We don’t have the “LUXURY”!!

How Real is the Political Threat to the 4 Parties within Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) asks a registered voter especially from the Federal Run Pakatan Harapan (PH) and an independent local based party PSB plus the others who will join in the fray in PRN12.

Logically and Politically if GPS he says is really not even sensing a threat as the Ruling State Government the CM Sarawak Abang Jo{AJ) would just be receiving visitors, exchanging ideas with Business Entrepreneurs and Investors at the 22nd Floor or be on Trade Missions Overseas getting in Foreign Investments into Sarawak.

Why then is he criss crossing Sarawak at such a momentum? Moreover, he himself
has already mentioned to the press media that PRN12 would not be so soon.

Could he we ask that he is moving around to gauge for himself the TRUE PICTURE on the ground and not listen to just hear-says that all is well on the ground.

AJ and his deputies and Ministers has worked non stop to boost not only the economy but also ensuring development is carried out to areas which needs them.

The other main reason which is of great bother and a PH Propaganda is that the murmurs and whispers have reached “fever pitch” that he is after all not as “Strong” as the previous Sarawak CM.

Deputy CM Uggah has also stood steadfastly with his party president and urged people to saty UNITED and COOPERATE with the CM AJ by supporting his various development programmes.
No doubt,AJ has to work doubly hard to win over the support of his party PBB members and those within the coalition.
All looks pretty well for GPS on the surface but the truth is AJ is going all out to convince the Sarawak Voters.He does not want to sit on the rightful chair without proving his mettle that his “political maneuverings” is the best for GPS.

Lately though, there has been an upsurge of not too kind words being hurled by the parties within GPS Coalition especially clamoring for seats which they termed “traditional”

We wrote earlier that PH is already more a less making it a Wild Wild West Show.

The link:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2020/01/05/wild-wild-westwww-prn12-sarawak/

Within the GPS fold there certainly are some who are trying also trying to grab what is theirs without thinking of the consequences.

luxuryDoes GPS has the LUXURY to do that and emulate the “Gung Ho Politiking” of the PH and others?

The enemy are just at their doorsteps.

Have some “politicians”forgotten about what happened during the last parliamentary elections?
These “supposedly” safe seats which was due to political misadventure Fell to the Opposition fold and from May 2018 they became the PH Federal Government and ousted BN and GPS was subsequently born.

The leaders who practised and preach “traditional” seats must look closely at the threats closing down on them.

Even campaign methodology are pushed up a hundred fold. In this PRN12 claiming seats for GPS must not be just for “Selfish Ends or on an PERSONAL EGO” trip.

The New Sarawak Political Landscape and History will change if the BIGGER PICTURE is not well received by all 4 parties concerned going into PRN12.

The Breakdown of Political Parties after PRN11


PBB-  47
PRS-  11
PDP –  3

DAP -7
PKR -3

Independent Party

PSB -4

Let us refresh our minds how some parties have increased their party strength and their assemblyman after PRN11.

The so called direct candidate was also used by late CM Adenan to ensure all parties are represented, strengthened and maintain a cutting edge to win the seats in PRN11

Everyone was given a fair share of seats and candidates to win the seats which they stood in. There was a consensus of agreement that whoever wins have the right to choose the party of their choice. Thereafter the result was a forgone conclusion.

The direct candidates chose the parties of their choice and this was agreed by ALL TOP LEADERS.

A Political Emeritus Professor has even this to add in.”If the leaders of GPS maintain their stance and are like square pegs in a round hole they will END UP as History.

He further mentioned its  already the age of twitter,instagram, telegram, whatsapp and Facebook but some of our Politicians have not moved with the times but stuck in their so called ‘TRADITIONAL’ mindset when local elections are won not by internal bickerings nor “surat layang2”

Even AJ the CM is always mentioning “digital technology and economy”

Are they seriously looking at the BIGGER PICTURE with him?

The traditional methods of campaigning through newspapers has outlived its age.
The new trend setters are the portals the social media influencers and they will WHACK any politician left, right and give them a total blue eye where they wouldnt know what HIT them.
The PH will use all their might against GPS Coalition as they have their resources at their disposal.
We know too GPS does have the machinery and passionate teams. The FEAR would be ultimately be when the ‘bombs drop” i.e accusations, allegations and Fake news during the campaign period thrown into the PRN12 Arena .

If we are all Not United or in Total Solidarity there will be CHINKS IN THE ARMOUR where PH could capitalise.

The internal threats or Infighting will cause Greater threats than the “Termites” which apparently refers to a local based party were the final words from the Emeritus Professor.

A Deputy President of PH party has clearly said previously prior to 2011 elections that squabbles, staking of seats will lead to infighting which will jeopardise the Coalition. They put a stop to all their seat infighting and compromised.

They did well enough to cause  more than “collateral damage” to the then BN Sarawak Coalition.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR)then did well in 2011 but in 2016 the Adenan U U ooo haa and various policies and his tremor caused them dearly.

GPS as a new coalition will need to look beyond the “TRADITIONAL MODUS OPERANDI” to strike the right chord with the Sarawak Registered Voters.

CM Abang Jo will be the commander in chief leading his team of local based Parties of GPS for the first time.

There must not be any mistakes and if there is a Status Quo of 68 seats or more to GPS CM Abang Jo will know he GOT it right and that is sufficient enough to make a Political Statement that its “Sarawak First”

The registered voter concluded by saying this to GPS,”Now is not the time to claim back the incumbents seats but to FOCUS on winning back lost seats as what SUPP has significantly done.
PDP needs to win back the seats of Krian and Ba’Kelalan and will need all the help from their fellow GPS Leaders and grassroots.”

Only then the effort will not be lost in the eyes of the voters as we know every vote counts for AJ to stake his claim as the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

The LUXURY for GPS will be to ensure that they still have the people’s mandate to lead Sarawak for another 5 years.

Do you agree?

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