PRN12 Sarawak

If you can’t Speak out loud you can write. If you find that what you write can cause a stir just show signs.

The signs are clear and precise but due to #Covid19 Pandemic and the various restrictions Sarawak State Elections which was “earmarked” for mid year was somewhat pushed back.

The groundswell was very much in favour of GPS maintaining their grip of Sarawak as PH Federal Government had collapsed after 22 months in power. The Federal Agencies which was a threat to Sarawak GPS was removed by the new Coalition in PN.

So the bugle has been sounded now by the Commander in Chief of GPS that anytime soon if and when the #covid19 is contained PRN12 would be called. The Commander made it known to his party and to the Assemblyman from the constituencies they represent. The press/media/social media subsequently have published and “informed clearly” all political parties from both political divides through their articles.

The signs are Crystal Clear and the dates of dissolution and if #covid19 is contained the CM and commander in chief of GPS will go for the jugular.

Its his call and of course its just waiting game and speculations for now that dissolution would be after September 16th 2020 or might be earlier together with the Federal Government if PM Muhyddin decides to call for SNAP polls.

Certainly, the wait would be over soon. The incumbents and aspiring candidates from all parties will need to be on the ground. The Sarawak voters will be the judge on who they want to represent them in the New State Assembly.

The voters will be the silent markers with the X. We are in for interesting times as many political articles would be churned out through the various platforms to Secure the upperhand for the simple sign of the X on the ballot paper.

We are pretty sure most of you as the voters are ready.

Lets just hope that #covid19 will not be a major stumbling block if the elections are held this year as most voters would not risk their lives just for an X.

It will be decision time and their call for the leaders of the country.

There will be many more signs ahead and for now #Covid19 threat is a much bigger issue as the government of the day might fall if wrong decisions are made.

Sarawak waits for the sign…..

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