Press Statement by CM SARAWAK

With regard to the statement by YB Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh yesterday, I wish to put the record straight that my policy has always been one of reconciliation ever since SUPP was faced with factional problem.

After the state elections of 2011, SUPP had a leadership crisis resulting in the split of SUPP into two factions.

The BN leadership then decided that the problem in SUPP should be solved amicably by the disputing parties in the party as it was not the policy of the state BN to interfere with the internal problems of component parties.

Dato Sri Wong and his group were sacked by SUPP but he was retained in the government as the leadership wanted inclusivity and unity among the Chinese and participate in the government.

The problem dragged on until the late Pehin Sri Adenan Satem took over as Chief Minister.

The fact that in the last general elections Dato Sri Wong’s group was allowed to use the BN symbol spoke volumes of the desire of the leadership to continue with the effort to unite the Chinese and enable them to participate in the government.

SUPP was almost deregistered when Dato Sri Wong after being sacked by SUPP formed UPP and subsequently, the government that was formed was known as BN-Plus with the hope that the two factions could work together for the good of the Chinese community.

And in fact, the late Pehin Sri Adenan directed me to officiate at the launching of UPP. Later, I officiated at the change of name from UPP to PSB.

When I took over as Chief Minister, I continued with this policy where Dato Sri Wong was retained as a minister. All these were meant to give time for the two factions to be reconciled.

Unfortunately, intentionally or otherwise, PSB leadership roped in members of the component parties of GPS knowing fully well that this would jeopardise the teamwork in GPS. GPS has a policy of “you touch one, you touch all” and PSB’s action is against our effort to unite Sarawakians.

Based on the latest activities of PSB, it is evident that the party is no more interested in cooperation and now in the frolic of its own against GPS with further inclusion of disgruntled members of other parties.

I have requested leaders of the community as well as corporate leaders to help in the reconciliation but to no avail, and the rest I would leave it to the public to judge.

Date: 8th September 2020.