it broke the CAMELS BACK we decided to blog the story to avoid an UGLY SHOWDOWN in PRS which are beneficial to some who practises the ART OF CONFRONTATIONS to make a living.

    It was already spreading like wildfire in Kapit  and in Selanggau and an aide of Joseph Entulu (Deputy Minister of Rural Development ) even said that James the President is so “ungrateful ” to Entulu for all that he has done for him. Quoting him in Iban,”UDAH NGENA TANGGA,KA DI TUNU”. (similar to after crossing the bridge burn it)

    We would also like to inform those who put the blame on audie61 to just watch their tongues as we have prove already and it’s taped by handphone. You know who you are and we will take the necessary steps to CLEAR OUR GOOD NAME.( there are many ways to skin a cat black/white)

    The articles which we wrote are edited and before its posted we check and double check our sources. We do not intend to be associated with rumour mongering nor to defame someones characters. Our article “5 solid reasons for JE’s fight..?? It is supposed to be written in FULL and not a PUZZLE to some. We wanted the two leaders to know that this is happening on the ground and they need to take the necesary actions and steps. If we do not care TWO HOOTS Of PRS we will just BLOW IT OUT OF PROPORTION.

    This also goes to other political parties and those connected with politics. We have said we are for the people,with the people and by the people. We keep those who are out of line in check be it also Pakatan/BN members.

    We say as always,”Don’t hide behind the iron curtains hahaha and criticize others. If gossiping is your art there is a DEGREE IN HARVARD ..or OXFORD….

    Do “reporters” Lie..?

    I’m surely in for a ‘quick fix” or a blasting from an AK 47 if I blog this. But who really cares. I’m not writing this blog to please anyone or be known as a “ball carrier”. Enough of all that and if the story or article is  news worthy I will use my discretion to let the public know of it. I had a right go at the civil servants in the article,”What the hell is wrong with our mentality..?” Today the street lights are still not solved and the blame games goes round to Naim (developer) Secso and the Samarahan Council. What a JOKE…!!!Do they actually know what is the role of a STREET LIGHT..?”

    Lets get to todays episode. I made my way to the “Mesyuarat Agung Tritahunan” of the Persatuan Melanau Kuching and met up with a number of jounalists and reporters from the various newspaper publications in the city. They were present of course to cover the function and as usual I always mingle and do my PR with them.

    Obviously a number of them were surprised to see me here this afternoon. A blogger covering this function. Not really, I am a member and I was invited to attend the function and there will be elections for the new office bearers 2009-2012.( This is well covered by the mains tream newspapers and it will be published. However let me congratulate the new office bearers led again by Ybhg Datu Haji Len Talif Salleh.) …continue..

    What follows though comes as a total surprise. Enough… could this reporter be lying..? He has been in the game for far too long to just blast this out to me. I was totally surprised and just shook my head.

    The words were,”This YB does not have my respect at all. He is too big headed and he surely will not retain his seat Padungan again.” I asked him who and he said,”YB Dominique of PKR and he is too much as when he called him to find out about a function all he replied was ,”Ask my office staff and I don’t know.Too much this  YB..”

    I was trying to be nice and I said,”Maybe he forgot but the reporter said,‘How could he and he must not forget he is still the people’s representative and even CM will not just brush aside reporters just like that. Some other reporters who were eves dropping just nodded in agreement and said just maybe the “pressure of a YB has got into him” Was trying to find out more what they actually meant but along came the President Datu Haji Len Talif with his Public relations smiles,shook hands and thanked them all for their presence.

    Wow! That really took some of the heat off as it would have generated into an afternoon of YB bashing. Of course audie61 has already said earlier that whoever the YB be it BN or Pakatan if they are out of line they will be BASHED THOROUGHLY by us. 

    What I am trying to get to is that ,”When one shows respect he will be accorded likewise” No one should forget that the media fraternity is one “BIG FAMILY” and the reporters,journalists and columnists look out for each other and most news from them are first hand information, But do they “lie” to get what they want..?

    This is a million and one question and its up to public officials to judge for themselves. In journalism there must be balanced reporting and one should also asked the “YB in question whether this incident or incidents  did occur..?” But this is a blog and the net citizens would also love to have first hand information.

    Do they really care if we did call the person in question for an exclusive of a REBUTTAL…?? That will be another days blog story. However we took notice of an advice from a very senior man in the journalistic profession to ensure this article in which we blog will not go to waste or he puts it in journalism,”NEWSWORTHY”

    So do”reporters” lie..???

    We say as always,”There must be some truth here or else we will have EGGS THROWN BACK at us. We doublechecked with some PKR innsiders before we blogged this article up. Don’t worry YBs do your job well we will not AK47 you down…

    “Is this REALLY FOR REAL..MU..??


    This breaking news in the world of soccer would have everyone asking,”Is this really for real..?? Michael Owen a Liverpool goal scoring machine joining arch rivals Manchester United. A phone call to a Liverpool fan and he said,” He has seen his glory days while a Manchester United fan said,” Alex Ferguson always brings out the bests in a player.”

    This is the extract from soccernet,”Michael Owen looks set for a surprise move to Manchester United, after having a medical on his knee on Thursday. The striker will then have a full medical on Friday ahead of signing a pay-as-you-play deal with the Premier League champions.

    So the smses keeps coming in to audie61,”Whats the latest on Entulu taking on James Masing.” Its all quiet and calm before the storm and if Michael Owen joins MU who will say,” I told you so...(MU) Manek Urai”  It is also similar to saying Anwar is ready to join back UMNO….”

    We say as always,”There are always surprises round the corner and anything is possible especially in Malaysia….hik hik hik..