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First of all, let us wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2020.

This article is greatly inspired by a Former Federal Minister who remarked,”Do we still have leaders like that?” Many would be questioning who he is and why was it said the way he said it.

Of course, as a responsible and social influencer we do have our code of ethics which obviously we would not unveil our ‘whistle blower” as “Elections is Not a Joke!!”

highnoon cowboyThey are safely plus closely guarded and protected under our watch as those who sits as State legislative Representatives and also as Parliamentarians.

Sarawak will go to the polls very soon and May 2018 was a watershed victory for the people who voted in a new coalition government in Pakatan Harapan. Nearly two years has passed and many issues have been highlighted by the press/social media platforms which there is now a COMPARISON for the Voters to make their own judgments and the Choice of Candidates to represent them.

It is a known fact that in politics one will have 30% of their own supporters and 40% will be the Voter Fence Sitters who will make the swing votes. Looking at this statistics and figures one would think PH  would have a cruise come the polls in Sarawak.

PH in the Dewan Rakyat has 28 /70 Senators, State DUNS 289/592 and in Parliament 139/222. Also, they are in control of 8 out of 13 State Governments.They control nearly 30 over Federal agencies who will be used to influence one way or another the voters mind. This all are not good reading for any political analyst going towards a State Elections. A walk in the Park for Pakatan Harapan?

Are the state Government under GPS ready?

Surely, the Chief Minister must weigh all these options and is certain to win before he calls a dissolution of the State legislative assembly to seek a fresh mandate. The CM would use this simply analogy which is,”For a candidate in an election, the most important question is: “How do I make sure the scales tip in my favor?” He has to worry about 82 Aspiring and Incumbent Candidates and the winning margin first past the posts is 42 seats.

When the Deputy chief Minister Douglas Uggah in his New Year message it is a rallying cry for all in GPS no matter which party they belong too. There must be sense of discipline and no matter what GPS must united in this ‘testing and trying times” His message which was also posted in a Face Book Page in Bites Centre received many comments from both sides of the political divide plus wide outreach and readership.   (link here: (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=956706961395951&id=634556613610989)

It reads,” The opposition will resort to the politics of lies, threat and intimidation to get the people into supporting them.
Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said the people should be aware of such tactics.
“The aim is to topple the GPS government,”

Has Sarawak GPS done enough for the people and their governance of the State as compared to the Federal Run Administration?

The Comparisons are there and the social media fraternity would not be foolish enough to print this which we extract fully,”is there is much unhappiness with Pakatan Harapan, plus the ruling coalition is very badly divided. Pakatan Harapan has failed to live up to the expectations of those who had put their trust in them and had voted for them in the May 2018 general election.

Its a big impact and for anyone to say that GPS under the former BN Government for 56 years have not done enough must be slapping their own faces. Are you doing it now? Look around yourselves and see how far has Sarawak progress and when we were pressured too by the then Federal Government in BN on “certain issue” ( 5% Tourism Tax, Bible issue} our State MPs and State Legislators made their voices heard VERY LOUD AND CLEAR and were not cowed away.

Is this happening now ? We dont want to sound bias but the ‘sounds coming out are very soft and meek by the PH Sarawak Legislators.

Are you all pointing your fingers at us and if possible trying and about to strangle our necks. Try it out,its good for you.

It’s for the Sarawak Voters to Think Hard as even a Sarawak Chief Minister has come out openly and said,”We are more concerned about our income levels, and creating employment. We should not be bothered about what is happening in that side (Peninsular Malaysia).

That is our priority and that is to help people.”

Significantly, there are concerns now that the Federal Governance is not up to mark as even could be seen with the resignation of the Education Minister. The blame game remains and the trust and responsibility given by the PH supporters and voters is showing a real crack in the coalition.

Voters will be swayed by emotions and sentiments and to capitalize on the ground feel without deliverance of the Development agenda by GPS government would only receive a momentum of backlash which must not be repeated.

CM Abang jo has been very consistent in his statements,“Saya Janji Saya Buat.Bukan Kedak Orang Lain.Janji Sik Buat” 

In Politics we all know you will get criticized whether you will do RIGHT OR WELL. But there is a limit to what we can do and how we do it. There are many who are using #FAKENEWS and #Gutterpolitics just to score brownie points.

The Sarawak Registered voters today are well informed of this trend and any past datas are considered obsolete and they will welcome new ideas and politicians who not only speak but carry out their work.

Gone are the days when aspiring candidates appear as “fly by night” hoping to be considered by their parties when they are hardly seen in the areas of the constituency.

Certainly,this coming PRN12 we will not only see the Big coalition of PH Versus GPS but also other local based parties in PSB,PBK,SWP,STAR,PBDSB,Sedar and interested independent individuals to give themselves a shot to win the seats. Its not impossible as Voters nowadays are very well informed and will be swayed by many factors.

It will be a “High Noon Cowboy Arena” which is infact (the western U.S. in its frontier period characterized by roughness and lawlessness} which in this democratic age should not surface openly.

A sitting YB with GPS coalition calls for a united front from all GPS coalitions to win the SEATS FIRST allocated instead of bickering openly which will be a dampener to all the good work done by the Chief Minister and his present team in the government.

GPS knows extreme measures are required in extreme times and they will trust the judgement.

Its not a time where they want their aspiring candidates or incumbents to be “High Noon Cowboys” and get booted out by the voters where CM Abang Johari will be leading his men for the first time against the onslaught from all quarters.

Abang Johari will want all his men to stop wishing but to continue the work and stand up for the People of Sarawak.

CM knows that all sorts of allegations and accusations will be hurled at GPS but deep down he TRUSTS the Sarawak voters to know who they want to lead them as he seeks a New Fresh Mandate in PRN12.

The Sarawak Registered Voters will be the Judge,Jury and Executioner and not HIGH NOON COWBOYS and they NOW more than ever Demand Leaders who has Sarawak in their hearts and not just for personal or their selfish agendas.

This upcoming PRN12 is not a JOKE and no matter which political divide you are in the difference between winning and losing will come down to the campaign which you as incumbent or an aspiring candidate wins over the community in your constituency.

We will not tell you how so be prepared to work it out and remember it well “Wild Wild West www-PRN12 Sarawak have foretold you so.