PRN12 Tussling for “Traditional Seats”

There has been a fair BIT OF BICKERING amongst GPS component parties on the issue of “TRADITIONAL SEATS” lately which has given an injection of impetus for the Opposition based parties in Sarawak. Likewise, it has also affected the main opposition component parties.

We wrote in 2011 that a Veteran Politician said REMEMBER this ,”DAP Harps on GIVE US ONE [1} ROCKET to fight for your rights in DUN Sarawak”

Did they achieve it? You know the answer very well and how they DAP went about having a grip at the seats and nearly Royal flushed SUPP.

The late CM Adenan reverse the trend in 2016 by using his personal political charm plus charisma to reverse the winning streak of DAP and the opposition.

Do we need to say further or specify our argument ? We will just put up 3 points for now for all to digest.

Number 1.

Let’s be very clear about the situation as of now. Sarawak was a component party,member and ally in Barisan Nasional Malaysia for a good 47 years. PBB and SUPP have been with BN since 1973 while PDP joined the coalition in 2002 followed by PRS in 2004.

The decision of who will be a candidate for a particular constituency lies not only with the CM Sarawak but also PM Malaysia and Barisan Nasional Chairman.

Who will sign the WATIKAH today?

You very well know right…

Number 2.

When BN Government lost the Federal elections in GE14 Sarawak parties took a bold step in starting a new local based coalition in Gabungan Parti Sarawak [GPS}

The 4 parties are Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu Sarawak (PBB), Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Progressive Democratic Party (PDP)

CM Abang Johari said, “We believe that it is timely and appropriate for Sarawak to embark on a new political platform going forward, in order to face challenges in line with the changing aspirations, needs and demands of a very wide range of cross-section of Sarawak populace. Sarawak is uniquely a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion state,”

It’s a New Entity and the next Sarawak elections will be a MAIDEN OUTING. The landscape has changed further with the change of Federal Government in Pakatan Harapan to today Perikatan Nasional.

There is nothing to hide for CM Abang Jo as he will know that the threat does not come from outside forces but what is within the coalition. There are many aspirants and YB Wannabees who think they can champion the rakyat at the seats they are eyeing.

They will be many interesting exchanges of fiery words but the CM Sarawak will need to carefully choose his soldiers to war in the 82 seats. Its also his first time as Commander in Chief in A State election and he will not leave anything to chance.

He knows too that PH in DAP/PKR/AMANAH, PSB,PBK and other parties plus independents will be after his TEAM and will “even go ugly” to try to wrestle the seats from the ruling GPS Component parties.

Number 3.

PBB Vice President and Tourism and Sports Minister in Abang Joharis cabinet said this in a recent interview with an Online Portal,”There should not be such things as “traditional seats” as all rights remains with the people of Sarawak.”



One can listen to the full interview here:

Like we always say when there is infighting within there will give an impetus an also an opening which will benefit the opposition. In any elections there will of course be casualties and this time around will be no different.

The Political parties in Sarawak will put their Election Manifestoes, Rhetories, Winnable candidates against one another. But it does boil down very much to how the NEW POLITICAL PARADIGM and also how the Commander in Chiefs lead their Charges ahead.

A very wise and a very appropriate political saying which we treasure is this by our former CM Taib,’We’ve to learn and learning how to be humble to serve our people, especially when we will continue to face CHALLENGERS AND CHANGES with the tide of TIME.

Many people know many things in terms of strategies and political experiences. They are even some who have all put together an application of indestructible and impenetrable winning margins.

But we just ask you one thing,: WAS THE TITANIC UNSINKABLE?”

Until the next time lets not be too complacent and look after ourselves well #staysafe as we still are in the midst of a Pandemic war against #COVID19.